Star Odyssey Chapter 5269: Am I not welcome?

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Mingzuo is now at odds with the entire life master clan and has been isolated from the beginning to the end. Only Mingfan can protect it, and he must also protect it.

Lu Yin quietly checked Mingzuo’s memory.

Soon after, he noticed something strange.

The Lord of Life returned to the inner and outer heavens, and Ming Zuo and other creatures from the Life Lord clan knelt down to worship him. This was normal. What was abnormal was that Ming Zuo had no feeling of being connected to the Lord of Life.

This is not normal.

If a practicing creature wants to give birth to an heir, the higher the cultivation level, the higher the talent of giving birth to an heir, but correspondingly, the more difficult it is to give birth to an heir.

However, as long as an heir is born, as the cultivator’s strength increases, the strength of the offspring will continue to increase subtly.

Lu Yin can have the talent of teleportation because ancestor Lu Yuan planted this talent.

If the Lu family can do this, why do they have no contact with the Life Master family at all? This is not right.

Mingzuo had no feeling of connection with the master of life. This abnormality made Lu Yin feel that he had caught something, but he couldn’t remember it.

He immediately withdrew from the fusion and brought out Shi Gui, “Let me ask you, is there any connection between you and the Lord of Time?”

Shi Gui didn’t understand: “What’s the connection?”

“The connection between life and life.”

“You mean blood relationship?”


Shigui nodded: “Yes.”

“Speak clearly.”

“Every time I face the Overlord, I feel like I am being suppressed by the source of my bloodline, but my understanding of time will also improve. The closer I get to the Overlord, the more so.”

Lu Yin stared at Shi Gui: “Where are the other dominant creatures?”

Shi Gui said: “We have never asked this, but it is the same, it is common sense. Although the Lord is not the highest in the Time Lord clan, his cultivation determines everything, and seniority is just the way the Lord manages the Lord clan.”

“Even those who are older than the Lord of Time will still be affected by the Lord of Time.”

Lu Yin put away Shi Gui and asked the same question to Shengzang and many other captured creatures. The answers were all the same and they would definitely be affected.

How could it be possible for a special master not to affect future generations?

But Mingzuo was indeed not affected.

Lu Yin released Bi Xuanyue and asked about the life master clan.

The Xuanyue clan belongs to the Life Alliance and should know something about it.

Hearing Lu Yin’s question, Bi Xuanyue looked at him in surprise and answered naturally: “This is because the master of life deliberately suppressed it.”

“The Master once said that it was unwilling to affect the cultivation of future generations, and its insights may not be suitable for all future generations.”

Lu Yin stared at Bi Xuanyue: “This answer was given to you by the master of life?”

Bi Xuanyue nodded.

“No one has ever asked?”

“No, who would pay attention to such a thing?”

Lu Yin put Bi Xuanyue away. He paid attention, but he couldn’t solve the puzzle.

There is a huge mystery surrounding the master of life.

Through Mingzuo’s memory, Lu Yin learned that the master of life had left the inner and outer world again. He knew it was because of Mingfan.

Mingfan is one of the few creatures who can understand the traces of the master of life.

So Lu Yin was not polite and directly entered the Taibai Ming Realm and appeared in front of Ming Fan.

Ming Fan looked at the sudden arrival of Lu Yin, his expression changed drastically.

“Why panic? The master is not here, who knew I would come.” Lu Yin was very calm.

Mingfan’s panic was subconscious, and he felt a little more at ease after hearing Lu Yin’s words: “The master does not know when he will return, and this Taibai Fate Realm retains the power of the master.”

“I can retreat safely from the master of life. Do you think I care about the power it leaves behind?” Lu Yin asked back.

Mingfan became even more respectful after hearing this, “Master Lu, who is here this time?”

“Let me ask you, have you ever been affected by the master of life? It’s the kind of bloodline.”

“This, the master suppressed it specifically, so we were not affected.”

“All other creatures of the master clan can be affected, but your life master clan is special?”

“This is the master’s consideration, I don’t know.”

“Where are the severed branches?”

“Taibai Fate Realm.”

“Well, take me in…”

Soon after, Lu Yin entered the real Taibai fate realm.

Mingfan’s worries are not unnecessary. Lu Yin is not afraid of the power left by the Master of Life, but he also doesn’t want to attract attention, so he wants to leave the inner and outer world and enter the real Taibai Fate Realm from a short distance away, but this may be rejected.

The key has changed.

He has already entered the Taibai Fate Realm once, and even dragged away the Immortal Star Chart. How could the Master of Life allow him to enter again.

If you can still get in from the outside, it’s a matter of fate.

Because the new key is in Mingfan’s hand.

Mingfan took Lu Yin into the real Taibai Fate Realm, but before leaving, Lu Yin asked for the key.

Mingfan begged: “There is only one key. If it is gone, the master must know that there is something wrong with me.”

Lu Yin stared at it: “Only one handful?”


Lu Yin may not care about Mingfan’s life or death, but if the master of life discovers that there is something wrong with Mingfan, then there is no point in holding the key. He may even face the master of life when he comes in, which is a trap.

But he must have the key.

“Don’t worry, if I enter the real Taibai Fate Realm and get discovered by the Master of Life, I will definitely take you away.”

Although Mingfan was unwilling, facing Lu Yin’s gaze, he could only hand over the key and leave in a hurry. Before leaving, he reminded Lu Yin not to leave any traces.

Lu Yin came to find the clone, and he didn’t want to do anything.

