Star Odyssey Chapter 504: Take action

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Lu Yin kept watching, and he didn’t care about the so-called alliance. Mr. Pisces thought that he could unite all the extreme practitioners to fight against Murong and carve up the Yan mine, but his behavior was very ridiculous.

The goal was achieved, but the result was beyond his control.

Liu Xiaoyun took the lead. From high in the sky, endless rain of swords descended, aiming directly at everyone in the mountains. From the beginning, the Sword Sect regarded everyone else as its imaginary enemy. No matter what Mr. Pisces did or not, the battle did not change.

Facing the strong attack of Jian Zong, many practitioners launched a counterattack. In an instant, the earth and mountains collapsed, the void twisted, and the cracks exploded like thunder.

Beimen Gang and others stared at it dumbfounded, this is the top battlefield.

In the distance, Xiyue, Wen Qianer and others were shocked because Murong and Lingque took action.

This is the second time the two have fought against each other in Yanxing. The spirit towers are directly separated. The three spirit towers and the three knives merge into one to stab Murong. The grass spreads across the earth. The song of shepherds appears at the right time. Three giant talons appear. Still in the void, the next moment, Zhan Long Baiye and King Yan Qingye attacked Murong at the same time. Liu Shaoqiu raised his sword, and the sword light suddenly appeared, and the cold light of the sword shone on Yan Xing.

The top battlefield is not something ordinary people can join.

Master Pisces stared blankly. He thought he had control of the situation and could unite everyone to fight against Jian Zong. But when the battle really started, his plan seemed so ridiculous. He found that even without him, the battle would not change in any way. , everyone will independently unite to fight against Jian Zong, because Murong is too strong.

The scale of this battle far exceeds that of Yanshan. Not only Murong and the strongest in the Extreme Realm are taking action, but there are also many older generation of Exploration Realm experts who have weakened their realm to participate in the battle and are qualified to approach the battlefield of Murong and Lingque. There are no longer just one or two people, but close to ten people, respectively from the Baiye Clan, the Wen Family, and the Sword Sect. There is also one person who releases a powerful alien beast. He is from the Shenpin Hall.

Without defeating Murong, this mountain range will never be captured. This is the consensus of everyone.

In the starry sky, all the major forces are staring at the mountains. Perhaps this is the biggest battlefield since the fight for Yan Mine.

Countless spaceships landed, like meteors, and extreme cultivators appeared one after another to join the battlefield.

The aftermath knocked hundreds of extreme cultivators away, losing their combat effectiveness.

A cow-herding song controlled countless people. Even Lu Yin almost harmed himself, not to mention others. Murong’s cow-herding song caused serious injuries to a third of the cultivators and shocked the starry sky.

Liu Shaoqiu raised his eyes, the second sword came, countless people were stunned, is it really wise to become the enemy of the Sword Sect? This is simply not a battlefield they can join, even if everyone unites.

Master Pisces gritted his teeth and attacked Liu Shaoqiu. Two strange swimming fish formed a strange pattern, trying to suppress Liu Shaoqiu, but was cut off by Liu Shaoqiu with one sword. “You have passed your time,” he said, and Liu Shaoqiu swept across with his second sword. , Mr. Pisces vomited blood and hit the mountain heavily.

Zhan Long Baiye appeared from behind Mr. Pisces and punched Liu Shaoqiu with both fists. Liu Shaoqiu raised his sword to block, and his body was directly blasted into the ground.

Liu Xiaoyun slashed at King Yan Qingye with his sword, but King Yan Qingye blocked him with his Night King body. He looked at everyone in the Sword Sect with his purple eyes. However, the surrounding environment changed. This was the Four Directions Locking Dragon Formation, and it was You Ye’er. Her eyes were cold and she looked to the right. Youyeer winked playfully and said, “Old aunt, let’s play again.”

