Star Odyssey Chapter 5226: That glance

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Lu Yin clung to Shi Gui tightly, “You still want to escape?”

Shigui’s eyes flashed, and murmurs echoed around him.

The sacrifice of the universe.

The talent of the God of Time who dominates the living beings of the clan.

Can transfer its danger to the universe.

I have used it before without fighting and brought the Holy Treasures over, but what about this time?

The Heavenly Way of Cause and Effect created the Great Compassion of Cause and Effect, and the Great Compassion of Cause and Effect turned into countless sword rains. Although they failed, they fell on the stars.

Just when Shigui performed the sacrifice of the universe, some karma fell on his scar, allowing Lu Yin to see Shigui’s karma past.

The universe was whispering, and Lu Yin saw a familiar figure – Wang Wen.

This is the scene where Shi Gui assassinates Wang Wen.

In the past, there was only one silhouette of Wang Wen from behind. Time kept approaching, and time had already arrived at Wang Wen’s feet. Those were the barnacles of time.

Suddenly, Wang Wen turned his head and looked around.

This look made Lu Yin’s heart tighten. At that moment, what Wang Wen was looking at was not Shi Gui at all, but him.

But it’s impossible. Shigui assassinated Wang Wen. How could Wang Wen see him?

But at this moment, Lu Yin was sure that Wang Wen was looking at him.

So much so that he let go of his hand, giving Shi Gui a chance to escape.

Fortunately, there is not only Lu Yin here, but also Hun Ji.

The moment of opportunity that Shi Gui got did not affect Hun Ji. Hun Ji directly knocked it down with five moves of the Sky Claw, and also woke up Lu Yin.

“What’s wrong with you?” Huan Ji was confused.

Lu Yin looked away, with puzzled shock and unbelievable speculation in his eyes.

Why did Wang Wen see him? At that moment, Wang Wen was assassinated by Shi Gui. It happened a long time ago. Could it be that he could see the future through the years at any time? There was no Shigui in his eyes at all.

The assassination that Shi Gui is proud of is there

For a moment, Wang Wen’s eyes were just like a bridge between him and himself. If not for the need for this bridge, it would not have the right to approach Wang Wen.

The outside world said that the reason why Wang Wen went to Chaos Fang Cun Di was because he was assassinated by Shi Gui.

Wrong, very wrong.

No one can see Wang Wen clearly.

Cause and effect, across time and space, see yourself.

Is the cause and effect outside of time and space?

Everything in the universe is inseparable from time and space. Whether time is born because of space, or time drags out space, they are the basis of everything. But what about cause and effect?

If there is no time and space, where can cause and effect come from?

If there is cause and effect first, will it drag out time and space?

Cause and effect are both an inevitable event and an understanding of the development of things in the universe.

Cause can be time and space.

Fruit, it can also be time and space.

If cause and effect comes first, then all understanding of the universe will be overturned.

Lu Yin meditated for a long time without being disturbed by Hun Ji. At this time, he obviously thought of something.

After a while, his expression changed and he looked at Shigui under Hunji’s claws. Shigui had completely fainted.

What the sacrifice of the universe brought was the look Wang Wen gave him. If it hadn’t been for Hunji, maybe it would have been possible to escape. This talent is also unique.

One Sheng Zang and one Wang Wen.

Then, Lu Yin looked at Wen Shu and Xi Luo again, and clicked on Jiangtai Hell to appear, as usual.

He didn’t use them to increase cause and effect before. After all, it was time-consuming. Now that the time trick is solved, it will be fine.

Resolving a Time Creation represents not only the Time Creation itself, but also the resources of the Time and Prosperity Realm, especially the real Age

Lu Yin was very curious about what existed in Yuerong.

This question was answered after Shigui woke up.

“There is only one thing in the true glory of time, which is the original time.”

“What is dominated by time is the original time.”

Lu Yin was shocked: “The original years of the Lord of Time?”

Shi Gui said: “Not bad.”

“How can the original years of the Lord of Time remain in the inner and outer heavens?”

“What if?”

“Isn’t it afraid of something happening?”

“What could happen? If the original years were in front of you, would you dare to move?” This was Shi Wei’s question, and Lu Yin fell silent.

Yeah, what could happen? The only one who dares to attack the Overlord is the Overlord. Even if the original time is here, he does not dare to move. If he moves, he may encounter backlash, and may even attract the Overlord.

“What about the original years?” Lu Yin asked.

Shi Gui glanced at Lu Yin and said, “Still there.”

Lu Yin narrowed his eyes: “The real glory of time? Wasn’t it taken away by you?”

“Yes, it’s still there. No one can take it away, including me. But you can’t see it.”

Lu Yin’s eyes flickered: “So, Bu Qing, the original years of Snow Queen and them are also within that original years?”

“Not bad.”

Lu Yin understood that the source of time had no influence on the master of time at all. It was just like the fruits of cause and effect in the realm of Karma, and it was a different kind of control.

But even if it cannot affect the Lord of Time, it is not something he can move.

Shi Gui’s eyes were full of ridicule. He really hoped that Lu Yin would find the original time and move it. He even hoped that Lu Yin could move it. Only in this way could it be possible to bring back the master of time.

It’s a pity that it also thinks highly of Lu Yin. Lu Yin is very powerful, but he is not good at the art of time, so he really can’t see it

The original years.