Although he saw the Immortal Star Map again, he could drag it away once, but it was not necessary. Once Mingfan was dragged away, he would be dead.

Looking into the distance, a large number of branches soaked in divine power were lying there quietly. I found them.

The clone is also inside.

Because it was suppressed by the vitality of the Immortal Star Chart, it was completely undetectable.

Lu Yin’s consciousness entered the clone’s body, and after checking it, there was no change, and then he breathed a sigh of relief.

The life master did not notice the clone, it must be because the clone has no breath, just like a corpse. Moreover, the branches are so big that the clone inside is no different from an ant.

After all, in addition to the clones, there are also the corpses of many other creatures in these branches.

Thrown them all here.

The Master of Life left in a hurry, Lu Yin could see, why? Found the master of cause and effect?

Lu Yin left without leaving any traces here. He must not be noticed by the master of life.

Back to Xiangcheng, it’s time to leave this chaotic square inch away.

Staying here will easily attract powerful enemies.

Lu Yin doesn’t think he can really consider everything perfectly, as unexpected things always happen.

If you can stay away from the ancestors, stay away.

The ancestors are one of the foundations for the rise of mankind.

A hundred years passed by in a hurry, and for Xiangcheng, the entire universe was quiet.

Xiang Cheng floats in a square inch, moving without purpose.

Lu Yin continued to combine divine power and deathly silence, waiting for contact from Wang Wen.

The six masters, except for the master of consciousness, will kill the rest if they can. This is the common idea between him and Wang Wen.

On this day, Lu Yin suddenly felt uneasy and felt that something had happened.

He walked out of the retreat and looked at the stars, but there was nothing.

Just in case, he teleported away with Xiangcheng and kept moving, as if he was avoiding something.

The people in Xiangcheng have long been accustomed to strange things, and teleportation has no effect on them anyway.

Soon after, Lu Yin stopped and sat on the mountain behind Tianshang Sect. Behind him, Long Xi came and made tea for him.

After taking a sip, he looked at the tea cup in concentration, slowly put it down, and turned his head. There, a figure appeared out of nowhere, looking at him with a smile on his face, as if nothing could affect the calmness in his eyes.

The smile and the calm eyes formed a strong contrast, giving people an indescribable weirdness.

“Acacia rain?” Long Xi exclaimed.

Lu Yin once asked his clone to go to the universe of death and specially invited Xiang Siyu to give him luck in the retreat place. Long Xi naturally recognized him.

Lu Yin looked at Xiang Siyu with heavy eyes, and still found him.

Luck governs. His hands clenched unconsciously, and scenes of escaping from the pursuit of the master of life appeared in his mind. The gap was too big. Xiang Siyu was not the master of death. The master of death at that time had not recovered, and was surrounded and killed by Wang Wen and the others. There is no strength left in ten, so

Only you can be beaten away by yourself.

Acacia Rain is different.

She was the master at her peak.

Xiang Siyu looked at Lu Yin with a smile: “Don’t you welcome me? Lord Lu.”

Long Xi wanted to say something, but Lu Yin stopped him, “You go first.”

Long Xi looked at Lu Yin with worried eyes.

Lu Yin smiled at her: “It’s okay, go ahead.”

Long Xi took a deep breath, looked at Xiang Siyu again, turned around and left.

Xiang Siyu walked up step by step, her beautiful face unforgettable: “She has deep feelings for you.” After saying that, he sat down naturally, picked up the tea Lu Yin had drunk, took a sip, and dropped the Her hair fluttered in the wind, very soft and beautiful.

Lu Yin stared at her: “How did you get here?”

Xiang Siyu put down the teacup: “Is it important?”

“A little bit.”

“Well, if you want to know, you can.” After saying that, he raised his white arm and pointed at the void, and another figure appeared.

Looking at the figure that appeared, Lu Yin’s pupils flickered, and then he smiled bitterly: “I see, no wonder.”

The figure that appears is – not dim.

Xiang Siyu smiled slightly: “It is one of my bad luck bodies.”

Lu Yin didn’t even know what he was laughing at, as if everything was under the control of the enemy.

Not dim, this sequence of people who forcibly grabbed the luck bag and reluctantly joined the luck due to bad luck is actually one of Xiangsiyu’s bad luck bodies.

No wonder Xiangsiyu can find Xiangcheng.

No need to rely on luck.

Luck also takes time to achieve. If Xiangcheng had stayed where he was, Xiangsiyu would definitely be able to find her. She was so lucky. But Xiangcheng kept moving, and even if Xiangsiyu could find the previous location, she would still be gone. That’s why Lu Yin asked why she would

Come here, why?

The answer was right in front of him, making him feel ridiculous.

I originally hoped to avoid the rain of lovesickness with my good luck.

Xiang Siyu waved his hand to Bu An and disappeared: “You should be grateful to it. If it weren’t for it, your luck would not be so good.”

Lu Yin nodded: “So in the free war, when it comes to luck, I have always been good at luck, because I am not bad at luck.”

“It can be said that Yunxin thinks that I have given you good luck, and you can understand it this way.”

“Have you already laid out the plan?”

Xiang Siyu smiled even happier, but the calmness in her eyes never wavered: “No, it’s because you were unlucky, or maybe I was lucky, and I was taken away by you.”

“I have a lot of clones, and a lot of bad luck bodies. Think about it, Xiangsiyu didn’t know his identity before, right, and Bu’an didn’t know either.” “It can only be said that from the beginning, luck was on the side. On my side.”


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