Star Odyssey Chapter 5270: Do you understand?

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At this moment, Lu Yin felt the horror of luck.

This is the length of Xiangsiyu’s luck. His luck has never exceeded Xiangsiyu.

No wonder the Six Great Lords and the Qi Luck are always respected.

Because luck really helps.

You never know when you’re going to be unlucky.

What you may think is good luck is just the beginning of bad luck.

Doom body? He thought about Yun Xin again, Hongtai appeared, and the Doom Body turned out to be in human form.

Luck has been plotting against human civilization for too long.

At this time, Long Xi came.

Lu Yin looked at her: “What are you doing here?”

Long Xi made tea silently, took away the previous cup, and placed a new cup of tea in front of Xiang Siyu.

Xiang Siyu looked at her from beginning to end, smiling for the first time in her eyes.

Long Xi looked at her without fear: “Please.”

Lu Yin urged: “You can go down now.”

Long Xi didn’t move, just looked at Xiang Siyu.

The smile in Xiangsiyu’s eyes became more and more obvious: “Facing you, I have two emotions.”

Lu Yin looked at her and curled his fingers unconsciously.

“The first one is like an ant.”

Long Xi’s expression did not change, and his eyes were still staring at Xiang Siyu.

The corners of Xiang Siyu’s mouth curled up: “The second kind is incomprehensible.”

Lu Yin was startled, unable to understand?

Xiangsiyu withdrew her gaze, “The emotion is a bit incomprehensible, but you still dare to stand up without any fear even though you know who I am. I admire you very much.”

Long Xi said lightly: “Please taste it.”

Xiang Siyu smiled: “Thank you.”

“That’s enough, please step back.” Lu Yin urged again.

Long Xi glanced at him worriedly, turned and left.

Xiang Siyu smiled slightly, her eyes falling calmly on Lu Yin again, “I’m curious, how would you feel if she died?”


The tea cup shattered, Lu Yin stared at Xiangsiyu, with murderous intent in his eyes. At this moment, the entire Xiangcheng froze, and time stopped passing at this moment.

Xiang Siyu’s smile remained unchanged: “If you look at me like that again, I want to give it a try.”

Lu Yin forcibly withdrew his gaze and said in a cold tone: “What exactly do you want to do when you come to me?”

Xiang Siyu took a sip of tea and said, “Not bad.”

Putting down the tea cup, she smiled and said: “You completed the last task very well. I didn’t expect you to complete it so well.”

“It’s a pity that your reward doesn’t count.” Lu Yin said.

“No, I haven’t given you a reward yet.”

“It is your promise to ensure that I become one sixth.”

“You did it yourself, but then you gave up, didn’t you?”

Lu Yin looked at her: “If you don’t give up, I will die.”

Xiang Siyu smiled slightly: “No, I will definitely protect you, you should believe me.”

Lu Yin didn’t speak anymore.

“Keeping you one-sixth is a promise, not a reward. The real reward is to make you understand the original blow. Have you forgotten?” Xiang Siyu said.

Lu Yin remembered that when he got the extra reward, he chose to try to get rid of Xiangsiyu, so he took action, but that time he was defeated by Xiangsiyu, and he was defeated in an incomprehensible way.

Xiang Siyu said that the reward for completing the next mission is for him to understand that blow.

Lu Yin stared at her: “Are you willing to let me understand?”

Xiang Siyu didn’t care: “It’s just a little trick, I told you before. Then, see clearly.”

After speaking, she raised her white finger and pointed in a direction. Lu Yin looked in the direction she pointed. The void was infinitely drawn closer, and a city appeared. It was a very lively city, located in a technological civilization.

Xiangcheng contains three universes, and there is a technological civilization in each universe. People in the civilization don’t know Xiangcheng at all, and they can’t see the outer starry sky.

They don’t know that above the technology, two pairs of eyes are looking at it, that is the limit that their technology can never break through.


A loud noise.

The whole city exploded.

The huge shock wave swept away the city, turning it into ashes. All that was left were ruins and countless corpses. Most of the corpses were incomplete and scattered all over the ruins, making it look like hell.

Lu Yin’s pupils shrank suddenly, and he stood up suddenly and stared at Xiang Siyu.

Xiang Siyu raised her eyes with a smile: “Did you see clearly?”

Lu Yin stared at her and spoke word by word: “You killed an entire city.”

Xiangsiyu blinked: “What’s the problem? I’m just an ant who can’t even understand the stars in the universe.”

Lu Yin’s eyes were shocked and he stared at her as if he had met her for the first time. Ever since the inner and outer world met, he was thrown to the camp by Xiangsiyu, and he was considered to be targeted. Completing tasks again and again, although arduous, also has rewards, and Xiangsiyu’s soft appearance always reminds him of the man who has great luck but is worried that he can no longer do it

A breakthrough woman, so he has mixed feelings about Xiang Siyu.

Now that she understands that this is the Master of Fate, she has been using him, especially after he dominates the inner and outer world, she obviously feels that she will be targeted and even killed.

But because she has never done anything to harm herself, she cannot really regard her as an enemy.

The most obvious thing is that if it was not Xiangsiyu who found Xiangsiyu, but other masters, he would have taken action long ago.