King Yan Qingye was extremely angry, “Damn girl, I’m going to kill you.” As soon as the words fell, Mu Ran, a strange wave swept across, this is the field, not only King Yan Qingye, but also You Ye’er Surprised, this feeling, the field?

“Old aunt, who are you going to kill?” Hai Qiqi’s voice appeared, appearing on the left side of King Yan Qingye, just to the left and right of You Ye’er.

You Ye’er looked at Hai Qiqi, and Hai Qiqi also looked at You Ye’er, feeling a sense of sympathy for each other.

King Yan Qingye became angry, and all his fighting power exploded, but he still couldn’t get rid of You Ye’er’s four-way dragon locking formation.

Hai Qiqi was surprised, “What an amazing combat skill, what is this?”.

You Ye’er was proud, “How about You Ting’s combat skills, the Four Directions Locking Dragon Formation? It’s awesome.”

Hai Qiqi kept nodding her head and said excitedly, “It’s so awesome, teach me.” She had forgotten the apology caused by Neptune Sky’s scheme against Lu Yin, and returned to her true nature in the blink of an eye.

You Yeer readily agreed.

King Yan Qingye roared angrily, what did the two dead girls think of her.

At this time, the void tore apart, and the giant sword descended, piercing through the dragon-locking formation in all directions, and rescued King Yan Qingye.

You Ye’er stepped back more than ten steps, gritted his teeth and stared at Lingque in the distance. This bastard, he was still meddling in his own business while fighting with Murong.

Lingque was under great pressure from Murong. He kept expanding the scope of the battle just to avoid being manipulated by Mu Niuge. He had no choice but to distract himself from saving King Yan Qingye. However, at the moment when Murong was distracted, Murong swept through three A strong man whose realm was weakened, the shepherd boy herding cattle was on the spot, causing nearly ten masters whose realm was weakened around him to vomit blood.

Murong is so terrifying. Even if he is besieged by many masters, he is still invincible, including Ling Que.

King Yan Qingye wanted to kill You Ye’er and Hai Qiqi. This time she was careful and would not be trapped by You Ye’er’s dragon locking formation. Whenever You Ye’er made a move, she would leave as quickly as possible. in place, and then bombarded the spot with powerful star energy.

You Ye’er exclaimed and ran away quickly. Hai Qiqi shouted, “Follow me.”

You Yeer quickly followed.

King Yan Qingye hated Hai Qiqi more than You Yeer, so she chased after him regardless and rushed into the mountains.

Most of the many extreme cultivators in the mountains were seriously injured by the sword skills of Liu Xiaoyun and Liu Shaoqiu. Only a few of them were still able to walk, but they did not intend to participate in the battle. It was terrible.

The strength of King Yan Qingye is absolutely powerful. As long as you are prepared, You Ye’er’s combat skills are ineffective against her, and Hai Qiqi’s field is no match for her. The two girls are being chased by her, and they are about to arrive. The location of Beimen Gang and others.

Beimen Gang was stunned. The moment Hai Qiqi rushed out excitedly, he knew something was wrong. Sure enough, after provoking a big enemy and coming back, facing King Yan Qingye, everyone felt the pressure increase sharply and couldn’t do anything at all. To resist, he could only look at Lu Yin.

Hai Qiqi shouted, “Help, the old aunt has killed someone.”

You Ye’er also shouted, “Who will help me?”

Ye Wang Yan Qing’s eyes exuded cold murderous intent. She decided to kill even Princess Youting. The Ye Wang family is not afraid of anyone.

Hai Qiqi pulled You Ye’er past Lu Yin’s side, and suddenly stopped, “It’s safe.”

You Ye’er blinked, “Where is it safe?”.

King Yan Qingye raised his hand and grabbed the two women. As for Lu Yin, she ignored her and didn’t even look at them.

Suddenly, when King Yan Qingye passed by Lu Yin’s side, her scalp went numb, and a cold feeling came from her back. With her many years of fighting experience, she felt the danger, and she subconsciously avoided the place, but The shoulder was firmly grasped by a hand, “King Yan Qingye, long time no see.”

