Star Odyssey Chapter 590: Credit and collapse

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The war has been going on for so long and no old monster with a fighting strength of 300,000 has appeared, which proves that he has been held back by Elder Ruohua, so he has nothing to fear.

He didn’t know that the three-tailed Bai Guan was destroyed by Wusheng, otherwise he would be more confident.

The Spring and Autumn Fortress is almost collapsed, and most of the defending human cultivators and soldiers have died. Even if this battle is won, the Spring and Autumn Fortress must give up.

But giving up is giving up. Lu Yin doesn’t want to run away in embarrassment. He wants to kill these Enlightenment Realm beasts. Otherwise, even if he escapes to the Lower Five Fortress, he will still face a desperate situation.

Wu Sheng followed Lu Yin, thinking about something.

The two of them are getting closer and closer to the Enlightenment Realm beast.

With a roar, the two of them turned their heads and saw that the Spring and Autumn Fortress completely collapsed and turned into countless fragments floating in the starry sky.

A trace of sadness flashed in Lu Yin’s eyes. There were not only cultivators and soldiers in that fortress, but also many families of the soldiers. So many planets and continents, with tens of billions of people, were just gone.

When the field was released, he heard countless wailings and cold eyes. In the Behemoth Star Territory, this debt must be repaid.

“Be careful” Wu Sheng suddenly shouted.

Above Lu Yin’s head, the void cracked. The Enlightenment Realm monster that had just escaped into the void appeared and slapped out a claw. Lu Yin waved one hand and cast the Secret of the Universe. At that moment, he saw the universe. In essence, he saw another Enlightenment-level beast hidden in the void.

At this moment, Lu Yin stopped Yu Zimi and fired directly, bang.

The bang was not only the sound of a gunshot, but also the sound of Lu Yin being blown away by huge force, slamming towards the broken fortress.

Behind the fog rising, the void opened, and another Enlightenment-level beast appeared. However, the moment this Enlightenment-level beast appeared, a bullet pierced its neck, causing a huge **** hole.

Lu Yin responded with attack, firing bullets at the giant beast that sneaked up on Wu Sheng.

Wu Sheng finally realized that he was attracted by the giant beast that attacked Lu Yin. Unexpectedly, there was also an Enlightenment-level giant beast that attacked him.

Seeing Lu Yin being blown away, Wu Sheng pressed one hand on the surface of the Enlightenment-level beast that sneaked up on him. A trace of mist invaded the neck wound, and then the beast’s wail came out.

The giant beast that sneaked up on Lu Yin was about to chase him, but when he heard howling from behind, he decisively gave up on Lu Yin and attacked Wusheng. In its eyes, Lu Yin was dead.

It’s a pity that he doesn’t know the defensive power of Lu Yin’s cosmic armor at all. He is sure to defend it even against the old monster Loach, let alone the Enlightenment Realm with a combat power of more than 200,000.

However, he was still stunned by the blow. He shook his head vigorously, flapped his wings, and jumped into the starry sky. He saw Wu Sheng being surrounded by two Enlightenment Realm monsters, but one was injured by his bullet, and was wounded by Wu Sheng again. He was severely damaged and obviously wanted to withdraw from the battlefield.

Lu Yin raised his gun, and with a bang, Yu Zimi was activated at the same time.

Wu Sheng’s heart skipped a beat, and the sound of gunshots made his heart tremble. He didn’t know who Lu Yin was targeting. He had a dark mind and always thought others would kill him.

With this shot, Lu Yin smashed the head of the injured Enlightenment beast into pieces. A large amount of blood sprinkled on the other Enlightenment beast, and at the same time, Wu Sheng was drowned.

Another Enlightenment Realm monster stared at Lu Yin in disbelief. This human being survived its full blow. It was impossible. It was just an Exploration Realm.

The fog rose and the black mist wrapped around the Enlightenment Realm behemoth, throwing the beast violently towards Lu Yin. Lu Yin fired another shot. The Enlightenment Realm behemoth roared and shrank its body at the critical moment. Avoid getting blasted in the head by bullets.

