Star Odyssey Chapter 738: Wu Taibai

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Nong Zaitian looked normal, nothing unusual.

Lu Yin continued, “If it wasn’t planted by people during the Daoyuan Sect period, then it was planted by people hundreds of thousands of years ago. Since you dare to plant it, there must be a way to ensure that others cannot discover it. Then, there is only one person who discovered this place. Maybe,” he looked at the farmer, “they are the descendants of the people who planted these plants.”

Nong Zaitian’s expression changed and he exhaled, “You guessed it right, these were planted by my farmer ancestors.”

“No, I heard people say that the ancestors of the farm family got all the treasures from the auction house in the city affiliated to the Daoyuan Sect thousands of years ago, and this is how the farm family rose. These plants are tens of thousands of years old at least. At that time, your farm family probably didn’t even have them. Embark on the path of cultivation.” Lu Yin directly denied it.

Nong Zaitian curled his lips, “My farm family has been passed down for countless years, not to mention tens of thousands of years, even hundreds of thousands of years, millions of years ago there was a legend that my farm ancestors were proud of the Sixth Continent, but my farm family is low-key, not That’s all.”

Lu Yin said no more. This space is very large. There are at least hundreds of natural and earthly treasures in it. There may be some that are hidden to avoid crises. He completely released the field and wanted to see what happened. There are so many treasures of heaven and earth. Suddenly, he turned his head and looked at the entrance. A man with black and white hair appeared there. He was the Zhenwu Night King.

Lu Yin’s pupils shrank sharply. He never dreamed that Zhenwu Night King would appear here.

Zhenwu Night King had a smile on his lips and stared at him with cold eyes, “I didn’t expect to meet you here, Lu Yin, you are not very lucky.”

Lu Yin’s scalp was numb and he slowly backed away.

Nong Zaitian looked at Zhenwu Night King in shock, “You, how did you get here?”.

Zhenwu Yewang looked at Nong Zaitian and said, “Ten years ago, someone from the farmer’s family came here and died in my hands.”

Nong Zaitian’s eyes changed, he clenched his fists and stared at Zhenwu Night King, “My cousin died in your hands.”

Zhenwu Night King looked proudly, “This place found by our ancestors is not bad. It has provided me with a lot of good things in ten years. You can just keep it here as fertilizer.” He said, looking at Lu Yin, His eyes were cold and he said, “Especially you, how dare you destroy the inheritance of the ancestral realm.” He didn’t see any action. What Lu Yin and Nong Zaitian saw turned into black and white, and Nong Zaitian spit out a mouthful of blood, almost Fainting, Lu Yin once again felt the oppression from Zhenwu Night King.

Facing the Zhenwu Night King, even if Yu Zimi diverts the attack, he can’t sustain a few moves. The Zhenwu Night King is no worse than the Enlightenment Realm.

Lu Yin didn’t want to sit back and wait for death. He raised his hand, stretched out his palm and turned it into a claw. The heavenly beast’s claw was pressed against his head. Zhenwu Night King was disdainful. He raised his finger and easily shattered the heavenly beast’s claw. The next moment, Lu Yin’s eight lines of fighting spirit emerged. , his pupils were dilated, he pointed out with a finger, and the void was frozen. King Zhenwu Ye was surprised, and he also raised his index finger and pointed out.

The two index fingers collided in the void, and the burst of power tore apart the space. The mountains of stars could blow away the fields and many treasures of heaven and earth.

In Lu Yin’s dream, one finger was blocked, so easily, but in Zhenwu Night King’s eyes, it was his finger that was blocked.

He is a ten-level true martial artist, a strong man in the hunting realm. The power of one finger used in combat skills was actually blocked by an exploration realm. He couldn’t accept it.

Lu Yin stepped back more than ten steps. In front of his eyes, a strong wind hit him. Quicksand appeared directly on his chest, turning into earth to block the strong wind. His body was knocked back dozens of meters again, and he coughed out blood.

