Star Odyssey Chapter 643: Escape

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Looking at the blood madman standing high in the sky showing his madness, this is the strength of the strong man in the Sixth Continent who can compete for the three-day position of the source of the Tao.

Wait a minute, Lu Yin suddenly remembered something. The Spiritual Palace belongs to the Lingling Clan, and the Lingling Clan has a technique called Spirit Splitting.

Above, the white knight’s body was pierced. The blood madman withdrew his hand and licked the blood in his hand. The red in his eyes became brighter and brighter. He kept staring at the white knight’s eyes. Through his eyes, he saw the pain and became even more excited. .

Suddenly, the blood madman’s eyes flashed. In addition to his own figure in the eyes of the white knight, he also saw a figure appearing behind him. He turned around quickly and saw a spear about to pierce his throat. At the critical moment, the blood madman raised his hand and grabbed the spear. The power of the nine lines of war energy made the white knight unable to save, “You, you are not dead?”.

The blood madman is sure that he has just killed the white knight, because his gaze cannot be faked, but why is there another one in front of him?

The white knight’s spear vibrated, swung away the blood madman’s hand, and the gun barrel hit the blood madman’s body, sending him flying away.

Below, the palace that had stopped spreading long ago bloomed with light again, evaporating all the blood lotuses in the palace, and the mighty bells echoed, like the sound of the heavenly palace.

The blood madman covered his chest with blood flowing from the corners of his mouth. He stared at the white knight with crazy eyes, “How is it possible? How can you beat me?”.

The white knight pointed his spear directly at the blood madman, “I said, you have no future, including the so-called Taoyuan Santian, you are just slaves under the fixed cultivation system. With you, you can’t defeat us at all.” After saying that, the spear once again Pierce out.

The blood madman roared, and the blood lotus that originally sealed the mouth of the cauldron melted and turned into blood and was absorbed by him. The whole person turned scarlet and slammed into the white knight.

The white knight’s eyes flashed, the palace glowed, and the spear moved forward.

With a bang, a huge crack in the void spread towards the sky, and the strong wind crushed it down, causing several practitioners to vomit blood. Lu Yin’s heart sank, his chest felt tight, and he almost vomited blood.

The sky was twisted, and the two figures retreated violently from each other. They collided with all their strength, and both the blood lotus and the palace disappeared in an instant.

Both figures hit the cauldron and vomited blood at the same time.

It’s hard to tell who wins and who loses. Both of them were injured by this blow.

The Dingkou Blood Lotus disappeared, and everyone was excited to get out alive.

However, the mouth of the tripod was still blocked by those two people, and no one dared to rush out.

At this time, the white knight jumped up and left. There was a noise outside the cauldron. Someone must have arrived. He was from the fifth continent. If he was exposed, he would be besieged by everyone. He could only retreat after being seriously injured.

The blood madman stared into the distance unwillingly, clenching his fists. If he could absorb this person’s blood, he could definitely defeat this generation of Taoyuan for three days.

“Let’s go”, one person shouted in the cauldron. They were afraid of being trapped by the blood madman again. Although the blood madman was injured, the difference in strength was too big. Even if the blood madman was injured, they did not dare to fight against him.

Now there are less than twenty people alive in the cauldron, and they all rushed out of the cauldron and headed in all directions.

The blood madman became anxious and vomited out a mouthful of blood. He really wanted to seal the mouth of the tripod again just now, but it was too late. He could only chase in one direction, and that direction happened to be the direction of Lu Yin and others.

“Why is this madman chasing us?” The fat man panicked. He woke up, and when he woke up, he saw the blood madman chasing us behind him, “Did you mess with him?”.

“Let’s separate. If he dares to pursue us, it will prove that he is not too seriously injured and he can deal with us with confidence,” Mr. Bai suggested.

Miss Qing and Lu Yin agreed.

“Separate? Who should I follow?” The fat man was afraid. He was the weakest and the slowest.

Lu Yin frowned. Fatty was really troublesome. Just as he was about to speak, Fatty disappeared.

Lu Yin was speechless. The time came at this time. He was really lucky.

Mr. Bai, Miss Qing and Lu Yin were all separated, three people, in three directions.

The blood madman roared. If he were not seriously injured, it would be impossible for the three of them to escape at his speed. He glanced at them and then chased them in one direction.

“Seventh brother, the madman is chasing you” Gui Hou screamed.

Lu Yin glanced back and met the **** madman’s red pupils. His expression changed, “Why are you chasing me? Do you think I’m from the Fifth Continent?”

“Seventh brother, you are really a firefly in the dark night, you are chased wherever you go.” Guihou said bitterly.

Lu Yin was helpless and thought of a possibility. In the strange confrontation two days ago, he was the only one who could stand and took the three young masters away. Perhaps because of this, the blood madman believed that he was very powerful. Strong, at least stronger than others, only the blood of the strong is valuable. I have to say that this madman guessed it right.

Lu Yin smiled bitterly, it was better to keep a low profile.

Behind, the blood madman took action, and the corpse dragon rushed out of his body and crashed into Lu Yin.

Lu Yin increased his speed, and the space in front of him suddenly cracked. He quickly avoided it. The corpse dragon crashed into the cracked void and disappeared. Then another corpse dragon rushed out and crashed into him.

The space of Jiuding is relatively stable, but Lu Yin would rather be unstable.

Even if the blood madman is injured, he is still very fast.

“If you can’t catch me, go chase someone else,” Lu Yin shouted.

The blood madman grinned and sneered, “It’s up to you.”

Lu Yin even wanted to turn around and fight for his life. With Yu Zi Mi and Meng Zhongzhong’s finger, he might not be able to deal with the blood madman at this moment, but after thinking about it, he decided to forget it.

