Star Odyssey Chapter 544: Enlightenment Nemesis

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Not long after, Po Chan left and she needed to think carefully about her relationship with this young man.

Lu Yin doesn’t care. If he kills the Thunder Dragon and has the help of the Nalan family, he should be able to get a sum of money to upgrade the gun to a strong man with a combat power of about 300,000. With this kind of strength, even if Chanpo doesn’t It doesn’t matter if you pay attention to him, not to mention that it is impossible for Chanpo to ignore him. These powerful people in the Enlightenment Realm are all very smart.

On the Meteorite Continent, there are not many Omen clan members. Most of them are people from the Jiuzhong Sect who surrendered to the Omen clan. This group of people should be punished, but Lu Yin let them go. Compared to those who were against the Jiuzhong clan, As a loyal cultivator of the sect, this group of wallflowers is more in his interest. He does not really want to rebuild the Jiuzhongmen, it is just a name. The Jiuzhongmen should disappear at this moment, and he can only keep a name.

At dawn, Lan Wu and Ke Yi stood in front of Lu Yin.

Lu Yin said to Tianming, “From today on, you are the master of the Nine Layers Sect.”

Tianming was surprised, “Your Highness, I want to return to the Daewoo Empire.”

Lu Yin smiled and said, “Stay in the Haoyuan Territory first. After the Haoyuan Territory is stabilized, I will let you return home.”

Tian Ming nodded.

Lu Yin looked at Lan Wu again, “Why are you willing to take refuge in me?”.

Lan Wu said respectfully, “I want to find a way out.”

Lu Yin nodded and said with appreciation, “You are very smart. You stayed to help Tianming stabilize the Jiuzhongmen. In the future, I will rebuild the Royal Court Thirteenth Team. You have a chance to get a captain position.”

Lan Wu was overjoyed and said, “Thank you, Your Highness.”

Lu Yin knew that she was pretending. Compared with the captain of the Thirteenth Imperial Court Team, it would be better to be a free and easy official in Haoyuan Territory, but for the time being, he has no one to spare, so he can only do this, but he has to Things will change soon, and this woman will still be transferred to the Daewoo Empire.

Let Tianming and Lan Wu leave and reorganize the Jiuzhongmen. He looked at Ke Yi.

Ke Yi lowered his head. The Hungry tribe was completely wiped out. He was the only one left alive. It was all the result of the man in front of him. This man actually killed all the powerful men in the Enlightenment Realm.

He has no idea of ​​revenge, it is unrealistic, he just wants to survive now.

“I heard that your talent is very strange” Lu Yin asked curiously.

Ke Yi quickly replied, “Yes, my talent can judge a person’s strength by the sound he hears.”

Lu Yin was surprised, “Did you also hear about my strength back then?”.

Ke Yi nodded.

Lu Yin looked at him carefully. He felt that this person was useful, but he didn’t know how to use it, and he didn’t know how to make this person willing to help him. He was very confused. After all, the bad behavior of the Hungarian tribe was a problem.

“Seventh brother, in the inner universe, there is a way to control the beast that can prevent the enemy from betraying him. That is to brand the enemy with a beast. As long as the beast is loyal to you, it will be the most powerful tool for monitoring that person.” Ghost Hou suddenly spoke.

“There are also some technologically powerful countries that put things on their enemies to ensure loyalty. I have encountered such people on the border battlefield. It is very sad, but very useful.”

Lu Yin pondered.

Ke Yi waited anxiously. Not long after, Lu Yin decided to temporarily let Ke Yi join the first team of the imperial court. He wanted to make the first team of the imperial court his own bodyguard.

The death of Thunder Dragon shocked the surrounding territories. After the inner and outer universes were isolated, this was the second Enlightenment Realm powerhouse to die. Khadgar, the first to die, also died at the hands of Lu Yin. This fact made the legacy The strong people in the Enlightenment Realm in the outer universe are frightened. They have to admit the fact that Lu Yin has the ability to instantly kill the strong people in the Enlightenment Realm.