The bullet grazed the beast’s head and shot into the starry sky. The Enlightenment beast was frightened, looked at Lu Yin unwillingly, and then tore through the void and left.

Wu Sheng gasped and looked at Lu Yin. He thought Lu Yin was dead just now.

Lu Yin shook his head, still a little dizzy.

Not long after, the war ended, and there were still two invading Enlightenment Realm behemoths.

There were five beasts in total, one died together with Liu Qiuyu, one was killed by Lu Yin, and the other was killed by Lu Yin and Wu Sheng together. The remaining two Enlightenment Realm giant beasts were panicked, especially Lu Yin’s methods, which could not be stopped. Live, can only escape.

They can see that it is a secret technique. Facing the secret technique, even if you are only at the exploration level, you cannot underestimate it.

I thought this war would be the end of the Spring and Autumn Fortress, but I didn’t expect it to win.

The survivors did not cheer, but looked at the broken fortress in silence, looked at the corpses of countless relatives and friends, and fell into sorrow.

Lu Yin looked at the gun and saw four attacks left.

Landing on the broken land, Wang Wen walked out of the coffin and looked at Lu Yin again, “I saw it, you killed two Enlightenment realm beasts.”

Lu Yin said in a deep voice, “Retreat, the fortress is over, let’s go to the next five fortresses.”

Wang Wen nodded. It’s not the right time to say more now. What he was most worried about was that Elder Ruohua couldn’t stop the old monster Loach and the Enlightenment Amethyst Beast. Then it would really be over. Although Lu Yin was magical, he I don’t believe that Lu Yin can even kill monsters with a strength of 300,000.

Lu Yin found A Dun and Huo Qingshan. Fortunately, although the two were seriously injured, they were not dead.

Liu Zhan is dead. As he said himself, he cannot live. Not only Liu Zhan, but most of the Liu family in the fortress are dead. Only a woman named Liu Miaomiao survived. Even Liu Sanjian died. .

With less than 10,000 people surviving in the fortress, Wang Wen gathered everyone together. Lu Yin was surprised to find that Long Yun was also there, and he was seriously injured.

Karon was not dead, and he looked at Lu Yin like he was looking at a monster.

“Everyone, Spring and Autumn Fortress has collapsed. We have to retreat to Broken Blade Fortress, one of the next five fortresses…” Wang Wen briefly explained the situation and then arranged for a retreat.

Before leaving, Wang Wen found Lu Yin and said, “For the previous mission plus this time’s contribution, the number of iron-blooded points you can get is 130,000.”

Lu Yin was surprised, “So many?”.

Wang Wen shrugged, “As promised before, you can get 50,000 Iron-Blooded Points when you go to barbarian territory to guide the way. But because you died, the commander-in-chief and I decided to double your credit, which is 100,000. I didn’t expect that you didn’t die, but this reward cannot be changed. This time, you killed two Enlightenment Realm behemoths. One was committed by you alone, and the other was combined with Senior Wu Sheng, so you can only get 30,000, which adds up to One hundred and thirty thousand”.

Lu Yin asked, “If I die, my credit will be doubled. So if I really die, who will get this doubled reward?”.

Wang Wen said lightly, “To your relatives.”

Lu Yin was speechless. This guy must have known that he had no relatives, so he generously doubled the reward.

“Are you going to exchange these points for something?” Wang Wen asked.

Lu Yin nodded, “Exchange for crystal marrow.”

“Come with me.” Wang Wen led the way and took Lu Yin to the Spring and Autumn Fortress resource warehouse. When he opened it, Lu Yin was stunned. He saw no less than hundreds of thousands of cubic meters of star energy crystal marrow, piled up into mountains.

“This is a resource given to the Spring and Autumn Fortress by the inner and outer universe. It is used to exchange for military merit. You can take the amount you want to exchange,” Wang Wen said.

Lu Yin was surprised, “Why so many?”.

