Star Odyssey Chapter 593: Kong Shi’s expectations

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On the other side, due to Wang Wen’s order, the Broken Blade Fortress warehouse was opened wide. All the top fifty strong men on the list received some resources, and the top ten among them even received rare treasures.

For the iron-blooded territory, once it is lost, everything will be lost. It is better to give it all to humans and kill more giant beasts.

Lu Yin also received resources, which were some star energy crystal marrow, with several thousand cubic meters, which was quite a lot for him whose current ranking almost fell out of fifty.

But what he cares about now is not this, but the meteorite-like original treasures after the collapse of the Spring and Autumn Fortress.

“You mean those original treasures? They are gone. The fortress has collapsed. Those original treasures must be buried with the ruins,” said Liu Miaomiao, who sent resources to Lu Yin. She is a strong hunter with a combat power of 110,000. , like Lu Yin, survived from Spring and Autumn Fortress and came to Broken Blade Fortress.

Lu Yin regretted, “That’s an original treasure.”

Liu Miaomiao said, “We know that it is of infinite value. Maybe the interpretation of the language will be a rare treasure that shakes the stars. It’s a pity that no one can interpret the language. Unless you reach the level of Haoran’s advanced interpreter, you can’t even think about it. If the language is successful, there may not be such a language interpreter even in the outer universe.”

Lu Yin thought about it. Those original treasures had their own murderous intent, and it was impossible to take them away. Thousand Silk Spirits that were not that big could only remain in the ruins. Perhaps the Iron-Blooded Territory could be rebuilt and reused in the future. Or maybe, being taken away by the Behemoth Star Territory, since the Behemoth Star Territory can see the loopholes in the murderous intention of the original treasure, there must be a strong person who can decipher the language.

It is a pity that the isolation of the inner and outer universes came too suddenly, otherwise the inner universe would never allow these original treasures to be lost.

Liu Miaomiao left, and she had to give resources to the next person. Another woman appeared in front of Lu Yin. The number of runes was very large, very close to Adun.

“My name is Kong Shi” the woman said indifferently, looking at Lu Yin strangely.

Lu Yin’s eyes lit up, “Are you Kong Shi?”.

Kong Shi looks very cold. Although she looks young, she is a generation older than Shijue. More importantly, she is a member of the previous Shijue Council. No, the one before Shijue was called Universe Youth. Council, she is one of the members.

“The universe has undergone great changes, and the Ten Jue have risen, but it is not just those ten monsters that have risen, but also your generation.” Kong Shi looked at Lu Yin seriously, and then spoke.

Lu Yin didn’t know what she wanted to say.

“I fought against Shijue Zhenwu,” Kong Shi said lightly.

Lu Yin’s eyes changed, “What’s the result?”.

“What do you think?” Kong Shi raised his hand and pointed his index finger on his forehead, “He defeated me with just one finger. And at that time, he was only in the exploration realm, and I was already in the exploration realm. Reached the peak of the cruise realm, with a combat strength of 90,000.”

Lu Yin’s pupils shrank. Being able to become a member of the council was not just based on combat strength. All the young people who entered the council were at the level of monsters. Kong Shi could become a member of the council. He was the monster among monsters. Cross-border challenges and Drinking water is generally simple, but even so, he was still defeated by the Shijue Zhenwu cross-border single finger. This is no longer just a matter of gap.

“Shi Jue Zhenwu, I have almost fought against the Dai Council members, and the results are similar. Shi Jue, really has the strength to decide everything.” Kong Shi’s tone became lower, as he was recalling something.

“Why are you telling me this?” Lu Yin was surprised.

Kong Shi looked at Lu Yin, “Shi Jue brought us despair, and I hope to see them despair as well.”

Lu Yin raised his eyebrows, “Do you think I can do it?”.

“I don’t know, if you rely on foreign objects, you should be able to do it. Even if it is difficult for the current Shijue to kill the Enlightenment Realm, you did it, but the Tenjue may not give you the opportunity to rely on foreign objects. So I want to see your true strength.” Kong Shi’s face was serious and he looked at Lu Yin solemnly.

Lu Yin laughed, “Your generation has failed, so you expect us to help you find a place?”.

“By fighting with me, you can also intuitively understand the gap with the top ten on the Top 100 list. Sister Leng is the tenth on the Top 100 list. Don’t you want to know the gap?” Kong Shi said lightly.

Lu Yin’s eyes flashed. These words made him tempted. Indeed, he wanted to know his true strength and what step he could take. The scene where he teamed up with Wendy Yushan to fight against the Bone Night King was still vivid in his mind. Now, that was more than half a year ago, and now he has transformed, and he also wants to know the difference.

But unfortunately, war was imminent and there was no point in doing this, so he turned around and left.

“Take action, no matter what the result is, my iron-blooded points will be yours,” Kong Shidao said.

Lu Yin turned around and said, “Okay.”

Kong Shi’s eyes were determined. She didn’t care about the war or the future. She just wanted to see Shijue Zhenwu defeated or even crushed. She wanted to see him repay the pain he had caused them.

In Lu Yin’s eyes, this woman is crazy. Placing her hopes on others is a sign of weakness, but it doesn’t matter, what he wants is iron-blooded points.

As the powerful men in the Enlightenment Realm died one by one, Kong Shi’s ranking on the list has entered the top ten, with tens of thousands of dollars, and he did not want to let go of this huge sum of money.