Because of this, Lu Yin got a nickname – Enlightenment Nemesis.

When Lu Yin learned about his nickname, he was a little speechless. With such nicknames coming out, it would be impossible to think of those in the Enlightenment Realm in the future. Maybe those people would not even dare to touch the things he gave away.

Fortunately, no one knows the real method of killing Khadgar and Thunder Dragon. Even Chanpo, who saw the whole process, doesn’t know the reason at all. She only knows about the gun and not the skin of the Supreme Ancestor. She Didn’t even ask.

Back on True Yuxing, Lu Yin went directly back to Zishan Palace, and then used the blood of Thunder Dragon to open his Sky Condensation Ring. His eyes were ecstatic. Sure enough, he had the goods.

These Enlightenment realms are afraid of not getting enough resources and entering a period of exhaustion, so they put all the resources they get in their own Ning Kong Ring. Thunder Dragon’s Ning Kong Ring contains almost 20,000 cubic star energy crystal marrow, one less than Khadgar. Thousands, and hundreds of thousands of cubic star energy crystals.

Lu Yin was disappointed. He had nearly ten thousand cubic star energy crystal marrow less than Khadgar. Unfortunately, it seemed that the Hungry clan was not as rich as the Second Grade Hall, and Thunder Dragon did not get much star energy crystal marrow at the Nine Layers Gate.

No, Jiuchongmen shouldn’t have little money.

Lu Yin immediately contacted Tianming and asked about the resources in the Nine-layer Sect, and received a reply from Lan Wu. Most of the resources of the Nine-layer Sect were used to maintain the operation of the sect, and there were not many Star Energy Crystal Essences in the treasure house of the sect, but there were quite a few. Ten billion cubic star energy crystals.

Those star energy crystals are still at the Jiuzhongmen headquarters.

Lu Yin was speechless. He had forgotten to use the field to check. Thunder Dragon’s Sky Condensation Ring could not hold so many star energy crystals.

Tens of billions of cubic star energy crystals are equivalent to tens of thousands of cubic star energy crystal marrow, which is a terrifying amount.

But it is inconvenient to use. The light screen that appears at three o’clock on the dice is not big, and it is almost the same when releasing the star energy crystal marrow. If he releases the star energy crystal, he estimates that his hands will be sore and he will not be able to improve it once. It must be a star energy crystal. marrow.

The star energy crystals could not be used, but they could not cheapen the Nine Layers Gate. Lu Yin immediately ordered Lan Wu to **** these star energy crystals to Zhenyu Star, and these were charged into the Daeyu Empire treasury.

As for the Haoyuan territory, let’s restore it slowly!

In addition to money, there are many other things in the Thunder Dragon Ning Kong Ring. Like Khadgar, there are many healing medicines. Lu Yin suddenly found a good thing and placed it inside the Ning Kong Ring. Preserved by Silk Spirit Essence, this material is generally the most suitable for preserving one thing – original treasure.

I didn’t expect that Thunder Dragon still has original treasure.

Lu Yin looked at the several-meter-square box made of thousands of silk elves. After thinking about it, he put on the cosmic armor, raised his hand, and slowly opened the box. Suddenly, an invisible force passed through the cosmic armor and penetrated Zishan Palace shot into the void, and many people below Zishan Palace saw a huge crack spreading toward the starry sky, and then slowly dissipated.

Lu Yin immediately closed the box, his eyes were shocked, he raised his hand and touched the place where the cosmic armor was touched. A white mark was clearly visible. The invisible murderous intention of the original treasure could actually damage this cosmic armor. This piece The cosmic armor can withstand the attacks of the powerful ones in the Enlightenment Realm.

Lu Yin quickly put away the box. Outside the palace, Bronson rushed in, but Lu Yin stopped him.

He touched the box and saw that the invisible murderous power could harm the cosmic armor. This original treasure was probably a high-grade original treasure of Haoran, and it might even have the power of previous generations. This kind of original treasure was not something he could touch.

