Star Odyssey Chapter 602: Unique talents

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This killer only has the strength of the exploration realm. Even Wuzi is at most comparable to the elite disciples of the great forces in the inner universe, but far behind him.

From behind, another figure appeared. Instead of attacking Lu Yin, he stabbed Larkin with a knife. Mafa Star has an iron rule for training killers. Even if it is to deal with the trap of Mafa Star, as long as it accepts the task, it must be completed. .

Lu Yin glared, and the surrounding field suddenly shook, turning into air currents visible to the naked eye, shaking away the figure who assassinated Larkin. He raised his hand, and the field suddenly solidified, and then turned into a towering tree. The tree was exactly the same as when Lu Yin broke through before.

The towering trees protected Larkin. This was an aura. Lu Yin’s field had reached the level of exerting aura. He himself didn’t know what was going on, as if he suddenly had an enlightenment.

In Lu Yin’s opinion, this aura was no worse than Murong’s, perhaps even stronger.

Faced with Lu Yin’s aura, the killer retreated violently, but it was too late. This was the first time Lu Yin used his aura. He pressed it down casually, and the branches penetrated the void and entangled the figure. The figure was the cruising realm fog. , powerful, but unable to fight back when bound by the branches. With a wave of one hand, Lu Yin’s figure was obliterated.

Larkin looked at all this blankly, what’s going on? what happened?

“Speaker Larkin, don’t worry, I will protect you.” Lu Yin smiled at Larkin.

Seeing Lu Yin’s smile, Larkin became even more frightened. He was not stupid. Even idiots knew that Lu Yin could not specially protect him. Those killers must be related to him, but if they wanted to send killers to kill him, why did they come again? Protect?

Suddenly, the spacecraft cracked and split into two. Larkin’s pupils shrank, and the suffocating pressure made him faint. This was a strong man in the hunting realm.

Lu Yin originally thought that the last hunting-level Wuzi would use assassination methods like the other Wuzi, but he did not expect to attack head-on.

The cold light of darkness cut through the void, bringing out a crack in the space. This blow was not aimed at Larkin, but towards Lu Yin.

Lu Yin did not wear the cosmic armor. Elder Ruohua said it right. Unless there is a real life and death crisis, you must not rely on foreign objects. Foreign objects will eventually be used up. The last battle in the Iron-Blooded Territory, Cursed Wind and Shadow Beast Just targeting him, he can’t go astray.

The dagger was very fast, passing directly through the void. Lu Yin didn’t even see the shadow of the hunting realm fog. His eyes were filled with star energy, his steps were light, and his secret steps were deflected to avoid the dagger’s blow, but he was still in the hunting realm. Wuzi had already expected that the daggers would cut through the entire space like a rainstorm, and no matter how hard he tried to avoid it, it would be impossible to avoid it.

Lu Yin waved one hand, Yu Zi Mi was activated, and the dagger stabbed in the other direction. Lu Yin’s seven lines of fighting energy burst out on his body, he grabbed the Hunting Realm Wuzi’s arm, and pulled it hard, and the Hunting Realm Wuzi was hit by him Pulled out from the void, the dagger flipped over, and a white lotus bloomed. Lu Yin’s eyes changed dramatically. It was a combat skill. Quicksand appeared in front of him and collided with the white lotus.

There was a click, and the space shattered. Lu Yin quickly stepped back, looking ahead fearfully.

Hunting Realm Wuzi no longer hid, but was generously exposed.

He is worthy of being the strongest killer in the hunting realm on Mafa Star. In terms of real strength, he may not be as good as those at the top of the hunting realm such as A Dun and Kong Shi, but his killing machine is unmatched by others. He had a close relationship with Kong before. Ten had fought and clashed with each other. He could still overpower Kong Shi with his physical strength, but Kong Shi didn’t use his combat skills or talent.

The hunting realm is a hunting realm after all, and the suppression of the exploration realm is not the slightest, but Lu Yin is not afraid. This person cannot reach the strength of Kong Shi and A Dun.

I thought that Hunting Realm Wuzi would deal with him before assassinating Larkin, but with just one blow, Hunting Realm Wuzi decisively gave up on him. A flash appeared in front of Larkin, a cold light flashed across, and he stabbed at him. Larkin neck.

Larkin was horrified, with endless fear and despair in his eyes.

At this moment, the towering tree transformed into Lu Yin’s aura moved. Larkin was originally protected by the big tree. When the fog in the hunting realm hit, the branches of the big tree tied Larkin, and then he jumped He got up and ran away.

Wuzi was obviously stunned for a moment in the hunting realm. Is this the behavior pattern of a tree? A little weird.

The next moment, countless branches were drawn towards the Hunting Realm Wuzi. The Hunting Realm Wuzi’s dagger flew and cut off all the branches. Lu Yin appeared, with seven lines of fighting spirit rising into the sky, and slapped the Hunting Realm Wuzi with a palm, In the hunting realm, Wuzi’s eyes widened suddenly, and strange fluctuations spread. It turned out to be a field, and this person also understood the field.

Although he was quickly crushed by Lu Yin’s aura, thanks to his field, Hunting Realm Wuzi still avoided Lu Yin’s palm. The dagger once again cut through the void, and a white lotus appeared, containing a strong murderous intent. , Lu Yin waved his hand, and Yu Zi Mi was activated. White Lotus was diverted by him to attack the hunting realm Wuzi himself.

Hunting Realm Wuzi hurriedly avoided, Lu Yin’s field suddenly solidified, and at the same time he struck out a palm again. This palm, Hunting Realm Wuzi could not avoid, Lu Yin’s field made him feel like he was stuck in a quagmire , even Kong Shi was surprised at how solid Lu Yin’s field was.

