Star Odyssey Chapter 542: The heritage of Mabis

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Lu Yin raised his head, it was enough, but this could only be enough for the Daewoo Empire’s military expenses. He had to find a way to get more money from the goblins to increase his strength.

On the other side, Shamu accompanied Gwen to withdraw money from Mabis Bank, which is one area away from the True Universe Star. The money in the Mavis Bank on the True Universe Star had already been withdrawn by many people for backup.

As soon as the two people walked out, Shamu’s expression changed drastically, and he grabbed Gwen and jumped into the sky. The next moment, in front, a man raised his head, rushed towards Mabis Bank, and blasted away the ground with one palm.

Gwen’s face was pale and she looked down in surprise, “This person?”

“Robbing a bank, he is a strong man in the hunting realm,” Shamu said solemnly.

Hearing that he was a strong man in the hunting realm, Gwen’s heart trembled. There were no more than ten strong men of this level in the Canglan territory, and there were only two or three serving the empire. Unexpectedly, he met a bank robber. , must have come from the inner universe and been left behind in the outer universe.

The moment the strong man in the hunting realm took action, the whole planet was shaking. A strong man with a fighting strength of 100,000 was not something that an ordinary planet could withstand.

The Daewoo Empire army on the planet immediately launched, but was stopped by Shamu. The opponent was in the hunting realm, and he was not sure of taking action.

But this strong man in the hunting realm was so stupid that he actually robbed Mavis Bank.

Mavis Bank is spread all over the inner and outer universes. If it was so easy to be robbed, it would no longer exist. Even if it is just a branch on an ordinary planet in the outer universe, it cannot be robbed casually.

The ground of Mabis Bank shattered, and the man from the hunting realm passed less than half a minute, and then rose into the sky with excited eyes. It was obvious that he had gained something, but the moment he rushed out of the surface, the Mabis Bank star The big tree covered with cosmic coins moved, and its branches penetrated the void and entangled the strong man in the hunting realm.

The strong man in the hunting realm roared, took out a long knife and slashed at the branch, but it was useless. The branch was not cut off, and it tightly wrapped around the strong man in the hunting realm, using more and more force.

The strong man in the hunting realm wailed, “Spare my life, I don’t dare anymore, I don’t dare anymore.”

In the bank, the manager looked on coldly, his eyes full of disdain and disdain. Over the years, many people have tried to get Mabis Bank, but only a few succeeded. This person thought that the inner and outer universes were isolated, and Mabis This is not a big concern for Sri Lanka Bank, but in fact Mabis Bank has already considered this situation.

With a click, the man in the hunting realm was broken into two pieces at the waist. Blood spread all over the earth, on the cosmic coins, and dyed the ground red.

Outside the bank, many people looked at this scene with horrified eyes. Looking at Mabis Bank, their mentality completely changed. This bank has the ability to kill strong men in the hunting realm.

Gwen was shocked. To be honest, the inner and outer universes were isolated. When the Daewoo Empire’s military expenditures were tight, he also had the idea of ​​robbing Mabis Bank. But at this moment, he was just glad that he did not expose that idea. Now it seems that this This idea is too ridiculous.

Shamu’s face was solemn. That tree was quite terrifying. What was even more terrifying was that there was no combat power display. Even if he killed a strong hunter, there was still no combat power value displayed. This is strange. This is Mebi. The bank’s heritage.

Even if it is isolated from the outer universe, Mabis Bank still has the power to protect itself.

Not long after, this matter spread, and Lu Yin also learned about it immediately. He did not expect that Mabis Bank had such a background. This was just an ordinary branch, and it was still outside. Universe, what if it is an inner universe? How terrifying would it be?

It is indeed a powerful force in charge of the human economy.

However, the outer universe is isolated, can the storage in Mabis Bank survive? Almost all the cosmic coins and star energy crystals stored in Mebis Bank on Zhenyu Planet have been exchanged, and other planets are probably not far away.

Lu Yin asked Gwen to chat with the manager of Mabis Bank on Zhenyu Planet to find out what Mabis Bank was like. He himself went to find Hai Qiqi, a girl he hadn’t seen for a while.

The lively Hai Qiqi is a headache and helpless, but Hai Qiqi at this time is making people feel distressed.

Lu Yin watched her curled up and looking at the ocean. She had been like this for a while.

“According to the information we received, the powerful energy in the isolated territory of the outer universe is declining, which means that the galaxy is actually gradually declining, and one day it will return to its original state.” Lu Yin walked behind Hai Qiqi and said.

Hai Qiqi’s eyes lit up and she looked at Lu Yin expectantly, “Really?”.

Lu Yin nodded.

“How long will it take? How long will it take before I can go back to Neptune Heaven?” Hai Qiqi asked eagerly, looking at Lu Yin with anxiety and expectation.

Lu Yin thought for a while, “About ten years.”

Hai Qiqi felt as if he had lost his soul after hearing ten years, and his face turned pale.

Lu Yin sighed, “Ten years is not bad, it is better than never going back.”

Hai Qiqi nodded and sat down again, “I know, thank you.”

Lu Yin patted her head, turned and left, sighing in his heart that he had lied to Hai Qiqi. The energy that isolated the outer universe was indeed declining, but very, very slowly. At this speed, he wanted to restore the galaxy. It turns out that it is impossible not to mention ten years, a hundred years, a thousand years or even ten thousand years. Ten years just gives Hai Qiqi a hope so that she can accept the reality.

