Star Odyssey Chapter 728: Strange light group

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“What kind of technique is the Book of Immortality?” Lu Yin asked. He didn’t know much about this technique.

A Dun shook his head, “I don’t know. It’s just said that practicing the Sutra of Immortality can lead to immortality, but no one believes it. The only people in the universe who can live forever are the strong ones in the ancestral realm. How is it possible that one can live forever with just one skill?” .

“Seventh brother, he is right. How can one practice immortality with just one skill? That is too evil,” Guihou said.

Lu Yin naturally doesn’t believe it, but the Immortal Sutra is so famous, and it attracts many forces in the Falling Star Sea and the Inner Universe to stare at Immortal Yushan. It may not be that simple. If Immortal Yushan deceived A Dun, it would be fine. If he really After obtaining the Sutra of Immortality, the possibility of not dying will increase.

But if he wasn’t dead, why pretended to be?

Next, Lu Yin contacted the former ministers of Immortal Yushan one by one, including Huo Qingshan, Tao Xiang, Shamu, Luo Keona, blind monk, etc., trying to analyze the true character of Immortal Yushan from the words of these people. But it’s of no use. Although these people were single-handedly promoted by Immortal Yushan, they don’t know much about Immortal Yushan.

Lu Yin was the last one to meet Liuying Zishan. Liuying Zishan was full of gratitude to Immortal Yushan. Without Immortal Yushan, she might not have been able to survive being misunderstood for so many years. Although she was indifferent, no matter how strong a person was, there was a limit. Immortal Yushan helped her a lot.

“If it weren’t for Your Majesty, I wouldn’t be where I am today,” Liuying Zishan said.

Lu Yin nodded and said with emotion, “Yes, the emperor’s uncle has a keen eye for people. He selected you, the Blind Monk, Huo Qingshan and others. The former Dayu Empire was enough to sweep across the Canglan territory.”

Liuying Zishan was surprised, “Why did His Highness suddenly ask about His Majesty’s affairs?”.

Lu Yin smiled and said, “It’s nothing. The Eastern Xinjiang Alliance was established. I thought of the emperor’s uncle. It would be great if the emperor’s uncle was still alive.”

Liu Ying Zishan lamented, “Yes, it’s great to be alive, Your Majesty.”

Not long after, Lu Yin walked out of Liuying Zishan’s mansion. He didn’t ask anything. Instead, he listened to a bunch of praises. The reign of Immortal Yushan was the period of resurgence of the Dayu Empire. Before him, the Dayu Empire was just a remote country that ruled several domains. The kingdom is no better than that of Lian Yanxing. After he came to power, he expanded the Dayu Empire to the Thirteen Territories. Even Beigong Territory and other surrounding territories felt threatened by him. He established the Imperial Court Thirteen Team to guard the Thirteen Territories, which was as stable as Mount Tai.

Without Immortal Yushan, there would be no Daewoo Empire today. His ambition is obvious, but as a ZTE emperor, it is normal to have ambitions.

Lu Yin looked up at the sky. He didn’t know whether he wanted Immortal Yushan to die or not.

Immortal Yushan was also kind to him, and was even willing to teach him the secret of the word Yu. This was something that many major forces in the inner universe did not have. This kindness was as great as the sky.

At this time, an acquaintance, Big Lei, walked towards him. When Lu Yin rolled the dice for the first time and rolled it to six o’clock, he merged into Big Lei’s body and felt his control over the star energy. His strength quickly improved. Lei left a deep impression on Lu Yin, and if it hadn’t been for him, both Lei and his little girlfriend might have died.

Dalei also saw Lu Yin and hurriedly stepped forward to salute, “Dalei from the Thirteenth Imperial Court Team meets His Highness the Regent.”

Lu Yin smiled and said, “No courtesy.”

“Thank you, Your Highness.” Da Lei stood up and stood aside respectfully.

Lu Yin didn’t say much to him. The two of them were too far apart in level and had no common language at all.

Just when Lu Yin passed by Da Lei, a strange feeling appeared. His field of vision suddenly changed. Not only did he see himself directly in front of him, but he even saw his own silhouette. This was Da Lei. Lei’s gaze actually overlapped with Da Lei’s gaze.

Lu Yin suddenly stopped and looked at Da Lei.

Dalei looked normal and seemed unaware that Lu Yin was seeing him.

Lu Yin’s heart was moved. Could it be that the function of the six o’clock dice is not only the initial integration, but also the ability to reunite with the person he originally integrated with at close range? And that person doesn’t feel this overlap?

Lu Yin stood there and pondered.

Dalei was surprised, but he didn’t dare to say anything and lowered his head.

Lu Yin saw the double vision, and his eyes flashed with joy. He didn’t expect that the six o’clock dice could hide such a magical effect. This feeling was really wonderful. He took a few steps forward, and the double vision disappeared. This kind of Brief overlap requires distance.

Lu Yin thought for a while, turned around and walked towards Da Lei, their eyes overlapping again.

Da Lei is weird, what is your highness doing?

Lu Yin stood in front of Da Lei, “I remember the last time I saw you were in the extreme state, why are you still in the extreme state this time? It’s been several years.”

Da Lei felt ashamed, “I have disappointed His Highness. I must practice seriously and strive to break through the exploration realm as soon as possible and serve His Highness.” He was very grateful to Lu Yin. If it weren’t for Lu Yin, he and his wife would have died.

Lu Yin nodded with satisfaction, “That’s good. Recently, the captains of the Thirteen Imperial Court Teams are all outsiders. I also want to promote captain candidates from within the empire. It’s up to you. Don’t let me down.” He said, Lu Yin raised his hand and patted Da Lei on the shoulder.

Dalei said firmly, “His Highness will not be disappointed.”

Lu Yin said favorably, turned around and left.