One word made King Yan Qingye’s pupils shrink. With this voice, she turned her head blankly and looked at Lu Yin. Lu Yin looked up, still in disguise.

Wang Yan Qingye was confused. She recognized this person. Holding the giant knife between her fingers, it indirectly saved her life. She had been looking for this person and didn’t expect to find it here. But why was this voice so loud? Sound familiar? that is not?

The next moment, Lu Yin’s appearance changed and returned to his original appearance.

King Yan Qingye’s pupils shrank to the size of a pinhead, he couldn’t believe it, “Lu, Lu Yin?”

Only one meter in front, Hai Qiqi patted her chest. Beside you, You Ye’er looked at Lu Yin with the same surprise. Is it him?

“Thank you for taking care of me all this time.” Lu Yin said calmly. He was in a bad mood now. He was forced to fight for the Yan mine. The final result may be that he would get nothing and have to go far away from the universe sea. For For him, this is bad luck, and whoever appears at this moment will be unlucky.

King Yan Qingye only felt severe pain in her shoulder. The majestic force pressed into her internal organs through the shoulder, and a trace of blood flowed from the corner of her mouth. “Lu Yin, how dare you show up? Aren’t you afraid of damaging the Canglan territory?”.

Lu Yin’s eyes were cold, “Yes, everyone is sure of me, but from now on, this threat will no longer exist. Please tell Elder Yuan Jing for me that under his care, I, Lu Yin, will also Always keep it in my heart.” After saying that, he threw King Yan Qingye out directly.

Ye Wang Yan Qing was oppressed by Lu Yin’s power and could not move. His whole body was like a cannonball hitting the bottom of the mountain. With a bang, it hit the ground. The Night King’s body and fighting spirit collapsed and he fainted.

Everyone was frightened by the tragic situation of King Yan Qingye. They all looked towards the mountains. Is there anyone who can defeat King Yan Qingye?

Lingque also looked into the mountains in shock.

Although King Yan Qingye was not the top powerhouse, he was still one of the powerful men who was qualified to participate in the siege of Murong. He was among the top five at the scene, but he was beaten so badly.

In the starry sky, King Qiu Yuye trembled with anger and stared at the light screen, “It’s actually him. This junior is looking for death. He actually dares to deal with my Baiye clan. Contact Khadgar immediately and ask him to destroy the Dayu Empire.”

Jian Zong, Elder Chou Shu frowned, “This is Lu Yin? Why did he appear?”.

In the Wen family’s spaceship, Mira looked at the light curtain in surprise as well. Lu Yin wasn’t that stupid, why did he attack the Baiye clan? He should stay out of it.

In the Second Grade Hall, Khadgar clenched his fist. Lu Yin still came, but he actually attacked the Baiye clan. Aren’t he afraid of damaging the Canglan territory? Or do you really think that with Young Master Hai’s personal commitment, you will be safe? As long as it is not Neptune’s promise, they will not take it into consideration if this son violates everyone’s fundamental interests.

Traveling north to the Liujie, Chan Po and others were surprised. Could it be that Lu Yin wanted to help them capture the mountain range? but why? Things change too quickly.

All forces were attracted by Lu Yin. Before, it was Murong, but now, Lu Yin is the biggest barrier.

Under the Yanxing Mountains, everyone looked at Lu Yin. This person was no stranger to them. He was the strongest person in the extreme realm and surpassed Murong. He was an invincible strong man.

The fighting between Murong and others stopped. Underground, Liu Shaoqiu and Zhan Long Baiye came out and also stopped fighting. Mr. Pisces turned pale and raised his head. There is actually someone more ruthless here?

Lu Yin’s appearance changed the situation again. He was not afraid of being besieged. Since he decided to take action, he would not look forward or backward and let these people truly understand what it means to be invincible.


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