Hai Qiqi misses his hometown. Why doesn’t he miss the people he misses? The eldest sister, the ghost uncle, and the group of classmates in the tenth hospital. Even Murong, Lingque, Liu Shaoqiu, Zhan Long Baiye and others occasionally come to him. It appeared in my mind that after the battle for Yan Xing, those people had all gone back to the inner universe, and they might never be able to see each other again in this life.

Sometimes Lu Yin felt quite emotional. In the past, the major forces in the universe were like giant pythons, making him unable to breathe. Now, he is completely free. He misses that feeling again and misses the battle of wits with the original King Jingye. Brave, I miss the days when I competed with extreme talents.

Unfortunately, such a day will never come again, unless the galaxy is restored, by which time things will have changed.

The most regrettable thing is that the enemy failed to find out who it was. The debt of a piece of paper named Lu and seventy-two lives would be difficult to liquidate.

To the east of the Canglan Territory, the adjacent territory is the Haoyuan Territory. Once upon a time, the sect in charge of the Haoyuan Territory was the Jiuchong Sect. Since the moment the Haunted Tribe appeared in the Haoyuan Territory more than three months ago, the Jiuchong Sect has Completely exterminated, most of the masters in the sect were killed or injured, and only a few people escaped.

The Nine-layer Gate is built on a huge meteorite. The size of this meteorite is even larger than that of the Zhenyu Star. The meteorite is not fixed in one place. It is controlled by the Nine-layer Gate and will drift around the Haoyuan territory. This It is also one of the reasons why Jiuzhongmen can control Haoyuan territory.

Historically, the Jiuzhongmen once coveted the Canglan territory and had a war with the Daewoo Empire, but was repulsed. The two sides were enemies rather than friends.

The Meteorite Continent has no sunlight and no ecology. The Nine-layer Gate hollowed out the interior of the Meteorite Continent and built a habitat inside.

There are mountains, rivers, cities, and everything you need in the Meteorite Continent.

Thunder Dragon sat cross-legged in a dark secret room. As a strong man in the Enlightenment Realm, he did not interfere in the internal affairs of the clan. Everything was left to the people below to handle. Since the inner and outer universes were isolated, he has only taken action once, which was to destroy Jiuzhong. The strongest master in the sect is infinitely close to the enlightenment realm.

Thousands of miles away from the Jiuzhongmen headquarters, a group of people gathered together. They were the cultivators of Jiuchongmen who had escaped by chance. Among them were two strong men in the hunting realm, and Tianming was among them.

“Tianming, are you telling the truth? Is there anyone really willing to help our Nine Layers Sect deal with the Thunder Dragon?” A man from the hunting realm stared at Tianming with burning eyes and asked.

Tian Ming said solemnly, “This is a favor left by the ancestors of the sect. Even if you don’t believe me, you should still believe the ancestors.”

“That’s right, Tianming inherited the ninth level of the sect’s strength, and selflessly passed it on to everyone. You should understand this intention.” Another strong man in the hunting realm said. She was a woman with an average appearance. She is somewhat delicate, and her gaze at Tianming is a bit unusual.

The man in the hunting realm flashed his eyes, nodded, and looked around at everyone, “In that case, we will wait for the strong man in the enlightenment realm to come forward to deal with the thunder dragon.”

Tian Ming didn’t say much. He turned around and looked at the Jiuzhongmen headquarters with a complex look. After this day, there will be no Jiuzhongmen in the universe.

At this time, the female hunting realm expert walked up to Tianming and whispered, “As an elder of the sect, I usually don’t interfere with the affairs between my disciples, but I know about your affairs.”

Tianming’s body trembled and he looked at the woman in surprise.

The woman said calmly, “The girl you once liked is my niece.”

Tianming lowered his head, suppressing the shock in his heart.

“If the sect really places its inheritance on you, it will not let you go undercover in the Daewoo Empire, nor will it separate you from my niece, or make you hate the sect. You are not a successor of the sect at all.” The woman’s tone was stern. Some, staring at Tianming and whispering.

Tianming retorted, “I inherited the ninth level of the sect’s strength.”

“Nine-fold Jin is just a method of transporting power, not the only inheritance. As far as I know, Lu Yin, the regent of the Dayu Empire, can perform thirty-fold Jin. I believe it is not difficult to teach you Nine-fold Jin.” The woman whispered.

Tianming’s eyes flashed, unable to quibble.

The woman glanced behind her, approached Tianming, and whispered, “What is your purpose? Or let me ask another question, what is the purpose of the Regent of the Dayu Empire?”

Tian Ming stared at the woman, his fists gradually clenched.

The woman sneered, “You want to take action against me?”.

Tian Ming’s eyes were shocked, and he remembered that the woman in front of him looked young, but she was a strong hunter. He was only in the extreme realm, and the gap was too far.

“What do you want?” Tianming asked.

The woman looked in the direction of the Jiuzhongmen, “The Jiuzhongmen has been destroyed. I want to join the Daewoo Empire. Please help me introduce the regent Lu Yin.”

Tian Ming has already guessed it, otherwise the woman would have exposed him long ago. This woman is ambitious and “good”.

The woman nodded with satisfaction, “What are you waiting for now?”.

“Wait for the gangsters,” Tianming said.

The woman was surprised, “You want to use the gangsters to eradicate us?”.

Tian Ming nodded, “This is His Highness’s order.”

The woman pondered on the spot. Even though she gave up the Nine-layer Sect, these people had a friendship with her after all. Let them die.


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