Big Lei looked at Lu Yin’s back and secretly encouraged him to become the captain of the Royal Court’s Thirteenth Team.

Away from Liuying’s Zishan Mansion, Lu Yin’s face darkened. The moment he touched Da Lei, he suddenly read Da Lei’s memory, saw fragments of Da Lei’s life, and saw him in Imperial Court Thirteen The memory of the team, one of the fragments made him feel weird.

Da Lei is stationed at Liu Ying Zishan’s mansion all year round, and occasionally enters the mansion to obey orders. In the past few years, whenever Liu Ying Zishan returns to the mansion, he often practices in the middle of the night. Dalei has seen this once and was severely punished by Liu Ying Zishan.

Through Dalei’s memory, Lu Yin saw Liuying Zishan’s cultivation. Dalei could not see anything, but he could see that Liuying Zishan’s ability to absorb star energy was ten times that of ordinary practitioners of the same level. This speed even exceeded the absorption speed of his nine-star Tianxing Gong, and the star energy absorbed by Liuying Zishan came from the star energy crystal marrow.

This is weird, Liuying Zishan is just a captain of the Daewoo Empire in the outer universe, with cruise level strength, where did she get the star energy crystal marrow to absorb? Where can I find the technique that can increase the speed of absorbing star energy by more than ten times? You know, even in the Zhuobai Night, the successors of Liu Xiaoyun, a powerful force in the inner universe, are not that fast in absorbing star energy.

More importantly, since she can absorb star energy so quickly, why is she still in the cruising state? Lu Yin didn’t believe that the star power she needed to break through could match him. The various strange things happening in Liuying Zishan made Lu Yin unable to feel at ease.

As the sky darkened, Lu Yin took his breath and appeared outside Liuying Zishan’s mansion. He easily passed through the surveillance of thirteen teams of practitioners and entered the mansion. He came to the place where Da Lei bumped into Liuying Zishan’s training and hid in the rockery. within, blocking all information.

In the sky, clouds blocked the moonlight. Not far away, a shadow appeared and walked slowly. Lu Yin looked out of the corner of his eye and saw that it was Liuying Zishan.

Liu Ying Zishan was seen wearing a thin gauze dress, walking step by step towards Lu Yin’s direction. Every step seemed to be accurately measured. His eyes were always staring ahead, his pupils unfocused.

Lu Yin’s eyes narrowed, and his gaze seemed to be controlled.

Liuying Zishan came to the foot of the rockery and sat cross-legged. Then with a wave of his hand, many star energy crystal essences appeared on the ground. Then he absorbed the star energy wantonly. Soon, the star energy turned into a tornado visible to the naked eye and swept Liuying Zishan. Package included.

Lu Yin’s eyes widened and he saw the number of runes on Liuying Zishan fluctuating in size and size. The number of runes represented by star energy entered her body and quickly disappeared. Her body was like a black hole, swallowing up a lot of star energy.

Suddenly, a ball of light rose from Liuying Zishan’s head, and the absorbed stars followed Liuying Zishan’s body into the light.

Seeing such an incredible sight, Lu Yin’s eyes were surprised and he made a little noise unintentionally. Liuying Zishan didn’t respond. The ball of light suddenly rushed towards Lu Yin. There was no star power to suppress it, but it was accompanied by another kind of silent feeling. Lu Yin was shocked when the oppression hit his head. This was the oppression of spirit and spirit.

Lu Yin raised his palm to pat the light, but it did not come into contact with the entity. The light blended into Lu Yin’s body along his palm and disappeared.

Lu Yin was shocked, what is this? The next moment, his brain was shaken, as if he heard the drums and bells at dusk, blood flowed from his ears, nostrils, and eyes, and everything he saw was spinning.

Lu Yin knelt down on one knee, gritted his teeth, and recited the full text of Shibi without hesitation.

“He is good at communicating with people, but the way of heaven does not allow him to do so, so he leaps into the starry sky and lies down, but the way of heaven allows him to do so. He jumps over the vast sky and lies down, transforms qi into summaries, and swallows hundreds of rivers…”

As Shi Bi recited the full text, the roar in his brain gradually slowed down, but he knew that there was a ball of light banging around in his head, which was the materialization of spirit and spirit. The delusion would turn him into an idiot. Fortunately, he recited it. The full text of the stone wall that has been built for several years is extremely resistant to energy and spirit, so it can hold on for a while, otherwise it will be over the moment it comes into contact with the light.

Inside the rockery, Lu Yin kept reciting the full text of Shibi. Outside the rockery, Liuying Zishan was still absorbing star energy unconsciously. Everything seemed so quiet.

I don’t know how long it took, but the sky turned dark, the darkness before dawn.

Lu Yin suddenly opened his eyes, his eyes were shining brightly, and everything he saw seemed to be clearer. He looked at his hands, closed his eyes and felt for a while, and then he was ecstatic that he had absorbed the light. , The energy and spirit have changed. Although he doesn’t know what level of energy and spirit his current level is, it should be very good, a bit stronger than before.

He looked outside the rockery. Liuying Zishan was still sitting, unconsciously absorbing the star energy. The star energy crystal marrow had already been absorbed. What she absorbed was the star energy traveling in the world. At this moment, in Lu Yin’s eyes, she The number of runes has increased a lot compared to yesterday.

That ball of light has been suppressing her. Now that the light has disappeared, the results of Liuying Zishan’s training have appeared. Even if her current combat skills cannot reach the level of hunting, they can still be regarded as the peak of the cruising realm.

What exactly is that ball of light? Lu Yin really wanted to ask Liuying Zishan, but she probably didn’t know it herself.

At this moment, Liuying Zishan woke up, opened her eyes, and asked with confusion, “Why are you here?” She looked around, and then left.


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