Putting away the box, Lu Yin looked at other things.

The Canglan Territory is located on the edge of the outer universe near the unknown star field. It is bordered by the Dark Fog Territory to the south, the Beigong Territory to the north, the Haoyuan Territory to the east, and the Larsu Territory to the west. There are also parts of the border with Wuli. Territory borders.

The moment the news of Thunder Dragon’s death came out, the fire domain forces that were originally located in Lar’s territory immediately left, and the Second Grade Hall that occupied the Beigong territory also retreated to the north.

All the powerful people in the Enlightenment Realm in the territory bordering the Canglan Territory felt their hearts tremble.

Especially Huo Houye, he always felt that Lu Yin would cause trouble for him. Faced with Lu Yin’s thunderous murderous intention, he would never dare to confront Lu Yin until he understood Lu Yin’s methods.

You can’t blame the strong ones in the Enlightenment Realm for being timid. In fact, those who can reach the Enlightenment Realm are all geniuses. Such people have many ways to save their lives. It’s not that easy to die. It’s hard to die when fighting with each other. But Lu Yin was wiped out all of a sudden. Losing two of them made many people in the Enlightenment state feel like they had a light on their backs, and their three views were subverted.

Even the powerful Enlightenment Realm experts like Qiu Yuye King, Chou Shu, and Wen Qichen were shocked and did not dare to touch the Canglan territory easily.

The handing over of the Nine Layers Gate to Tianming is equivalent to the merger of the Canglan Territory with the Haoyuan Territory, doubling the territory at once. Although it is not completely occupied, it will be a matter of time. Nowadays, the problem of lack of talents is getting more and more serious.

The number of troops and experts was seriously lacking, which gave Lu Yin a headache.

He has handed over many memorials submitted by the cabinet to Huansha of Lu Zhengge, but even with Huansha’s talent, she was too busy, and many of the memorials were still transferred to Zishan Palace.

Lu Yin also wanted to transfer the memorial to Wendy Yushan’s princess palace, but the princess palace was not open at all and the courtiers could not enter, leaving him helpless.

After half a month of this, Lu Yin couldn’t stand it anymore. He was not the material to handle government affairs at all. It just so happened that Nalan Fairy asked to see him.

Lu Yin’s eyes lit up, yes, Fairy Nalan, how could he forget this fairy? The Nalan family is one of the richest plutocrats in the outer universe, with business covering 72 territories, and its influence is greater than that of Daewoo. The empire is much stronger, and the things that need to be dealt with are far more complicated than those of the Daewoo Empire. Nalan Fairy must be good at handling these things.

Soon, Nalan Fairy was connected to the Zishan Palace.

The moment he saw Nalan Fairy, Lu Yin’s breath froze and he was amazed again. This woman gave him a fresh feeling every time. She was naturally charming and exuded an aura of temptation from the inside out, especially with her pure white dress. The tight-fitting dress revealed her smooth and white calves and feet stained with red nail polish. They were so beautiful.

Lu Yin asked himself that he had a certain resistance to female sex. After all, there were so many beauties around him, including his beloved Ming Yan, the original Bai Xue, the current star-picking girl, and Wendy Yushan, etc., who was not a stunning beauty, but His resistance to Nalan Fairy is still declining. This fairy is too seductive. The most important thing is that she didn’t do it on purpose.

Lu Yin really couldn’t imagine whether he could control it if this goblin deliberately seduced him.

Nalan Fairy looked at Lu Yin, her eyes curved into a half-moon shape, “Your Highness, you are staring at the little girl like this, which makes her very uneasy.”

Lu Yin quickly looked away and apologized, “Sorry, madam, I was distracted just now.”

Nalan Fairy smiled. She had seen too many eyes obsessed with her beauty. It was not surprising. No matter how talented or invincible the man in front of her was, or how deep the Shen family was, he was still a man, and he was still a strong-blooded man. , “What is your Highness worried about? You can tell me, and the Nalan family will never refuse if they can help.”


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