Star Odyssey Chapter 60: Night King

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Lu Yin used the swimming step to rush to Mono’s side and punched him in the stomach. Mono was injured by Qingyu before, but he couldn’t run away from Lu Yin and couldn’t resist, so he was forcefully shoved by Lu Yin. Potion, and then smacked Qingyu hard, “Let’s go.”

“What did you **** feed me?” Mono shouted in horror.

“Qiang Gong Powder” Lu Yin said and ran away without looking back.

Mono’s face changed drastically. Qiang Gong Powder is a potion used by strong people in the Fusion Realm to enhance their attacks. It has no harm to the strong people in the Fusion Realm, but it is different for those in the Exploration Realm. They can easily be seriously injured by backlash. “Lu Yin, I’m going to **** your sister.” Yes, you despicable villain!” Mono yelled. The terror star energy exploded from his body, directly breaking the seal and entering the fusion realm. In front of his eyes, Qingyu came to kill him, and the two faced each other.

Mono subconsciously fired out the Heavenly Beast Claw. He could only use the Seventh Form of Heavenly Beast Claw in the Probing Realm, but in the Fusion Realm, he could use the Tenth Form of Heavenly Beast Claw. The Tenth Form of Heavenly Beast Claw made Qingyu shrink, he He tried to use extreme speed to escape, but the claws of the heavenly beast covered a hundred meters in radius, and a claw blasted him into the ground. A mouthful of blood spurted out, and he hit the ground again.

At the same time, a beam of light drove Mono away.

“Lu Yin, I’m not done with you,” Mono yelled.

Lu Yin ignored him, rushed to the surface and slapped you down, taking advantage of your illness to kill you. Facing a strong man like Qingyu who had the physical strength to walk in the starry sky, Lu Yin could only attack with all his strength, five consecutive times. Dao Tianxing Palm was all struck at the previously severely injured location, forcing Qingyu into the mountain range, causing smoke and dust to fill the sky.

The entire mountain range is divided into two.

Lu Yin gasped and raised his hand again. His star energy was exhausted, but he still had Wave Palm and Sky Splitting Palm. Lu Yin did not hesitate and launched attacks continuously, all of which hit Qingyu.

Qingyu opened his mouth and spurted out a large mouthful of blood. Seeing Lu Yin’s eyes full of murderous intent, he gritted his teeth and roared, “What a shame, the injury prevents me from using my talent. I only have the strength to explore the realm. Stop, you dare to kill me, I am Night King, I am the awakened Night King, no one dares to kill me.”

Lu Yin raised his right palm and struck the Star Palm one last time, “Go to hell”, saying that, the Star Palm struck. In everyone’s eyes, this palm stopped one centimeter away from Qingyu’s body. Lu Yin’s wrist was caught, and a middle-aged man appeared beside the two of them. He was looking at Qingyu in horror, “You, what did you just say?”.

Qingyu vomited blood again and grinned, “I, I am the Night King, the Night King.”

The middle-aged man’s pupils shrank sharply and he looked at Qingyu’s hair. There, between the black and white hair, was a gray hair that was inconspicuous, but it shocked the middle-aged man’s mind. The middle-aged man’s face turned pale, and he threw away Lu’s hair. Yin threw it out, took out the potion from the Ningkong Ring and fed it to Qingyu, with a nervous look on his face, more like he was afraid of something.

At the same time, beside the cone-shaped pit, Toleona and Sarashu appeared, looking at the gray hair in Qingyu’s hair with the same shock. That is the symbol of the Night King, the White Night Royal Family, the Night King, any one The Night Kings are all the reverse scales of the White Night Clan. Those who touch them will destroy the stars!

Before, Qingyu was just an ordinary member of the Baiye clan, but now, he is the Night King. Even among the Baiye clan, he has the supreme status. Such a person, the Dayu Empire, no, the Canglan territory does not dare to touch.

Lu Yin narrowed his eyes and took out the healing medicine as well. His whole body was overdrawn and his skin was cracked. His body could not withstand the ferocious attack just now. He originally thought he could kill Qingyu and successfully obtained his body shaping technique. , but I didn’t expect the Daewoo Empire to intervene.

Night King? Lu Yin was shocked. He had seen this surname when he accepted the stone inheritance. On the top of the stone slab in the corridor, Zhenwu Night King.

In the sky, a huge spaceship appeared at some point, blocking the sunlight.

“Attention all students, the trial is over. Once again, the trial is over. The results of this trial will be announced by each institution…”

Many students breathed a sigh of relief, it was finally over.

Willow, Erd, Lars and others all breathed a sigh of relief. It is not that they have never participated in trials, but they have never been as terrifying as this time. They were supposed to control the indigenous planet but were kidnapped from the beginning. It was shameful to become a hostage. In the final battle, they didn’t even have any room to intervene. The strong ones in the Fusion Realm took action. This was not a trial of exploring the Realm at all, but a Fusion Realm.

