Star Odyssey Chapter 5268: Come again

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This is really to the point. Of course he doesn’t want to be found by Xiang Siyu.

“If you don’t want to, you won’t be found?”

Wang Wen smiled and said: “So you have a hard time, you have to hide from several masters.”

That’s true.

Lu Yin had a headache.

“Actually, there is a very simple way to eliminate the hidden dangers of causal seeds.” Wang Wen paused and continued: “As long as the master of causality determines that the causal seeds are traps.”

“Aren’t we still going to be surrounded and killed?” Qian Jiguiyan asked.

Wang Wendao: “Not necessarily. If you remind it twice, it won’t dare to show its face. After all, as a master, it has escaped, which shows that it is really going to bottom out. In the end, even if it has hidden cards, it will not use it to take risks. To deal with humans.”

“Compared with our fear of you, the Taoist Master of Chess Pieces, the Master of Cause and Effect has no time to worry about you. It would rather deal with Xiang Siyu and us.”

Lu Yin knew that Wang Wen was right, but his heart became heavier and heavier.

Wang Wen is so smart that he can see ten steps at a time. Surrounding and killing the Lord with such people is tantamount to seeking skin from a tiger. He is confident in his own strength, but has Wang Wen really been seen clearly?

How strong is the power that His Majesty left in his body?

He is aware of all the methods he has used to expose himself. Once he sees his own power clearly when surrounding his lord, it will not be a good thing for him.

Thinking of this, he left a message and left: “Tell me when you want to surround and kill the Lord. The prerequisite is that the rain of lovesickness cannot appear.”

The attitude of Wang Wen and others made Lu Yin unpredictable. They wanted to surround and kill the Lord of Cause and Effect, but they also told themselves to use Hun Ji to alert the Lord of Cause and Effect, making the Lord of Cause and Effect think that Hun Ji’s whereabouts might be a trap, so as to keep Xiangcheng safe. But in this case, how can we still use the seed of cause and effect?

The master of cause and effect?

By doing this, the possibility of fishing out the Master of Cause and Effect is almost non-existent.

Has he completely given up on killing the Lord of Karma? Or is it more important to kill the Lord than to kill the Lord of Cause and Effect?

Lu Yin didn’t understand what they were doing.

I always feel that there is an explanation that only exists between Wang Wen, Xiang Siyu and the Lord of Death. The rest are all pawns, including the Lords of Cause and Effect, Life, and Time.

Killing the Lord for what?


If this is the case, if you surround and kill the master, you may be able to know the cause and effect. But the danger is bound to exist, and neither Wang Wen nor Xiang Siyu will let him go.

Lu Yin looked into the void, with scenes of the past appearing in front of his eyes, trying to sort out the clues, but this could not be sorted out by cause and effect. Even the master of cause and effect was unable to protect himself now, and he must not know the reason.

After pondering for a long time, Lu Yin finally decided to follow Wang Wen’s words and protect Xiangcheng first, so that the Lord of Cause and Effect would not dare to take any action on the human side. Only by protecting himself can he do more things later.

They want to surround and kill the Lord, provided they can find him.

The bottom line is that Xiang Siyu cannot appear, because only Xiang Siyu has the ability to kill him.

Others, like Wang Wen, are unlikely to play tricks.

As for how to make him believe that Xiangsiyu didn’t show up, that’s Wang Wen’s business.

Wang Wen understood him, and he also understood Wang Wen.

Soon, Hun Ji and Jiang Qi came.

They are all familiar with each other.

“Come again?” Hun Ji asked.

Lu Yin shrugged, looked at Jiang Qi, then at Hun Ji: “Come again.”

Chang Qi clenched his fist: “I will work hard.”

The next moment, Jiang Qi stood between Hun Ji’s eyebrows, grabbed the seed of karma, stepped on Hun Ji with his feet, and pulled it out with all his strength.

Perhaps it was because the tug-of-war with Sin Cang was loosened a bit last time, but this time, Qi Rang’s causal seeds were shaken, and Hun Ji’s eyes widened, showing something interesting.

At this moment, a pair of eyes appeared, as if they were falling towards Hun Ji and Jiang Qi from a whole square inch away.

Lu Yin grabbed Jiang Qi away and looked up into those eyes.

The eyes disappeared as if they had never been there.

But Lu Yin knew that this moment alerted the Lord of Cause and Effect.

Jiang Qi was trembling.

Hunji’s heart sank to the bottom, and at that moment there was an unspeakable panic. Just kidding, it is actually afraid, afraid of the enemy, it is unforgivable.

It would be too embarrassing if Master Mi knew about it. It’s the same as the last time when those masters came to the inner and outer heavens.

Lu Yin stared at the starry sky for a while, and then breathed a sigh of relief after confirming that the power of causality had completely disappeared.

It is difficult to remove the seeds of karma from Hunji’s body. Jiang Qi can’t do it, at least he can’t do it now. But every time it came loose, it was finally able to be pulled out.

But is it okay to just pull it out?

He thought of the scene where Sui Cang died after being caught with his Karma Brand.

Would the seed of cause and effect be like this too?

Relative to the master of cause and effect, the strength of the most powerful Hunji is no different from that of ants.

A few inches away from a certain corner, the Lord of Cause and Effect slowly opened his eyes, his eyes gloomy and as deep as an abyss.

Humanity actually found the seed of cause and effect? I’ve had this feeling before, but it was very vague, but I can see it clearly this time.

Humans, Xiangcheng.

Lu Yin.

It seems that they can’t take action against humans for the time being. They can find the seeds of cause and effect. If Xiangsiyu and the others find humans one step ahead, this is a trap for themselves, and humans cannot move.