On the ground, dry cracks expanded.

Kong Shi’s hunting-level power exploded completely, but he was able to control it within a very small range, forming a whirlpool of aura-like power visible to the naked eye, directly pressing against Lu Yin. Perhaps in her eyes, Lu Yin was like Shijue Zhenwu, who was in the exploration realm at the beginning.

With a cry, Kong Shi’s huge star energy turned into a slash and slashed towards Lu Yin’s head. Lu Yin’s eyes flashed, and with a wave of his hand, Yu Zi Mi was activated, and the star energy slash disappeared directly, and then Slashing towards Kong Shi, Kong Shi was shocked, tore through the void and disappeared, and a huge ravine was cut out of the place.

Cyan stripes spread across Lu Yin’s body, covering his whole body. Then, blue stripes appeared. This was the seven lines of fighting spirit.

Back in Yanxing, he had just broken through the six lines of fighting spirit. It was only half a year ago. Now, because of breaking through the exploration realm, his physical body has undergone qualitative changes, which has made his fighting spirit rise to a higher level, reaching the level of seven lines. Same as Long Yun.

Kong Shi appeared behind Lu Yin and pointed out that she wanted to crush Lu Yin with absolute power just like the original Shijue Zhenwu, hoping to defeat him with one finger.

For those at the peak of the hunting realm, not to mention the exploration realm, even the cruising realm can be defeated with one finger. However, Lu Yin did not move. He also raised a finger and wrapped it around the quicksand and Kong Shi. Fingers clashing.

Two fingers collided in mid-air, and soon after, the torn void turned into a storm and swept in all directions. Countless space cracks exploded like raindrops, shattering the land.

Many people in the distance looked shocked. They felt a powerful force sweeping through them and had difficulty breathing.

With a bang, Kong Shi took a few steps back. She was knocked back by Lu Yin, with an incredible look in her eyes. She was at the peak of the hunting realm.

Lu Yin pressed his feet into the ground, retracted his fingers, and raised the corners of his mouth. The seven lines of fighting spirit, the full burst of physical strength, and the quicksand of fate, knocked back Kong Shi, who was at the peak of the hunting realm. Kong Shi was no ordinary person. A strong man in the hunting realm.

The battle between the two lasted only for a moment, but even Han Fei and others in the headquarters were attracted.

Especially the collision of fingers just now shocked several people.

A few people originally thought that Lu Yin could only rely on external force, and at most add a Yuzi secret to form a means of killing the Enlightenment Realm. But now it seems that even if this person does not use external force, his own strength is enough to compete with the Hunting Realm. It is a battle across two realms.

Kong Shizhen looked at Lu Yin, “Seven lines of fighting spirit, powerful physical strength, and, is that the quicksand of fate?”.

Lu Yin was surprised, “You actually know how to play with the quicksand of fate.”

A sword appeared in Kong Shi’s hand, “I’m going to be serious.”

Lu Yin narrowed his eyes, and sand and dust swirled around his feet, then flew towards the sky. The invisible air wave spread from his body, getting wider and wider, gradually covering Kong Shi, and then turned into an indescribable pressure. , this is the field.

At the same time, Kong Shi’s eyes were awe-inspiring, and he also released the field, trying to disintegrate Lu Yin’s field, but she was soon shocked again. Lu Yin’s field was very solid, and as deep as the sea. .

Breaking through the exploration realm, Lu Yin didn’t know why, but his field became very scary. No matter how he practiced before, the field was just an auxiliary means, but now, it has formed a power that even he can’t fathom. , as if the shackles were released, this was the first time he really used it.

The most important thing is that he feels that he can turn the field into an aura that can crush everything at any time.

This feeling is just like breaking through the fusion realm. At that time, the physical body became strangely powerful, but this time, it was the field. What happened to me?

As a former member of the Youth Council, Kong Shi is now a peak expert in the hunting realm. Her field can be turned into an aura, forming a sword edge that can cut everything apart. However, this sword edge was blocked by Lu Yin’s field. Suppression makes the edge be restrained.

“How can your field be so powerful and solid?” Kong Shi was shocked.

Lu Yin didn’t know how to answer. He really didn’t know, “Practice.”

Kong Shi’s eyes were bitter. This is the most evil young man today, the invincible strong man of his generation. He is a bit ridiculously strong. Although he may not be able to defeat himself in terms of true strength, it won’t be long before this person can do it. Just like the original Shijue Zhenwu, he could easily crush her.

Feeling the power of Lu Yin’s field, Kong Shi suddenly stopped, and she had no desire to continue fighting.

Lu Yin was surprised, “No fight?”.

Kong Shi looked lonely. Their generation was destined to be abandoned. As the top experts of that generation, not to mention the ten finals, even the top ten masters on the top 100 battle list could not win in the ten finals. Now that she was suppressed by the person in front of her, she lost the confidence to fight.

The only good thing is that this young man does have the possibility of defeating Shijue Zhenwu in the future. He is too evil and makes her feel stronger than Shijue Zhenwu who was in the exploration state at that time. At that time, Shijue Zhenwu faced She was at the peak of the cruising realm, and this young man was facing her at the peak of the hunting realm.

“I hope that after this war, you can live and return to the inner universe alive,” Kong Shi said to Lu Yin, then transferred all the iron-blood points to him and left.

“Wait a minute, how do the strengths of Sister Leng and I compare?” Lu Yin asked curiously.


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