Star Odyssey Chapter 564: Suppress breakthrough

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Ming Zhaotian raised his head and stared at the Five Luck Stars. He saw that the Five Luck Stars were trembling and even cracking, just like when Wen Sansi took action.

In the distance, Ming Zhaoshu was also staring at the Five Luck Stars, but there was no trace of worry in his eyes. Ever since he received the inheritance from Ming Taizhong, he knew that ordinary strength could not break the Five Luck Stars, even those with a combat power of 200,000. The strong one on the top.

But Tang Si has been taken out of the Shenwu Continent, why are the outsiders still attacking the Five Luck Stars at this time? Was there an accident?

No matter what, he cannot let Ming Zhaotian hinder the outsiders from attacking the Five Luck Stars. This is for the outsiders to see. He wants to get more chips and reflect higher value.

At this time, he had forgotten about Lu Yin. For him, Lu Yin was just an investment, nothing more. Maybe this investment could see results in the future, but not now.

Lu Yin didn’t know that King Qiu Yuye was attacking the Five Luck Stars, but he also guessed that the Baiye clan was domineering and would definitely take the initiative in doing things. Once Tang Si spread the news about the isolation of the inner and outer universe, then their relationship with Mingzhaoshu would be By cooperating, the initiative no longer lies with them. She must break through the Five Luck Stars.

But she is indestructible, even if she adds another level of enlightenment. The number of runes represented by the Five Luck Stars is very scary and seems to change.

For a whole day, Qiu Yuye King was attacking the Five Luck Stars, but she really couldn’t break them. Even if there was no one on the Five Luck Stars, she still couldn’t break them.

“Why is this happening? A continent in a different space in the outer universe can actually block my attack.” King Qiu Yuye couldn’t believe it.

In the space station, Talia found it even more difficult to accept. They originally thought that the defense of the Five Luck Stars could be broken, but what they discovered now made him realize how ridiculous their speculations were. The King of Autumn Rain Night was not an ordinary enlightenment state. She He is a genius from the Night Royal Family, much stronger than the enlightened people from the outer universe. If such people fail, there is little point in besieging the Shenwu Continent.

In the end, King Qiu Yuye gave up. He could not break the Five Luck Stars, so he could only wait for Mingzhaoshu to know that the inner and outer universes were isolated, and then start a new round of cooperation negotiations.

This made Qiu Yuye King very irritated. Although Ming Zhaoshu was only at the cruise level, he was too scheming, good at forbearing, and very capable of planning. She was very tired of negotiating with such a person.

It’s all that **** boy. If it weren’t for him, they would still be the ones taking the initiative.

Thinking of the alliance between Lu Yin and Wendy Yushan, Qiu Yuye King had a headache. The combination of these two people was already on par with the Enlightenment Realm.

The Dark Mist Territory is adjacent to the Canglan Territory. Not long after, Lu Yin and Wendy Yushan returned to the Canglan Territory.

As soon as they returned to the Canglan territory, the two were discovered by the Daewoo Empire army and reported to Zhenyu Star.

The cabinet was happy, and a lot of memorials were waiting for Lu Yin.

“You are saying that Bu You is worried that the Outer Universe Youth Council will be banned?” Lu Yin said.

On the other end of the communication, Wendy Yushan said in a cold tone, “This is the reason why he held the meeting. The Ten Jue Council is isolated from the inner universe. Saint Dios has no backing. The Youxing Gorge behind Buyou is simply not enough. To ensure the power that once existed, only Shijue can rejuvenate the power, and no one else can.”

Lu Yin was helpless, “There is nothing we can do about it. Nowadays, the pattern of the outer universe depends on the Enlightenment Realm. In all major territories, those hidden old immortal Enlightenment Realm experts are appearing one after another. Even so, they still can’t stop the isolation. Those enlightenment realm powers in the universe, the pattern of the outer universe is undergoing great changes, it would be great if San Dios can exist, Bu You thinks too much.”

“What about you? You are also a member of Saint Dios.” Wendy Yushan asked. She didn’t want Saint Dios to disappear, otherwise she wouldn’t go to the meeting. She hoped to serve the Ten Final Council and the White House. The Knights retain the Outer Universe Youth Council.

Lu Yin said, “I can’t help it. This is the general trend and no one can stop it.”

After a while, the two hung up the communication.

“Brother Qi, I saw you smiled, very sinisterly,” Guihou said.

Lu Yin did smile. It is impossible for Saint Dios to disappear. Among those enlightenment realms left in the outer universe, several of them are more or less related to the Ten Jue, such as the King of Qiu Yu Ye, such as Wen Qichen, such as Chou. Shu, these people will never let the Outer Universe Youth Council disappear. The existence of the Ten Jue Council is beneficial to the forces behind them.

Even if the power of Saint Dios is gone, it can still exist, and the prairie prairie continent will not be affected.

As long as the name of the Outer Universe Youth Council exists, that’s fine. There are many possibilities for the future.

He does not need to rely on the name of the Ten Judgment Council to protect himself now, so he does not care whether Saint Dios has power. What he cares about is the future. Once the inner and outer universe is restored, what can he do to Saint Dios at that time? ? What can we do with the connection between Saint Dios and the Ten Councils of the Inner Universe? He didn’t know this himself, but it was a possibility.

The possibility that he himself, or someone he arranged, could become the Ten Jue, sounds ridiculous, but as long as there is a glimmer of possibility, that’s fine.

Suddenly, Lu Yin’s expression changed. It lasted for a while and then recovered.

“Seventh brother, what’s wrong with you?” Guihou asked strangely.

