Star Odyssey Chapter 5227: Black and white

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Lu Yin stared at Ba Color: “Senior, nothing Wang Wen does is unreasonable. This model must be very important.”

Base also agreed: “Yes, I watched him every time he studied before, but since I went to Tianyuan Universe, I haven’t watched him study again, so I forgot about it. If you hadn’t said he watched you When I first glanced at it, there was tea and a chessboard on the stone table. After all, it had been a long, long time ago. ”

Lu Yin meditates on the chessboard, chess pieces, and models.

Do the chess pieces on the chessboard form a model?

He returned to Inner and Outer Heaven and summoned Wang Qi.

“I met Lord Lu.”

“What are Wang Wen’s usual hobbies?”

“Drink tea and play chess.”

“Who are you playing chess with?”

“There is no one, just the ancestor playing chess with himself.”

“The movement of the chess pieces in each game is different?”

Wang Qi recalled: “No, in many cases every game is different, but there are several games that are repeated.”

“Show me.”

Wang Qi tried his best to remember and place the pieces on the chessboard.

He laid out Wang Wen’s chess games, which were some of the more impressive ones.

Lu Yin watched calmly, calm on the surface, but in fact, he was in a turmoil in his heart, because he had also played these games of chess with Wang Wen in the Tianshang Zonghou Mountain.

Exactly the same.

Wang Qi dropped a white chess piece. Lu Yin suddenly intervened and the black chess piece fell.

Wang Qi was startled: “How did Lord Lu know where to go?”


Wang Qi didn’t ask any more questions, and started making moves one by one. Lu Yin followed closely behind him, as if he had returned to the scene when he and Wang Wen were playing chess.

“Haha, chess master, you lost again.”

“Chess master, do you want to play chess? You have never beaten me.”

“Chess master, sometimes it is not a good thing to think too much, but you will lose the greatest advantage.”

“Chess Master, you win this game.”

The past kept resurfacing, bringing back Lu Yin’s clearest memory of Wang Wen. He waved Wang Qi to retreat. In front of his eyes, chessboards were floating in the void. Starting from the first one, it was him and Wang Wen. The first game he played, then the second game, the third game, and finally the last game. After so many years, he and Wang Wen played a total of ninety-three games. Is that a lot? Not much. From the moment Wang Wen’s identity was revealed, they had known each other for four thousand years.

In four thousand years, he only played ninety-three games of chess. He lost more than he won.

Now, these ninety-three games are here.

So, connecting chess pieces is the model that Wang Wen has seen repeatedly.

What chess piece? Bai Zi? Kuroko?

Of course, Bai Zi.

Because after Wang Wen went to the ancient city of years, all he had left here was a white stone.

Lu Yin stacked ninety-three chess games, connected top to bottom with white colors, and combined them into a model, like dots of stars in the sky.

He looked shocked. If this was really the model Wang Wen had seen, it meant that for four thousand years, every move he made had been calculated by Wang Wen, including every chess piece he played had been locked in advance. .

Can Wang Wen do such a thing?

Without that look from Shi Gui during the assassination, Lu Yin would never have believed it. Now, he believed it.

The more trustworthy it is, the more authentic it represents the model.

But why did Wang Wen present the model to himself in a chess game? Do you think you can’t guess it? Or are you still thinking about models while playing chess with yourself instinctively?

Either situation is important.

Lu Yin looked at the model of floating stars in a trance and called Ba Color.

Base recognized this model at a glance: “Absolutely, it’s just this model. How did you find it? Did he stay here?”

Lu Yin’s tone was dry: “If I said he had left it to me a long time ago, would senior believe it?”

Base faced Lu Yin in a daze, not knowing what to say.

No one knows what Wang Wen is thinking.

Now their goal is to find out what this model is.

This is a model, not a map. You can’t tell by just looking at it.

Ba Color has returned to the Lord of Time.

Lu Yin was looking at the model in the landscape courtyard, looking at it for several years, but still couldn’t find the answer.

He also asked Wang Qi about everything Wang Wen said, but still had no answer.

No one can give the answer unless you think about it.

Wang Wen can present the model through the chessboard, but wait, what about the black chess pieces?

Lu Yin found that he had ignored the black chess piece.

He re-simulated ninety-three chess games next to him and connected the black chess pieces. The moment he connected them, his scalp went numb. Is that the mother tree?

That’s right, the black chess pieces are connected and are actually in the form of a mother tree.

It is impossible to say that it is a coincidence.

He pushes the black piece towards the white piece, overlapping.

For a moment, he saw the universe.

With the mother tree as the center, it extends to the surrounding universe.

This is a starry sky map, with the mother tree as the center, but the white chess pieces are not cosmic civilizations. You guessed it right, they should be the points that dominate the construction of the framework.

Lu Yin’s pupils flickered and he shrank the black chess piece mother tree. If this was the case, he would have a way to be sure.

Because he knows the direction of the Daqian civilization and the surrounding starry sky map, and can confirm it by comparing it with the mother tree.

Continuously shrinking the mother tree of black chess pieces, leaving the white chess pieces unchanged. Finally, comparing the starry sky map, Lu Yin saw a complete set of points that built the framework of the universe with the mother tree as the center.

