Star Odyssey Chapter 5267: Except you

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The forces of the reflux camp included Qianji Guiyan and even Wang Wen from beginning to end.

It’s just this kind of relationship, the bottom layer will never know about it.

The director of the other hospital doesn’t even know if he can go to the hospital or not.

To end the conversation, Lu Yin just had to wait for the storyteller to contact him.

Then, he looked in one direction, where it was time to go.

A teleport away.

Soon after, Lu Yin came to Zhizong.

Looking at the sacred tree that has been soaked in the mother tree in the distance, the size has not changed, but the twelve colors of divine power are flowing to the entire mother tree. Moreover, it is much bald, and many branches are gone, which is strange.

Base is ruthless enough. He really plans to replace the mother tree with divine power and use this power to deal with the master.

His true form has merged with twelve lines of divine power, but he also has a divine clone.

The clone also needs to be improved.

Thinking about it, I fell asleep, and the divine clone walked out, came under the sacred tree and began to absorb the divine power.

The clone has not integrated all the divine power lines, but due to continuous improvement, it is now enough to integrate seven colors or even eight colors of divine power. Let’s fuse it first.

Time passes slowly.

The divine clone continuously merges the divine power line and absorbs divine power at the same time. The divine power here is endless, and there is no sign of any decrease.

And because the more divine power is absorbed, the stronger the divine power clone itself becomes. This clone only cultivates divine power.

I don’t know how long it’s been since I got in touch with the storyteller.

What appears in the Mirror of Time is a thousand tricks.

“Hey, long time no see. Are you still alive?” Qianji Juyan said hello, not caring about what he had done before.

The corners of Lu Yin’s mouth curled up: “If you don’t die, I won’t die that easily.”

Qianji Guiyan grinned: “I heard that you found the first realm? What happened?”

“I heard you rebelled again?”

“Yes, it’s a pity that we failed. The Lord of Death ran away. There is no way. Any trump card hidden by the dominance power cannot be easily overcome by us. It would be good if we can uncover it.” “Yeah, Understand, I was chased by the Lord of Life, and even with all my strength and luck, I could only escape for a moment.” Lu Yin did not intend to tell the story of his encounter with the Lord of Death. Compared to the Inner and Outer Heaven period, he was much stronger. Enough to give

Thousands of tricks played out, and Wang Wen and the others were in for a surprise.

These are also enemies.

“Then let’s talk about it, the first realm of Fangcun.” Qian Jiguiyan said.

Lu Yin stared at Qianji Guiyan: “This is a trivial matter. Even if you tell me, you can’t find it. Now there is another thing that is more interesting and challenging. Are you interested?”

Qianji Guiyan shrugged: “We are not interested in anything except killing the master.”

Lu Yin smiled: “Just kill the master.”

“Which one?”


“Do you know where the cause and effect is?” Qianji Guiyan was surprised, and he was rarely surprised.

Lu Yin nodded: “I can catch it.”

“A seed of karma?” A familiar voice appeared. Next to Qianji Guiyan, Wang Wen walked out and looked at Lu Yin with a smile: “Master Chess Piece, am I right?”

Lu Yin looked deeply at Wang Wen: “Yes, the seed of cause and effect.”

Wang Wen nodded: “The six masters have different temperaments and temperaments.”

“The master of life is good at hiding and creating illusions.”

“Death dominates impulse and is good at killing.”

“Consciousness dominates the desire for beauty and is too naive.”

“Time governs the insidious, and is good at plotting the past.”

“The master of luck seems not to care about anything, but in fact, luck has already covered everything.”

“The Lord of Cause and Effect is the most insidious and the best at preparing in advance. It was largely responsible for the collapse of the Nine Bases War, and only it can find your whereabouts.”

“But there is no need to look for it, you are just a few inches away from the chaos.”

Lu Yin did not deny it: “So I can catch it, right?”

“Yes, it can find you, and you can catch it. So, are you here to cooperate with us?”

“I can help you lure it out, but the siege has nothing to do with me. I don’t have the ability to kill the master.”

“You are too modest.”

At this time, another figure appeared, surprising Lu Yin: “Eight Colors?”

Base spoke: “I also participated in the siege to kill the master.”

Lu Yin didn’t expect Ba Se to hang out with Wang Wen and the others again, “What happened to the mother tree?”

Base said: “The road to deal with the master by impregnating the mother tree with divine power is very long, so for the time being we can only divert the master’s attention. If we can kill one or two masters, it will be perfect.” “Chess piece Taoist, surround and kill the cause and effect , you should help, after all, we can help you solve the hidden danger, or you abandon the person who has been planted with the seeds of karma. Let me think about it, is it Hun Ji?”


The list of causal seeds is only known to some of the creatures of the causal master clan. Wang Wen guessed that he seemed to be unaware, but Lu Yin could not be sure whether he knew it specifically.

“No matter who it is, if you don’t kill the Lord of Cause and Effect, you have to abandon him. Based on my understanding of you, the Taoist Master of Chess Pieces, you probably won’t do that.”

Lu Yin said calmly: “I can let him stay by my side. The Lord of Life can’t find me, and the Lord of Cause and Effect can’t even hope to find me.”

Wang Wen agreed: “It’s a way, but there is a pair of eyes always staring at you. Do you really not care? That is the master. He can take action across time and space, and you can’t even see it.”

“So I have a proposal. You help us kill the Lord, and we will help you kill the Karma. The conditions are equal, and we also promise to ensure the safety of everyone except you. How about it?”

Lu Yin looked at Wang Wen in surprise.

