Star Odyssey Chapter 730: Despair

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Lu Yin’s eyes changed dramatically, and a huge wave surged in his heart. He could imagine how desperate Ming Yan was at this moment. How uncomfortable she must be to judge her father personally. It’s just a Shenwu Empire. Does it really matter?

“Get ready now, I’m going to Shenwu Continent” Lu Yin walked out of Zishan Palace and headed to the space station.

Enya quickly gave orders to the space station.

Soon, the Aurora spacecraft headed towards the dark fog territory.

Lu Yin looked at the dark starry sky with a heavy heart.

The death of her father has been a huge blow to Mingyan, and coupled with all the heavy burdens she has to bear, I don’t know if she can survive it.

Now that the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance has been established, it doesn’t matter to Lu Yin even if there is no Shenwu Continent at this time. The reason why he joined the Shenwu Continent in the first place was because he needed someone to take the lead. For the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance, Shenwu Continent is not as important as being a member of the Shenwu Continent. The nine-fold door of the puppet.

Mei Lan, Bai Ye and others had long known that Lu Yin would appear. When Lu Yin arrived at the space station, all the Bai Ye tribe members stayed away. They also knew that Lu Yin was not in a good mood at this time.

Lu Yin didn’t bother to pay attention to them, and directly entered the Shenwu Continent with the help of Huo Qingshan.

Ming Zhaoshu has a very bad reputation in Shenwu Continent, but in Shanhai City, his reputation is very good. After all, he has lived in Shanhai City for so many years.

So he died, and the people of Shanhai City fell into mourning.

The entire Shanhai City is busy, on the one hand, dealing with Ming Zhaoshu’s funeral, and on the other hand, for Ming Yan to succeed to the throne.

All direct descendants of the Ming family are dead, leaving only one Ming Yan. For countless years, the Shenwu Empire has been controlled by the Ming family. Ming Yan succeeded to the throne without any hindrance under the premise of carrying the righteousness of the Judgment Mingzhao Book. Twenty-eight Articles Sin has won her countless hearts.

But it also made many people feel cold towards her.

When Lu Yin came to Shanhai City, he heard a lot of voices and had mixed reviews about Ming Yan.

Lu Yin flashed and entered Prince Mu’s Mansion.

At this moment, Prince Mu’s Mansion is heavily guarded, with two cruise-level experts covering all directions with force. Bei Hong and other ministers are all in Prince Mu’s Mansion, handling the funeral affairs for Ming Zhaoshu.

Ming Yan stayed in the study. Ming Zhaoshu’s body had long since recovered, but the smell of blood still lingered in the study. The blood stains on the desk were not wiped off, and there was a blood-stained letter.

That’s for Lu Yin.

Ming Yan has been staring at the letter for a long time.

The study door slowly opened, and the guards filed in, separated on both sides. Beihong saluted Mingyan deeply, “Princess, please forgive me. The most important thing now is to inherit the throne and stabilize the empire.”

Ming Yan’s voice didn’t waver at all, “You choose a day.”

Bei Hong saluted again, “Yes, I will leave.”

“Who is it?” A guard shouted not far away. Beihong and others looked and saw Lu Yin appearing outside the study, looking at Ming Yan with pity.

The moment Ming Yan saw Lu Yin, tears flowed out again. She stood up and ran towards him. Suddenly, Lu Yin’s pupils shrank and said, “How dare you?” In the study, among the guards who were originally standing on both sides, Someone suddenly attacked Ming Yan and pinched Ming Yan’s throat. A transparent crystal bottle appeared in his hand. He stared at Lu Yin and said, “Don’t move.”

This turn of events shocked everyone.

Lu Yin stared closely at the person who captured Ming Yan. The moment he saw this person’s appearance, an idea flashed in his mind. He remembered that it was him, Wu Shang, who entered the Shenwu Continent with him to take the assessment. The master of the New Humanity Alliance, I actually forgot about him before.

“Let the princess go,” Bei Hong shouted.

