Star Odyssey Chapter 579: Lu Yin’s role

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The name Rhinemaker is gone, which represents death, and the rest of the Daewoo Empire cultivators who reinforced the Loess Fortress are almost gone.

In just a few days, so many reinforcements have died. If the Daewoo Empire were to defend the fortress, it would not be able to hold out for an hour.

This also shows the horror of the Behemoth Star Territory from the side. Once the iron-blooded territory is broken, the human outer universe will flow into rivers of blood.

He got a lot of Iron-Blooded Points in this battle, not by killing the enemy, but by holding the enemy back. Even the spider monster, which held him back for so long, was considered a credit, bringing him thousands of Iron-Blooded Points. .

The previous iron-blood points were exchanged for crystal marrow, causing him to drop from the tenth place on the list, to a few hundred places. Now he has increased by thousands of points, and has climbed up to more than a hundred places.

Contacted Caron, the two lay down on the cliff of a planet, and Caron brought wine.

Karon was injured, and the injury was not serious, no better than Huo Qingshan.

“I almost died, really, just a little bit. If that giant beast’s claws moved a little further, my head would be gone,” Caron said fearfully. After speaking, he took a big gulp of wine.

Lu Yin also drank heavily, “The biggest advantage of this kind of battlefield is that alcohol is not allowed.”

“We are not ordinary people. We practitioners can force the alcohol out at any time without affecting the battle.”

“You said you almost died. What did you think of at that moment?”.

Karon was silent.

Lu Yin asked strangely, “Your sister-in-law?”.

Karon’s expression changed and he quickly covered Lu Yin’s mouth. An exclamation came from behind, “Sister-in-law? Brother, do you miss your sister-in-law?”.

Karon turned his head and stared blankly at Wang Wen who didn’t know when he appeared, his eyes becoming increasingly ferocious.

Wang Wen was frightened, took out the coffin and jumped in.

Lu Yin was speechless, “He is Wang Wen, the one ranked second on the iron-blooded list.”

Karon blinked, and then his face turned pale. Someone knew his secret again.

Wang Wen observed Caron for a while, and only after confirming that he would not take action against him did Shi Shiran climb out of the coffin and said, “Actually, it’s cool here, do you want to come together?”.

Lu Yin rolled his eyes, “What are you doing here?”.

Wang Wen sat next to Lu Yin, looked at Caron warily, picked up Lu Yin’s wine and took a sip, “I’m tired, relax.”

Lu Yin snatched the wine back and said, “You can’t drink, keep your head clear.”

“Don’t look at me with mortal eyes, chess pieces, even if I’m drunk, my IQ will still crush you guys” Wang Wen laughed.

Lu Yin narrowed his eyes, this guy was speechless.

“Wives?” Caron looked at Lu Yin and Wang Wen strangely. He felt that he had mastered some secret.

Wang Wen nodded, “Yes, chess pieces.”

“Wives?” Cuarón repeated again.

Lu Yin couldn’t stand it any longer and patted Caron, “Don’t force yourself to think about it. He’s talking about chess. In his eyes, you and I are both chess pieces, so we call them chess pieces.”

Karon is disappointed, the secret is gone.

Wang Wen was arrogant and said, “Cheers, chess pieces,” as he said that he was going to grab Lu Yin’s wine.

Lu Yin couldn’t tolerate him. Wang Wen couldn’t grab it, so he went to grab Caron’s. Caron didn’t dare to fight back. Wang Wen’s status in the Iron-Blooded Territory was too high. He was a little scared, and his secret was revealed. Wang Wen got it.

“By the way, brother, you are really capable. You first injured the old loach monster and then drove away the spider monster. You are worthy of being the strongest in the extreme realm and my cutest chess piece, hahahaha.” Wang Wen got drunk and started talking nonsense. language.

Karon was not much better. He fell to the ground and murmured a certain name. Lu Yin maliciously guessed it was his sister-in-law.

The three of them drank more than ten bottles of wine without smelling of alcohol. It was normal for them to be drunk.

Lu Yin was also a little dizzy, but his ability to drink was much better than the two of them. After listening to Wang Wen’s words, he said, “Why is your surname Wang?”.

“Why is your surname Lu?” Wang Wen asked.

Lu Yin shook his hand and said, “You are drunk.”

Wang Wenqie said, “Drunk? Impossible. I have an incomparable IQ. You scum, please surrender.”

Scumbags? Why does it sound so familiar? Lu Yin felt that he must have heard it somewhere.

“Let me ask you a question, have you ever heard of the Ancient Unique Surname Alliance?” Lu Yin stared at Wang Wen and asked in a low voice.

Wang Wen fell down immediately, he was drunk.

Lu Yin smiled bitterly, this guy wasn’t pretending, he was really drunk. He drank too much.

Looking up, Lu Yin looked at the original treasure, his eyes filled with star energy. If he could fill these loopholes, he would be able to effectively kill the giant beast. Unfortunately, no one can do it.

Wait a minute, Lu Yin remembers that he seemed to have considered this. By the way, there is no need to fill the loopholes in the route. As long as he knows the route of the giant beast’s invasion, he can focus all the attacks. He has considered this before, but When the war came, my thoughts were disrupted, and now I think about it again.

With a bang, he slapped Wang Wen on the head, scaring Wang Wen awake. “Help, help me!” Wang Wen shouted, subconsciously taking out the coffin and jumping in.

Lu Yin was speechless, how afraid of death he was.

After a while, Wang Wen finally saw his surroundings clearly, looked at Lu Yin, was stunned for a few seconds, and then cursed loudly.

