Star Odyssey Chapter 641: Blood Madman

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“What is this?” someone was frightened.

Lu Yin’s face was heavy. The blood lotus gave him a great sense of crisis, very strong, no less than the sense of crisis that Shang Rong brought to him.

The fat man’s face turned pale, “What the hell?”

The space in the cauldron is very large. Everyone was originally exploring it individually, but at this moment, everyone looked up and stared at the blood lotus. This was artificial.

The blood lotus blooms, beautiful and deadly.

After a while, a figure appeared in the Blood Lotus. It was the blood madman who had appeared in the Divine Armor Gate.

The blood madman hung upside down on the blood lotus, looking at the people in the cauldron with an evil smile on his lips. His pupils were already a little red, but at this moment, they were even redder.

“Who are you? Why did you seal the mouth of the tripod and kill people at will?” someone asked.

The corners of the blood madman’s mouth curved even more, “Let’s play a game.”

Everyone stared at the blood madman with strange eyes, a game? Crazy, what game are you playing at this time?

“I have a dice here. Shake it and see what time it appears. The last few people who can get out of this cauldron alive are the few people in the cauldron alive.” The blood madman said slowly in a cold and strange voice.

“Are you from the Fifth Continent?” someone shouted.

The blood madman laughed wildly, “It’s up to you to guess, guess, maybe it is, maybe it’s not, now, the game begins.” As he said, a dice appeared in his hand, he threw it randomly, and it fell to the ground under everyone’s gaze. , eventually, one face up, three.

“Three o’clock? With good luck, three of you can leave alive.” The blood madman said gloomily. With his words, the blood lotus flower became redder and redder, so red that it penetrated people.

Lu Yin’s eyelids twitched. The crisis was getting stronger and stronger. This person was very strong.

The fat man looked pale and said, “We can’t wait for two more days, Fat Brother’s time is coming.”

“Madman, do you want to deal with all of us alone?” someone shouted angrily.

The blood madman did not answer. The **** lotus roots spread downwards along the mouth of the cauldron. It seemed that he planned to cover the entire cauldron with **** lotus flowers.

Those who can appear in the ruins of Daoyuan Sect are not ordinary cultivators. They have a certain sense of crisis. The scene where the person was turned into blood and absorbed by the blood lotus made everyone dare not act rashly. But at this moment, that person is obviously going to deal with it. Everyone took action, and no one hesitated anymore. More than ten people jumped up to attack the blood madman.

These people all have the strength of the top 100 battle list, and some even have the strength of the top 30 in the top 100 battle list. Faced with the siege of so many masters, the blood madman’s eyes turned red and changed, turning into pupils like beasts. Then there was an indescribable cold roar, the blood lotus boiled, and then, long blood-red lifeless dragons rushed out.

“That’s Corpse Dragon, Blood Lotus, Double Bloodline. I know who he is. He failed to compete for the three-day position of Principle Source thousands of years ago and was frozen in blood.” Someone in the cauldron exclaimed.

The blood madman laughed wildly, “Use your blood to create a lotus and strengthen my strength. I will wait here for three days for the source of the source. Only by replacing the source of the source for three days can I calm my anger that has been frozen for thousands of years.”

Bang bang bang bang

The blood-red corpse dragon collided with more than a dozen cultivators. Although those cultivators were not weak, they were all weak against the corpse dragon. However, in one encounter, no less than five people were torn to pieces and devoured by the corpse dragon, and transformed into The lotus is forged out of blood and water.

“Everyone take action together. The more blood the Blood Lotus absorbs, the stronger it becomes. We can’t let him succeed.” Someone shouted, and everyone else took action in an instant.

Lu Yin narrowed his eyes. These people didn’t know the difference at all. Both this blood madman and Shang Rong had reached the hunting realm, and they were not ordinary hunting realms. They couldn’t be smoothed out by numbers.

One corpse dragon rushed out of the blood lotus, filled the cauldron, and blasted towards everyone.

In front of Lu Yin, a corpse dragon rushed towards him, more than ten meters long, accompanied by a surge of blood.

The fat man screamed, “Brother, help me.”

Lu Yin clenched his fist, then turned his palm, and struck out with a palm, thirty times – one hundred times – wave palm. With a bang, the corpse dragon was scattered by Lu Yin’s palm. However, it recovered in an instant and whipped out its tail. Lu Yin He immediately avoided it, the space was distorted and almost torn apart, and the aftermath blew the fat man away.

Any corpse dragon is so strong, but the cauldron is filled with hundreds of corpse dragons. This is an unsolvable gap.

Mr. Bai flipped his folding fan, and the shadow of his palm flew, turning into a mark and blending into his forehead. He slapped the corpse dragon with one palm and scattered the corpse dragon, but the corpse dragon still recovered and bit away.

Miss Qing kept avoiding.

In the space within the cauldron, people are swallowed by corpse dragons from time to time, and the blood lotus grows stronger.

Lu Yin’s face was ugly. This person once competed for the position of Daoyuan for three days, at least at the level of Yuzi, and Yuzi was an existence that could compete with Shijue. In other words, what he was facing now was Shijue. It was the first time that he faced such power without the help of external objects, and he was helpless.

Another corpse dragon rushed over and slammed into Lu Yin.

