Star Odyssey Chapter 61: Blood

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Lu Yin didn’t speak from the beginning to the end. It was useless to say anything at this time. The universe was full of predators, and any unwilling words would become a laughing stock. The only pity was that he could not kill Liu Shaoge. This person was also a hidden danger.

“Young Master Liu” shouted angrily, and Bai Xue trembled and shouted, his eyes red.

Liu Shaoge smiled faintly at her and said nothing.

Qingyu glanced at Bai Xue and said, “I have forgotten about her. Remember, bring this woman with you next time you come. She has ice talent and is so beautiful. Only this kind of woman is suitable to serve me. She can’t do it now.” Bring back”.

A cold glint flashed in Liu Shaoge’s eyes, he recovered in an instant, bent down and said, “Yes, young master.”

Soon, Qingyu and Liu Shaoge disappeared, and then, a silver spaceship took off from the huge spaceship and flew into the universe.

In the huge spaceship, Mira narrowed her eyes, “A new Night King was actually born. What a troublesome clan.”

At the moment when everyone looked up and watched Qingyu disappear, Lu Yin suddenly took control of Huo Xiaoling and Jenny Ona. This scene shocked everyone, including Xikenmalduo.

“Aboriginal, you are so brave, let go!” Toleona was furious. This kind of thing happened under his eyes. It was so careless.

Sa Luoshu was surprised. He didn’t expect that a small exploration native would dare to catch Huo Xiaoling and Jenny Ona in front of the strong man walking in the starry sky. His courage was not bad, and he admired it.

Siken Maldo stared at Lu Yin coldly, “Do you know what you are doing?”.

Lu Yin grabbed Huo Xiaoling and Jenny Ona with one hand. There was a dagger in both hands. With a little force, he could stab the two women’s necks. “Sorry, it’s not good to threaten others with women, but who Let the identity of the two of them be the most important thing here, that’s all, General Maldo, right, I hope to talk to you.”

Siken Maldo looked angry, he was actually being threatened by a native.

According to his temperament, he would not accept threats even if they sacrificed two people, but the ones Lu Yin used to threaten were Huo Xiaoling and Jenny Ona. If he died because of him, his fate would not be much better, ” What do you want to talk about?”

Lu Yin hid behind the two women and said calmly, “After the trial, the evolvers on the earth will be sent to the battlefield by you. I don’t want this. Can you ask General Maldo for help?”.

Sikenmaldo said solemnly, “This is the rule of the empire and I have no right to change it.”

Lu Yin smiled and said, “Qingyu just said that he will personally come to destroy the earth. You can use this reason to reply to the Dayu Empire. If my guess is correct, no one in the Dayu Empire should dare to refute the order of the Night King.”

Siken Maldo was angry and said, “Young man, don’t insult the Daewoo Empire. We just don’t want to antagonize the Night Royal Family. I will truthfully report the conditions you put forward, but before that, I will release the hostages in your hands.”

“Am I stupid?” Lu Yin asked disdainfully.

Siken Maldo didn’t say anything. Toleona said, “Boy, don’t make the mistake of yourself. Your performance in the trial is enough to join the Imperial Yutang. You won’t be dragged down by the earth. Not just you, but those around you. Everyone on earth can join Yutang. This is the preferential treatment given to you by the Daewoo Empire. If you threaten the empire again, this preferential treatment will disappear and you will experience true despair.”

“It seems that the identities of these two people are not enough to make you talk so much nonsense,” Lu Yin said lightly.

“You” Toleona was furious.

Huo Xiaoling looked back at Lu Yin angrily, “Let me go, I can help you plead for mercy.”

“Me too, let me go quickly, don’t touch me” Jenny Ona said anxiously.

Lu Yin threatened, “If you dare to talk nonsense again, a smelly sock will be stuffed into each person’s mouth.”

Huo Xiaoling and Jenny Ona gritted their teeth angrily.

Zhang Dingtian and Bai Xue stood silently next to Lu Yin. For them, this is the only chance for the earth. The life or death of countless evolvers on the earth depends on them.

Guresi stuck out her tongue and walked away from these lunatics.

Granny looked at Lu Yin complicatedly and backed away. This trial was something she would never forget.

The scene froze for a moment.

Lu Yin was breathing rapidly. His body had reached its limit when fighting Qingyu, and his face was a little pale, which could not be seen.