Zhenwu Night King was surprised, “Playing with quicksand? You have a lot of good things, but it’s a pity that they are all foreign things.” He said, raised his foot and stepped forward, “Ye King points.”

The one-finger combat technique was exactly the same as before, flashing with black and white light, and the energy and energy swept through wantonly. Nong Zaitian was unable to resist at all. He was pressed hard against the mountain wall. Lu Yin could no longer use the one-finger in his dream. When the Night King’s finger approached, Yuzimi activated it and forcibly diverted Zhenwu Night King’s combat skills, but the next moment, that same finger came down and touched his chest, “The secret skills are not invincible. There is a gap between you and me. “It’s too big.” After saying this, Lu Yin’s body was pierced by a finger, and he smacked his whole body towards the mountain wall.

Even the quicksand of destiny, which is called the most precious treasure, cannot stop the attack of Shijue Zhenwu.

In the battle he participated in ten days ago, Lu Yin already knew that there was a huge gap between him and the Ten Jue and Yu Zi. There was almost no chance to breathe from the beginning to the end, but it was not direct enough. Whether it was the Ten Jue or Yu Zi, Everyone has their own opponents, and what he encountered was nothing more than the aftermath.

But at this moment, when faced with Zhenwu Night King’s attack, or even a random attack, he was unable to resist at all. Even Yu Zibi couldn’t deflect Zhenwu Night King’s one-finger combat skill, and was directly seriously injured.

This is the real martial arts of the Ten Jue, this is the power of the Ten Jue in the universe.

Everyone of the Ten Jue has the power to suffocate their peers across the universe. Their ability to rejuvenate their power depends not only on the power behind them and their qualifications to enter the Daoyuan Sect, but also on their own strength.

This is the Shijue, the person with the supreme power to judge the younger generation.

“Your secret technique looks familiar.” King Zhenwu Ye looked down at Lu Yin.

Lu Yin looked at Nong Zaitian out of the corner of his eye, hoping that this person would have a way to escape.

“I remembered that Wendy Yushan used this secret technique at Zhizi Terrace some time ago.” Zhenwu Yewang said indifferently, as if he was talking about something insignificant.

Lu Yin’s eyes turned cold, “Why did you take action against Wendy Yushan?”.

Zhenwu Yewang said indifferently, “It’s just a waste from the outer universe, so what if she dies, do you need a reason to attack her?”.

Lu Yin narrowed his eyes and clenched his fists, feeling murderous intent surge in his heart.

“Whether it is Wendy Yushan or you, they are just trash. Killing them has nothing to do with the overall situation. But I am very curious, how did you get Daopu to come in? Also, where does your secret technique come from?” Zhenwu Ye Wang approached Lu Yin step by step and spoke slowly.

“You want to get the secret technique? Stop dreaming” Lu Yin taunted.

Zhenwu Night King smiled disdainfully, “Although the secret technique is good, it’s not that I don’t have it. It’s just that you are not qualified for me to use it, but it would be good if you can get it. I will give you a chance to give the secret technique to me. In the past, you can follow Yan Qing’s grudge has been wiped out, and I can let you leave alive, but if we encounter him again, you will have to find a way to save your life.”

Lu Yin narrowed his eyes, this is the Night King, a proud race, exactly the same as the original King Jing Ye. You have to find a way to save your own life, beg them, show your worth, or you will die, this kind of arrogance The disregard and disregard radiated from their bones, and they didn’t take anyone in their eyes.

The corners of Zhenwu Night King’s mouth curled up, “For the last time, I will hand over my secret skills and let you leave.” As he said this, he turned his attention to Nong Zaitian. “As for you, die.” He was about to take action after saying that. .

But suddenly, he stopped, his face darkened, and he slowly turned around. At the entrance, where he had just seriously injured Lu Yin, a man walked out. He was wearing white clothes and looked around with a surprised look on his face, “Nothing.” Thinking that there is something special here, you are very lucky.”

