Star Odyssey Chapter 731: One body, two souls

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He was breathing heavily, his fingers were cracked, blood was dripping down his fingertips, his eyes were red, “There must be an antidote,” he said and jumped down.

Ming Yan lay in the distance, closed her eyes and cried, “I’m sorry, really, I’m sorry.”

Outside the yard, Beihong asked people to move the people in Shanhai City away. Lava kept spewing out of the cracks in the ground, and the sky was filled with gunpowder smoke.

Underground, Lu Yin saw the embarrassed Wu Shang, grabbed him, and rushed to the ground with him.

Suddenly, Wu Shang opened his eyes, broke away from Lu Yin and rushed towards the distance. The terrifying body of the green-eyed zombie king was fully exposed. Anyone who was attacked by Lu Yin would not die or be seriously injured, but he relied on the zombie king’s transformation Run away like no one else.

Lu Yin clenched his right fist, his eyes sparkled, “White-Ye-Fist”.

The sky turned black, and as black and white alternated, Wu Shang was punched through his whole body. At the same time, the howling wind swept across the entire Qiongzhou, stunning countless people.

White Night Fist is a combat skill that Lu Yin got from the Baiye Clan’s inheritance stone. It has not been used for a long time. The Baiye Clan’s combat skills are all related to the essence, energy and spirit. The stronger the essence, energy and spirit, the more powerful the combat skill is.

Lu Yin didn’t even know how strong his energy and spirit was now. After absorbing that light group, he estimated that his energy and spirit might be no worse than Shijue. At this moment, the power of his venting punch completely exploded. , directly penetrated Wushang, and the aftermath was enough to stun everyone in the entire Qiongzhou, and even several surrounding continents, and even spread to the starry sky, causing the Five Luck stars to shake.

The power of a punch is so powerful. What is stronger is not the destructive power, but the energy. Lu Yin is convinced that even if the person standing in front of him is a strong hunter, he can kill him with one punch. faint.

Wushang’s pupils changed, he exited the corpse king state, his body hit the ground, blood flowed along the stone slab, he looked at the sky with complex eyes, with indescribable nostalgia, and then died completely.

Lu Yin landed on the ground and looked at Wu Shang’s body as if he had lost all strength. He immediately took out his Ning Kong Ring, opened it with blood, looked at it, closed his eyes bitterly, and there was no antidote.

In the distance, Ming Yan said hoarsely, “Brother Lu.”

Lu Yin turned around, hurriedly came to Ming Yan, hugged her tightly, and watched her hair gradually turn white, his heart was trembling, “Yan’er, I’m sorry, Brother Lu is late. ”.

Ming Yan cried, “Brother Lu, it’s Yan’er who is sorry for you. Yan’er doesn’t want to hurt you. Life is too tiring. It’s Yan’er who is selfish and gave up on you.”

Lu Yin hugged Ming Yan tightly, fearing that the person in his arms would disappear if he let go.

He could not imagine how desperate Ming Yan would be when she became as old as Ming Zhaoshu. The pain of the passing of life brought not only physical despair, but also spiritual despair.

Mingyan’s skin has begun to dry up, and the poison in her is deeper than that in the Mingzhao book, because the crystal bottle says ‘Shang-88’, while the poison in the Mingzhao book is ‘Shang-91′ Number’.

“Brother Lu, do you know? Yan’er is too tired. Yan’er wants to rest.” Ming Yan hugged Lu Yin and murmured to herself.

Lu Yin’s eyes were red, his heart hurt, and he felt weak.

“Yan’er is too selfish. In order to pave the way for me, my father would rather bear the eternal infamy, but Yan’er chose to die.”

“Brother Lu is willing to cooperate with these monsters for me. Yan’er doesn’t want to implicate Brother Lu. She wants to go down and accompany her father. Yan’er is really tired…”.

The blood in Lu Yin’s hands was still flowing, and the pain in his heart made him unable to breathe.

In the distance, Beihong asked everyone to stay away, sighing, the Shenwu Empire was ill-fated, and the queen who was about to succeed also died. What is the future?

Holding Ming Yan, Lu Yin didn’t know what to say. He had never felt such pain before. The pain was heartbreaking and he felt that the whole world had become gray.

Ming Yan raised her hand and touched Lu Yin’s face, her eyes showing nostalgia but also relief, “Brother Lu, I’m sorry.”

Lu Yin held Ming Yan’s hand, his eyes flushed, “Brother Lu is sorry for you. Brother Lu was not here when you needed help the most.”

Ming Yan smiled and shook her head, her skin becoming a little dry again, “Brother Lu, do you know? Yan’er’s happiest moment was when you and I got married. At that moment, Yan’er will never forget it.”

Lu Yin took out the bundle of Ming Yan’s long hair from the Ningkong Ring and held it tightly, “You are my Lu Yin’s wife. No matter life or death, we will always be. We are bound to be married.”

Ming Yan smiles beautifully, “fool”.

Lu Yin hugged Ming Yan tightly, lowered his head and kissed her lips. It was ice cold without a trace of warmth. Her life was passing quickly. This speed of passage could not be compensated by any treasures of heaven and earth. , those treasures of heaven and earth cannot even save Mingzhaoshu, let alone Mingyan.

“Yan’er, let’s get married. I want to help you put on your wedding dress,” Lu Yin said tenderly to Ming Yan, tears falling down the corners of his eyes.

Ming Yan shook her head, “Brother Lu, Yan’er is satisfied with your words. Yan’er is destined to betray you in this life. If there is an afterlife, Yan’er is willing to give you a red wedding dress and promise you a happy life.” .