Suddenly, terrifying pressure came. Lu Yin’s hands shook. His body was restrained by an indescribable huge force, unable to move. Countless gravels on the ground turned into powder. Toleona suddenly appeared in front of Lu Yin and kicked He kicked out and kicked Lu Yin a hundred meters away, hitting the ground. With a wave of his hand, Zhang Dingtian and Bai Xue were swept away by the strong wind.

Lu Yin coughed up blood and felt severe pain in his internal organs, as if he had been crushed. Deep footprints were kicked out on his chest, which almost penetrated his body. Just for a moment, he felt the terror of a strong man walking in the starry sky. That was An irresistible force prevented him from even moving.

Toleona glanced at Lu Yin with cold eyes, “A mere ant dares to ask us for conditions. I originally wanted to leave your life to Qingyu, but you are so bold that you are seeking death.”

Jenny Ona also glared at Lu Yin angrily.

Huo Xiaoling sighed and looked over. He admired this man quite a lot. It was really not easy for a mere native to achieve this level. But unfortunately, the gap between them was too far. There were so many geniuses in the universe. , it is undeniable that Lu Yin is definitely a genius and can defeat Qingyu who is exploring the realm, but so what, the universe is too big and there is no shortage of geniuses.

Lu Yin lowered his head, his eyes blurred, his body reached its limit.

At this time, Sikenmarduo clicked on his personal terminal and was talking to someone.

Toleona turned to Siken Maldor and said, “General Maldor, I think it is better to kill this man. He is unruly and has an unknown origin. If he is sent to the battlefield, he will also bring trouble to the empire.”

Sikenmaldo ignored Toleona and looked at his personal terminal with an increasingly unbelievable look.

Seeing that Sikenmaldo was silent, Toleona slowly raised his hand and pointed it at Lu Yin, “Don’t think you can really wait until Qingyu comes to kill him. It will be difficult for him to come to the Dayu Empire again. You, you can’t wait anymore. , Go to hell”, saying that he was about to take action.

Zhang Dingtian roared, but couldn’t get up.

Las stood in embarrassment, watching this scene with a sneer.

On the spaceship, Mira stood up and was about to take action.

Sikenmaldo suddenly yelled, “Stop, Toleona.”

Toleona was startled and looked at Sickenmaldo in surprise, “What’s wrong?”.

Siken Maldo looked at Lu Yin with a solemn expression, his eyes were filled with anxiety and a hint of hope, “Come here, collect some of his blood and give it to me.”

Immediately, a soldier wearing a Daewoo Empire uniform walked out, came to Lu Yin, squatted down and began to collect blood from the corner of Lu Yin’s mouth.

Lu Yin opened his eyes, saw the soldier clearly, and his pupils shrank, “You?”.

The soldier hissed and winked at Lu Yin, “My family asked me to say hello to you. You performed very well. Give me your blood.”

Lu Yin did not hesitate and took out a bottle of blood from the Ningkong Ring and handed it to the soldier.

The soldier smiled at Lu Yin, turned around, returned to Sikenmaldo with a serious expression, “General, blood.”

Sickenmaldo spread his hands and the blood sample flew towards the spacecraft.

No one said anything, waiting for something.

Lu Yin stared at the soldiers who returned to the queue, exhaled, and smiled. Finally, he took the first step. The blood sample he left at the Jinling Prison Camp came out with results.

The Daewoo Empire is very strict about the testing of evolvers. Lu Yin’s strength is enough to attract them. Naturally, they want to collect Lu Yin’s blood for testing. The blood he left in the prison camp was waiting for this moment.

The purpose of his special performance was to allow the Daewoo Empire to detect the blood he left in Aurous Hill, and everything would follow the trajectory he set.

After a while, Sikenmaldo listened to the answer in his personal terminal, his eyes were excited, and he looked at Lu Yin. His body appeared directly next to Lu Yin and helped him up, “Tell me, why are you on Earth?” ? What’s your name? Who else is there? ”

Others looked puzzled.

Saroshu and Toleona soon got in touch with some people, and then looked at Lu Yin in shock, the Daewoo Empire was about to be shaken.

In the spaceship, Mira looked at the data displayed on the screen in surprise, “Are you sure? This is such a coincidence.”

The person in front of the instrument stared at the data nervously, “Yes, it is absolutely true. This is the bloodline of the Zishan clan. That child is a descendant of the Zishan clan. It is absolutely true.”

Mila was speechless. Before coming to the Daewoo Empire, she had also learned about this country. This country was quite legendary. It was originally just a very weak country, but with the rise of two people, the country was suddenly promoted to Canglan. Among the top forces in the territory, these two people are named Immortal Yushan and Immortal Zishan, a famous immortal duo in the outer universe.


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