Lu Yin rubbed his ears, “I can see the loopholes in the original treasure’s killing intent. As long as the location of the loopholes is determined, we can kill the giant beast most effectively at the beginning of the war.”

Wang Wen jumped out of the coffin and took Lu Yin’s hand, saying sincerely, “Brother, we will become good friends.”

Just do what he said, Wang Wen used his authority to send a starry sky map to the personal terminals of everyone in the Spring and Autumn Fortress, especially the powerful ones who were walking in the starry sky, so that Lu Yin could always update the location of the original treasure murder vulnerability on the starry sky map. , everyone aims at those positions and is always ready to attack.

Lu Yin’s eyes can easily see the location of the loopholes. These loopholes change every once in a while, so the fortress cannot accurately determine the route of the giant beast’s invasion, but he can.

Every once in a while, everyone in the Spring and Autumn Fortress finds that the location they need to target and attack changes, which can change seven or eight times a day.

At first, everyone was impatient and didn’t know what to do with targeting those locations. Until two days later, countless virtual objects appeared in those vulnerable locations. Then, under Wang Wen’s order, various technological weapons and powerful people walking in the starry sky attacked. All concentrated towards those locations.

The invading phantoms were unlucky. A lot of them were wiped out at once, and the war that had just started disappeared in the blink of an eye.

Without Xu Fuyou opening the way, the alien beasts would not be able to reach the Spring and Autumn Fortress, and they would not be able to start a war.

The Spring and Autumn Fortress cheered, Wang Wen cheered, finally no longer need to worry, they can predict the attack route in advance.

This war was the shortest war in the history of the Iron-Blooded Territory. It only lasted less than two minutes, and the effect was amazing. The number of virtual floats was not endless. They eliminated a group. If the Behemoth Star Territory wants to invade again, it must be again. Make a batch and it will take a long time to prepare.

I thought that the iron-blooded fortress would collapse and mankind would be in dire straits. Unexpectedly, they could easily attack the invading behemoths. For countless people in the Spring and Autumn Fortress, this was a shot in the arm and greatly improved everyone’s morale. .

Lu Yin’s contribution was confirmed, and he directly received 10,000 iron-blooded points. His contribution was more than Wen Qichen’s previous detonation of Yan.

Wen Qichen’s detonation of the furnace can only be regarded as battlefield credit, but Lu Yin’s is a strategic credit. He not only repelled the invasion of the giant beasts, but also bought time for the Spring and Autumn Fortress, and will win more time in the future, unless The giant beast broke Yuan Bao’s murderous intention.

With his sudden military exploits, Lu Yin directly entered the top twenty on the list.

It is not easy for even a strong hunter to get tens of thousands of iron-blood points. Lu Yin entered the top twenty with more than 13,000 iron-blood points, which is normal.

The loess fortress, the land that was on the verge of fragmentation, completely collapsed with a wave of Chan Po’s hand, and then reunited.

The void opened, and Qiu Yuye King walked out with a heavy expression on his face, “Elder Frost is too seriously injured and may not be able to fight in the next war.”

Chanpo frowned, “Another Enlightenment Realm combat force is missing. Now there are only you and me in the Enlightenment Realm combat power of the Loess Fortress, and there are at least four invading Enlightenment Realm behemoths that cannot be stopped.”

“Feiyu Jinghong and Black Eagle Grand Duke can barely block one enlightenment state. There is another one, leave it to me.” King Qiu Yuye said in a harsh tone.

Chanpo was surprised, “You want to deal with both ends?”

“Try it,” Qiu Yuye King said helplessly as he looked up at the stars.

No one is willing to take risks if they can, but they must take this risk, otherwise the entire Loess Fortress may fall. At that time, they will be sinners of mankind, and the Night King will not bear this kind of sin.

Below, on a planet, a cold-faced woman looked at her personal terminal, her eyes fixed on a name on the Iron-Blooded Points list – Lu Yin.

Others didn’t pay attention, but she noticed it, because she was Sister Leng, tenth on the Iron-Blooded Points list. This name briefly surpassed her before and then disappeared. She thought this person was dead, but now she has entered the top list again. Twenty is too big a span.

Once the iron-blooded points are redeemed, they cannot be changed, which means that this person first got points that surpassed her and entered the top ten on the list, and then redeemed the points. Now, in just a few days, he has entered the top twenty again. Extreme state, how to do it?

In the iron-blooded realm, there was Wang Wen, who was ranked in the top three in the extreme realm. His IQ was close to that of a monster. She was convinced. But why, this person, even though he was called the invincible in the extreme realm, no matter how strong he was in the extreme realm, he could not win. It was impossible to get so many iron-blooded points in a short period of time unless he killed the Enlightenment Realm behemoth.

Sister Leng put down her personal terminal and looked thoughtfully. It is rumored that this person killed three powerful men in the Enlightenment Realm after being isolated from the inner and outer universe. It seems to be true. This person has a very powerful treasure.

But Wendy Yushan is here. This person cannot use secret techniques, how can he kill the Enlightenment Realm?

The Iron-Blooded Territory is not completely ignorant of what is happening in the outer universe. Lu Yin and Wendy Yushan can unite to kill the important information of the Enlightenment Realm. Many people know it, and the same goes for Sister Leng. But now Lu Yin has obtained the Enlightenment Realm alone. It was difficult to obtain iron-blooded points in a short period of time, which puzzled her.

In a corner of the Loess Fortress, Bu You looked extremely ugly, staring at Lu Yin’s name on the list. This guy was getting more and more brilliant.

What a pity. It would have been better if I could have taken the risk to kill him. This **** killed Wu Lao, leaving Youxingxia leaderless and trapped in an endless whirlpool of revenge. He will definitely avenge this.


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