A palm twisted the void and appeared in front of Hunting Realm Wuzi. The Hunting Realm Wuzi star can completely explode. The terrifying star with over 100,000 combat power can turn into a barrier to resist Lu Yin’s palm. The star can appear visible to the naked eye. The state turned into air waves, shaking the starry sky. This was the first time for Lu Yin to face the full burst of star energy from a strong man in the hunting realm. This oppressive force made him suffocate.

This is the case in the hunting realm, let alone the enlightenment realm. It is a power that makes people despair. If it were not for the cosmic armor, he would be easily stunned when facing the star energy of the enlightenment realm.

The oppression of Xingneng is the most intuitive. It is purely based on bullying the few. Even strong cross-border enemies will still be oppressed when facing enemies of higher realms. This is an unexplainable method. Sometimes the more you look at it, It seems that ordinary means are more effective.

Lu Yin’s palm was isolated by the violent star energy. The spaceship was turned into fragments and exploded in the starry sky. Wuzi, who was in the hunting realm, felt depressed. Although he did not bear the power of Lu Yin’s palm, the superimposed strength still hit him. It hit him and shocked him. Lu Yin’s physical strength was much stronger than he imagined.

The dagger passed by and struck Lu Yin’s neck.

Lu Yin closed his palm and pointed out a finger at the same time. This finger made boundless anger rise in his heart, his pupils became blurred, and his whole person became unconscious. It merged with the finger in the dream, and the space froze at this moment. Only in Lu Yin’s dream, he crossed the void with one finger, ignoring the distance, and landed directly in front of the Hunting Realm Wuzi. One finger pierced his shoulder, and the ripples spread behind the Hunting Realm Wuzi, getting farther and farther, and finally cracked the void. .

In an instant, Lu Yin regained consciousness. His fingers were still in the shoulder of Wuzi in the hunting realm. Severe pain came from his fingertips. He retracted his fingers and put them behind him. Every time he used the finger in his dream, his fingers would be severely injured. His physical strength cannot bear the power of one finger, which will hurt both the enemy and himself.

Hunting Realm Wuzi spurted out a mouthful of blood. That finger not only pierced his shoulder, but also destroyed half of the meridians in his body, making him unable to even stand and his body kept falling.

Lu Yin looked down at him until he fell on the wreckage of the spacecraft, then looked up at Lu Yin in shock.

As a killer, he has long forgotten what fear is, but just for a moment, he felt a silent pressure coming with one finger. He felt more terrifying than facing the great elder. It was obviously just an exploration realm. , why do you have that terrible power?

Lu Yin’s finger was in severe pain and he needed to be treated for at least several days. This attack could only be used once.

Sometimes he himself is confused. He cannot understand the terrifying power that comes with that finger. More importantly, his physical strength cannot withstand the explosion of one finger. The power of one finger is more powerful in his feeling than Yu Zibi is also very powerful, and he exploded a hidden monster the first time he used it.

In the distance, Larkin was **** by a giant tree transformed from his aura. He stared blankly at all this. He looked at Lu Yin in fear. He actually defeated a strong man in the hunting realm. It was not that he relied on killing the enlightenment realm. Foreign object? Didn’t it mean that the foreign objects were gone? Even if there are no external objects, this person’s power is inexplicable.

Lu Yin landed slowly and looked at Hunting Realm Wuzi calmly. The number of runes contained in this person was very small, and could not even compare with the ordinary Exploration Realm. He might have a trump card, but he was definitely not that strong.

The black clothes shrouded in the hunting realm fog were torn apart, and what appeared in front of Lu Yin was a pale-faced young man. He looked very ordinary, the type that would not be noticed if he was thrown into the crowd, and his eyes were very Ordinary, without the self-confidence of a strong person at all. If such a person hides his cultivation, no one will be able to find it. After all, this person has also understood the field and can completely restrain his aura.

It is rare for a cultivator from the outer universe to understand the field.

“Are you the Mafa Star Hunting Realm Wuzi?” Lu Yin asked with his head lowered.

Hunting Realm Wuzi squatted on the wreckage of the spacecraft, breathing heavily. He was obviously seriously injured by Lu Yin, but he didn’t have any resentment or other emotions. This is a killer, who can kill and be killed without any complaints.

“Why assassinate Larkin?” Lu Yin asked.

“Goodbye” the young man made a hoarse voice, smiled strangely, and then his body disappeared, replaced by a metal plate.

Lu Yin was surprised, is this a talent? He looked up and looked around, and finally saw the runes gradually moving away in the southeast. With a cold look, he took out the folding spaceship, **** Larkin and threw it in, and then chased after him.

In the distance, Hunting Realm Wuzi covered his shoulder. The blood still flowed uncontrollably. He gritted his teeth, took out the medicine and sprayed it on the wound.

Suddenly, he turned around and saw the folding spaceship. He even saw Lu Yin’s cold eyes and horrified look inside the spaceship. How could this be possible? How did he find the direction of his escape?

Wuzi in the hunting realm hurriedly accelerated, trying to tear the void to escape. In the distance, Lu was invisible and the quicksand of fate appeared in front of him. Then with a wave of his hand, Yu Zi Mi was activated. The quicksand of fate disappeared when he reappeared and had hit Wuzi in the hunting realm. behind.

Hunting Realm Wuzi spurted out a mouthful of blood again, feeling as if he was being crushed by the supreme pressure. His strength suddenly disappeared, and he was floating in the starry sky like a corpse.

Lu Yin walked out of the spaceship and looked at Hunting Realm Wuzi coldly, “Not bad talent. If it weren’t for me, even the top hunting realm experts might not be able to discover your whereabouts.”


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