Star Odyssey Chapter 503: United

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“There are more and more people.” In the distance, Beimen Gang couldn’t help shouting, looking at the sky with some fear, as spaceships landed one after another, including many masters of the eight major forces.

The entire mountain range is estimated to have gathered no less than two thousand Extreme Realm cultivators, and the competition for them at Yanshan is far more intense than at the beginning.

Lu Yin said calmly, “No need to leave, let’s stay.”

Hai Qiqi pursed her lips, a little uncomfortable, and did not look at Lu Yin. Her apology became deeper and deeper.

Beimen Gang and others were horrified, “Stay? Waiting to die? Jian Zong, those behemoths from the Baiye Clan are coming soon.”

Lu Yin held his head high. No matter how smart a little person is, they can never escape the control of the strong. He had realized this before, but now, he realized even more deeply that no matter his identity or background, they were all fake. Only he was the one. real.

It is too difficult to control one’s own destiny. The process is extremely long, but now, he can control the destiny of the people in front of him. At least on this planet, he is invincible.

No matter what the outcome of the battle for Yan Mine is, he will inevitably face the situation of being an enemy of all the major forces. Perhaps, he is born to be unable to stand on the bright side. Neptune has such a plan for him, and he will never interfere in the battle between the internal and external universe. , it is impossible for him to join, then, there is only one way, Rennes Battle Group, Lu Yin smiled bitterly, he did not expect that he would go to the Cosmic Sea in this way.

He is not worried about whether he can reach the Universe Sea safely. Although he doesn’t know Mr. Mu’s strength, there should be no problem in getting him to the Universe Sea safely.

Perhaps, after leaving Yan Xing, he will never be able to return to an ordinary life. The universe sea, or even the legendary new universe, is his own path.

Then, let’s make this battle for Yanxing more brilliant!

So far, the people in Beixingliu Realm are not attracting attention because there are too many practitioners fighting.

Lu Yin and others watched quietly from a hilltop. They did not participate in the battle, and no one took the initiative to cause trouble.

Sometimes he really couldn’t figure it out. These small-power cultivators were beaten to death, but in the end they were snatched away by the forces of the Sword Sect. What was the use of such a lively fight?

Facts have proved that there are still many smart people. As many spaceships in the sky formed the word “stop, unite”, the battle in the mountains gradually subsided.

The forces from all sides seemed to have decided something. Nearly two thousand extreme practitioners stopped fighting and looked at the sky.

A spaceship entered the atmosphere of the Yan Star and exploded in the sky of the mountains. A handsome man walked out and looked down at everyone in the mountains with a smile on his face, “I wonder if anyone still remembers me, Mr. Pisces.”

On the mountain range, everyone looked at him. Dark red smoke rose vertically from everywhere, bringing with it an endless desolation. The air was still filled with the smell of blood. At this moment, that man seemed to be at the center of the mountain range.

Lu Yin looked more seriously. This person has some strength.

“Young Master Pisces? I remembered that a hundred years ago, a super genius once defeated a strong man in the Cruising Realm in the Extreme Realm. He joined the original Ten Finals Council with a strong appearance and was one of the members.” someone exclaimed.

As soon as these words came out, many people suddenly remembered and looked at the sky in surprise. It was rumored that this person had already broken through the exploration realm, but had not yet broken through the cruising realm. How could he appear here? Moreover, he seems to be in the extreme state?

Master Pisces raised his head with proud eyes, “Finally, someone still remembers me.”

In the mountains, someone hesitated and said, “It’s not the Ten Jue Council, it’s the Youth Council.”

Many people looked at him.

The man looked at Mr. Pisces with fear, but still said seriously, “Only the ten people in this session are qualified to be called the Ten Jue. In the past, they were only members of the Youth Council and cannot be called the Ten Jue.” Decision”.

“Yes, this Ten Final Council is completely different from the previous ones. It has truly rejuvenated the power and created ten monsters. However, the previous members were at most cross-border powerhouses and are far from comparable to today’s Ten Decision”.

“I heard that Shijue Zhenwu once single-handedly swept through the previous councils. Several members joined forces to truly distinguish this council from previous councils.”

In the sky, Mr. Pisces’ face darkened, and on his body, the void was distorted. A huge momentum swept across the place, frightening everyone.

“Needless to say nonsense, I was hired by various major forces to unite everyone to fight against the powerful Jian Zong, Wen Family and Baiye Clan,” Master Pisces said loudly.

In the mountains, many cultivators looked up at the sky. The words composed of countless spaceships represented the attitudes of the various forces. Melee was meaningless. Only alliance could curb the monopoly of powerful forces. They must join forces to expel the sword sect and other forces. .

At this moment, the second-grade masters arrived, with Kuangwang walking at the front. He had recovered a lot from the serious injury he suffered from Lingque.

Although the Second Grade Hall is only the bottom force in the Beast Taming World, it is an organization under the Divine Grade Hall. The entire Beast Taming World is actually one force, which is the Divine Grade Hall, but it is divided by the Divine Grade Hall. First-grade hall and second-grade hall, so second-grade hall can completely represent Shenpin hall, and Kuangwang is the master of Shenpin hall.

Seeing the arrival of Kuangwang and others, cultivators from all forces were uneasy. The gap between these powerful geniuses and ordinary extreme cultivators was too big. Even if there were a few geniuses who understood the field and fighting spirit, facing Kuangwang Not having the slightest confidence, everyone unconsciously turned their attention to Mr. Pisces.

