Star Odyssey Chapter 605: Aura collision

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People’s eyes can’t be fake. The moment he saw Ming Yan, Lu Yin knew that the feelings he had once had could never come back.

Ming Yan looked at Lu Yin blankly, her eyes changing from surprise to complexity. Is she happy at this moment? She was happy, but she didn’t know why, not as happy as she imagined. She had always dreamed of meeting this person again, but now that they were reunited, there was a trace of strangeness that separated them, so that she could only stand where she was. Don’t know what to do.

The two of them looked at each other like this, both longing to meet again and embrace each other passionately, but at this moment, neither one could take that step, and that step was like the sky.

“Changfeng Night King, it’s nice to meet you, Brother Lu.” The man from the Night King family stood in front of Ming Yan and smiled at Lu Yin.

Lu Yin frowned slightly, “For the sake of King Qiu Yuye guarding the border, I won’t kill you and leave my sight immediately.”

Changfeng Night King was stunned. Just as he was about to speak, Mingyan spoke, “Brother Lu, Brother Changfeng is a very nice person.”

Lu Yin felt a pain in his heart. He moved his eyes away from Ming Yan and looked at Changfeng Night King. His tone was cold, “You don’t know about my grudges with the Night King Clan, and there is no need to know. As long as you know one thing, the Night King Clan Everyone is my enemy.”

Ming Yan panicked when she heard Lu Yin’s cold tone, her face turned pale, and she hurried forward. King Changfeng Night subconsciously stretched out his hand to stop him. Just when he was about to touch Ming Yan, his hand was caught, and Lu Yin grabbed Changfeng Night King’s arm, and the huge force forcefully bent his arm. Changfeng Night King was shocked, he was actually suppressed due to the seven lines of fighting energy added to him.

Lu Yin exerted force again, and Prince Mu’s palace was shaken. The huge force pushed King Changfeng Ye out of the pavilion, “Who gave you the courage to touch her in front of me?”

Ming Yan looked pale and looked at Lu Yin and then at Changfeng Night King, not knowing what to do.

Changfeng Night King covered his arm. The five finger marks on it were clearly visible. He was secretly speechless. It was so terrifying. “Yan’er, it seems that Brother Lu is in a bad mood. I will leave now. We will see you next time.” , after saying that, he smiled politely and left.

Lu Yin narrowed his eyes and watched him leave.

“Brother Lu” Ming Yan spoke softly, looking at Lu Yin with very complicated eyes.

Lu Yin looked at her, looking at her complicated eyes, the strangeness in her eyes became more and more strange, “The racial hatred between me and him is too deep.”

Ming Yan bit her lip, “Brother Changfeng and I have nothing to do, we are just friends.”

“I know” Lu Yin interrupted what Ming Yan was about to say. After thinking for a while, he looked at Ming Yan’s pale face and felt a little distressed. He raised his hand and placed it on Ming Yan’s face. Ming Yan subconsciously took a step back. He lowered his head, not knowing what he was thinking.

Lu Yin’s hand was hanging in the air, and finally he put it down helplessly, “How have you been in the past two years?”.

Ming Yan responded quietly, “Brother Lu, where are you?”.

“I’m living a good life,” Lu Yin said, “Actually, I came here to pick you up, you.” “Brother Lu, your father rebelled against the Shenwu Empire, did you know?” Ming Yan suddenly said, Cut off Lu Yin’s words.

Lu Yin stared at her blankly, then smiled bitterly, “I know,” he said, raising his head, “You have a good rest, I’ll go find your father.” After that, he left the pavilion.

Ming Yan looked at Lu Yin’s leaving back and felt farther and farther away. She really didn’t know how to face this relationship. She loved him so much two years ago. The moment of separation was heartbreaking, but time really It’s poison that can disintegrate everything, including feelings. Maybe it wasn’t love for him at first, but what it was, Ming Yan didn’t know.

In the past two years, no matter how many outsiders she came into contact with, no matter how outstanding a man was like Changfeng Night King, she never felt sorry for him and always insisted on that relationship. But when the love really came, she is it acceptable? Why did I interrupt Brother Lu and why didn’t I dare to listen to him? Don’t you love him anymore?

Ming Yan lost her strength and sat in the pavilion in despair.

Lu Yin doesn’t blame Ming Yan. People can’t control feelings. He has never missed Ming Yan in the past two years. No, he has come into contact with Nalan Fairy, Wendy Yushan, and every woman. Ming Yan is here The scope in his heart is actually getting smaller and smaller, but every time he thinks about it, the feeling of longing replaces everything.

Perhaps this is first love, sweet but bitter.

But being unfamiliar does not mean the end. Ming Yan has feelings for him. He can see that he also has feelings for Ming Yan. It depends on how the future goes.

In Prince Mu’s palace, the most heavily guarded area was Ming Zhaoshu’s study. Not long after, Lu Yin was sitting in the study, waiting for Ming Zhaoshu.

On the other side, King Changfeng Ye’s face was gloomy as he left Prince Mu’s Mansion, and his arm hurt to the bone. Lu Yin’s strength made him unbelievable. How could he be so strong? He was at the cruise level, ranked 21st on the Top 100 Battle Ranking, second only to the Bone Night King’s genius. Looking at the Night King clan, he was the best, but he was actually suppressed by that person, and he was still under the condition of seven lines of fighting spirit.

He heard that this person was invincible before, but he didn’t care. Now that he experienced it for himself, he realized how helpless King Yan Qing Ye and Zhan Long Bai Ye were. This person must be eliminated, otherwise he will be a big trouble for the Ye King family in the future.

