Star Odyssey Chapter 694: Hands on

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Lu Yin did not intend to take action against Temple even if he was not sure about defeating Ku Wei. Otherwise, if he dealt with Temple, he would not be able to win, which would be a waste of time.

Deng Pu breathed a sigh of relief. These two perverts were only in the exploration realm but were much stronger than him. Their aura made him feel suffocated.

Although Temple was not blasted away, there was no way he could interpret the message quietly. The three of them were trying to balance each other. Whoever was faster would have the other two attack at the same time. No one could successfully interpret the message first.

In the end, all three of them successfully solved the problem within nineteen hours.

Lu Yin found a piece of metal in his original treasure. He didn’t recognize it, nor did Gui Hou recognize it.

There is nothing in Temple’s original treasure.

Ku Wei obtained a remnant weapon from his original treasure, but unfortunately it turned into ashes the moment it came into contact with the air.

Sixteen contestants solved Yu Yuanbao, but only three of them succeeded in the end. It should be said that most of them were driven away by Lu Yin and Ku Wei together.

Lu Yin also wanted to win, but he was not sure of defeating Ku Wei until the end. Based on the current results, the leader could only be Temple, because he solved seven original treasures in the first round.

Lu Yin didn’t care, he could accept the result.

Deng Pu breathed a sigh of relief, not bad, not bad.

Ku Wei was in a bad mood. If it weren’t for Lu Yin, he would have won.

Sohar was completely relieved. Although the process of the language interpretation competition was twists and turns, the result was good. He jumped into the air with a smile, “Old man Sohar, in the name of the vice president of the Extraterrestrial Language Interpretation Research Association, announced that the three-round competition , the first place in overall score is Temple, the leader of this language interpretation competition is named “Deng Pu”.

Many people in Taiyuan star cheered. Temple stayed in Taiyuan star all year round and was considered a Taiyuan star.

Deng Pu was excited, glanced at Lu Yin and Rong Wei proudly, and looked at Sohar expectantly.

Neither Li nor the others objected.

In Weijia Manor, Wei Rong stood up with a stern face, “Get ready to start.”

In the Forest Hotel, An Qi ordered, “Get ready to start.”

The Taiyuan Star Space Station was suddenly controlled and lost contact with the Interpreter Research Society.

At the same time, all Taiyuan extraterrestrial light curtains failed and the signal was blocked.

Sohar didn’t know. He stood excitedly in the center of the altar. He didn’t know what he had done. A stone protruded from the ground. There was a box inside the raised stone. Sohar’s eyes were excited and he slowly opened the box. , golden light shines.

He raised the box and said, “Here are three pages of original treasure true interpretation. As a reward for the leader of this language interpretation competition, I will now give it to Temple. Temple, come forward.”

Temp took a deep breath and slowly walked towards Sohar. He had been waiting for this moment for a long time.

The same goes for Sohar. He has long wanted to get the true solution to the original treasure.

Lu Yin stood under the altar and watched this scene quietly, with Xi Qi next to him.

“It turns out to be the true solution to the original treasure. It’s rare but strange.” Yu opened his mouth and made a disdainful sound.

Lu Yin was surprised and looked at the fish, “Have you seen it?”

Yu Lengao said, “Of course, bipedal beast, if you are willing to be Master Yu’s mount, Master Yu can teach you.”

Xi Qi quickly apologized and said to Lu Yin, “Brother Lu, don’t listen to it, it lied to you.”

Yu was angry, “Since when did Master Yu lie to others? Don’t talk nonsense and prevent Master Yu from collecting his mount.”

Xi Qi muttered, “You just lied to me. You said you knew the complete True Solution to the Original Treasure before, but you couldn’t even memorize it once.”

“Of course I can’t memorize it. The words on the original treasure true interpretation can only be understood, not memorized, written, and passed on. Otherwise, the older generation of interpreters would have printed the entire universe of the original treasure true interpretation. , you two-legged beast don’t understand anything,” the fish said angrily.

Xiqi whispered, “If there is any words that cannot be memorized, you are a liar.”

Lu Yin looked at the fish, “Do you really know the true meaning of the original treasure?”.

“Of course, how about it, bipedal beast, serve as a mount for Master Yu, Master Yu will not treat you badly.” Yu proudly said.

Guihou shouted in Lu Yin’s mind, “Brother Qi, don’t believe it, it must be a lie. This is a liar, let me stew it.”

Lu Yin was so noisy by the ghost prince that he had a headache. Just as he was about to block it, Delin’s voice came to his ears again, “Lu Yin, it’s your turn, act as planned.”

“How about the bipedal beast? Let’s serve as a mount for Lord Fish.”

“Brother Qi, I’m going to stew it now.”

“Lu Yin, it’s your turn.”

“I’m sorry, Brother Lu, the fish lied to you.”

For a moment, Lu Yin heard various sounds in his ears and couldn’t help but frown.

“Lu Yin, hurry up and act as planned, otherwise you won’t get the true solution to the original treasure,” Delin said anxiously, staring at Lu Yin from a distance.

On the altar, Temple stretched out his hand. Sohar smiled and slowly placed the Original Treasure True Solution in his hand, nodding with satisfaction.

Delin frowned and kept sending messages to Lu Yin.

Lu Yin was indifferent.

Delin’s eyes turned cold, she took a few steps back and sent some message to her personal terminal.

In the distance, Wei Rong glanced at his personal terminal and said, “It’s really unreliable. Let’s start the operation.”