These points are densely packed and come from the six masters.

Absolutely yes, this is the complete universe framework built by the master.

Lu Yin didn’t expect Wang Wen to figure this out.

No one except the Lord can see clearly the entire framework of the universe, including Shengrou and the others. This is the biggest secret of the Lord.

In the beginning, the master used the mirage domain as the point to build the framework of the universe, so there were forbidden areas in the mirage domain. Later, he actually built the framework and borrowed the power of the forbidden areas in the mirage domain to shorten the time. This not only speeded up the construction, but also reduced the time required. The mirage forbidden area exposes the possibility of the frame.

Kill two birds with one stone.

It is as serious a matter as blocking the entire frame for the master to block the ascending channel of living beings.

How did Wang Wen find out?

What does it mean that he kept this to himself?

What’s the use of seeing the entire frame clearly? Broken? To break it, just break the framework of inner and outer heaven, because the framework here is the most important.

Unless it’s not broken.

If it’s not broken, what else could it be?

Could it be, replace?

Lu Yin couldn’t help but step forward, staring at the entire universe framework, replacing, replacing, yes, replacing.

It is not easy to build the framework of the universe. The Death Alliance is hunted down, and even the Lord of Death can die. However, the framework of the Death Alliance has not changed, it still exists, but it has lost the power of death.

The master of consciousness is missing, but the framework of consciousness still exists.

Don’t other masters want to replace them completely? Of course not, if possible, they would like to solve all the traces left by the dead master, but countless years have passed, why haven’t they? Because this is a complete framework.

Once the power of one party collapses, the framework will also collapse.

He didn’t know how long it took the Overlord to build the framework of the universe, but even if it didn’t take long, he would definitely lead the Overlord back from the ancient city of time and space. They must come back, so that those who rebel against the ancients would have a chance.

The biggest enemy of the Lord is always those who go against the past.

As long as there is an anti-ancient person who surpasses them at the source of time, the future will be changed.

Is this Wang Wen’s plan?

He wants to replace the master of a certain party and become one of the framework, one-sixth.

Lu Yin’s pupils flickered, and he disappeared in a teleportation. He went to the Sea of ​​Silence and found Qianji Guiyan.

“Why is the universe framework built by the Lord of Death not broken?”

Qianji Qiyan blinked: “That’s what you’re asking here?”


“How do you say it? The frame cannot move. These things are fixed to each other. Once one part is broken, the others will also be broken.” At this point, it looked deeply at Lu Yin, “I admire you, you actually figured it out. The fundamental reason why the Lord of Death is still alive today.”

Lu Yin was stunned for a moment, then thought of it, so that was it.

No wonder the Death Lord has existed in a chaotic space for countless years without the Lord taking action, because the Death Lord threatens with a death frame, and as long as it dies, the frame will be broken.

“Didn’t the Lord later take action against the Death Lord?”

“Who do you think is serious?”

“Then why take action?”

“Don’t let it recover. Before we find a way to retain the frame, the dead master cannot die and cannot recover. This is the bottom line for other masters. Hey, you haven’t figured it out.”

Lu Yin murmured: “So death has a way of breaking the frame of the universe immediately.”

Qian Jiguiyan nodded: “That’s what I mean.”

“Then you rebelled before?”

“What does this have to do with my rebellion? I don’t care what its framework is like? I’m not the master anyway.”

“You never thought about replacing the Death Lord’s control frame? Then aren’t you one-sixth?”

Qianji Guiyan was speechless and looked at Lu Yin like an idiot: “I said you are sometimes smart and sometimes stupid. How can I know that the framework of the universe is the secret of the six masters? If I had known, I would have done this earlier.”

Lu Yin nodded, yes, it’s time to do it.

It doesn’t matter how Wang Wen knew, he was going to do it anyway.

Before being forced by Xiang Siyu to establish himself in the inner and outer world, he would never believe that he could really become one sixth, but now, it is not impossible.

People should hold their destiny in their own hands.

Lu Yin left, very anxious.

Qianji Guiyan couldn’t figure out what he was going to do, it was baffling.

It couldn’t guess that Lu Yin knew the location of each point in the universe frame. This was the master’s secret.

Not even one percent is known to the outside world.

No one can guess.

Lu Yin returned to Xiangcheng, and immediately summoned all the immortal realm experts of human civilization, and split the cosmic framework diagram he had mastered, giving some to everyone, and at the same time gathered all the Lu family disciples who could teleport. Come over and take everyone to their individual points, making sure that all the framing points are correct, as well as laid out.

This move is related to the survival of the entire human civilization. If you want your own destiny not to be manipulated, you must break the boat.

Compared to this, the seventy-two realms of inner and outer heaven seem unimportant.

Everyone only has a partial frame of the universe. It’s not that they don’t trust them, but that they are afraid that the enemy will get it.

The complete framework of the universe is now known only to those masters, Lu Yin and Wang Wen.

If it leaks out, the consequences will be disastrous.

So even Ancestor Lu Yuan only knows part of the framework of the universe.


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