Star Odyssey Chapter 618: Daoyuan Sect

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After walking for a long time, it was already dark. Lu Yin sat on the tree and looked up at the sky. Unexpectedly, the night sky in this place was very beautiful.

“Brother, how many days can your Tao Pu allow you to stay here?” the fat man suddenly asked, and then he got annoyed and said, “I forgot, you are a deaf-mute.”

Lu Yin’s heart moved, Dao Pu? It should be that futon. How many days can I stay there? It means there is a time limit, and everyone’s time is different. He thought about it and decided to take out the Daopu and see what the fat man would say.

But the next moment, his expression changed. The Ning Kong Ring could not be opened.

What the hell? Why can’t the Ning Kong Ring be opened? Lu Yin tried several times, but nothing happened. He suddenly remembered a detail. Fatty was weaker than him, but compared to many people, he was considered an elite genius. It was impossible not to have medicine. However, his fist was still swollen and he had not used medicine to treat it. , could it be because the Ningkong Ring cannot be opened?

Lu Yin lay down and recalled what Fatty said during the day. First of all, this place is called Daoyuan Sect. This is the mountain gate where Daoyuan Sect tests its disciples. It is called Shenjia Gate. Fatty’s cultivation method is very strange. The seal seems to be a blessing. What, and where Fatty’s cultivation system is located, the imprinter seems to be a symbol, or synonymous with the strong, and Fatty has said that he is in the exploration realm, which proves that this place is connected to the universe, otherwise the realm will not be the same .

It is connected, but has another cultivation system. Could it be that it has come to a very distant territory in the outer universe? No, this kind of cultivation system is very powerful. Fatty’s combat power has been blessed so much. It can’t be from the outer universe, but from a certain flow realm in the inner universe? Lu Yin guessed.

“Brother, why don’t you think Xiaojing accepts me? Is it because Fat Brother is not handsome enough? In fact, Fat Brother was also very handsome when he was a child. I think back to when I was ten years old…”.

Lu Yin looked at the fat man with admiration. He had a narcissistic and miserable childhood life, no, a miserable life, but he was still alive and quite optimistic. This kind of person would not be able to afford his fat body even if he died.

“Brother Fat will tell you a secret, a secret that even Xiaojing doesn’t know. Brother Fat claims to the outside world that the fused bloodline is Wu Niu. This is also what the Huang family advertises to the outside world. In fact, Brother Fat’s true fused bloodline is– “Puffy pig” When he said this, the fat man’s face turned extremely ugly, “I think back to the time when the bloodline was merged, Brother Fat…”.

Lu Yin doesn’t know much about bloodlines, but the Starry Sky War Academy has this way to improve strength. The seeds in the trial realm contain some bloodlines. Liuyin used them during the Ten Academy Competition. , it should be about the same meaning, he stared at the fat man blankly, Puff Pig? Return blood? This is really weird, so what the fat man just said about life being miserable is true?

Thinking of this, Lu Yin subconsciously wanted to stay away from the fat man, wouldn’t he be in trouble!

“Actually, Puff Pig sounds unpleasant to say, but its potential is pretty good. Rumor has it that there is a giant starry beast called the Sky-Swallowing Pig, which is incredibly strong. If you can get the blood of the Sky-Swallowing Pig, you can use the Puff Pig blood. Advance and become one of the invincible bloodlines, this is Brother Fat’s ambition. Brother Fat believes that life is not only about the misfortune in front of you, but also about hope in the distance, goals, and ideals, life…”

The fat man couldn’t stop talking. He was alone in thinking about various life mottos. Lu Yin almost vomited when he heard it. He jumped off the tree and walked upward along the path.

“Hey, brother, why are you leaving? Wait for me, wait for me.” The fat man quickly followed.

After traveling all day and night, according to what the fat man said, we finally arrived at the middle of the Shenjiamen path. This road was too long, and there were Shenjia guards along the way. Lu Yin didn’t know how the Daoyuan Sect received disciples. Yes, even with the current strength, the only people in the entire universe who can safely pass through this road are the masters at the top fifty or so levels in the top 100 battle list. This is still a situation where the Daoyuan Sect is destroyed and most of the divine armor guards are wiped out. If it is In its heyday, it was estimated that only the top thirty levels of the top 100 could pass.

Is this area so powerful? It’s a bit exaggerated for a sect to only accept experts from around the top thirty levels on the top 100 battle list.

“Brother, work hard. The Childhood Terrace is right in front. As long as we enter the Childhood Terrace, we can find all kinds of good things, and there is no danger. Rumor has it that the Childhood Terrace not only has combat skills, bloodlines, and natural and earthly treasures. , exotic treasures, and even secret techniques,” the fat man was excited.

Lu Yin’s eyes flashed, secret technique? No way!

“No way, there are secret arts? But looking at how well this Divine Armor Sect tests its disciples, maybe it really has secret arts. Anyway, I can’t figure out how you have such a powerful sect in the human star field. Fortunately, it was destroyed. “Yes, you must know that the test experienced by the entry-level disciples is directly proportional to the strength of the sect. Judging from the level of this test, there must have been terrifying strong men with a combat power of over one million during the heyday of the sect,” Gui Hou said.

Hearing that the secret technique was ahead, Lu Yin sped up.

Just a few thousand meters in front of the two of them, a group of young men and women were surrounded by dozens of divine armored guards. They could not get out or retreat. They were in the same situation as Fatty before.