Lu Yin looked at the man in surprise, “Mr. Bai?”.

The person coming is Mr. Bai.

Mr. Bai saw Lu Yin and said hello happily, “Brother Deaf-mute, what a coincidence.”

Lu Yin smiled bitterly, “You came at the wrong time.”

Mr. Bai blinked, “No, none of the heavenly materials and earthly treasures here have been taken away. No one can use the Ningkong Ring. You three can’t take away all the heavenly materials and earthly treasures. How about sharing them equally? ?”.

“I agree, split equally” Nong Zaitian suddenly shouted as if he was nervous, and winked at Lu Yin as he spoke.

Lu Yin was confused, this guy must be crazy, Zhenwu Night King could kill all three of them, how could they even share it.

“Look, that brother agreed,” Mr. Bai said with a smile.

King Zhenwu Night turned to look at Mr. Bai, “If you want to split it equally, it depends on your strength.”

“You shouldn’t be disappointed,” Mr. Bai said with a smile.

Lu Yin felt something was wrong, King Zhenwu Ye looked at Mr. Bai with fear.

Nong Zaitian carefully walked to Lu Yin’s side and whispered, “Brother, how do you know him?”.

Looking at the farmer in the field, Lu Yin was curious, “Do you know him?”

Nong Zaitian grinned, “Thanks to our ancestors, they forced us to memorize all the masters of our generation who pose a threat. You may not know what that person looks like, but you must have heard of his name.” Nong Zaitian He coughed and said solemnly, “Daoyuan Sansan, Wu Taibai.”

Lu Yin felt a chill go down his back, and the complex thoughts in his heart were like the Yangtze River rushing by. He should really find a fortune teller to tell the day. This time he came to the ruins of Daoyuan Sect and his luck was too bad. First, he was involved in the Ten Jue and the Domain. During the fight between the two, he finally followed Nong Zaitian and thought he would get something good, but was bumped into by King Zhenwu Ye. Now here comes Wu Taibai.

Master Bai is actually Daoyuan Santian. If he hadn’t seen the fear in King Zhenwu Ye’s eyes, he wouldn’t have believed it even if he were beaten to death. He had saved Master Bai when he was in the cauldron. Is this Wu Taibai?

Although Lu Yin has never seen Daoyuan Santian take action, among all people, he is a strong man who can decide everything. No one among his peers is Daoyuan Santian’s opponent, even in the eyes of the Sixth Continent Yuzi, Daoyuan Santian is out of reach and has decisive power. Even most people no longer place Daoyuan Santian among the younger generation. Their talents transcend time. How could Mr. Bai be Wu Taibai?

No matter what, the result is now obvious. No matter who wins between Zhenwu Ye Wang and Bai Gongzi, it will not be good for him.

With a bang, Zhenwu Night King and Bai Gongzi faced each other. It seemed like a random tentative attack, but Xing Neng came like an overwhelming force, causing many heavenly materials and earthly treasures to be damaged.

Nong Zaitian sat astride his **** and was about to leave, but he looked at Lu Yin and remembered the scene when the **** traded his secret skills for his hoe, and said helplessly, “Come up.”

Lu Yin was not polite and sat astride the **** with him. Immediately afterwards, the **** rushed towards the entrance. As for these heavenly materials and earthly treasures, they didn’t want them anymore. Facing Zhenwu Ye Wang and Wu Taibai, heavenly materials and earthly treasures It’s useless no matter how much treasure you have, you can’t grab it.

Seeing the entrance close in front of us, two figures passed by and the void was torn apart. It was Zhenwu Night King and Wu Taibai who were fighting. Nong Zaitian quickly changed direction. The two of them hit the mountain wall with their hoes and escaped. The void tears apart.

Zhenwu Yewang and Mr. Bai also hit the mountain wall hard. The strange thing is that the mountain wall only cracked and was not completely broken.


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