In the sky, two cruising realm experts appeared, one of them wrapped around Wushang with force. The pupils of Wushang’s eyes suddenly turned red, and then changed again to green under Lu Yin’s shocked gaze. The second transformation of the Corpse King is the green-eyed transformation.

“Green eyes change, seventh brother, run away quickly” Guihou shouted.

Lu Yin didn’t expect Wu Shang to be able to transform into a green pupil. He was only in the exploration realm. However, after using the green pupil transformation, the number of runes increased a hundred times, which was no worse than the elites in the hunting realm. Wu Jin was directly rejected by him, “Lu Yin Yin, if you don’t want her to die, let the others retreat.”

Lu Yin shouted, “Everyone get out.”

Everyone looked at Ming Yan and ignored him. Not many people knew him.

Beihong hurriedly shouted, “Everyone, get out of here, quickly.”

The two cruising realm experts looked at each other, listened to Beihong’s words, slowly backed away, and finally exited the courtyard where the study was located.

In the end, only Ming Yan, Wu Shang and Lu Yin were left in the courtyard.

“What do you want?” Lu Yin stared at Wushang closely. His green eyes made him feel cold, but they could not hide his murderous intent. Ming Yan was a forbidden area that he could not touch.

Wushang’s voice was cold. After using the green pupil transformation, his speech was different from ordinary people. He said intermittently, “Sir, I said, I have made you despair.”

“Seven Gods?” Lu Yin’s tone was cold.

Wushang stared at Lu Yin and shook the bottle in his hand, “The things here are the same as those taken in the Mingzhao book.”

Ming Yan’s expression changed and she looked at the crystal bottle in Wu Shang’s hand with an angry look.

Lu Yin’s face turned pale, “Poison of life, what do you want?”.

“You should know” Wushang spoke slowly, his words unclear.

Lu Yin clenched his fist and stared at the bottle. What was in the bottle was the poison in the Mingzhao Book. There was no solution. The short old man who had poisoned the Mingzhao Book wanted to develop an antidote through the poisoning process in the Mingzhao Book.

“I’m just a small explorer. Your New Human Alliance wants to find people to cooperate with. Some of them are strong. Why are you looking for me?” Lu Yin said, with his right hand behind his back, he directly crushed the jade that Mr. Mu gave him. He wouldn’t use this jade unless it was a last resort, but he wasn’t sure he could save Ming Yan from Wu Shang, and he didn’t dare to take a gamble, so he could only ask Mr. Mu for help.

Nothing can happen to Ming Yan, this is Lu Yin’s only thought now.

Wushang’s tone was cold, “Are you delaying time?”

Lu Yin said sternly, “I always want to know why you want to cooperate with me and what I need to do.”

Wushang continued intermittently, “There are many people who want to cooperate with us, but there are too few that we like. If you want to cooperate with us, you must show sincerity.”

“Say,” Lu Yin said.

Wushang Green Eyes and Lu Yin looked at each other, “We need the box in Kirlov’s secret room.”

Lu Yin narrowed his eyes. He was not surprised. The last one to appear on Taiyuan Star was also the Green Eyed Zombie King. He could perform the Green Eyed Transformation. He was definitely not a cabbage. That box was very important to the New Human Alliance. “Okay, I’ll go. I’ll give it to you, but you must ensure Ming Yan’s safety.”

“One day, time, one day later, despair,” Wu Shang said coldly.

Lu Yin agreed, “I’ll get it to you right away.”

However, at this moment, no one noticed Ming Yan. Lu Yin stared closely at Wu Shang to prevent him from taking action. Wu Shang was also wary of Lu Yin. Lu Yin had too many foreign objects, which worried him, but he was the only one Ming Yan was ignored.

Ming Yan glanced at Lu Yin with nostalgia, then turned her head and bit off the crystal bottle cap in one bite. The colorless liquid inside dripped down the mouth of the bottle into her mouth. The movements were done in one go. Even Wu Shang didn’t react. Waiting for the reaction When they came over, the poison had already entered Ming Yan’s mouth.

