Star Odyssey Chapter 5241: Your Majesty

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Lu Yin was confused: “The limit?”

The Lord of Cause and Effect said in a heavy tone: “The level of the Lord has already stood at the highest level in the universe, and there is no one beyond us. Logically speaking, the universe should not give birth to creatures of our level. But here we are, one or two, Until six, this number has reached the limit that the universe can accommodate. If it increases further, no one knows what will happen.”

“Whether you believe it or not, this is what our six masters feel together.”

“That’s why we try our best to prevent other living beings from breaking through the dominance level and blocking the ascending passage.”

“This behavior does not exclude selfish elements, but it is more for the entire universe.”

Lu Yin looked at it. Only a ghost would believe this.

The Lord of Cause and Effect laughed: “I know you don’t believe it. I’m just telling you now to prepare you. When one day you can break through the Lord, you will understand us. It’s not easy to become the Lord. You don’t want to be buried with the universe.”

“But there is one thing I want to say, that is, it is a real target against you humans. This rule is one reason, and the other reason is that mankind once gave birth to an existence that makes us all uneasy. His name is –Your Majesty.”

Lu Yin blurted out: “Wang Wen’s ancestor?”

“Have you heard of it?”

“No, but I can guess.”

“Strictly speaking, Wang Wen is not an ancestor. In fact, Wang Wen is the king. He was born from the king’s blood. Therefore, he has the power of the king in his body. This is the power rumored by the outside world to be able to die with one of us. ”

Lu Yin’s eyes flashed, Your Majesty?

The eyes of the Lord of Cause and Effect are deep, as if he is caught in some kind of memory: “We have also climbed up step by step from the bottom of cultivation. Before us, there was no ruler in the universe. The strongest ones are our elders, which is equivalent to the level of the Grand Palace Master. .”

“But they can’t see the hope of breaking through the dominance, or in other words, they have never thought that they can reach a higher level. Their cognitive blockade comes from history.”

“We have transcended history and become the masters, but before that, we have fought and fought in the world of cultivation, and as a wizard, you should know how rare it is to be able to fight with you in the same realm, and It would be even more incredible to be able to defeat you in the same realm.”

Lu Yin nodded, yes, he couldn’t think of anyone who could beat him when complying with the two laws of the universe, and this master was also impossible.

“Your Majesty did it.” The Lord of Cause and Effect exhaled: “Not only did he defeat us, he also did something that we still cannot forgive.”

At this point, it looked at Lu Yin, “It specializes in staying at a level lower than ours. If it doesn’t break through, it will fight us at a level lower than us. This is true for me, my life, and my years.”

“Although there was no master during that period to establish the inner and outer heavens, as the most powerful civilized race in the universe, we can detect each other, but we have no contact.”

“Your Majesty is one of the rare beings who has traveled through various civilizations and races.”

“At that time, we didn’t know where he came from. We only knew that this human being defeated us with a strength that was always one level below ours. This is true in every realm. He defeated us in the eternal state under the immortal state. We who have a law that defeats two laws, and we who have a two-law that defeats three laws, have neither reached the same level as us, nor have we fallen far behind.”

“Always maintaining a different realm is like insulting us.”

The more he spoke, the lower the tone of the Lord of Cause and Effect became: “So actually, even though we were dazzling during that period, we were extremely aggrieved because of this king.”

Lu Yin frowned, a pattern? Two rules? They also understand the laws of cause and effect. Can they reach the level of **** by understanding the laws of conformity? He thought this step was also wrong.

It seems that in the path of cultivation, some are wrong and some are right.

It is impossible for the Overlord to completely block the ascending passage. After all, the world of cultivation existed before they were born.

“But he made a mistake after all. Breaking through from the three laws to the level of dominance is an unimaginable transformation.” The Lord of Cause and Effect smiled, very coldly, and very relieved: “Fight him with the strength of the Lord, he Defeat is certain.”

“Your Majesty died in battle, but his blood gave birth to Wang Wen. We tolerate and observe Wang Wen’s existence because we also want to know why His Majesty did what he did and where his limits are. Of course , we will not let Wang Wen break through the dominance level.”

“And the power that belongs to the king in Wang Wen’s body also makes us afraid. That power is not as exaggerated as the outside world says. It can die with us, but it can definitely seriously injure us.”

“We masters also have fights with each other. No one wants to be cannon fodder and end up like the dead master, so Wang Wen still exists until now.”

“He acted very loyal during this period, which gradually made us let down our guard. Unexpectedly, this guy has ten thousand more scheming thoughts than the king. The king is reckless, but Wang Wen is insidious. We did not expect this. One of the reasons.”

“We have always regarded Wang Wen as another king.”

Lu Yin understood: “That’s why you hate the Nine Bases Civilization so much when you see it.”

“Yes, the ninth base’s mistress reminds us of the king, and there is more than one mistress on the ninth base. Each of the base owners saw clearly our blockade of the ascending channel, and began to create some invincible skills of their own. We didn’t care at first, but when the invincible technique was created, we couldn’t ignore it.”

