Star Odyssey Chapter 484: Arrival

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Wang Yan Qingye and Kuangwang couldn’t stop them this time, and kept retreating. I don’t know if it was intentional, but the direction of Liu Shaoqiu’s sword actually included King Yan Qingye. He killed both Zhanlong Baiye and King Yan Qingye. Sweeped in.

The location of Kuangwang was a little off and was not affected.

The earth continued to sink, and the bodies of the cultivators who had fought in Yanshan were all reduced to ashes.

Zhuo Baiye was very smart and did not escape far away, because with her physical condition, she could not escape very far, so she fled directly underground without looking back. When she felt the strong pressure, she had already rushed After entering the magma, I don’t know how deep I escaped into the ground.

Until you feel no more pressure.

Strong winds roared past, and the environment around Yanshan changed drastically. The ground collapsed dozens of meters, making Yanshan even higher. But high in the sky, Liu Shaoqiu and Zhan Long Baiye were still at odds, both breathing heavily. Looking at each other.

Although War Dragon Bai Ye was not injured this time, he clearly felt that his strength had dropped significantly. The layer of brilliance on his body that originally represented resilience disappeared. He overused Bai Ye’s No-Injury Kung Fu.

This is different from when Lu Yin defeated him in the Shenwu Continent. Lu Yin crushed him with force and defeated him with a strength that surpassed the recovery power of Bai Ye Wushang Kung Fu, while Liu Shaoqiu’s fourth sword was a head-on fight with Bai Ye Wushang Kung. The struggle is consumption.

The two still couldn’t tell the winner, but one person suffered, it was King Yan Qingye.

Liu Shaoqiu’s fourth sword had a wide range. He deliberately enveloped Yan Qingye King, making Yan Qingye King the victim of their attack. Her Night King’s body was crushed to pieces and she fell to the ground seriously injured.

War Dragon Bai Ye clenched his fists and stared at Liu Shaoqiu. He was still confident that he could win this battle. Although Bai Ye’s Woundless Kung Fu was over-exhausted, he recovered quickly. As long as Liu Shaoqiu struck out with his fourth sword. Just recover, but the fourth sword is not so easy to strike, otherwise Liu Shaoqiu would be invincible.

Liu Shaoqiu clenched the hilt of his sword. The person in front of him had such abnormal recovery power that it gave him a headache. He couldn’t even defeat him with the fourth sword. Should he risk using the fifth sword? He only had a vague concept of the fifth sword and had no grasp of it at all. However, if it really came to a life or death moment, he could only take the risk and give it a try.

Suddenly, War Dragon Bai Ye turned back and glared in the direction of King Yan Qingye. There, a group of people rushed towards him at great speed. The leader was clearly Sword Sect Yanhua, and their target was King Yan Qingye.

In the previous battle between the Baiye Clan and Jian Zong, Yan Hua’s opponent was Zhan Long Baiye. Zhan Long Baiye did not kill him. He was injured less than Liu Xiaoyun. Because of this, he was He has the ability to take action, and his target is directly at King Yan Qingye, with murderous intent.

Zhan Long Bai Ye’s expression changed. He didn’t know if Yan Hua and others would really kill King Yan Qing Ye. Although he disliked that woman, he couldn’t let her die in front of his eyes, otherwise the Ye King would not let him go. He doesn’t even know the Ten Jue Zhenwu.

He had no choice but to give up the battle with Liu Shaoqiu, grab King Yan Qingye and leave. Faced with Liu Shaoqiu and the sword sect masters, under the premise that the Baiye clan and Erpintang suffered heavy casualties, he alone changed Can’t control the situation.

Yan Hua and others stood on the desolate land, watching the war dragon Bai Ye grab King Yan Qingye and escape.

Liu Shaoqiu landed slowly, his eyes unwilling to give in. He did not defeat this person. This person’s recovery power was too strong, and he could not decide the outcome until the end.

“Junior Brother” Yan Hua came over and looked at Liu Shaoqiu, “Is he not injured?”

Liu Shaoqiu shook his head, “Where is she?”.

“Xiaoyun returned to the starry sky with the collected clay ore. She was seriously injured and needs to recuperate,” Yan Hua said.

Not far behind Yan Hua, a pair of eyes looked at Liu Shaoqiu curiously, full of surprise. She was You Ye’er.

Liu Shaoqiu’s eyes swept across the Jian Zong disciples, and finally fell on You Ye’er. There was no way, the Jian Zong disciples had a single temperament, only You Ye’er was different.

The marriage between Jian Zong and You Ting was the marriage between Liu Shaoqiu and You Ye’er, but this was the first time the two met. Liu Shaoqiu didn’t even know what You Ye’er looked like, and asked strangely, “Why is there a child?”

You Ye’er frowned and became unhappy. She opened her coat and said, “You’re just a kid. This lady is You Ye’er, have you heard of me?”

Liu Shaoqiu looked at Yan Hua with confusion in his eyes.

Yan Hua explained, “Have you forgotten your marriage to Youting?”.

Liu Shaoqiu’s eyes flashed and he looked at You Ye’er again. He remembered that the moment he inherited the Thirteen Swords, the Sword Sect arranged a marriage for him. It was said that he was the princess of Youting, but he saw Look at You Ye’er, it’s too young!

“Hey, what do you mean by looking at me? You look down on me.” You Ye’er put her hands on her hips and stared at Liu Shaoqiu with dissatisfaction.