“Can you see it?”


“Point it out for me.”

“Human, if you dare to take action against that original time, I really admire you.”

Hun Ji rolled his eyes at the side: “Okay, use less provocation. This little guy is 800 words more clever than you.”

Lu Yin has no intention of touching the original time, and he is not stupid.

If you can’t find it by your own ability, there’s no point in moving. If he could find it by his own ability, maybe the original years would give him different gains.

After Wen Shu and Xi Luo added the cause and effect, Lu Yin threw Shi Gui in.

This guy has also gained a lot.

They did not return to Inner and Outer Heaven until everything was over.

Shigui is like a piece of living history. Lu Yin asked it many things, some of which it answered, and some of which it didn’t. Facing it is not as threatening as facing ordinary creatures.

“I have experienced too much, you can’t threaten me. If you want to answer your question, I will answer it. If I don’t want to answer it, I won’t answer it. You can kill me.” Shigui’s attitude is very calm. If it can, of course it will He tried his best to stay alive, but now that he was caught, it was no longer his turn to make the decision.

The same goes for the Grand Palace Master.

It’s just that compared to Shigui, the Grand Palace Master has a deeper obsession, because it has really taken the road to the level of dominance.

“What if I can help you move to the level of domination?” Lu Yin asked.

Shi Wei laughed, “Human, do you really think I’m a fool, would you let me take that step? Even if you have the heart, you don’t have the ability. The master’s blockade is multi-faceted, and you can’t do anything. ”

“Cognition can be broken by just talking.”

“Oh? I would like to hear how you want to break the cognitive blockade.”


Guo, you understand. ”


“Wang Wen just saw me.”

Shi Wei looked at Lu Yin strangely, “He is in the Ancient City of Time.”

Lu Yin stared at it: “When you assassinate him.”

Shigui’s pupils shrank.

“The moment I look back.” Lu Yin said again.

“Impossible.” Shi Gui exclaimed, staring at Lu Yin in shock.

Lu Yin looked calm, “How is it impossible? Wang Wen saw me, he must know now that I took action against you.”

Shi Gui retorted: “Impossible, I assassinated him a long time ago.”

“Assassination with your back, a cup of tea, a game of chess, and turning around, right?”

“I see through cause and effect.”

Shi Wei looked at Lu Yin in disbelief, and Wang Wen, wasn’t it the one he looked back at at that moment? No, it wasn’t it. The strangest thing that happened at that time was that the one who turned around and should have looked at it was the one who was assassinating him, but at that moment Wang Wen was not looking at it. It was very sure.

That kind of calm gaze is terrifying, as if its assassination has no meaning.

Lu Yin stared at it: “What was the result of that assassination?”

Shi Gui stared at Lu Yin closely, his thoughts swirling, cause and effect, years, why? Why is this happening?

Obviously it is a matter of time, but it will be seen by cause and effect. Dragged out by the priests of the universe.

Is it possible that cause and effect are different from time?

Is it two lines?

How could this happen?

Lu Yin smiled: “Look, as we chat, our cognition will be different. You have been blocked by the master for too long, and it has been impossible to break through your cognition, but I am different. I can have many ideas, It’s also incredible.”

“Shigui, would you like to chat with me?”

Shi Gui gritted his teeth and stared at Lu Yin, his eyes filled with bloodshot eyes.

It looks ferocious, but

Lu Yin could see the uneasiness, apprehension and expectation swaying beneath this ferocious determination.

If possible, who wouldn’t want to move to the level of dominance?

Domination is the lifelong obsession of living beings. The more you are under the Lord, the more you want to touch that level.

Lu Yin put his obsession with life into Shi Gui’s mind, so that there was a possibility of dialogue.

But not now.

His mind is very confused right now. So Lu Yin left, and the next conversation should be fruitful.

He is now in a hurry to find Ba Color.

As time goes by, Lu Yin told Ba Color about his eye contact with Wang Wen.

Base, that is, physiognomy were all surprised: “This is not across the future, but across the two lines of cause and effect, and time. If this is the case, Wang Wen’s understanding of cause and effect may be terrible. This is something that no one has ever seen before. Not found. ”

Lu Yin nodded: “The key is that if Wang Wen had seen me at that time, then he would have recognized me when we met for the first time in Tianyuan Universe. Nothing he did changed the way we looked at each other at that moment. ”

“He can obviously change.”

Base shook his head: “The future, cause and effect, involves areas that I am not familiar with. You should find Shengrou and the others to ask questions.”

Lu Yin rubbed his head: “Hurry up, I have a backup plan for them.”

Base praised: “Although you don’t have the strategic control over the overall situation like Mr. Zi Zi, you are very good at conspiracy, which is good.”

Lu Yin is speechless, okay? Why do you sound like you are scolding him?

“By the way, I suddenly remembered something about Wang Wen.”

“What’s the matter?”

“Wang Wen has a habit of studying models.”

Lu Yin was stunned: “Model?”

Base’s tone was serious: “Yes, I’ve seen him look at it with a model several times, and he didn’t.

Know what to look at. ”

“What model?”

“I can’t tell. In fact, it is not a fixed model to be precise, but a model that uses the chess pieces on the chessboard as connection points. But I don’t understand what the connections of those chess pieces mean.”


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