“Brother Lu, Yan’er doesn’t want to grow old, let Yan’er go.” Ming Yan looked at Lu Yin pleadingly.

Lu Yin’s face was pale, his eyes were painful, and his whole body was trembling.

“Brother Lu, please, Yan’er doesn’t want you to see your old side, let Yan’er go.” Ming Yan begged weakly and hugged Lu Yin tightly.

Lu Yin closed his eyes, tears falling. He hated himself for why he didn’t search for a little longer in the Shenwu Continent. He hated himself for forgetting Wu Shang. He hated himself for not keeping the short old man alive and letting him develop the antidote. , until this moment, he felt the endless hatred, hating the New Human Alliance, and hating himself.

Slowly raising his head, his palms were trembling. He wanted to give his favorite woman a ride with his own hands.

Ming Yan smiled, kissed Lu Yin, closed her eyes and said, “I’m sorry, Brother Lu, we will be together again in the next life.”

Lu Yin roared and clapped his hand. Suddenly, the surrounding area turned gray. His movements were frozen in the void. There was silence all around. In the distance, the spewing magma was still. The surprised expressions of Beihong and others were frozen in the sky. On his face, time seemed to have stopped.

A sigh sounded in Lu Yin’s ears, “Since you have recruited me as your teacher, there is no despair. Why should you be like this?”

Lu Yin was ecstatic and turned his head, Mr. Mu was looking at him.

“Master” Lu Yin hugged Ming Yan and knelt in front of Mr. Mu, “Master, please save her, please.”

Mr. Mu’s eyes fell on Ming Yan and he shook his head, “The poison of life-losing, the New Humanity Alliance is still developing this poison.”

“Master, do you know? Please save her.” Lu Yin looked at Mr. Mu hopefully, like a desert traveler looking at water.

Mr. Mu shook his head and sighed, “Master, there is no antidote. There is only one way to save her, one body and two souls.”

“Two souls in one body?” Lu Yin was puzzled and hugged Ming Yan tightly.

Ming Yan opened her eyes and looked at Mr. Mu in confusion.

Mr. Mu said, “My teacher has a way to concentrate all the toxins in her body into another personality, but you have to think clearly that from now on, this girl will have a dual personality. This personality likes you, and the other personality Not necessarily, and the opportunity that my teacher originally prepared for you will be given to her.”

Lu Yin said without hesitation, “Master, no matter what, please save her.”

Mr. Mu nodded, and with a wave of his hand, Lu Yin’s body appeared outside the courtyard. Inside the courtyard, Mr. Mu placed his palm on Ming Yan’s head, and Ming Yan immediately fell asleep.

Lu Yin stared at this scene outside the yard. He saw Ming Yan’s hair turning from black to white, but in the blink of an eye it turned to black again, and then to white again. It kept changing. What made Lu Yin happy was her hair. The number of runes is rising.

Lu Yin breathed a sigh of relief, fortunately he invited the master.

Bei Hong came to Lu Yin and said, “Leader, this?”.

“Immediately seal Shanhai City and move the original Shanhai City people to Mingdu. No one is allowed to approach without my order. Don’t say anything to the outside world. Anyone who dares to say more will be killed without mercy.” Lu Yin said coldly Order.

Bei Hong quickly went down to do things.

Lu Yin stood outside the yard and looked inside, feeling nervous.

An hour later, Mr. Mu and Ming Yan were still the same, but in Lu Yin’s eyes, Ming Yan’s rune number had increased a bit strangely.

Originally, Ming Yan was not a powerful cultivator. She could only reach the Hope Realm, which was similar to ordinary people, and her number of runes was pitifully low. But at this moment, her number of runes had actually increased to the level of Fusion Realm, and it was still rising.

Treatment can also improve cultivation. Lu Yin looked at it in disbelief, unable to understand what Mr. Mu was doing. In his eyes, Mr. Mu had no runes at all, as if he was independent from this world.

Soon, another two hours passed, and Ming Yan’s rune count had increased to an extreme level, and it hadn’t stopped yet, which was very strange.

Finally, after another hour passed, Mr. Mu raised his hand and Mingyan lay on the ground.

Lu Yin hurriedly entered, helped Ming Yan up, and looked at Mr. Mu, “Master, how are you?”.

Mr. Mu said, “She won’t die, but she will have two souls from now on. You have to be mentally prepared.”

Lu Yin had never considered having two souls in one body before, as long as he could save Ming Yan, “What exactly are two souls in one body?”.

Mr. Mu looked at Ming Yan in Lu Yin’s arms and said, “See for yourself.”

Lu Yin lowered his head, met a pair of cold eyes, and saw the cold ruthlessness and chill. These were Ming Yan’s eyes, but this look was very unfamiliar. Moreover, he looked at Ming Yan in surprise. Ming Yan actually has white hair.

“Let go of your dirty hands” Bai Fayan shouted sharply, his eyes became colder and colder, and he slapped Lu Yin with a palm.

Lu Yin was pushed away by Bai Fayan and looked at him blankly, “Yan’er, it’s me, Brother Lu.”

Bai Fayan glanced sideways at Lu Yin and frowned, “I know.”

“What’s wrong with you?” Lu Yin was surprised.

Bai Fayan shouted, “Shut up, or I will bury you.”

Lu Yin blinked and was stunned.

Mr. Mu looked at Bai Fayan in surprise. It seemed that this was his first time encountering such a situation.

Bai Fayan glanced at Mr. Mu, then walked out of the hospital without saying hello.

“Yan’er” Lu Yin hurriedly wanted to chase her, but was stopped by Mr. Mu, “There is no need to chase her. Just wait until her other personality wakes up, otherwise it will be useless for you to chase her.”


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