Star Odyssey Chapter 541: Seductive fairy

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Chan Po frowned, “Brother, it’s not that easy to deal with those who are strong in the Enlightenment Realm.”

Lu Yin was helpless, “Junior knows, but Thunder Dragon has made it clear that Canglan Territory is its next target for plunder. If I don’t take action, I can only wait for death. Instead of waiting for death, it is better to give it a try. With the help of senior, plus With the weapon given to me by my mentor, I am 90% sure of killing the Thunder Dragon.”

Chanpo’s eyes changed, “Mentor? Who is my master?”

Lu Yin smiled bitterly, “I don’t know this, I only know that my mentor once threw me directly from the storm world to the chaos world.”

Chanpo’s eyes were shocked, even a little unbelievable. This was a distance spanning half of the inner universe. Not to mention her, even Beimen Taisu couldn’t do it. Crossing the inner universe is not as simple as crossing the outer universe. There are countless powerful people in the inner universe, who can penetrate the void and span half of the universe under the eyes of countless powerful people. Their strength is absolutely terrifying and unimaginable.

Seeing Lu Yin’s confused look, Chanpo was sure that this kid didn’t know how difficult it was to do such a thing. No wonder this kid’s weapons can kill the Enlightenment realm. For that kind of strong person, Enlightenment The environment is like an ant-like existence.

Unfortunately, now that the inner and outer universes are isolated, it is useless no matter how strong his mentor is. Of course, no one can say for sure about the future. Maybe the galaxy will be restored after a while.

She suppressed her shock, and a smile appeared on her face, “Many senior hermits don’t want to reveal their names. It’s normal. My mentor must also belong to this kind of people. But now the inner and outer universes are isolated, and no one can get out. ,Pity”.

Lu Yin sighed, “Yes, otherwise I would ask my mentor to take action.”

Chanpo thought with her eyes, and after a moment, she met Lu Yin’s expectant gaze and said, “Okay, I’ll accompany my little brother. But it’s not to deal with the Thunder Dragon, but to intimidate it. The old lady will make the Thunder Dragon retreat when it’s difficult.” , but at the same time, please stop provoking evil gangsters.”

She has not forgotten Lu Yin’s ability to cause trouble. Yan Xing fought for it. This kid has offended most of the forces in the inner universe, otherwise Khadgar would not have dealt with him in a hurry.

Lu Yin quickly promised, which satisfied Po Chan.

The two of them agreed to go to Haoyuan Territory a month later.

After cutting off the communication, Lu Yin breathed a sigh of relief. With Po Chan around, he could take action with confidence. Even if he couldn’t kill the Thunder Dragon, the Thunder Dragon couldn’t deal with him.

With the Skin of the Supreme Ancestor, Lu Yin was sure to create opportunities, just like Khadgar. Khadgar was on guard against him at first, but was still plotted by the Skin of the Supreme Ancestor, and Thunder Dragon was no exception. But we need to look at this person’s rune number first. There is a difference between 210,000 combat power and 290,000 combat power. I don’t know how powerful the Thunder Dragon is. We will find out in a month. The worst result will be yourself. The Thunder Dragon could not be killed, but the Thunder Dragon was also intimidated by Chan Po and did not dare to attack the Canglan territory.

One month passed quickly. During this month, the Canglan territory was not peaceful. The Daewoo Empire troops were crisscrossing the territory and launching wars. The captain of the Thirteenth Imperial Court Team was invincible. Even the strong men in the hunting realm were afraid of him. Lu Yin had to retreat due to his record of killing powerful men in the Enlightenment Realm.

The war against Canglan Territory is going very smoothly.

Today, one month later, the entire Canglan territory has nominally belonged to the Daewoo Empire.

After unifying the Canglan territory, a problem arose. The Daewoo Empire did not have enough talents that could be sent to various places for management. This gave Lu Yin a headache. He had no choice but to temporarily recruit military and political management talents from various places, but this was not a long-term solution. Because those people did not originally belong to the Daewoo Empire, they could easily breed rebellions and were not controlled.

Lu Yin asked the cabinet to find a way, but the cabinet didn’t have a good solution for the time being. However, it finally came up with a solution that was not a solution, and that was to bring the immediate family members of the appointed feudal officials from each domain to Zhenyu Planet and unify them. Arrange study and life, this is a hostage.

Lu Yin does not want to use hostage threats, but the territory of Canglan is too large. If management is neglected, unpredictable things can easily happen, so for the time being, this can only be done.

This is just the Canglan territory. In the future, his territory will not be limited to the Canglan territory. You must know that Immortal Yushan not only formulated a strategic plan to unify the Canglan territory, but even set his sights on the surrounding territories, but he had not yet had time to formulate it. Just a plan.

We must cultivate military and political talents as soon as possible. This is the top priority of the Daewoo Empire.

Another emergency is the economy. Since the empire’s finances allocate most of its resources to the military, the empire’s economy cannot operate normally, and many departments are even paralyzed. If this continues, it will definitely cause greater chaos. Now it has There are many merchants who deliberately raise the prices of goods and make huge profits. This situation will only become more and more serious. There must be a huge economy to drive down the prices of goods.

Lu Yin contacted Fairy Nalan several times, and finally, the Nalan family arrived at Zhenyu Star.

In the starry sky, the huge spaceship of the Nalan family appeared.

Lu Yin personally greeted him. Behind him, Finance Minister Gwen whispered, “Your Highness, the Nalan family must have deliberately delayed their arrival. They know the crisis the empire’s economy is facing in order to increase their worth.”