Qian Ji Guiyan glanced at Wang Wen.

“Apart from me?” Wang Wen nodded, his eyes soft, without any murderous intent, “Yes, except for you. After all, you are too much of a threat to us, so if possible, we may take action against you. , but I can promise not to take action against anyone in Xiangcheng. This

This is my guarantee, Wang Wen. ”

“It can also be a guarantee that thousands of tricks will trick them, or even destiny will dominate.”

Lu Yin narrowed his eyes and stared at Wang Wen, really unabashedly direct.

Whether it is the master, the palace master who broke the blockade, or the returning master, as well as Wang Wen and the others in front of them, they all seem to regard themselves as the biggest threat.

In fact, it is not wrong.

I acted too exaggeratedly. His thoughts changed quickly. If he gave up contact with Wang Wen and the others, he would ensure that he would not be plotted by Wang Wen, let alone encounter an invincible opponent like the Lord of Fate. But the master of cause and effect is always a thorn, I need to practice, it is impossible

Always on the road to escape.

Wang Wen saw through his scruples. In fact, when he took the initiative to contact Qianji Guiyan, he was already passive.

Unless we completely give up on encircling and killing the Lord of Cause and Effect.

In this way, he doesn’t know what losses Wang Wen and the others have suffered, but he will always be hunted down and plotted by the master in the future, and he will never be able to survive normally.

This is not acceptable to him.

Compared to the Lord, Wang Wen, and Qianji Guiyan, they pose much less threat to themselves. Although he does not have master-level combat power, he can move instantly, and all the power they have to surround and kill the master cannot fall entirely on him.

He did not believe that there would be no losses in besieging the Overlord.

“Lu Yin, the ninth base was destroyed by these masters. Even if it’s for revenge, you should agree.” Ba Se spoke.

Lu Yin looked at him, then at Wang Wen and Qianji Guiyan: “Answer me two questions and I will agree.”

“You don’t seem to have the right to refuse, right?” Qianji Guiyan asked.

Lu Yin said: “Set an alarm clock and teleport when the time comes. Wang Wen, you know very well that I have a pulsing line of sight. The distance is so big that even the master can’t see it all. I don’t believe that cause and effect can find me.”

Wang Wen smiled and said: “Are you comparing our acceptance of losses?”

Lu Yin nodded: “This is the first question, why do you want to surround and kill Karma?”

Not only Lu Yin wanted to know the reason for besieging the Lord of Cause and Effect, but also Time and Life wanted to know. No one understands why Xiangsiyu teamed up with Wang Wen and the others to take action, and the Lord of Death also joined in. It was so weird.

Since we want to encircle and kill the Lord of Cause and Effect, there must be value in encircling and killing him.

With Lu Yin’s help, they can fish out the Lord of Karma and kill them. Without help, they can’t do it. So the loss of not being able to kill the Lord of Karma and the hidden danger of Lu Yin being targeted by the Lord of Karma all the time, which one is more serious? It’s just a comparison.

It depends on who can bear it better.

Wang Wen and Qianji Guiyan looked at each other and laughed: “Look, I said it’s not that easy. This chess master doesn’t want to gamble, but he is still on the road to gambling.”

Qian Jiguiyan smiled: “Then just say it, I want to hear it too.”

Lu Yin was surprised: “You don’t know?”

Qianji Guiyan shook his head: “How could I have known that I was not the one who besieged and killed the Lord of Cause and Effect? ​​I only participated in the besieging and killing of the Lord.”

Lu Yin looked at Ba Se again: “What about you? Do you know?”

“I don’t know.”

Lu Yin finally looked at Wang Wen: “Chat privately?”

Qian Ji Gui Yan and Ba Se stared at Lu Yin at the same time.

“This is not kind. We will participate in the siege of the Karma Master and the siege of the Killing Master, but we don’t know anything. Is it fair?” Qianji Guiyan was dissatisfied.

Base said nothing, but the divine power on his body was boiling.

Wang Wen smiled faintly: “Okay, then.”

Lu Yin and the others looked at him.

“I give up.” Wang Wen said.

Lu Yin’s eyes were sharp.

Qianji Guiyan blinked: “Give up?”

“Don’t kill the master of cause and effect?”

Wang Wen shook his head: “If this is a question that must be answered, I can give up the siege of the Lord of Cause and Effect.”

Lu Yin looked at Wang Wen deeply: “It seems that the reason is very complicated.”

Base’s tone was calm: “It’s not complicated, it just involves master-level cognition.”

“If I were to tell Lu Yin alone, would you say anything?” Qianji Jiyan stared at Wang Wen. Wang Wen laughed and put his hands behind his back: “He is the one who can’t be told the most.” At this point, he looked at Lu Yin: “Master Chessman, this cosmic thing may be difficult for others to understand, but once I tell you some things, You will receive

To what extent it becomes difficult to control. ”

“I am very afraid that you will step into the dominance level one step ahead of us.”

“Compared with this fear, the losses suffered are acceptable, you are right.”

Qianji Guiyan said silently: “Then you tell us both?”

Wang Wen ignored him at all.

Lu Yin stared at Wang Wen: “Help me pull out the seeds of karma in Hunji’s body. I can also participate in surrounding and killing the master.”

He really wanted to surround the Death Lord. He let the Death Lord escape last time, and he knew how much power the Death Lord had left. Compared to the Lord of Cause and Effect, it is safer to kill the Lord.

Wang Wen thought for a while: “It’s difficult, after all, it is a dominant force.”

“Where is Xiangsiyu?” “Are you willing to meet her?”


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