Lu Yin raised his hand, and the quicksand turned into earth to block in front of him. He withstood the impact of the corpse dragon. He pressed his hands on the corpse dragon’s body. Seven lines of fighting energy enveloped him. He pushed it away hard, not far away. At this point, the outline of a sky-swallowing pig appeared on the fat man’s body, and he bit into the corpse dragon.

The corpse dragon also bit him.

One dragon and one pig bit each other, which was very shocking.

Mr. Bai jumped up to Lu Yin’s side and said, “Brother Deaf-mute, you have to fight hard. Let’s see if we can get out alive.”

Lu Yin was helpless. His fighting spirit, field and physical strength were unable to fight against these corpse dragons. Even if they were scattered, they could still recover. It was too difficult to deal with, and more and more people around him were being devoured. Enhance the power of the blood lotus. As time goes by, the blood madman will only become stronger and stronger.

Once he really absorbs the blood of many people in the ruins of Daoyuan Sect, he may really be able to kill masters at the level of Daoyuan Sansan, and they are just stepping stones on his path to glory.

Now there is only one way, to attack the blood madman with one finger in the dream. He must ensure that he can hit and maybe hurt him. Of course, he does not expect to be able to kill the blood madman with one finger. That is unrealistic. That is ten battles. The power of layers.

Although everyone in the cauldron was suppressed, there were not no experts among them. A man and a woman broke through the corpse dragon’s siege and came to the blood madman.

The blood madman raised his face, and purple lines suddenly appeared on his face, which were eight lines of fighting energy.

A man and a woman had a powerful seal on their backs. The blood madman licked his lips, “You guys, the sealers of the universe, are good.” He said, raised his hands, and directly greeted the attacks of the two masters with his body, at the same time. , the shadow of an old man appeared behind the blood madman, with a clear appearance and unparalleled power.

The fat man was horrified, “That’s Old Man of the Sky, the one who seals the light of the heavens.”

Through chatting with a few people, Lu Yin learned some information about the sealers in the Sixth Continent. The sealers are strong men who have reached a certain level and use their own strength to cultivate through certain connections. On the body of the practitioner, it enhances the practitioner’s combat power, which can also be said to be borrowing combat power. According to the intensity that the practitioner can withstand, the person who is selected to be imprinted seems to be equivalent to a projection.

The sealer, the sealer of the universe, the sealer of the universe, the sealer of the heavens, this is the level of the sealer.

Lu Yin made a comparison and found that the sealer should be a star-level expert with a combat power of more than 500,000. Only those with a combat power of more than 500,000 can use some kind of connection to The method of projection strengthens the practitioner’s strength.

As for the person who is sealed by the heavens, if his guess is correct, he is very likely to be a super terrifying strong man with a combat power of nearly one million.

The stronger the blessing seal, the greater the span of improvement in strength. For people in the same realm, one has blessed the seal and the other has blessed the seal of all heavens. The gap is like the gap between heaven and earth, just like an ordinary exploration realm strong person and a hundred strong people. The differences among the exploration level experts in the battle list are the same.

Of course, the sealer cannot be blessed at will, it depends on his or her own ability to withstand it. Lu Yin failed to understand this.

But Fatty can only withstand the sealer of the ancestor of the Yan family, and cannot withstand the sealer of the higher level of the universe.

In front of him, a terrifying figure who blessed the Seal of All Heavens appeared, and the appearance of the Seal of All Heavens was still very clear.

The fat man’s fear is not unreasonable. The two masters who can get close to the blood madman almost have the same strength as Qiu Hanqing, but they were beaten to pieces by the blood madman and directly turned into blood and merged into the blood lotus. The corpse dragon The power also increased in an instant.

Mr. Bai’s face completely darkened, “Everyone, try your best.”

Miss Qing looked ugly.

Lu Yin took a deep breath, Yu Zi Mi, a finger in his dream, fighting spirit, and field. He didn’t know if he could survive to the end with these. Some of the four of them would definitely die.

Just when a few people were preparing to fight, dozens of corpse dragons exploded in the sky, and a white shadow passed through the void, appeared in front of the blood madman, and then killed him with one shot in the blood madman’s unbelievable eyes. The white spear pierced the **** madman’s neck.

At this moment, there was silence in the cauldron, and all the corpse dragons turned into blood and poured water on the ground in an instant.

Everyone stared blankly above, the blood madman was picked and killed.

A man with a white spear, a white exquisite armor, and a mask on his head appeared inexplicably in front of everyone, killing the blood madman with one shot.

Everyone will probably never forget this scene and the grace of that shot.




Blood dripped down the white spear from the blood madman’s neck. The spear was recovered and the blood madman slowly fell to the ground.

Everyone looked up at the man who looked like a knight.

At this time, the man turned his spear, pointed it directly at the blood lotus, and made a dull sound, “Come out.”

Everyone followed his gaze, and another figure appeared in the blood lotus. Everyone’s expressions changed drastically, blood madman? Everyone subconsciously looked at the ground. The blood lunatic who was pierced through the neck gradually melted and turned into blood. That was fake.

Everyone’s eyes flickered, staring closely at the blood madman walking out of the blood lotus. This guy is not dead.

The blood madman stared excitedly at the man in white armor, “I didn’t expect there was someone like you here. Who are you?”.

The man in white armor raised his spear and said, “Kill your man.” As he said this, the tip of the spear thrust out, its sharp edge revealed, and instantly pierced the void and landed in front of the **** madman.


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