Star Odyssey Chapter 630: Assassination

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The number of five hunting realm experts exceeds that of the Daewoo Empire. This is a big deal.

The five people attacked the spaceship at the same time. Lu Yin immediately put on the Nine Sky Wings and rushed out. With a wave of his hand, one attack was deflected, another attack was blocked by the blind monk who protected Lu Yin, and the other three attacks penetrated the spacecraft. causing the spacecraft to shake.

Seeing Lu Yin appear, the five people rushed over immediately. The blind monk held a shovel and stood in front of Lu Yin at high speed. The shovel swept out and swept away the two hunting realm experts. An attack landed on Lu Yin’s head. , Lu Yin’s Nine Heavenly Wings emit light and produce a light shield, which makes the attacks of the strong hunting realm invalid.

The Nine Sky Wings have been promoted six times, with a speed comparable to the Enlightenment Realm, and the protective shield produced cannot be broken by the Hunting Realm.

“You go deal with those two people, leave these three to me.” Lu Yin’s tone was cold.

The blind monk didn’t hesitate and smashed over with a shovel.

The three hunting realm experts didn’t say a word and silently attacked Lu Yin. Lu Yin’s seven lines of fighting energy appeared on his body. He resisted the attack with his Nine Heavenly Wings and grabbed a hunting realm expert. However, that person A strong man in the hunting realm is also very fast and can avoid them at extremely fast speeds.

But Lu Yin, with the speed of the Nine Sky Wings comparable to the Enlightenment Realm, was not so easy to avoid. He was like the light shining in the starry sky, making the three hunting realm strong men unable to even find the direction of attack, and he himself finally Catching a strong man in the hunting realm, the three quicksands of fate were transferred, and all his physical power was unleashed to hit the man in the back with a palm. The strong man in the hunting realm spat out a mouthful of blood, and his body was numb at all.

Kong Shi, a peak hunter realm expert, could not compete with Lu Yin in strength, not to mention that this man only had a fighting strength of over 100,000, and this palm destroyed most of his fighting strength.

The other two hunting realm experts looked at each other and unexpectedly stopped attacking Lu Yin and instead rushed towards the blind monk.

The blind monk was still able to hold on when he was besieged by two strong men in the hunting realm. Two more strong men in the hunting realm attacked him. The situation was critical in a blink of an eye. He was very strong. Even in the hunting realm, he was at the elite level, enough to compete with They are comparable to the elites of the Inner Universe Hunting Realm, but they cannot beat one against four.

Lu Yin was furious. He took out his spear from Ningkong Ring and thrust it out. The speed was not fast, just to force the strong hunter to fight hard.

At the same moment, four hunting realm experts gave up the blind monk and attacked Lu Yin.

The spear collided with four strong men in the hunting realm. Even Lu Yin could not easily withstand the energy of the spear. When the spear was thrust out, the attack of spirit and spirit swept through the void, causing the starry sky to shake. The four strong men in the hunting realm were shocked. The reader was shocked, how could it be possible, this power?

This spear stabbed to death the Corpse King who had performed the Corpse King Transformation and had metal talent. The Corpse King was much stronger than the four hunting realms. The spear penetrated a hunting realm strongman without any hindrance. neck, and picked him to death in the starry sky, leaving the three hunting realm experts with fainting brains and blood at the corners of their mouths.

All four hunting-level attacks came. Even though the shield was able to withstand them, they still knocked Lu Yin back ten thousand meters. Fortunately, the shield was strong enough.

At this time, the blind monk’s shovel hit the head of a strong man in the hunting realm, knocking the man unconscious and making a loud noise.

Although this hit knocked one out, it also made the other two wake up. One of them fought off the blind monk, and the other ran away carrying the fainted Hunting Realm expert. As for the one who was seriously injured by Lu Yin before, Escaped long ago.

The starry sky is silent except for the sparks shining from the distant spaceship, which explodes from time to time. The people inside the spacecraft keep putting out fires and repairing the spacecraft.

After the blind monk came to Lu Yin, he said, “I failed to protect you, please punish me.”

Lu Yin waved his hand, his eyes were cold, and he sent out five hunting realm experts at once to kill him. If it weren’t for these external forces, he wouldn’t be alive. Who is it? Five hunting realm experts can be mobilized.

It must not be a powerful force, otherwise the people transferred would not be these five ordinary hunting realms, but a peak hunting realm expert like Kong Shi.

And these five hunting realms should not come from the same place.

It seems that there are many people in this universe who are malicious to me.

Back on the spaceship, Lu Yin immediately contacted Mafa Star Glasses Wuzi, “I was assassinated.”

Glasses Wuzi was surprised, “What? Your Highness, you will also be assassinated?”.

“Five hunting realm experts, check them out for me. I want to know who assassinated me,” Lu Yin said coldly.

Glasses Wuzi responded quickly, “Don’t worry, Your Highness, as long as the dark forces take action, I will definitely be able to find out.”

“It may not be the dark forces. They may not be from the same force. Find out as soon as possible.” After Lu Yin finished speaking, he closed the communication and looked at the stars with his hands behind his back. The higher one goes, the greater the danger. This time it is five A hunting realm, next time, maybe there will be an enlightenment realm.

He does not believe that all the enlightenment realms in the eastern territory of the outer universe have been transferred to the iron-blooded territory. It is impossible for the Hall of Glory to understand everything about the outer universe. Many people are good at hiding it, and this is the biggest crisis.

