Star Odyssey Chapter 654: Xunjia

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“Sect Master, I’m sorry for bringing someone in without the permission of the sect. I am willing to accept the punishment,” Elder Hua said in a low voice.

Meng Tianlong waved his hand, “Let’s not talk about it for now. Now that Cheng Yan is dead, the Daewoo Empire will not let it go. What do you think?”

Elder Hua frowned, “The Dayu Empire doesn’t care about Cheng Yan. This person is just a messenger. If Cheng Yan dies, they will definitely send someone with weight to negotiate with us, at least a strong person in the hunting realm.”

“Will Lu Yin come?” Meng Tianlong asked worriedly.

Not only him, this is a problem that everyone, including Elder Hua, is worried about. Lu Yin is too overbearing and will not leave easily if there is no result. And the Prehistoric Sect may not be able to give him the result he wants. There may be rivers of blood by then.

“I didn’t expect that the child who was admitted to the Starry Sky Battle Academy at the same time as my son would now make me, the Primordial Sect, helpless,” Meng Tianlong sighed with emotion.

Not long after, Meng Tianlong appeared alone at the foot of a barren mountain in the Honghuang Sect. He bent down and said respectfully, “Meng Tianlong asks to see Mr. Su.”

No response.

Meng Tianlong shouted again, but there was still no response, and he sighed helplessly, “The sect is facing a crisis, and I ask Mr. Su to come forward to help the sect tide over the crisis.”

However, there was still no response, and Meng Tianlong left helplessly.

This place is the place where Meng Qing, the elder of the Prehistoric Sect, went into seclusion. It has not appeared since Meng Qing went into seclusion a thousand years ago. Meng Tianlong only tried to shout, but he was disappointed.

Cheng Yan’s death soon reached Lu Yin’s ears, and he also knew the details. The Dayu Empire had not only Cheng Yan in the Prehistoric Sect, but also other people who had been bribed with money or various means.

Lu Yin immediately contacted Wuzi, the girl with glasses, but failed to get in touch. It was not until several hours later that Wuzi, the girl with glasses, sent a message.

“Your Highness, you are looking for me.” The bespectacled woman Wuzi appeared in the light curtain, looking tired and with a trace of killing intent in her eyes. She had obviously just completed a certain task.

“Who else knows those secrets besides me?” Lu Yin asked directly.

The bespectacled girl Kiriko was confused, “Why do you ask, Your Highness?”.

“Haven’t you got the news yet? Cheng Yan is dead and his secret has been exposed,” Lu Yin said, staring at the bespectacled girl Wuzi.

The bespectacled girl Wuzi was shocked. She lowered her head quickly and didn’t know what she was looking for. Her expression kept changing. Finally she looked at Lu Yin and said anxiously, “I’m sorry, Your Highness. Someone on Mafa Planet rebelled and took those secrets away in the form of rubbings.” ”.

“Bring it to whom?” Lu Yin’s tone became colder.

The bespectacled girl Wuzi shook her head, “I don’t know. The one who betrayed was a killer with hunting level strength, second only to the original hunting level Wuzi. I don’t know this person very well. I’m sorry, Your Highness.”

“Have you, on Mafa Star, had any contact with the White Night Clan recently?” Lu Yin asked.

The bespectacled girl Wuzi said, “No, but the person who posted the task I just received has a certain connection with the White Night Clan.”

Lu Yin withdrew his gaze. If he guessed correctly, she was transferred deliberately so that the hunting killer could steal the secrets. Of course, there was another possibility. This woman was doing two-hand business and sold the secrets to him. Also sold to the White Night Clan.

“Your Highness, you won’t doubt me, will you?” The bespectacled girl Wuzi looked at Lu Yin aggrievedly.

Lu Yin didn’t answer, he cut off the communication directly and contacted another person, Gui Ci, who was Wuzi from the Hunting Realm of Mafa Star.

“On Mafa, who can have access to the core secrets?” Lu Yin asked, looking at the thorns in the light curtain.

Guilin spoke in a low voice, “Wuzi is a symbol of Mafa Star’s status. Even the Exploration Realm Wuzi can come into contact with more than the ordinary Exploration Realm killers. Ordinary killers are just killers no matter how strong they are. Only Mist is an exception.”

“I know that your Mafa planet has the habit of recording clients’ secrets on metal sheets. Who can have access to it?” Lu Yin asked again.

The thorn was silent for a moment, “Wuzi”.

“Can the Hunting Realm Killer be contacted?” Lu Yin asked.

“Unless you avoid the mist, you can’t make contact,” Guizi replied.

Lu Yin pondered, now there is only one Wuzi on Mafa Star, the girl with glasses, Wuzi, and the rest have either been killed or transferred away. For example, Wu Sheng, as the Enlightenment Realm Wuzi, is the most powerful person on Mafa Star, now Right in the iron-blooded territory.

Without Wuzi, the strongest person in the hunting realm could possibly steal those secrets.

After finishing the call with Gui Ci, the bespectacled girl Wuzi sent another message, but Lu Yin did not answer it, which fully demonstrated his distrust.

He is not angry. The glasses girl Kiriko is not his subordinate. Even if the goods are sold to two families, it is not a betrayal. This is just an attitude. It puts a little pressure on the glasses girl Kiriko and makes things easier in the future.

The person he wants to contact now is Mrs. Meilan. He wants to know what the White Night Clan wants to do.

“Classmate Lu, I have been waiting for you.” Mrs. Meilan appeared in the light screen and looked at Lu Yin with a smile.

Lu Yin smiled lightly, “In that case, Madam should know what I am going to do.”

Mrs. Meilan nodded, “You should be looking for the Xun family.”