“In a war, many people will die, but also many people can get military exploits, and military exploits must be redeemable. This is the iron rule of the army. These are not many. The most is the iron-blooded fortress. Unfortunately, the moment the fortress collapses , those resources have been taken away by the Behemoth Star Territory,” Wang Wendao.

Lu Yin looked at Wang Wen, “If you ask me to exchange it now, can’t you take it with me?”

Wang Wen was silent and nodded, “Yes, I can’t take him away.”

“Give it all to me” Lu Yin said excitedly.

Wang Wen thought for a while, “You put all the resources into the Ningkong Ring, and I will take credit for your contribution. I will make the decision and give you 10,000 points. You can directly take away 140,000 cubic star energy crystal marrow, and the rest Bring it to Broken Blade Fortress intact.”

“Give it all to me. I can make greater military exploits in the future,” Lu Yin said looking forward to it.

Wang Wen rolled his eyes, “Brother Chessman, the army has its ironclad rules, so there is no way to prepay battle merits. What do you want other people to think? If it weren’t for you having the largest space in the sky, I wouldn’t have allowed you to do so.” It’s a bit dangerous if you take it.”

Lu Yin was sorry, he could see that although Wang Wen was afraid of death, he was very principled.

In addition to the Star Energy Crystal Essence, there are many other things in the warehouse, which can be exchanged for war merit.

There are so many Spring and Autumn Fortresses. He can’t imagine how many Iron-Blooded Fortresses there are. Unfortunately, they have all been taken away.

In other words, he has forgotten, doesn’t the giant beast have a Ning Kong Ring? There must be one, but it’s a pity that I didn’t grab it.

Half an hour later, under the starry sky, Lu Yin sat on the top of the spaceship, looking at the broken land planet of the Spring and Autumn Fortress, and sighed, can the iron-blooded territory be defended? He was confused. With the Void Thunder Beast, it was impossible for the energy crack to be destroyed. Did it have to rely on the luck of rolling the dice? Too slim.

A Dun walked behind Lu Yin and said, “In the battle just now, I encountered a super powerful beast. It only had the strength of the early stage of the hunting realm, but it was very strong. It managed to hold on under the attack of my nine lines of battle energy.”

Lu Yin said lightly, “It’s normal. There is no shortage of extremely talented monsters in the Behemoth Star Territory.”

“I have been imprisoned by that old guy from Immortal Yushan for nearly a hundred years. The universe has changed too much. It is said that that giant beast is on the list of giant beasts in the sky. It is called Cursed Wind. It can be compared to the ten battles of human beings. The ten battles are What?” A Dun asked.

Lu Yin’s eyes flashed, “The giant beast on the Tian Mending List?”.

A Dun nodded, “It said it itself, it actually praised me for suppressing him, haha, I, a person who can withstand the attack of a strong man in the Enlightenment Realm, was actually praised by a giant beast in the early stage of the Hunting Realm.” At this point , A Dun’s face darkened, “I feel like it hasn’t used its full strength yet.”

Lu Yin narrowed his eyes, “If they are really on the Tian Mending List, maybe your feeling is right. The ten human beings are ten monsters, and the Behemoth Star Territory Mending Sky List also has ten giant beasts…”

A Dun listened quietly to Lu Yin’s words, and became more and more surprised, “The universe has undergone great changes, and the Ten Jue and the Ten Jue Council were born. It is incredible that those powerful forces actually agreed to rejuvenate their power.”

Lu Yin is not clear about this either. The higher he goes, the more confused he becomes. No matter how strong the Shijue is, can he surpass the Enlightenment Realm warriors with a fighting strength of 250,000 or even 300,000? Impossible, those forces must have such strong people. In just a small Beixingliu world, there is an old monster like Beimen Taisui. One person is enough to sweep the Ten Jue. So why can the Ten Jue make the power younger?

In the past, he thought that he had the support of various forces, but since he took over the Daewoo Empire, he felt that he might have guessed in the wrong direction, because as a ruler, it is impossible to be willing to divide the power. This is unreasonable, so Ten Jue Why are you standing so high?


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