Not long after escaping, he saw a pillar of light in front of him, located in the middle of the nine-mouth cauldron. Lu Yin was overjoyed and rushed towards it quickly.

The blood madman snorted coldly, raised his hand, and a huge blood lotus appeared in the sky, pressing it down hard.

With the beam of light close in front of him, Lu Yin raised his hand and waved it, Yu Zi Mi was activated, and he diverted the Blood Lotus attack to another direction.

The blood madman’s pupils shrank sharply, “Is this a combat skill? No, with your strength, combat skills cannot stop you. This is a secret skill, and you know the secret skill.”

Lu Yin gritted his teeth and stepped into the beam of light.

“Don’t run, hand over the secret technique.” The blood madman tried his best and spat out blood, which turned into blood and flowed on the body surface, tearing the void, appeared directly in front of Lu Yin, and stepped into the light beam with Lu Yin Inside.

Lu Yin’s scalp was numb, and the scene in front of him changed. He came from Jiuding Space to a canyon, and a blood madman appeared at the same time.

The blood madman grabbed Lu Yin’s shoulder, and Lu Yin raised his hand to grab the blood madman’s wrist, and the two of them exerted force at the same time.

The blood madman’s wrist was broken. He was shocked. He tried so hard and lost? Without thinking, he directly unleashed the nine-line war energy. With one palm strike, Lu Yin simultaneously unleashed the seven-line war energy. The quicksand of play blocked the front. With a bang, the quicksand of play shook, and Lu Yin was blasted out. Guang Zhu, his heart felt heavy, and he ran away into the distance without looking back.

The blood madman coughed up blood again. He was seriously injured in the battle with the white knight. In order to chase Lu Yin, he forced himself to use combat skills and nine lines of fighting energy, which caused more injuries. But for the secret technique, everything is worth it, as long as he can get the secret technique. Technique, his strength will undergo earth-shaking changes.

Why do you want to become Taoyuan for three days? In addition to the masters of the Secret Ancestral Domain, the masters of the Blood Ancestral Domain and the Martial Ancestor Domain can only become the source of the Tao for three days if they want to obtain the secret technique. This is his real purpose. Only by mastering the secret technique can he be invincible. There is a secret in front of him. technique.

The blood madman slapped his chest with his palm, his face turned pale, and he spat out a large mouthful of blood, which turned into energy and blood and blessed the body surface. He tore through the void again and chased after him. He appeared directly behind Lu Yin. Behind him, the seal of the old man Cangqiong appeared. The huge pressure sent chills down Lu Yin’s back, “Stop and hand over the secret technique.”

As he spoke, the blood madman raised his hand to grab Lu Yin.

Lu Yin stopped, turned around, and raised his finger. His pupils suddenly dilated and he became unconscious. Boundless anger broke out, and he pointed out a finger in his dream.

The void was still, and only that one finger crossed the space and touched the palm of the blood madman. One finger penetrated the palm and pointed towards his head. He wanted to explode the blood madman’s head, but he failed. The blood madman was too strong. , he couldn’t touch it even if his finger was cracked. Lu Yin had no choice but to retract his finger, but the force of his finger still pushed the blood madman back a hundred meters.

The void was restored, Lu Yin fled again, and his fingers were bleeding.

The blood madman was shocked and covered his shoulders. Blood flowed down his palms. How could it be possible that an exploration realm actually hurt him, and that finger made him unable to avoid it? What kind of combat skill was it? This person not only has secret skills, but also has such fighting skills, and also has fighting spirit. He is extremely evil.

Wait a minute, this person didn’t use the seal. The blood madman suddenly raised his head. There is only one possibility of not using the seal at the critical moment of life and death. This person doesn’t know how. He is another remnant of the Fifth Continent.

The blood madman roared and chased after him. He must catch this person. This person’s secret skills and combat skills are the best gift for him after being frozen for thousands of years.

After being injured several times, the **** madman still refused to give up.

Lu Yin was helpless. This madman must have guessed that he was not from the Sixth Continent. Once he met a Sixth Continent cultivator, he would be in trouble.

Whatever comes to mind comes to mind. Just when Lu Yin thought of this, he saw a man lighting a fire in front of him. It seemed that he was planning to get some food to eat. Lu Yin wanted to avoid it, but after thinking about it, he didn’t. The blood madman wanted to get the secret most now. It is impossible for his identity to be exposed, and he is also afraid that he will be caught by others. In the eyes of this madman, whether he is a person from the Fifth Continent or a person from the Sixth Continent, he is an enemy.

Lu Yin rushed towards the place where the fire was lit with great anticipation, hoping for a ruthless character, someone like Qiu Hanqing would be enough.

The blood madman also saw someone making a fire in the distance. He gritted his teeth and vomited blood again. His face became paler. Even if he got the secret technique this time, it would take a long time to recover. But for the secret technique, it was worth it. Everyone who stood in his way must die.

Nong Zaitian has always felt that he is an ambitious young man. Since he was a child, he has had a dream to spread his glorious image throughout the Sixth Continent. Not only the Blood Ancestral Domain, but also the Martial Ancestor Domain and the Secret Ancestor Domain must have his glory. image.

It’s a pity that this dream was shattered the second he became sensible. His name is destined not to be glorious forever. Yes, everything else is fine. His image, temperament, and conversation are all good. It’s just the name problem that becomes him. The biggest stain in life.

He also thought about resisting and changing his name, but he failed. Apart from being beaten countless times, he didn’t get any good results. Originally, he didn’t want to give up. He just waited to become a top master and then change his name. But when he became an adult, The ancestor of the family gave him a rare treasure. From then on, Nong Zaitian knew that he would never be able to get rid of this name, because the rare treasure turned out to be a hoe.


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