Lu Yin’s pupils shrank sharply, and he pointed murderous intent at the sky, “You are looking for death.” As he said this, he stretched out his palms and turned into claws. The claws of the heavenly beast tore through the void and let out a shocking beast roar, as if a giant beast came from the sky in ancient times. Coming down, he pressed hard against Wushang, Wushang let go of Mingyan, this woman was worthless and she would die if she was poisoned. He raised his head, faced the claws of the beast, and swept out with one leg.

The body with green eyes that had become a hundred times stronger collided with the claws of the heavenly beast. With a bang, the void was distorted. Then, a huge black crack spread along the mid-air. The attack between the two surpassed the intensity of the ordinary hunting realm. The void cracks.

Prince Mu’s Mansion was immediately split into two halves. Outside the courtyard, Bei Hong and others were horrified. The two powerful cruisers did not dare to move. This was not a battlefield they could intervene in.

One blow from the Heavenly Beast Claw knocked Wushang away. Lu Yin quickly hugged Ming Yan. Ming Yan’s face turned pale, her eyes gradually dimmed, and her hair gradually turned white. Her vitality was passing faster than Ming Zhaoshu.

Lu Yin suddenly stared at Wu Shang and said, “Hand over the antidote.”

Wushang frowned, turned around and ran away.

Lu Yin exploded with all his strength, eight lines of fighting spirit condensed in his palms, and the heavenly beast claws pressed down from top to bottom again. Wushang raised his arms, trying to block Lu Yin’s blow, but his whole body was blasted into the ground. , spitting out a mouthful of blood.

The eight-line battle energy and the seven-line battle energy are not on the same level, and coupled with the Heavenly Beast Claw after the breakthrough, Wu Shang was still suppressed even if he strengthened his body a hundred times with the Corpse King Transformation.

But it was difficult for Lu Yin to kill Wu Shang. The corpse king’s physical strength and resilience were beyond the comprehension of ordinary people, especially when the invisible fluctuations spread. Lu Yin’s body swayed and he almost fell down. It was Wu Shang’s talent that made him feel weak.

Wushang had no intention of competing with Lu Yin and jumped up in an attempt to escape.

Lu Yin growled, even though he knew Wu Shang could not have an antidote, he still held on to a glimmer of hope and would never let him escape.

Seeing Wu Shang getting further and further away, Lu Yin pointed out, his pupils dilated. In his dream, a certain space appeared in the void, approaching Wu Shang at an extremely fast speed. As he pierced Wu Shang’s abdomen with his finger, Wu Shang hit the ground again, and blood flowed down his face. It gushed out from the abdomen, looking extremely miserable.

The earth in Shanhai City shook, and cracks spread.

Ignoring the cracked fingers, Lu Yin fell suddenly, stepped on Wu Shang, and shouted, “Hand over the antidote.”

Wushang vomited blood and said, “No, antidote.”

Lu Yin turned pale, lowered his head, punched Wu Shang in the abdomen, and said, “Hand over the antidote.”

Wushang coughed up blood and wanted to escape, but was punched into the ground by Lu Yin.

Both of them are in the exploration realm. Although Wushang has the green pupil transformation, Lu Yin’s strength has improved even more terrifyingly. With only eight lines of fighting spirit, it is not something ordinary masters can fight against. In addition, he is already strong in perversion. With his body and terrifying combat skills, Wu Shang couldn’t survive even a few attacks with his green-eyed transformation.

When Lu Yin was in the extreme realm, he could fight against the top 100 masters. Now that he has reached the exploration realm, his fighting spirit has increased to the eighth level. With a finger in his dream, he can compete with his peers in several moves. There are very few strong ones, and any one of them is enough to be at the top of the top 100 battle list.

Wushang spat out blood and looked at Lu Yin’s figure, which was blurry. “No wonder, sir, I fall in love with you. If I transform you into a corpse king and practice the corpse king transformation, in the future, no one will , is your opponent.”

Lu Yin punched Wu Shang into an unknown depth of the ground, and magma appeared.


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