Star Odyssey Chapter 580: Exchange

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Wendy Yushan also saw the list, the corners of her mouth curved in a beautiful arc, and she looked up at the stars. She had to speed up her practice, otherwise she would be surpassed.

Back then, she was a little person who came from an edge planet, but her engagement was broken off and she suffered humiliation. If she surpassed herself now, it would be a shame, even though she was very happy.

Giant Ghost Fortress, along with Spring and Autumn Fortress and Loess Fortress, is one of the three fortresses. The war has just ended. A strong man from the Enlightenment Realm left in the inner universe died, and the invading giant beast also lost an Enlightenment Realm man. In terms of strength, it’s considered a tie.

What is better than the Loess Fortress is that the Giant Ghost Fortress now has four enlightenment-level warriors who can fight, namely Commander-in-Chief Longke, Elder Qinghan, Lord Huohou, and Menninger who has been guarding the Iron-Blooded Fortress for many years.

There is a special character in the Giant Ghost Fortress named Kong Shi, formerly known as Kong Shi. He was a member of the Universe Youth Council in the previous generation, a member who was easily crushed and defeated by Shi Jue.

Guarding the Iron-Blooded Fortress for many years, she is second only to Sister Leng on the Iron-Blooded Points list.

Sister Leng is the tenth in the current top 100 list of the younger generation. A tenth place can surpass Kong Shi. This shows how big the gap is between the current younger generation and the younger generation before the ten finals.

In the corner of the giant ghost fortress, a gorgeous woman wearing a fiery red dress leaned against the wall, raised her hand to hook her up, and a young cultivator rushed towards her with hot eyes and hugged her in his arms.

The woman smiled coquettishly, “Slow down, I’m in a hurry.”

“I can’t stand it, goblin, you’re so beautiful,” the cultivator said eagerly, his head covered with sweat.

The woman allowed the cultivator to do whatever she wanted. She opened her personal terminal and looked at it. Suddenly her expression changed and she pushed the cultivator away. She stared at the iron-blood point list and looked at Lu Yin’s name. “I was in a good mood, but I didn’t expect it.” See this guy”.

The cultivator eagerly stepped forward and hugged the woman, “Don’t look at it and enjoy it. The war will come soon. I don’t know if I can survive.”

The woman raised her hand and slapped the cultivator on the shoulder, shaking him away. She glanced at him with disdain, “Compared with that person, you are all useless. He can be in the top twenty of the list in a few days. , but you just want to wait for death, you losers.” After saying that, the woman left.

“Red Lily, why are you pretending to be pure? Don’t you want it?” the practitioner shouted.

The woman has already left.

Lu Yin is very busy now, very busy. He always maintains one posture, that is, looking up at the stars.

The vulnerabilities of Yuanbao Kill Machine are changing, and the giant beast invades very quickly through these vulnerabilities. He must update the location of the vulnerability as quickly as possible, otherwise he may be successfully invaded by the giant beast.

So he didn’t have any time to rest.

A few days later, the giant beasts invaded. The situation was the same as last time. Countless floating creatures were wiped out, only a few invading giant beasts were seen, and the war disappeared.

A few days later, this time it was the Enlightenment Realm monster who took the lead and rushed in. Wang Wen was already prepared. There were no Enlightenment Realm strongmen who attacked Xu Fuyou before. They had been waiting. The giant beasts in the Enlightenment Realm attacked the Spring and Autumn Fortress at the same time, and the intensity was completely different from before. Several Enlightenment Realm giant beasts were repelled, while those who were in the void also failed to come in, and a number of them were killed.

Every few days, giant beasts try to invade the Spring and Autumn Fortress.

There were not that many Xufuyou who invaded the Spring and Autumn Fortress. The next few attempts to attack were all transferred from other places. In other words, the ultimate attack on the Xufuyou here in the Spring and Autumn Fortress reduced the intensity of the giant beasts attacking other fortresses. , which effectively alleviated the level of fighting in the Zhongsan Fortress.

This credit is so great that Lu Yin can get a lot of iron-blood points every time he repels the attack of a giant beast. He is now in the top ten again, and it is not tenth or ninth, but sixth.

This ranking has made countless people in the Iron-Blooded Territory sluggish. In an extreme realm, the increase in Iron-blooded points is so exaggerated that even Wendy Yushan cannot figure it out.

In Loess Fortress, Grand Duke Black Eagle looked at the Iron-Blooded Points list in astonishment, “You must be cheating.” He had met Lu Yin, and he had an impression of this kid when he witnessed the battle for the North Gate Platform in the Beixing Flow Realm. , although it is the strongest in the extreme realm today, it is not so exaggerated. It surpasses many enlightenment realms, and its rise is so fast.

Sister Leng’s eyes were shocked. She was thrown away, and she was thrown far away. How did this person do it? She did not doubt cheating, the system would not cheat, and even if it was cheating, it would not be so obvious. Wang Wen was not stupid, which meant that this person was really qualified to get so many iron-blooded points. It was terrible.

Looking at the countless years of war in the Iron-Blooded Territory, no one except Wang Wen could climb to the top of the list so quickly.

In Giant Ghost Fortress, Mr. Huo Hou’s face was gloomy, so gloomy that he almost dripped water.

Kong Shi looked at Lu Yin’s name in surprise. This was the top prodigy of the younger generation. This person’s strength in the extreme realm could be comparable to those ten monsters!

Red Lily licked her bright red lips, her eyes showing desire. She likes to play with strong men.

One of the next five fortresses, Fairy Moon looked shocked and looked at the list in disbelief. Why is it so exaggerated? The iron-blood points she has received so far are probably less than a fraction of this person. She has stayed in the fortress longer than this person. There are more, and it’s still in the exploration realm.