He thought about the Six Finger Clan, whether Likuhume deliberately lured him out of the Daewoo Empire for assassination, but after thinking about it, it was unlikely. Even if he wanted to, he would not be able to mobilize the five hunting realms so quickly, let alone how could he Know your route.

By the way, the route, he turned around and ordered, “Does anyone know the route to Laersu territory this time? I want a list.”

“Yes, Your Highness” the blind monk responded quickly.

The spacecraft spent a day repairing in the starry sky. Lu Yin did not arrive at the Six Finger Clan until the next day.

He came here secretly this time to prevent the elders who were resisting the alliance from making extraordinary moves.

The first person I met when I came to the Six Fingers Clan was Buck Hume, the leader of the Six Fingers Clan.

Buckhume did not expect that Lu Yin would come in person. He had no idea about the conditions that Likuhume negotiated with Lu Yin. He thought that Lu Yin valued the Six Finger Clan, which made him proud but also a little uneasy.

“I didn’t expect that His Highness would personally come to visit our Six-Finger Clan as a guest. I didn’t prepare in advance and ignored His Highness,” Buck Hume said politely.

With that said, the two sat down.

Lu Yin smiled and said, “We will be allies soon. Don’t be polite, Chief Buck. I heard that Chief Buck wants to talk to me.”

Buck Hume solemnly said, “Your Highness is very straightforward, so I won’t beat around the bush. I want to know the true meaning of His Highness’s formation of the alliance.”

Lu Yin tapped on the desktop with one finger, “As stipulated in the covenant, help each other, integrate and share resources.”

Buck Hume shook his head, “My Six-Finger Clan basically agrees with the alliance. With such sincerity, is His Highness still unwilling to tell the truth?”.

Lu Yin looked at Buckhulme seriously, “Have you ever experienced a war in the iron-blooded territory?”.

Buck Hume shook his head.

Lu Yin recalled, “It was a black hole of death. No matter it was the exploration realm, cruising realm, hunting realm, or even the enlightenment realm, the mortality rate exceeded 50% when they got there. It was a racial battlefield, and now the inner and outer universe Isolated, the outer universe cannot get support from the inner universe, and the difficulties it faces are much greater than before. The unknown civilization in the unknown star field, the invasion of the behemoth star field, including the invasion of the leftover technological star field, etc., are all related to Life and death”.

“How to fight without unity, how to disperse resources, and how to improve strength? This is not only proposed by me alone, but also proposed by the Hall of Glory.”

Buckhume pondered, the power of the outer universe was too scattered, and the power of a single territory was too weak. He knew that there were indeed benefits to joining forces, but what he wanted to know was not this, “Your Highness, the alliance is okay, then, who “Primary, who is secondary?”

Lu Yin looked at Buck Hume funny, “What do you think?”.

Buck Hume’s eyes flickered, and he was afraid to face Lu Yin’s gaze.

Lu Yin stood up, “Okay, what needs to be said has been said. Chief Buck will think about it carefully, but the alliance is inevitable.” After saying that, Lu Yin left.

Buck Hume looked at Lu Yin’s back. This was his first time dealing with the regent of the Daewoo Empire. As outsiders said, he was a bit overbearing.

“Clan leader, do you want it?” Hunting Realm, who was protecting Buck Hume, made a gesture.

Buckhume glared at him and said, “You are crazy. He dares to come to Larsu territory without fear of danger. Once he fails, we will be doomed.”


The news of Lu Yin’s assassination did not spread. Buckhulme and the others didn’t know about it. Otherwise, if they knew that Lu Yin was unharmed despite being assassinated by five hunting realms, they would never dare to have such an idea.

In fact, Lu Yin really wanted Buckhulme to attack him, so that he could let the Six-Finger Clan change a clan leader, and the person he replaced would be more controllable, so when he met with Buckhulme, he even saw the blind monk. It’s a pity that he didn’t bring it with him. This clan leader is too timid.

The focus of this visit is not Buck Hume, but Liku Hume, who is the actual controller of the Six Finger Clan.

The two met at the place where the Six Fingers clan held sacrifices. This kind of place has a great influence on a race. Likuhume chose to meet here to express his surrender.

“Your Majesty Likuhume, please see His Highness the Regent.” The moment he saw Lu Yin, Likuhume quickly saluted, using the etiquette of the Daewoo Empire.

Lu Yin smiled and held him up with one hand, “Elder Riku is so polite, you don’t have to be like this.”

Likuhume looked at Lu Yin and said respectfully, “That’s right. As a subject, that’s how it should be.”

Lu Yin smiled and looked around. There were many guards. It seemed that these people were Likuhumu’s cronies.

“You invited me here and said you wanted to trade. Tell me how to trade,” Lu Yin said.

Likuhume said hurriedly, “It’s not a transaction, it’s a dedication. I am willing to dedicate the biggest secret of the Six Fingers clan to His Highness. Of course, if His Highness feels that I can contribute to the empire, please let me share the worries of the empire.”

“What secret?” Lu Yin didn’t want to listen to his nonsense and asked directly.

“Your Highness, please come with your attendants,” Likuhume said respectfully as he opened the underground entrance to the place of clan sacrifice.

Lu Yin took the blind monk and followed Likuhumu in. He was not worried about the danger. He had seen it before coming. There were very few runes in this place and there was no threat to him.

The ground is deep and the light is dim, not even the light of fire, but it doesn’t matter to them.

After walking for a long time, there were strange patterns carved on the walls, which should be the history of the Liuzhi clan. Lu Yin looked over and saw some patterns with a sparse population, which should express the extinction of the population every ten thousand years.


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