“Temple, receiving the true solution to the original treasure means that you can enter the headquarters of the New Universe Research Association in the future. The inner and outer universe will one day be restored. I hope you will not let down the expectations of your predecessors,” Sohal said softly, looking at Staring eagerly at the box in Temple’s hand.

Deng Pu nodded quickly in response.

Suddenly, the light curtain screen originally broadcast in the sky changed, and different images of interpreters appeared, as well as images of Mr. Jun, Temple, and Sohar.

Sohar looked up in shock. What was playing on the light screen was actually a scene of them getting rid of the Interpreter who was a threat to Temple.

Delin’s eyes were filled with joy. Although Lu Yin did not cooperate, the plan still started, and there was not much difference.

Everyone looked at the light curtain and said, “No wonder Master Qin didn’t come. He is an intermediate interpreter of two-star palms. It turned out that he was being chased into the unknown star field.”

“Grandma Lan didn’t come either, she turned out to be dead.”

“All this is the conspiracy of Vice President Sohar. He had people eliminate the threatening interpreters, and then let his disciple Temple win, so as to obtain the true interpretation of the original treasure.”

“No wonder Instructor Delin was so biased towards Temple in the second round of assessment. It turns out there was something inside.”

“Sohar is so mean”.

“Sohal is mean”.

On the altar, Sohar was shaking with anger. He waved his hand to distort the void, causing the sky to crack and disperse all the light curtains. “Who dares to slander me?”

“Sohal, as the vice president of the Interpreter Research Association, you not only failed to be impartial and selfless and give all interpreters a fair competitive environment, but you also used harsh means to suppress other interpreters behind the scenes, and even Threatening us, your crime has been exposed, no need to quibble.” Delin suddenly shouted, and her voice spread throughout Taiyuan Planet.

Everyone stared with wide eyes. If the content in the light curtain just now could be falsified, then Delin’s testimony could not be falsified. She is one of the three major assessment instructors of the Interpreter Research Association, a three-star master. Intermediate interpreters can be ranked among the top ten interpreters in the entire outer universe.

Sohal’s eyes widened and he said, “Delin, it’s you.”

Delin spoke righteously, “Sohar, with your contributions to the research association over the years, it’s not too late to plead guilty now.”

“Delin, shut up, what is your intention in colluding with outsiders to frame the vice president?” Mr. Jun shouted sharply.

Original Li suddenly said, “Let her speak.”

Sohar narrowed his eyes and stared at Delin with murderous intent.

Delin looked sad, “Vice President Sohal’s behavior has tarnished the Research Association. Rather than letting outsiders prove his crime, it is better for us insiders to expose it. This is also for the Research Association.”

“Hahahaha, you are such an upright mentor Delin. I misjudged you. It turns out you are the biggest threat.” Sohal laughed and suddenly took action against Delin. Haoran, the senior interpreter, took action. It made everyone’s scalp numb, and the entire Taiyuan star energy was pulled, forming a hurricane visible to the naked eye, condensing into a terrifying blow and covering Delin.

The void completely cracked, and the collision between heaven and earth was like the end of the world.

Lu Yin’s heart skipped a beat. At this moment, the number of Sohar’s runes skyrocketed, and the coverage area spread all over the surrounding starry sky. He didn’t know how far it spread. What was even more terrifying was that even the star energy in their bodies was being destroyed. Peeling it off, this hand’s control over star energy has exceeded Lu Yin’s cognition, surpassing any strong person he has ever encountered, including Elder Ruohua.

This is the ability of Haoran’s advanced interpreter. Although it is only at the peak of the hunting realm, its true strength cannot be inferred. The interpreter’s claim to be the strongest among his peers is not just a boast. Often a genius interpreter can leapfrog the challenge, and Sohar can become the vice-president of the Outer Universe Interpreter Research Society. When he was young, he was definitely at the level of Love Saint, one of the five outstanding members of the research society.

Delin’s pupils shrank, feeling the indescribable oppression, and her face turned pale. She could not block or dodge this blow.

Suddenly, a figure appeared in front of him, it was Old Monster Li, “Sohar, make it clear before you take action.”

“Old Monster Li, it’s useless to talk more. Since Delin dares to come forward at this time, she must have been prepared. Haven’t you noticed? There are many uninvited guests in Taiyuan Star.” Sohal shouted, without attacking. Crushed away mercilessly.

Old Monster Li raised his eyebrows and raised his hand. The star energy that was overwhelming him was actually contained. With the same level of control over the star energy, he was the only opponent of Sohar.

“Old Monster Li, you really want to go against me,” Sohar snapped.

Old Monster Li raised his head and said, “You have made a big mistake, but at most you will be deprived of the position of vice-president due to your many years of merit. But if you kill your mentor, you will not be able to turn back. Sohar, think about it clearly.”

Sohar was cold and arrogant, “Kirlov is not here, and no one in the outer universe can be my opponent. Wherever I am, there is the Interpreter Research Association. No one except me is qualified to be the president. The worst I can do is to solve your problem.” Criticize the rebels and reorganize the research association.” As he said that, his figure disappeared. Old Monster Li’s face darkened and he also disappeared. The next moment, the stars in the sky and the earth were forcibly plundered by the two of them.

The Interpreter does not need combat skills to fight. What they fight for is the control of star energy. Any combat skill requires the support of star energy. They are engaged in the most essential battle. Any cultivator will suffer when facing the Interpreter. Yes, Lu Yin understands this very well. No matter how strong his combat skills are, once his star power is deprived, he can only be slaughtered by the interpreter.


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