No one in the entire Prince Mu’s Mansion knew that there was a person waiting for Ming Zhaoshu in their most closely guarded study.

It wasn’t until that night when Ming Zhaoshu returned to Prince Mu’s Mansion that he realized that his field was no worse than Lu Yin’s. Although Lu Yin was improving all the time, it was strange for him to improve, but Ming Zhaoshu had endured it for so many years. It is easy to understand Lu Yin’s aura and discover it.

In the study, Ming Zhaoshu looked at Lu Yin in shock as he read the book. Not long ago, Tang Si came back and reported that Lu Yin had changed and could even threaten strong men like Ming Taizhong. He didn’t believe it. After all, Tang Si His vision was too narrow, but now that he was looking at Lu Yin in front of him, Ming Zhaoshu was not only shocked, but also shocked. This person gave him a sense of crisis.

“My lord, long time no see.” Lu Yin put down his book and looked at King Mu calmly, his tone was calm, and he did not get up. Ming Zhaoshu’s eyes flashed and he smiled, “Long time no see, Xiao Qi.”

“Your Majesty, he looks good. It seems that he has lived very comfortably in the past two years,” Lu Yin said lightly.

Ming Zhaoshu walked behind the desk, sat down, and looked at Lu Yin, “It was only two years since the ten-year agreement. If you show up at this time, are you sure you can help Shenwu Continent get out of its predicament?”

“Even if I’m not sure, the prince can do it himself, and he’s already doing it, isn’t he?” Lu Yin’s tone became colder.

Ming Zhaoshu narrowed his eyes, “Are you talking about cooperation with foreign countries? Yes, I can’t put my hope in you alone.”

“But the prince seems to have too many choices.” Lu Yin looked at him.

Ming Zhaoshu laughed and said with cold eyes, “Xiao Qi, I haven’t seen you for two years. You have changed. Do you know that even the strongest hunting warriors in your universe dare not speak to me like this?”

“Does the prince know that even if Ming Taizhong is alive, I can kill him if I want?” Lu Yin suddenly stood up. At the same time, Ming Zhaoshu stood up at the same time, and two huge fields exploded, in Prince Mu’s Mansion, During the confrontation over Qiongzhou, countless people felt depressed for a moment and looked up at the sky. Although they couldn’t see it, they felt as if the sky had collapsed.

In Prince Mu’s Mansion, the Martial Master Realm expert raised his head in shock. This power?

Outside Prince Mu’s Mansion, King Changfeng Ye was surprised, such a strong scene.

Many practitioners in Shenwu Continent or in the universe have felt the pressure, not only from Mingzhaoshu, but also from Lu Yin.

The invisible confrontation between the two fields caused the sky to distort, the clouds to roll, and the weather to change. Soon, there was pouring rain and bursts of thunder.

Many people looked at the sky in fear. As the field became more and more solid, it turned into a confrontation of airflow visible to the naked eye, like two behemoths colliding in the sky.

Both Ming Zhaoshu and Lu Yin coincidentally compressed the confrontation range of the field to high altitude without harming anyone.

Even so, the pressure is not something ordinary people can imagine.

In Prince Mu’s Mansion, Ming Zhaoshu’s eyes changed dramatically. He could not overpower Lu Yin. How could it be possible? Two years ago, he was still very weak and did not even understand the field. But now, in just two years, everything has changed.

He suddenly remembered the legend about Lu Yin. This person had only been practicing for a few years, but he had already become the top four in the Ten Academy Competition of the Starry Sky War Academy. Two years was short for others, but for this person, he was definitely of the highest quality. A leap, but this span is too big.

Ming Zhaoshu’s forbearance is admired by everyone who has met him, but at this moment, he does not want to be forbearing. Lu Yin’s attitude is obvious, and he is resentful. If he cannot be overcome, even if they cooperate in the future, they will have equal status. Can not accept.

Qiongzhou, on the street, Changfeng Night King looked at the sky, Mu Ran, the field changed, a field turned into a human form, the royal robe was added to the body, so dazzling in the night sky, the mighty imperial power commanded everyone to see The common people in this scene all knelt down and worshiped. This was Mingzhaoshu, and his aura turned into that of an emperor.

Lu Yin’s eyes changed, and he really understood the aura. Thinking about it, he stared at the Mingzhao Book. High in the sky, his field was also changing, turning into a towering tree, like the source of all things, growing. A lot of weird stuff.

Ming Zhaoshu’s pupils shrank, and he actually understood the aura.


In the study, the desk between Ming Zhaoshu and Lu Yin cracked. The two looked at each other and converged on each other. Soon, the night sky returned to calm, only the heavy rain was still falling, gradually flooding Qiongzhou.

With a bang, the desk completely shattered and fell at the feet of Ming Zhaoshu and Lu Yin.

The fields collide and the results are equally divided.

With a bang, the study door was knocked open, and a strong martial artist rushed in, followed by many soldiers including Tang Si, “Prince”.

“Get out” Ming Zhaoshu shouted, and everyone quickly exited.

“Let’s change places,” Ming Zhaoshu said calmly.

Lu Yin left with him calmly.

It was still raining heavily outside, and Ming Zhaoshu and Lu Yin appeared on the top of an attic.

“I didn’t expect you to have changed so much in just two years,” Ming Zhaoshu exclaimed.

Lu Yin looked at the heavy rain and said, “There are many things you didn’t expect.”

“The ten-year appointment came eight years ahead of schedule. This is something I didn’t expect,” Ming Zhaoshu said.


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