She knows very well how difficult it is to get iron-blooded points. Why is this guy acting like a joke?

An Shaohua’s expression is strange, he is worthy of being the most powerful person in the extreme realm.

There are many people who know Lu Yin or have crossed paths with him in the Iron-Blooded Territory, but no matter who they are, they are shocked by Lu Yin’s ranking at this moment. Even the Enlightenment realm cannot understand it, let alone other people.

In the Spring and Autumn Fortress, Wang Wen looked at the old man on the light screen with a depressed expression, “Elder, I don’t want to either, but who has the ability? You see, I have forced back several giant beast invasions.”

“You can’t give so many military exploits. What do you want the people in the other fortress to think?” On the light screen is an old man, who is Elder Ruohua of the Hall of Glory. He is also helpless at this moment. Lu Yin’s military exploits are definitely enough. I am qualified to get so many iron-blooded points, but it happens too often, which hurts other people’s confidence.

Wang Wen looked solemn and said, “Elder, you cannot suppress meritorious people just because you are worried about what other people think. Doing so is unfair to meritorious people.”

Elder Ruohua pondered for a moment and nodded, “You are right, let me talk to that little guy sometime.”

Wang Wen smiled and said, “Okay.”

A month has passed. Lu Yin has been in the Iron-Blooded Territory for nearly two months, but it feels like two years to him.

In the past two months, he has seen countless people die and witnessed the cruelty of the iron-blooded territory. It has also made him exhausted, but he is very proud because he used loopholes to repel four behemoth invasions, which also made his The iron-blood points have increased even more, and now there are more than 80,000 iron-blood points plus the 30,000 cubic star energy crystal marrow that was previously exchanged.

So many iron-blooded points made him a little excited. He checked the items that the points were exchanged for, and finally found a Ning Kong Ring with a large capacity. It was said to be made by a strong person at the Star Envoy level, and the capacity was larger than his Ning Kong Ring. Ten times more, but the exchange price is also very expensive, requiring a full 50,000 iron-blood points.

This made Lu Yin very unhappy, so he found Wang Wen.

“What, you want to redeem that Ning Kong Ring?” Wang Wen was surprised.

Lu Yin narrowed his eyes, “It’s not an exchange, it’s a query. Why is it so expensive? Fifty thousand Iron-Blooded Points is only 20,000 to kill a strong man in the Enlightenment Realm. Is the value of a Ning Kong Ring more than that in the Enlightenment Realm?” .

“Nonsense, of course it’s more than that,” Wang Wen said matter-of-factly.

Lu Yin was surprised.

Wang Wen rolled his eyes, “What do you think the Ning Kong Ring is? The Ning Kong Ring is made by strong people grabbing the space of parallel time and space. Not everyone can make it, and parallel spaces are not that easy to grab, especially Even in the Enlightenment state, the Ning Kong Ring in a very large space cannot be grasped. Only those old monsters with hundreds of thousands of combat power can do it.”

“The space of the Ning Kong Ring you want to redeem is quite huge, enough to fit ten mountains. Only a Star Envoy can do that. Isn’t it worth 50,000 Iron-Blooded Points for a Star Envoy?”

Lu Yin asked, “It’s worth it, but it’s too expensive.”

“Brother Chessman, you don’t know how rare this kind of Ning Kong Ring is. Even if you go to the inner universe to buy it, you can’t buy it with 50,000 cubic star energy crystal marrow. If there is one here, just steal it.” Have fun, but most people don’t need a Ning Kong Ring with such a large space, are you sure you want it?” Wang Wen asked.

Lu Yin hesitated for a while, then nodded and said, “I want it.”

Wang Wen gave a thumbs up, “tycoon, here it is for you”, and then closed the light curtain.

Lu Yin sighed, he didn’t want to, but the further he went, the more times he upgraded things, and the more crystal marrow he required. His Ning Kong Ring couldn’t hold so much crystal marrow, and he couldn’t upgrade it to half of it and go to the bank to withdraw money. Well, the three-point light curtain disappeared. Even if it is scattered in various small Ning Kong rings, it is inconvenient. This Ning Kong ring is enough to store millions of cubic star energy crystal marrow, enough for him to use in the exploration realm or even the hunting realm. .

The Ning Kong Ring was delivered. Lu Yin stroked the Ning Kong Ring and watched with distress as the Iron Blood Points dropped by 50,000. He could only comfort himself.

It suddenly dropped from sixth to seventh on the list. Fortunately, it didn’t drop much.

However, a lot fell immediately. Lu Yin was silent for a while and contacted Wang Wen.

Wang Wen just looked at him calmly, “Don’t tell me that you want to exchange all the crystal marrow.”

“Not enough?” Lu Yin raised his eyebrows.

Wang Wen covered his forehead and said, “Brother Chessman, do you have anything else besides crystal essence in your eyes? Can’t you exchange it for other things? For example, glory points?”

Lu Yin shrugged, “I think it’s still the crystal essence.” He already had two points of glory, one from the border battlefield of Wenfeng Liujie, and one from the most powerful competition.

Wang Wen nodded, “Okay, money fan.”

“Wait a minute, how many glory points can be exchanged for?” Lu Yin asked.

Wang Wen raised **** and said, “Not much, twenty thousand.”

“Please exchange all the crystal marrow, thank you” Lu Yin said without hesitation.

There is a difference between one glory point and no glory point, and the difference between two glory points and three glory points is mostly privileges, and those privileges are mostly in the inner universe or even the new universe. Now that the inner and outer universes are isolated, he wants those privileges It’s no use either.


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