However, at this moment, his feelings towards Xiangsiyu completely changed.

She is either the bright woman who helped her, or she is the master of fate who treats human beings like ants and participated in the destruction of Ninth Base. The corner of Xiangsiyu’s mouth curled up: “It really hasn’t changed. The defeat of the ninth base is due to the flaws of human emotions. I am very satisfied with your reaction just now, so the previous promise is still valid. I will ensure that you become one of the six, because You, never

Possible breakthrough. ”

Lu Yin made a voice with extreme coldness: “You are trying me.”

“You can say that, but did you see it clearly just now? I am indeed teaching you.”

“Exchange a city and millions of lives for testing me?”

“Millions? Is that a number?”

Looking at Xiang Siyu’s nonchalant smile, Lu Yin’s eyes gradually relaxed, and then calmly sat down slowly.

Xiang Siyu looked at him with interest: “Do you understand?”

Lu Yin was silent, he didn’t understand.

Xiang Siyu moved her finger, the void became closer again, and a new city appeared.

“Look again.”

Lu Yin shouted: “Stop.”

The next moment, the city was torn apart in the rain of swords. This is a city where civilization is cultivated.

Lu Yin stared at Xiang Siyu.

Xiang Siyu’s smile remained unchanged: “Do you understand?”

“No need to understand.”

“But I hope you understand.” After saying that, another city appeared.

The purple fortune around Lu Yin was like a mountain suppressing him. Six cards appeared behind him, gathering airflow. He wanted to take action, but his whole body could not move.

Xiangsiyu was the master at his peak. They were too close to each other, so close that no creature under the master could resist at this time.

City, destroyed.

“Do you understand?”

Lu Yin exploded with all his strength, his body shook, and cracks spread in the void.

Xiang Siyu was surprised, “You are more powerful than I thought. You can actually shake my luck and have initially reached the level of dominance. Unfortunately, resistance is ineffective, even if you are ten times stronger. ”


The city was destroyed.

“Do you understand?”

Lu Yin let go of his hand and released all the strength from his body. He raised his head and stared into the void that was being drawn closer. His pupils were bloodshot and he stared hard: “No.”

Cities continue to be destroyed.

Destroyed again and again.

Lu Yin forced himself not to resist, because resisting was meaningless.

He forced himself to stare at every destroyed city. He could only stop if he understood.

He saw countless people die.

Their deaths come from the ruthlessness of the master and from the deterrence of human civilization. Who can resist her killing? Lu Yin couldn’t do it, and no one in Xiangcheng could do it.

Her cruelty formed a sharp contrast with the smile on her face, which Lu Yin could never forget.

“Do you understand?”

“Got it.”

Xiang Siyu looked at Lu Yin with a smile: “Tell me about it.”

Lu Yin was completely calm at this moment, and his calm look was exactly the same as when Xiang Siyu appeared at the beginning, “You deprived them of their luck.”

Xiang Siyu shook her head, and the breeze blew by, bringing fragrance, “Luck, since it can be a force, can also have a direction.”

“I didn’t deprive them of their luck, I just changed the direction of it.” “For example, in the first city, there is a certain powerful weapon hidden there. Any kind of weapon, or the research on combat skills and techniques in the cultivation world are all Luck is inseparable, even if there is only a little bit of luck, as long as the direction of luck is changed, this research

It will be completely reversed. ”

“It’s the same as the reverse use of physical power you used before, but my reaction can be used on all things, even events.”

Lu Yin raised his eyes, looking at all directions, will the extremes of things be reversed?

Can luck be used in this way?

So when I punched with all my strength, Xiang Siyu changed my luck, causing my power to completely disappear at that moment.

“Look, it’s a little trick. If you explain it clearly, you’ll understand.” The narrowed void disappeared.

How many people died in just one action?

If Lu Yin was a cruel and ruthless cultivator, he wouldn’t care, but the more he carries civilization on his back, the more he will care.

This is the answer Xiangsiyu wants. She has witnessed the destruction of Ninth Base with her own eyes. For her, a large factor in Ninth Base’s defeat comes from human emotions, so the second barrier will collapse, taking the entire Ninth Base with it. rout.

As long as she is sure of this, she can be sure that she will also be defeated by this in the future.

“What I taught you is something that even the practitioners of Qi Luck have never heard of. Lu Yin, are you satisfied with this reward?”

Lu Yin nodded, his voice was flat and there was no emotion at all: “Satisfied, so satisfied.”

Xiang Siyu smiled and said: “As long as you are satisfied, then, are you willing to accept the next mission? There are also good rewards.”

Lu Yin did not look at her: “What mission?”

“Kill Wang Wen.”

Lu Yin looked at her in surprise: “Kill Wang Wen?”

Xiang Siyu dragged her chin with one hand and nodded: “Is there any accident?”

Lu Yin looked at her, what on earth were these people thinking?

Obviously he teamed up with Wang Wen and the Master of Death to besiege and kill the Master of Cause and Effect, but in the blink of an eye Wang Wen joined forces with Qian Ji to trick and kill the Master, while Xiang Siyu wanted to kill Wang Wen herself. It’s just baffling.


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