Lu Yin said in a low voice, “I feel like I have broken through the exploration realm.”

“Then what are you waiting for? Breakthrough!” Guihou screamed, “Brother Qi, with your current strength, once you break through the exploration realm, it will be very lively. It is estimated to be directly comparable to the top 30 in the top 100 battle list. Even if you face a strong person in the hunting realm, you still have the ability to protect yourself, so you don’t have to wear that turtle shell to everyone like you do now.”

Lu Yin also wanted to break through, but he couldn’t. The difficulty of breaking through the fusion realm was still fresh in his memory. There are several levels in cultivation, including the realm of hope, the realm of fusion, and the realm of exploration. The realm of hope is created from scratch, and it is difficult to shape it. Without these, there would be no need to practice. The realm of integration is a transitional process, a process from stepping into the door of cultivation to the real start of practice. The exploration realm is a process of qualitative change, which transforms people into The body transforms from an ordinary body to adapt to the universe.

None of these three levels is easy. Although he has the Body Shaping Technique to try to break through the Exploration Realm, without the protection of an extremely powerful person, there is always an uneasy feeling, as if once he breaks through, he will fail.

This feeling has appeared since the first time he felt a breakthrough. It has not subsided, but has become more and more clear. There seems to be a force in the dark that prevents him from breaking through.

Finally, the feeling of breakthrough was suppressed, and Lu Yin breathed a sigh of relief.

“Seventh brother, why don’t you break through? Do you still want to be invincible on the road to the extreme realm? You are pretending too much” Guihou sneered.

Lu Yin’s eyes pondered. He suppressed it this time. It will not be easy to suppress it next time. He has suppressed it twice. There will always be a moment when he must break through.

Looking at the outer universe, the only extremely powerful person who can help him break through is the Enlightenment Realm. And who is trustworthy in the Enlightenment Realm?

Lu Yin can’t figure it out, Po Chan? Not to be trusted, and neither is anyone else.

Why don’t you wait until you break through before the sky changes? Lu Yin looked at the starry sky in the distance with a helpless expression.

In one month, Lu Yin returned to the Daewoo Empire and kept looking through the resumes of talents. There were recommended people from all over the country who wanted to join the Four Pavilions. There were indeed outstanding talents among them. Lu Yin decentralized these people to Hao Among the Lu Ting Pavilion and Lu Fen Pavilion in the Yuan Territory, as for the Lu Zheng Pavilion and the Army Pavilion, not everyone can sit in the seats.

If the Daewoo Empire is stable and does not need to expand externally, it can adopt the method of examination to fairly admit talents into the Four Pavilions, but that is not possible now. The position of the Four Pavilions requires not only talent, but also background.

For example, a person named Rang Bin has limited talents, but he is the heir to the strongest family in a certain area of ​​Haoyuan territory. Recruiting such a person into the Four Pavilions means that that area will surrender to the Daewoo Empire. No need Military suppression saves a lot of trouble.

This is the reality. It is not good for the poor cultivators, but it is good for the Daewoo Empire.

However, Lu Yin also secretly promised that one day in the future, he would give everyone a fair chance to take the exam.

Within this month, Hai Qiqi came back, looking depressed. She couldn’t find a way to enter the inner universe, so Lu Yin comforted her.

It can be seen that Hai Qiqi’s face is better than when the inner and outer universe were isolated at the beginning, but he is still not cheerful, and Lu Yin can’t help it. He even said that he would take Hai Qiqi to play, but Hai Qiqi was rejected by Hai Qiqi. Seven refused.

This girl has matured a lot.

The Bader Territory is located due west of the Dark Mist Territory. It is separated from the Canglan Territory by the Dark Mist Territory and the Wuli Territory. It is one of the territories connected to the Galaxy.

There is a family in the Bader Territory, called the Lanxin family, which controls ten territories. Its power is second only to Qimudian, the sect in charge of the Bader Territory.

At this moment, the main planet of the Lanxin family was flowing with blood, and the sunlight could not penetrate the blood-colored air. An old man knelt on his knees, looking desperately and fearfully at the mummy slowly walking in front of him, “Why, why “We want to massacre, have our Lanxin family offended you?”

The mummy came out of the planet where the New Human Alliance is based, with the skin of the Supreme Ancestor on its head. It looked quite ridiculous, but on this **** planet, it looked so terrifying.

The earth is bleeding, hundreds of millions of people in the Lanxin family have been slaughtered, and no one can escape.

The old man is the strongest member of the Lanxin family, a strong man at the peak of the hunting realm, but he has no power to fight back against the mummies.

The mummy raised its hand and pressed it on the old man’s head.

The old man still murmured, “Why, why do you want to kill us? What did we do wrong? What did we do wrong?”.

“Ancient bloodline discovered, target determined, kill.” With a bang, the old man’s head exploded, and the headless body fell in a pool of blood.

Not long after, the planet was destroyed and turned into dust in the universe.

No matter what kind of life there was on that planet, they all disappeared in an instant.

The mummy was carrying the skin of the Supreme Ancestor, its black hole-like eyes swept around, and then slowly left.

More than ten days later, the Qimudian master arrived and looked at the black hole in the distance in horror, “The Lanxin family has all disappeared?”.


“Where are the tribesmen who are out?”.

“They were all too frightened to come back. Some of them had already been taken into the temple.”

The Qimudian master nodded and looked with emotion, “The Lanxin family used to be a family with only one surname in ancient times. However, since the surname was changed to Lanxin, the family has prospered. Unexpectedly, it was destroyed. What happened? Who did it? It should be a strong person in the Enlightenment Realm, the outer universe is too chaotic now.”


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