“Xun family?” Lu Yin was really surprised. A Xun family appeared inexplicably.

“The Xun family has contacted Elder Qiu Yu, and Elder Qiu Yu has asked us to fully cooperate with the Xun family to deal with you,” Mei Lan said.

“Why do the Xun family want to deal with me?” Lu Yin wondered.

Mrs. Meilan shook her head, “I don’t know about that. The current person in charge of the Xun family’s talk in the outer universe is an elder named Xun Qianye. He was the same as us because of the fight for Yan left in the outer universe. By the way, Xun Qianye has a granddaughter. My name is Xun Meiren, you should have seen her before.”

Lu Yin narrowed his eyes and said, “Meimei Xun died in Mingdu at the hands of the Corpse King. It had nothing to do with me.”

“But it was you who initiated the attack, and it was you who forcibly gathered the Xun Mei people, Changfeng Night King and the others. For the White Night Clan, the death of any Night King clan member is a big deal. The death of Changfeng Night King is related to You have a direct relationship, plus Xun Meiren, elder Qiu Yu asked us to cooperate with the Xun family to deal with you probably because of these,” Mei Lan said.

Lu Yin was surprised, “Madam, are you not afraid that Elder Qiu Yu will know this when you tell me this?”

Mrs. Mei Lan smiled sweetly, “The White Night Clan wishes that all the tyrannical things in the universe were done by us. So what if I tell you? I just want you to understand. This is what most people in the White Night Clan think, Mr. Lu , how do you want to deal with it?”

“Madam doesn’t seem to have much hostility towards me” Lu Yin was surprised.

Mrs. Mei Lan smiled and said, “You should know the internal relations of the White Night Clan, so why ask more questions, but I can’t help you.”

“Is it really because of a Xun beauty that the Xun family is fighting against me?” Lu Yin asked. He didn’t believe that the Xun family could occupy a flow realm in the inner universe, even a small flow realm. The Xun family’s courage was not comparable to that of ordinary people, let alone them. How could someone in a semi-secret family deal with him for the sake of a junior? His record was such that even the powerful ones in the Enlightenment realm would not dare to provoke him easily.

“Student Lu, if you don’t believe me, you can contact the Xun family in person, but I don’t know if you can contact me,” Mrs. Meilan said, giving Lu Yin a contact information.

Lu Yin greeted Mrs. Mei Lan, cut off communication, and then contacted the Xun family directly.

The communication connection was successful. An old man appeared in the light curtain. The moment he saw Lu Yin, he hung up the communication.

A cold light flashed in Lu Yin’s eyes. It seemed that the Xun family was determined to become his enemy. Is it worth it for a beautiful Xun woman? What’s more, Xun Meiren died in the hands of the Corpse King. This reason seemed a bit far-fetched to him.

But if it weren’t for Beauty Xun, why would the Xun family be against him? Even the Baiye tribe was temporarily forbearing, but they jumped out and left no room for action. They must have confidence. Where is their confidence?

Lu Yin calculated the enemies that could threaten him. King Qiu Yuye is one, Lord Huohou is another, and by the way, Po Chan, three enlightenment realms. The Xun family has contacted King Qiu Yuye and obtained With the support of the Baiye clan, it may also be possible to contact Lord Huohou or Granny Chan. With this semi-secret family’s style of doing things, they must be absolutely sure of their actions. This can be seen by hanging up the communication directly with them without saying a word. come out.

How did I offend the Xun family and make them take action?

Lu Yin suddenly remembered that the conflict with Xun Jiong in the Sea of ​​Falling Stars was inappropriate, just a small conflict.

No matter why the Xun family is against him, what they have to do now is to stop their losses.

Lu Yin stopped all activities to form an alliance. As long as he did not expose those secrets, the Xun family would not be able to take the initiative to expose them. He wanted to minimize the losses as much as possible.

That night, a piece of news came that the Six-Finger Clan in Lar’s territory had undergone great changes, and Likuhume’s secret was exposed. The current leader of the Six-Finger Clan, Buckhume, was actually the son of Likuhume, and Likuhume Mu also assassinated the previous patriarch.

The revelation of this secret shocked the territory of Lal, and the Six Finger clan was furious. Everyone wanted Likuhume to give an explanation, and the status of the patriarch Buckhume was also questioned.

Just a few hours after the news broke, Likuhume committed suicide and admitted to assassinating the previous patriarch, but firmly denied his relationship with Buckhume, and used his death to temporarily silence the public opinion.

At the same time as this scandal, the transaction between Rikuhume and the Daewoo Empire was also exposed. This made the Liuzhi clan full of doubts and resentment towards the Daewoo Empire. Many tribesmen believed that Rikuhume had sold out their interests to the Daewoo Empire. Even The inheritance of the clan sacrifice place was handed over to Lu Yin, which was unacceptable to the Six Fingers clan.

Fortunately, Buckhulme has been in office for many years and has some prestige, so he has temporarily suppressed it. Otherwise, let alone the collapse of the alliance, it may even trigger a war.

When Lu Yin got the news, it was too late to deal with it in time. Although he was angry, it could not be seen from the outside.

Xun family, he remembered this great gift.

However, this was not the biggest gift the Xun family gave Lu Yin. The next day, Lu Yin saw the image of Elder Ruohua appearing in the light curtain in front of him, and knew that the biggest trouble was coming. He borrowed the name of the Hall of Glory to form an East Xinjiang Alliance, it’s a good thing that no one has made this matter public. Elder Ruohua doesn’t care too much. After all, forming the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance is good for the outer universe.

But if someone exposes it, it will be difficult to deal with. The name of the Hall of Glory cannot be borrowed at will. This is the Xun family’s biggest weapon against Lu Yin.


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