The Lord of Cause and Effect is serious: “We will not repeat His Majesty’s old ways.”

Lu Yin did not expect that this past event had ever happened.

A king not only killed himself, but also killed the ninth base.

“Is it possible for Your Majesty to break through to the dominance level at the same time as you?”

“Of course, he can even break through earlier than us, but he just has to wait, wait for us to break through first and then challenge.” The Karma Master sneered: “He underestimates the transformation of the master level.”

Lu Yin rubbed his head, not knowing what to say.

Your Majesty? If this is true, he is a sinner of the entire human civilization.

But where is he from? Ninth base? Or somewhere else?

It is impossible for humans to appear like him for no reason.

The Lord of Cause and Effect suddenly said: “Actually, I think you look a lot like your Majesty.”

Lu Yin raised his eyebrows: “Then you still allow me to live?”

The Lord of Cause and Effect laughed: “It’s not that we allow it, but that you are already threatening us. The framework of the universe cannot collapse. This is our bottom line. I can tell you clearly.”

“What you said makes me even less convinced that you are willing to let me become one-sixth.”

“Whether you can become one-sixth does not depend on us, but on yourself. When you obtain a complete consciousness framework, you will know whether you can succeed. Everything we do now is controlled by you based on the consciousness framework. This is fundamental . Also, most of Ninth Base’s fate was caused by Wang Xia. You should also hate Wang Wen.”

“How can I help you solve Wang Wen?”

“If he doesn’t cooperate, he will help us.”

Lu Yin was surprised: “So simple?”

The Lord of Karma said: “It’s that simple. It’s never been difficult to deal with Wang Wen, it’s just that we didn’t think of taking action.”

“How to deal with it?”

The Lord of Cause and Effect did not answer.

Lu Yin said: “You must make me believe that we can really deal with him, otherwise I will be out.”

“What do you mean?”

“I said that Wang Wen has been close to me a long time ago. Do you think that since he plans to let me control most of my consciousness, he will have no means to deal with me?” Lu Yin paused and said: “He is here Everyone I care about has a mark of fantasy, and it can even be said that it has left a mark of fantasy on the entire human civilization. As long as he wants to, he can transfer all the emotions of human civilization to me.”

“Let me be eliminated from human civilization.”

The Lord of Cause and Effect was surprised, and then sighed: “It’s his method. But it’s not a big deal. As long as you deal with him, human civilization will still listen to you.”

Lu Yin shook his head: “My human civilization is different from yours. What you want is control and desire for control, but what I want is emotion and mutual trust. Losing all the emotions that human civilization has for me is equivalent to losing the entire Human civilization.”

“Wang Wen knows me. He knows what is most important to me, so he uses this to control me.”

The Lord of Cause and Effect thought for a while: “We are absolutely sure to solve Wang Wen. But you may not believe it. Well, I can tell you.”

Lu Yin listened quietly.

“Wang Wen was born from Your Majesty’s blood. We have fought with Your Majesty too many times and we know each other very well, especially life. It has been studying Your Majesty’s power, even after Your Majesty’s death, it is still studying. It can be regarded as something. Harvest.”

“To deal with Wang Wen, you don’t have to fight him at all. You just need to find his descendants, work backwards to the source of the bloodline, and start from the source of the bloodline.”

Lu Yin frowned: “Inferring the origin of bloodline? Your Majesty?”

“Not bad.”

“This cannot be done in a short time.”

“Of course, it will take a long, long time, but we can take action at any time now.”

An idea flashed in Lu Yin’s mind and he blurted out: “Wang Chenchen.”

The Lord of Cause and Effect smiled: “We can deal with Wang Wen at any time. You should trust us now.”

Lu Yin looked deeply at the Lord of Cause and Effect. Each of these old guys was more sinister than the last.

Wang Chenchen’s joining the Life Sequence turned out to be the life master’s method to deal with Wang Wen. No wonder, no wonder Wang Chenchen would join the Life Sequence. I felt something was wrong at first.

With the attitude of the Dominator clan towards human beings, how could they let Wang Chenchen be so laissez-faire?

Now the explanation is clear.

At this time, the Lord of Cause and Effect took out two pages of the Yi Que Sutra and floated them in front of Lu Yin.

“This is for you. In this way, you will have a complete nine-page Yi Que Sutra. Whether you can control the framework of consciousness can be confirmed by yourself, without me telling you.”

Lu Yin took the Yi Que Sutra and just like that, got it?

I thought I didn’t know what year or month it would take to get the Yi Que Sutra together.

The nine-page Yi Que Sutra contains the power of the consciousness master, and he happens to know the location of the eternal consciousness world. Once all are gathered together, in addition to the power of the consciousness master’s own dominance level, he is really equivalent to another consciousness. Dominated.

“What about the fantasy brand? It’s not that I don’t trust you to deal with Wang Wen, but Wang Wen can activate the fantasy brand with just a thought. He can completely threaten me to collapse my consciousness frame with this,” Lu Yin said.


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