In Xiangcheng, after Huanji and Jiang Qi left, Lu Yin went to the direction of the eternal consciousness.

He did not want to disturb the ancestor, so he did not lead to the eternal consciousness. He just took a look and left.

Next we went to Zhizong.

He left the divine clone in the divine tree and immersed himself in the divine power. This clone was born for divine power.

Then he returned to Xiangcheng and continued to try to fuse divine power and deathly power.

Wang Wen and Qianji Guiyan both dare to plot against the Lord, and the fusion of divine power and death that they value is even more worthy of attention.

Not long after, a terrifying sense of oppression swept over him.

Lu Yin suddenly walked out and looked at the starry sky. This feeling was very similar to the first time he saw the battle between the inner and outer worlds. Compared with that time, his strength was earth-shaking, but the power that appeared was also different.

What appears this time is the power of dominance.

The white light flashed a square inch, shining in a circle around the mother tree. The next moment, all the branches soaked in divine power broke and separated from the mother tree.

Lu Yin looked at it in shock, it was the master of life, it took action.

I brought the Immortal Star Chart out of the Taibai Fate Realm. The Master of Life must have retrieved the Immortal Star Chart at this moment, so he had time to solve the hidden danger of divine power.

The eight colors finally dyed so many branches, and they were gone in an instant.

The mother tree is so big that it covers a square inch.

The Master of Life cut off the infected branches surrounding the entire mother tree with one move. This terrifying strength shocked all the creatures who saw this scene, letting them know that the Master and other creatures are not the same concept.

Lu Yin felt heavy.

He knew this fact when he was being hunted by the Master of Life. He used all his strength to take action, and with the help of the Nine Changes he had just realized at that time, he barely escaped for a moment. You must know that with his strength at that time, he was enough to suppress any strongest person. He is much stronger than during the decisive battle with the Grand Palace Master, but he is still so powerless

, the rest of the creatures are even less able to resist the master.

This is a qualitative transformation.

The king was too confident and always suppressed the master, thinking that even if they broke through the master level, it would be useless, but they eventually failed.

Looking calmly, Lu Yin’s eyes suddenly changed. No, the clone is still in the sacred tree.

He watched the dyed branches disappear one by one. They must have been dragged away by the master of life, otherwise who would have such speed?

But the clone is still in the sacred tree.

The sacred tree was also cut off and disappeared.

Lu Yin stared at the mother tree that had returned to normal in astonishment. However, the mother tree at this moment was a bit wither than before, which could be clearly seen.

Is the divine clone okay?

Lu Yin was uneasy, but he could only wait.

After waiting for more than ten years, the years flowed under his feet. With one finger, he hit the annual ring and entered the first realm of square inches.

Take a step forward, the mirror shatters, and he enters the first realm, looking at the inner and outer heavens.

The beautiful universe is still so peaceful, with no living beings crossing it.

Now he wanted to know where those branches had gone.

He couldn’t sense where the clone was at all.

Since it is the master of life who takes action, then.

Lu Yin saw an acquaintance and ordered him to leave.

Mingzuo, an ill-fated life dominates a clan of creatures. At first he was abandoned, but later he met Lu Yin, embarked on the path of cultivation, and also embarked on the path of betrayal, falling into it step by step. During the battle of the Great Palace Master, it entered the Great Realm Palace in advance, helped Lu Yin win the Great Realm Heart, and allowed Lu Yin to intimidate the Great Palace


I stopped paying attention to it after that.

Lu Yin never cared about its life or death. This Mingzuo didn’t really help him, and even thought about betraying him. He had no choice but to obey because he was being controlled.

Now that the master of life has returned, what is he thinking? Lu Yin was curious, so he merged into Mingzuo’s body.

Mirror light technique, you can reach it by teleportation when you see it.

When he enters the first realm and sees clearly the inner and outer heavens, he can naturally enter any place he sees in the inner and outer heavens. Seeing Mingzuo, Mingzuo couldn’t escape.

And once the six points of the dice were integrated into Mingzuo’s body, he could see whatever Mingzuo was thinking.

After integrating into Mingzuo’s body, Lu Yin understood how complicated Mingzuo’s mood was at the moment.

On the one hand, it hopes that Lu Yin can come back and become one-sixth again, and it also has a backer.

On the other hand, it is afraid of being noticed by the master of life. It knows very well that Lu Yin cannot protect it. Once it is discovered that it has been betrayed, the end will be miserable.

But if Lu Yin doesn’t kill it, it will always be just an ordinary life-dominating creature. Although it is protected by Mingfan and has a high status in the Taibai Fate Realm, so what.

After watching the Free Period War, its ambitions also appeared.

Lu Yin was surprised that Ming Zuo still had ambitions.

But it’s not difficult to understand.

It is an important part of the entire Free War.

Without it, Lu Yin couldn’t go to Taibai Ming Realm, couldn’t have a showdown with Ming Fan, and couldn’t kill Ming Qing.

There is no way to deter the Grand Palace Master later.

It can be said that fate is very important, but it knows its importance, but it does not get the rewards it deserves. This is a point of dissatisfaction.

It paid a lot, but received only the protection of Mingfan and the humiliating experience of escaping into the Great Realm Palace alone after the Life Master clan fled.

For the creatures of the life master clan, it is a shame for Mingfan to escape early, enter the Great Realm Palace, and end up safe and sound.

They have all fled within an inch of each other. Why is this life left still in the inner and outer heavens until the master returns? Of course, no one doubted it. After all, it was justified to enter the Great Realm Palace, which was what the Great Realm Palace had promised.


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