Star Odyssey Chapter 741: Origin

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In large families, the inventory is generally not placed in the Ningkong Ring because it is too inconvenient. The Ningkong Ring wants to open the blood of a specific person. Once the family encounters an emergency, it will be troublesome if that person is not around. The blood is stored in the warehouse, which may also cause other troubles.

There are many unique combat skills and talents in the universe. Who can guarantee that no one can affect the owner of the blood through blood.

Therefore, any family would not put their inventory in the Ningkong Ring. They would rather occupy an area to store it and recruit experts to protect it.

The Zishan Palace is very big, but there are only three people in the palace, namely Lu Yin, Zhao Ran and the gatekeeper Ke Yi. Gwen and others have told Lu Yin many times that they want to add guards and maids to the Zishan Palace. He was rejected by Lu Yin. He had many secrets that could not be discovered. Too many people were always troublesome, not to mention that Zhao Ran was enough, even though it was very unreliable.

The warehouse of Zishan Palace is in the northeast corner. It occupies a large area. There are no guards and there is no need for guards. It is just like the imperial palace. There are Royal Court Team 13 patrolling the periphery. Who can steal things from Zishan Palace? Lu Yin Also admitted.

When Lu Yin saw the inventory list compiled by Zhaoran, his eyes lit up. They were full of precious things, antique calligraphy and paintings, notes from predecessors, exquisite utensils, carvings, etc. Of course, there were also star energy crystals and star energy crystals. Crystal Essence, but not much, few people send these directly. What surprised Lu Yin the most was a starry sky route map sent by Endless Shipping, which was not developed in the eastern territory, from the Canglan territory to the prehistoric territory. Follow this roadmap and save half the time.

The starry sky road map is a priceless treasure. Don’t underestimate the time you save. What you save is money. If this road map is auctioned, countless transportation companies from the outside are willing to pay exorbitant prices to buy it.

Endless Shipping was generous enough, so Lu Yin directly passed the route map to Gwen for him to use.

Endless Shipping gave Lu Yin a surprise. Clover Company was not bad either, and sent ten radiant heavenly materials and earthly treasures. Although they were far from comparable to the heavenly materials and earthly treasures in the ruins of Daoyuan Sect, they were already Very rare, there are at least tens of thousands of vintages.

The Nalan family was very direct and gave Lu Yin a Mavis Bank crystal card. Fairy Nalan knew Lu Yin too well and knew that giving money would make Lu Yin happier than giving anything else. In fact, it was true, Lu Yin Very happy and rich.

Many forces sent congratulatory gifts, some close to the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance, and some hostile, including the Wei family in Qianrong Territory, all sent congratulatory gifts. Although it was not something too precious, it also represented the Wei family’s feelings. Wei Rong is a person with high ambitions and never does short-sighted things.

Lu Yin saw Purple Jade Trading Company in the gift list, and they donated 5% of the annual profits of Zhenyuxing Purple Jade Trading Company to Zishan Palace.

This is interesting.

Lu Yin looked at the logo of Purple Jade Trading Company, which was equivalent to giving him shares.

Looking at the bottom of the list of gifts from Purple Jade Trading Company, there is a name there, Zi Xianxian.

Purple Jade Trading Company is one of the four major chaebols in the outer universe. On the surface, they are engaged in chain trade, and their business covers the seventy-two territories of the outer universe. However, in fact, they are the largest intelligence organization in the outer universe, which is far from what it seems on the surface. Simple.

Lu Yin didn’t know what they meant by giving him a gift, but it seemed like he should take some time to see the Purple Immortal.

Three of the four major chaebols in the outer universe gave gifts, but Aegis didn’t show any sign. Lu Yin didn’t mind either. He had no interaction with Aegis, but Aegis seemed to have a close relationship with Wei Rong. Will they be friends or foes in the future? Hard to say.

Lu Yin wanted to exchange most of the things in the warehouse directly into money. At that moment, Gwen arrived, “Your Highness.”

Lu Yin grunted and turned to look at Gwen, “How was your cooperation with the Nalan family?”

Gwen smiled and said, “Everything went well. Since the Imperial Court’s Second Team investigated many powerful officials in the empire, many businesses that cooperated with the Nalan family have been delegated to private enterprises, which has boosted the employment rate in the empire and at the same time improved service, eradicating bad habits, and the empire is now economically prosperous and has fully recovered.”

Lu Yin nodded and said with a smile, “Then it’s time for the empire to pay back the money to this king?”.

Gwen looked embarrassed, “Well, Your Highness, the treasury doesn’t have that much money right now, can you wait for a while?”.

Lu Yin was just joking, but he would not forget that the empire still owed him 50,000 cubic star energy crystal marrow, which was not a small amount. Speaking of which, he had become the largest creditor of the Daewoo Empire.

“Okay, I have something else to do with you today,” he said, throwing the inventory list to Gwen, “Sell the items above for me to exchange them for star energy crystal marrow, and then purchase heavenly materials. The more treasures from the earth, the better.”

Gwen glanced at it and said, “Your Highness, it is difficult to redeem the Star Energy Crystal Essence.”

“Look for Mavis Bank, they have stock,” Lu Yin said. Star energy crystal marrow almost does not exist in the outer universe, and all are traded with star energy crystals. For example, in the previous Nine Gates, there were many star energy crystals, but star energy crystal marrow was not available. Very few, with the exception of Mabis Bank. They also do not exchange Star Energy Crystal Essence externally, but they do. Lu Yin knows that there are only a few people who can directly exchange Star Energy Crystal Essence from Mabis Bank, and he is one of them. one.