Master Pisces landed on the ground and faced Kuangwang and others, “Above the Yan Star, many Yan mines have been taken away by you. Here, the major forces have united and will never give in.”

Kuangwang’s eyes were calm, “You are also in the Exploration Realm whose realm has been weakened, right! After paying such a heavy price, do you really think you can fight against the Sword Sect and the others?”.

Master Pisces has a gloomy face. He is in the exploration realm, but has been weakened by one level. From now on, there is no possibility of setting foot in the starry sky. To him, this is very cruel. The only way to do this is to defend this mountain range and make contributions. Only in this way can he spend the rest of his life peacefully and give future generations a chance. Although he was very famous when he was young, his inability to break through the cruise realm led to such results. He never wanted future generations to do the same.

Underneath the seemingly arrogant appearance, there is a desperate heart.

The forces behind him promised that as long as he defended the mountains, his descendants would receive the greatest support from the sect. He must defend the mountains.

“It’s not me alone against Jian Zong, but all of us” Mr. Pisces shouted.

Behind them, on the mountain range, more than two thousand extreme cultivators shouted angrily. At this moment, no matter what grievances the forces behind them had, they put them aside. If they want to defend the mountain range, they must unite.

In the distance, Xiyue and others also arrived, looking at the mountains in shock. These small forces were finally forced to this step, but is it useful?

Further away, Lingque led the Wen family cultivators to approach very quickly, and the Baiye Clan, Jian Sect and other forces also approached very quickly. A mountain range gathered most of the cultivators in the entire Yan Star, and all the strongest Ji Realm cultivators. arrive.

“Coming” Beimen Gang spoke tremblingly in the mountains, staring at the approach of a group of people below the mountains. This group of people was the Wen family cultivators headed by Lingque.

The arrival of the Wen family frightened the more than 2,000 extreme cultivators present. It was more like the Lingque than the Wen family. His appearance instantly attracted everyone’s attention.

Kuanwang’s expression changed and he stared at Lingque. This man severely wounded him with a knife, and his strength was unfathomable.

Master Pisces’s eyelids twitched, the biggest difficulty had arrived, but he had already thought of a way.

Wen Qian’er and others followed Lingque, looking at the peaceful mountains with unfriendly eyes, as the situation was about to break out.

“You can go,” Lingque said, scanning the front coldly, including Mr. Pisces, who was ignored by him. He was just a waste that passed away a hundred years ago. The universe has undergone changes, and since the Ten Jue has appeared, the younger generation has already joined forces with him. The past was completely different, these were two eras.

In the past, Young Master Pisces was weakened from the Exploration Realm to the Extreme Realm, possessing invincible strength, but now, he is not in Lingque’s eyes at all.

Master Pisces felt Lingque’s indifference and was angry in his heart, but he suppressed it forcefully, “Brother Ling, we can retreat, but can you stop Murong alone?”

Lingque frowned.

“How about you and I join forces, including the more than 2,000 cultivators present and everyone from the Second Grade Hall, to expel the Sword Sect first?” Young Master Pisces suggested. This is his plan, and it was also formulated by the major forces. It is not a planned plan, to drive away wolves and devour tigers. As for the final result, it depends on God’s will, because no one can guarantee that they can defeat Murong and Lingque.

These two people cannot be defeated by numbers, unless they possess the skills of the Baiye Clan that can collectively damage the spirit, energy, and spirit. Lingque has already suffered losses and will not make the same mistake again.

Wen Qian’er was moved. They had lost when they fought for Yanshan before. Murong could not be defeated by Lingque alone.

Lingque narrowed his eyes, should we join forces? It’s an idea, but it’s a bit embarrassing.

At this time, on the other side, everyone from the Baiye tribe arrived, attracting everyone’s attention again.

King Yan Qingye looked at the peaceful mountains and raised his eyebrows. This group of losers actually united.

Master Pisces looked at King Yan Qingye and said loudly, “Everyone from the Baiye clan, how about joining forces to defeat Murong first? Otherwise, no one can check and balance this person.”

King Yan Qingye flashed his eyes and looked at Lingque.

Lingque also looked over at the same time. Although he didn’t say anything, since he didn’t take action, the meaning was clear. They decided to join forces.

At this moment, a fierce aura hit his face, Jian Zong finally arrived.

Liu Shaoqiu and Liu Xiaoyun walked in the front, You Yeer followed behind them excitedly, and Murong, at the back, looked calm.

Mu Rong’s appearance put a huge weight on everyone’s mind. At this moment, this mountain range is considered to have completely gathered the top experts in the universe.

Outside Yan Star, all the major forces are staring at the mountains.

Master Pisces took a deep breath, looked at the people of Jian Zong, and said loudly, “Everyone from Jian Zong, do you want to rob this mountain range?”.

Liu Xiaoyun looked at Mr. Pisces and said, “So what?”

Master Pisces’ eyes were stern, “You have already occupied Yan Mountain. The Yan mine contained in this mountain range should be equally divided among the other major forces. The Jian Zong still wants to rob it. Isn’t it too much?”

Liu Xiaoyun ignored Mr. Pisces. The current situation was clear at a glance. She turned back to look at Murong.

Murong walked out, “You can try to block whatever you want.”

He doesn’t care about Mr. Pisces at all. From beginning to end, all calculations and combinations are useless. There are only a few people who can really decide everything.


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