Lu Yin didn’t speak, Gwen could understand, let alone he didn’t understand, this is just a means, just like many people only appear at the last moment to save people, to highlight their own importance, as long as it is not too serious The consequences of this are harmless.

“You know the empire’s economy better than I do. If this comes up later, you can talk about it,” Lu Yin said calmly.

Gwen responded in a low voice.

At the Zhenyu Star Space Station, on this day, all the spaceships were emptied to welcome the Nalan family. This was Lu Yin’s respect for the Nalan family.

In the huge spaceship, Nalan Fairy had a smile on his face.

As the spacecraft shook, the hatch opened, and Nalan Fairy was the first to step out. Lu Yin immediately stepped forward, “Madam, was the journey smooth?”

After Lu Yin, the group of people who followed him to greet her were amazed by Nalan Fairy. This woman never pretended to be flattering, but her attractiveness did not decrease at all.

Nalan Fairy smiled and said a few polite words to Lu Yin, and listened to Lu Yin’s introduction to a group of people in the Dayu Empire. After Lu Yin finished the introduction, he waved, and a maid from the Nalan family stepped forward and handed Gwen an exquisite Box.

Gwen was surprised.

Lu Yin looked at Nalan Fairy.

Nalan Fairy smiled and said, “Your Highness the Regent, this is my Nalan family’s gratitude towards the Dayu Empire. Please accept it.”

Lu Yin didn’t expect Fairy Nalan to be so happy, and he was not pretentious. He nodded to Gwen, who immediately accepted it. Inside the box was a Mabis Bank crystal card. With how rich the Nalan family was, once they took action It will never be low, not to mention that Nalan Fairy has promised to support the Dayu Empire in unifying the Canglan territory with military expenditures.

Gwen was excited because she finally had money.

Lu Yin didn’t care very much, he was more concerned about whether the Nalan family would support him with a sum of money, which was not comparable to the military expenditure of the Daewoo Empire.

Although the Daewoo Empire unified the Canglan territory, how much military expenditure could it have? He still has more than 3,000 cubic meters of star energy crystal marrow, which is about 3 billion cubic meters of star energy crystals, which is enough for the Daewoo Empire’s military expenses. However, it is impossible for him to use the money he earns to supplement the Daewoo Empire unless there is a crisis. .

He is someone who has seen big scenes. He spent tens of thousands of cubes of star energy crystal marrow during this period. That is star energy crystal marrow, not star energy crystal. When converted into star energy crystal, it is enough for the Daewoo Empire for decades. For military expenditures, you must know that the military expenditures of the Daewoo Empire are based on cosmic coins, not star energy crystals.

The price difference is too big.

This is the outer universe. If we switch to the inner universe, the military expenditures of any force will be more than this. The inner universe is not comparable to the outer universe in terms of military meals, weapons, and training resources.

The Nalan family showed their sincerity. Lu Yin personally took Nalan Fairy to visit Zhenyu Star. To be honest, he had never visited it much himself.

After sending the others away, by the coast and by the cliff, Nalan Fairy stretched his body and faced the sea breeze. His exquisite and curvy figure made Lu Yin swallow his saliva. It was so tempting.

“I’m so tired, I really want to take a nap.” Nalan Fairy made a lazy voice, his eyes blurred.

Lu Yin licked his lips, “Your residence is not far from the Imperial Palace. It used to be the residence of the Deputy Minister of Finance and has been renovated.”

Nalan Fairy looked at Lu Yin with a smile, “Being a regent and managing a country. Student Lu, your temperament has changed a lot since the first time I met you.”

“Really?” Lu Yin looked at Nalan Fairy, “How has it changed?”.

Nalan Fairy rolled his eyes and pursed his lips with a smile, “I don’t know how to put it. You used to be a student, but now you are a superior.”

Lu Yin shrugged, “It’s just the edge of the outer universe.”

Nalan Fairy looked at Lu Yin, “I don’t know why, but I always have a feeling that you are starting to take off now.”

Lu Yin laughed, “You are tired, go and rest. Don’t worry, I will protect you as much as possible here.”

Nalan Fairy stared at Lu Yin, and suddenly approached. The fragrance hit his nostrils. Lu Yin subconsciously stepped back, but there was a cliff behind him. He had no way to retreat. Nalan Fairy came close to Lu Yin, less than ten meters away from him. Centimeters away, Lu Yin only needed to move forward a little to kiss her.

“You know? Saying such words to a woman will make her misunderstand.” Nalan Fairy opened her red lips lightly and made a soft and charming voice.

Lu Yin’s heart beat faster. The temptation given to him by Nalan Fairy was too great. At this moment, he forgot everything else and only saw this beauty. He breathed quickly and subconsciously wanted to reach out and kiss her, but Nalan Fairy did not. When he was about to kiss her, he stepped back with a smile and avoided it. Then he gave Lu Yin a beautiful smile and turned to leave.

Lu Yin panted heavily and looked at the goblin’s leaving figure. He felt more tired than fighting against the Enlightenment Realm.

What does it feel like? He couldn’t control himself and had the urge to push this woman down. This feeling was so wonderful.

“Your Highness the Regent, I will live in Zhenyu Star. Don’t worry, I will pay the rent, haha.” In the distance, Nalan Fairy’s voice faded away.

Lu Yin took a deep breath, then exhaled it, looking at the goblin in the distance with a wry smile.

At this time, a message from Gwen came from the personal terminal. The bank crystal card given by Nalan Fairy contained five billion cubic star energy crystals.


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