“Your Highness, Mabis Bank in China has been in trouble recently. Some people spread rumors that the inventory of Mabis Bank has been consumed and it can no longer exchange for star energy crystals. Therefore, many people have withdrawn their deposits recently, causing China to Mabis Bank in the Territory has been moving inventory from surrounding areas, and the inventory has been robbed or encountered accidents on the way. Now Mabis Bank is in dire straits,” Gwen said.

Lu Yin was surprised, “I remember that this kind of thing happened in Canglan Territory back then. Someone spread rumors to cause trouble. Mabis Bank also managed to survive by turning around its branches. Can it survive this time?”

Gwen said in a deep voice, “I don’t know. Mabis Bank has a deep foundation. Maybe it can sustain it, or maybe it can’t. The problem this time is not one area, but a dozen areas or even more. , not to mention that they were robbed during transportation. Now the news that Mabis Bank is about to go bankrupt is flying all over the world, and many people believe it.”

A territory in China? Lu Yin pondered, it couldn’t be Wei Rong who took action, it would be too fast. He had just dealt with the Interpreter Research Society, and now he was dealing with Mavis Bank, could he afford it? Mabis Bank is not the Interpreter Institute.

The biggest pillar of the Interpreter Research Society is Kirlov. Kirlov was trapped in the inner universe and was disintegrated. If Weirong regards Mebis Bank as the Interpreter without Kirlov, Research meeting, that would be miserable.

But Lu Yin always felt that Wei Rong might not be the one to take action, and he was not in such a hurry.

“In this case, contact Clover Company and exchange these things for their natural materials and treasures,” Lu Yin said.

Gwen is in a dilemma. Most of the items on the list are paintings by famous masters and manuscripts by famous people. Do people accept these things? But Lu Yin gave the order and he had no choice but to comply. If he really refused to accept it, he could only find a way to sell these things to collectors and exchange money to buy them from Clover Company.

However, it seems that Clover Company does not sell natural materials and earthly treasures, they only sell medicines.

Speaking of heavenly materials and earthly treasures, Lu Yin thought of True Jupiter, which was also the planet before he fell out with Bu You.

True Jupiter is located in the Wuli territory. It is a strange planet. All water resources on the planet are hidden underground. There are no animals, only plants, and there are many natural treasures. Unfortunately, these natural treasures only have a lifespan of ten years. , will wither after ten years, so for most practitioners, the treasures of heaven, materials and earth that are ten years old are of no use at all. Even if they are taken away, they will still wither after ten years.

Only some young practitioners can use it, so Zhen Jupiter was originally positioned as a trial site by Youxing Gorge.

Ever since Lu Yin drove Youxingxia away, he has been keeping an eye on True Jupiter and has not allowed anyone to test it. He always wants to take time to see it. Now is the time. If he can use this planet It will be perfect if you practice the heavenly materials and earthly treasures.

A few days later, Lu Yin left Zhenyu Planet and took a spaceship directly to the Wuli Territory. Speaking of which, the Wuli Territory is bordered by the Dark Mist Territory. However, because there is no helming force within the Wuli Territory, he wants to expand the Wuli Territory. To join the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance, it is necessary to bring in all the hundreds of internal forces, and these forces have little internal control in the hands of Mafa Star, which is troublesome, so at the beginning, Lu Yin excluded the Wuli territory.

But this territory is always an Eastern territory, and it must join the Eastern Territory Alliance.

There are far more than eight territories in the east, and the remaining territories must be brought in one by one. Enya has been dealing with these things recently, but it is not easy, especially Wei Rong may cause trouble.

Sometimes things don’t stay the same. It takes time but the right method has not yet been found. Just like the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance today, if it weren’t for the secrets of Mafa Star, it would be difficult for it to be established. This is the method, so for the remaining territories , there is also a method, but I haven’t found it yet.

Lu Yin believed he would find it.

After reciting the full text of Shibi for a while, he looked at the route. It was still an hour before arriving at True Jupiter. Lu Yin thought about it, opened his personal terminal, and checked the resumes of Tao Xiang and others.

What happened to Liuying Zishan has always been a thorn in Lu Yin’s heart. Where did that light group come from? It has autonomous consciousness. It should be a strong person who forcibly integrated into Liuying Zishan’s body. Liuying Zishan didn’t know it himself. He had a suspicion. It cannot be the handiwork of the Yu family.

Liuying Zishan has experienced this, but what about Taoxiang and the Blind Monk before?

Lu Yin has monitored several captains in the past few days and found nothing similar to Liuying Zishan, but he was still uneasy and casually looked through the resumes of these captains.

After watching for a while, he discovered a strange phenomenon. These captains all came from different territories.

Originally, he thought that the captains of the Thirteen Royal Court Teams were all from the Canglan Territory, and someone had told him so before. However, after looking through the real resumes of these captains with the authority of the Regent, he found that this was not the case.

Taoxiang comes from the Modo Territory, Shamu comes from the Ten Thousand Mu Territory, Blind Monk comes from the Dachong Forest Territory, and Ikaruga comes from the Future Territory. None of them, including the captains who died before, are from the Canglan Territory, except Huo Qingshan. , Roqueona comes from Canglan territory.

It’s very strange, where did Immortal Yushan bring these people? The territory where these captains were born covers nearly half of the eastern territory, and Lu Yin had never heard of many of them.


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