Fortunately, the road was narrow and the divine armored guards surrounded them layer by layer. Otherwise, if they all surged up, these people would have been doomed long ago.

“Brother Lian, replace Brother Qiu and block the two divine armored guards on the right.”

“Sister Kui, retreat immediately, do not use the seal, and retain your strength.”

“Xiao Zhong, hold up Sister Kui’s position.”

A crisp voice kept ringing, commanding everyone. The voice came from a beautiful woman in the crowd. She had a delicate and dignified appearance. Although she was not particularly beautiful, she had a unique temperament. She remained calm even in the face of dozens of divine armored guards. No, the besieged group of people listened to the woman’s command and actually withstood the siege of these divine armored guards, and gradually calmed down.

However, although everyone temporarily blocked the divine armored guards, it would not last long.

The woman kept looking around, trying to think of a way to break out, either up or down, but she couldn’t die here.

Suddenly, the woman saw two figures approaching quickly, her eyes lit up, and she was about to call for help. When she saw the two people clearly, her heart sank and her brows frowned unconsciously.

“Sister Jing, it’s Fatty” one person exclaimed. Others took the time to look down and saw Fatty and Lu Yin.

“What is this fat guy doing here? Don’t disrupt our formation. We don’t want to be killed by this fat guy.” Someone said, it was a woman, and it sounded like she looked down on the fat guy.

Several people agreed, saying that they were telling the woman, lest she mess up the formation in order to save the fat man.

Lu Yin and Fatty came to the middle of the path. They had already seen the group of people being besieged in the field, but they did not say it clearly. The group of people was not weak. There were also fluctuations in the field. Obviously, some of them understood. field.

“Brother, it’s Xiaojing, it’s Xiaojing” The fat man shouted excitedly when he saw the group of people being besieged, his eyes fixed on the indifferent woman in the middle.

Lu Yin looked around and saw that was the Yan Xiaojing that Fatty had been thinking about day and night? You have a good eye.

“Brother, Xiaojing is in danger, let’s go help them.” The fat man looked at Lu Yin pleadingly.

Lu Yin looked calm and made no statement.

The fat man was so anxious that he forgot that this person was deaf-mute and kept pointing at the group of people being besieged and making rescue gestures.

In front, the group of people being besieged became anxious, “What do you mean, fat guy? He doesn’t want to save us.”

“Don’t, the fat guy will not only be useless, but he will also disrupt the formation.”

“Sister Jing, warn the fat guy and tell him to get lost.”

In the crowd, Yan Xiaojing did not look at Fatty, but at Lu Yin next to Fatty. She knew Fatty very well and could not save him. The gesture was obviously for another person, making a gesture, Can’t you hear it? But what happened in the field just now? And seeing that person, Yan Xiaojing intuitively felt that this person was not simple. Under the shroud of the scene, this person gave her an indescribable feeling, a bit unfathomable.

Seeing that Lu Yin still didn’t respond, the fat man became anxious and stamped his feet, “I’ll go”, saying that, he rushed towards Yan Xiaojing and others.

The people who were besieged became anxious, “Don’t come here, fat guy.”

“Get out of here, fat man, don’t hurt us.”

“Looking for death, fat man.”

The fat man ignored the group of people at all, staring straight at Yan Xiaojing. A hazy shadow appeared behind him, and he punched a divine armored guard. I don’t know if it was the power of love or something, but the fat man was instantly disabled with one punch. There was a divine armored guard, but he was also disabled, his fists were swollen and red, and his move immediately attracted the attention of several divine armored guards, who attacked him directly.

In the crowd, Yan Xiaojing frowned. There were dozens of divine armored guards. It was useless to defeat one of them. She didn’t have to save Fatty, which was what the group wanted, but she couldn’t do it. Fatty did it to save her. Come, in desperation, Yan Xiaojing took action, her white and tender palm passed over the crowd, and was printed on a divine armored guard attacking the fat man, making a muffled sound, the divine armored guard seemed to be attacked in a series, retreated a few steps, and was finally hit by a burst of attacks. The air wave was pushed back more than ten meters.

Lu Yin’s eyes lit up. With his exquisite palm technique, one palm turned into three palms. The most important thing was that the power of the second and third palms was hidden. Different from the wave palm and superimposed strength, if it were not for the field , he may not be able to discover it yet, and this woman has just avoided the divine armored guard, so she must have understood the field. This woman is not a little bit stronger than the fat man.

With several consecutive palms, he knocked back the armored guards who were besieging Fatty. Yan Xiaojing grabbed Fatty and pulled him into the crowd.

“Damn fat man, why don’t you die?” a woman cursed.

Others don’t look good either. Yan Xiaojing can’t take action casually. She has to rely on her to save people at critical moments. Now that she is consuming physical and star energy to save the fat man, maybe one less person may be saved in the future. No one wants that person to be I even hate the fat man.

The fat man looked at Yan Xiaojing with a silly grin.

Yan Xiaojing gasped and glanced at the fat man, “What’s the origin of that person?”.

The fat man covered his fists and saw Lu Yin who was still standing quietly in the distance through the divine armor guard, “I don’t know, the person I met on the way was a deaf-mute.”

“Deaf-mute?” Yan Xiaojing’s eyes flashed and she didn’t care. It’s not just the people from their Burning Blood Territory who come this way. Anyone with Dao Pu in the entire Sixth Continent can come in. This person may not be Burning Blood Territory is not even a descendant of the Blood Ancestor.


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