Liu Shaoge released all the students, Qingyu’s identity was exposed, and these students were useless.

It is useless to Qingyu, but these students were originally used by Lu Yin and others to negotiate with the Dayu Empire on behalf of the Earth, but unfortunately they were all let go.

It’s a pity that Granny fell short. If Lu Yin could kill Qingyu in the decisive battle, he would be the only one to complete the task. This result would be enough for him to participate in the selection of the Tenth Academy of Starry Sky. What a pity.

Huo Xiaoling also looked at Lu Yin. The battle just now really surprised her. She thought that even if she used the strength of Fusion Realm, she could only do this. Qingyu’s physical strength far exceeded that of Fusion Realm, and she thought she could not defeat him. , this person can actually achieve this step with the strength of exploring the realm. Although it is a trick, it is still shocking. Unfortunately, the identity difference is too big.

Bai Xue always stared at Liu Shaoge, his eyes were extremely angry, but also extremely sad.

Zhang Dingtian stood up with his seriously injured body and stared at Qingyu. He was unwilling to accept that the culprit who had harmed countless people on the earth was saved like this.

“Go back to the spaceship, we will give you the best treatment,” Sikenmaldo said. He was the middle-aged man who stopped Lu Yin’s last palm.

“Cough cough” Qingyu coughed up blood. This time his injury was really too serious. Walking in the starry sky mainly relies on star energy, and his body must be protected by star energy. His star energy can only be used to detect His physical defense was greatly reduced due to his strength in the realm. He was attacked by two strong men in the realm. One of them also took Qiang Gong Powder. In addition, he withstood so many attacks from Lu Yin. He was not as good as a fortune teller.

Qingyu spit out blood, looked up at Lu Yin, and grinned, “Ant, isn’t it a pity that you couldn’t kill me, hahahaha.”

Lu Yin narrowed his eyes.

Siken Maldo sighed secretly. If he were just a member of the White Night clan, he would be dead. After all, the wanted order came from the White Night clan, but the Night King was different. Even the White Night clan did not dare to judge the Night King. That was the royal clan. , only the Night King can judge Qingyu. It’s a pity, it’s a pity that he actually awakened the Night King on the earth. The population of the Night King is too sparse, and every member of the clan is regarded as a treasure by them.

Once Qingyu is killed in the Dayu Empire, the entire Dayu Empire will turn into scarlet, and no one can escape. Even Mira did not stop Sikenmaldo from intervening, which shows the power of the Night King.

There is no absolute fairness at any time, and the Night Royal Family has the qualifications to break fairness.

“General Maldo, General Maldo, that native almost killed me, kill him, kill him immediately” Lars ran to Siken Maldo and shouted.

Sickenmaldo slapped Lars on the ground and said, “Shut up.”

Sara Tree appeared in front of Lars, took a condescending look, then looked at Qingyu, respectfully smiled and said, “Do you need me to clear out these natives for you?”

One sentence put Lu Yin, Zhang Dingtian and others on guard and stared angrily at the Salo tree.

Siken Maldo also looked at Qingyu.

The same is true for Toleona. Now, Qingyu has the highest status among everyone here, from the moment he became the Night King.

Liu Shaoge silently walked behind Qingyu and stood respectfully.

Qingyu wiped the corners of his mouth with his thumb, looked at the scarlet color on his fingers, raised his eyes and looked at Lu Yin, “No, wait, I will come again soon, and by then, this planet will no longer need to exist. If it doesn’t happen, everyone will die.”

Zhang Dingtian’s eyes were cold and he clenched his fists. He felt the sorrow. Qingyu triggered the end of the earth and killed countless people on earth. He killed Wang You and Tong Zhan with his own hands, causing a beast tide to break out across China, causing countless casualties. , has now announced the extinction of the earth. This person is the enemy of everyone on the earth, and has a blood feud with all the people on the earth.

He swore that if possible in the future, he would kill this person and pay homage to countless dead souls on earth.

“You are so kind. As you wish, we will preserve this planet for you,” Sarashu said with a smile.

Qingyu doesn’t care about the Sara Tree at all. He was once a strong man walking in the starry sky, and his strength far surpasses the Sara Tree. He cares about Lu Yin, and this ant actually defeated him. This is something he will never forget in his life. The stain must be erased personally, but not now. As before, the most important thing is to return to the ancestral land with the inheritance stone and become the true Night King.

“Let’s go” Qingyu said lightly, smiled at Lu Yin with cruel eyes, “I’ll be back soon, ant, just wait.” After saying that, a beam of light came down, making him and Liu Shaoge at the same time Directed to the spaceship.


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