Facing other people, You Ye’er was quite polite, but Liu Shaoqiu had no choice but to do so. She didn’t want to marry Liu Shaoqiu, so she wanted to leave a bad impression on Liu Shaoqiu and get him to break off the engagement.

Unfortunately, she thought too much. Apart from Thirteen Swords and Lu Yin, Liu Shaoqiu had basically nothing else in his mind. He did not talk to her at all, turned around and walked towards Yanshan, “Let’s mine. From now on, this place belongs to the Sword Sect.”

With a wave of Yan Hua’s hand, the Jianzong disciples immediately took out their equipment and began to collect the ore.

You Ye’er gritted her teeth and tightened her face, thinking about how to get Liu Shaoqiu to break off the engagement. She didn’t want to marry the Sword Sect. Once she married Liu Shaoqiu, the Youzi secret must be passed on to the people in Youting, which would be equivalent to losing the Youzi secret. , she doesn’t want to lose the secret of Youzi, she also wants to enter the new universe, but she doesn’t want to marry and be a woman, raising children for the rest of her life.

How many women are there in the top 100 list? How many women are there in the ten finals? You Ye’er’s eyes are on this. She also has a fighting heart. She also wants to be famous in the universe, just like that woman from Jian Zong.

In the battle of Yanshan, the Baiye clan was defeated. Liu Shaoqiu occupied Yanshan by himself. Thirteen Swords defeated the Baiye clan and joined forces with Erpintang, shaking the starry sky.

The Thirteen Swords once again revealed their ferocious edge, making countless people’s scalps numb.

Although King Qiu Yuye was angry, he was helpless. She could also see that Bai Ye was not defeated in the battle with the dragon, but he gave up Yanshan because of King Yan Qing. This cannot be blamed on him, but on Yan Qing’s being too weak, or in other words, Too merciful, if all the sword sects were killed in the previous battle, the result would be different.

On the Jian Zong spaceship, Liu Xiaoyun looked back and breathed a sigh of relief.

Far away from Yanshan Mountain, Beimen Gang and others did not know the outcome of the battle for Yanshan Mountain, and they did not dare to go back to see it. It was another battlefield that they could not set foot on.

The Jianzong did not kill all the few cultivators such as Kuangwang and Zhuobaiye who survived, but let them go.

Zhuo Baiye was seriously injured and was supposed to return to the starry sky, but she did not. She knew that once she returned to the starry sky, what she would get would not necessarily be care and treatment, but more likely blame and punishment.

The original King Jingye looks kind, but is actually ruthless and doesn’t care too much about her life and death.

She would rather hide alone in the corner of Yanxing to heal her wounds silently, or wait for death. Maybe death is also a good choice. Unfortunately, she could not lift the cage spell and could not save them.

Drawing his seriously injured body, leaving blood stains along the way, Zhuo Baiye lay in a desolate and dry cave, dug out the Clover Company’s special medicine from the Ningkong Ring, and treated himself.

Soon, she fainted due to excessive blood loss.

Spaceships are still appearing in the sky, and there are dozens of them.

Although Jian Zong has captured Yan Mountain again, the previous battle with the Baiye Clan resulted in many casualties, so it is still mobilizing extreme cultivators to come to Yan Star.

A few days later, Lu Yin returned to Zhenyu Star.

Looking at the three-ring continent, Hai Qiqi was quite surprised, “There is such a planet, aren’t you afraid that the three continents will suppress it?”

Lu Yin ignored her and looked solemnly at his personal terminal. On it, the combat power value kept rising until it reached the limit of 200,000. Khadgar did not hide his power and suppressed Zhenyu Star alone.

Hai Qiqi pursed her lips and said, “There seems to be someone very powerful.”

Lu Yin put down his personal terminal and looked at the Zhenyuxing space station. Now, there is no one in the space station, and no foreign spacecraft has entered. Everyone is hiding. Zhenyuxing is like a caged bird in captivity. There was no one around, and everyone felt Khadgar’s power to dominate life and death.

After Khadgar arrived at Zhenyu Planet, he directly blocked the planet. No one could only stay at home and was not allowed to come out. Foreign spacecraft were not allowed to approach, and people on Zhenyu Planet were not allowed to leave. Absolutely The domineering.

Huo Qingshan and others are no exception.

Fortunately, Khadgar had some scruples and did not cause any killings. This was a blessing among misfortunes.

Lu Yin really wanted to deal with him, but he was helpless. Even the improved Qian Lei should not be able to hurt the enlightenment powerhouse, and the cosmic armor should not be able to withstand the attack of the enlightenment powerhouse. Facing Khadgar, he There is no difference from Huo Qingshan and others.

The moment Lu Yin’s spaceship entered the space station, on the Zhenyu star, facing the cliff edge of the sea, Khadgar raised his head, his eyes cold, murderous intent flashed away, but was quickly replaced by fear. He wanted to solve this hidden danger , but Lu Yin’s identity forced him to consider that he was the prospective son-in-law of Neptune. For this alone, not to mention him, not even the hundreds of thousands of old monsters from the Divine Grade Hall could touch him.

Not only Khadgar, the moment Lu Yin arrived at Zhenyu Star, Huo Qingshan and others also knew about it, stood up, tore the void and disappeared.

As the spaceship landed, Lu Yin and Hai Qiqi walked out. The spaceship was folded and put into the Ningkong Ring. Not far away, Huo Qingshan, Turtle Dove, and many exploration realm experts stood quietly.

At the moment when Lu Yin saw it, they all saluted and said, “See the Regent.”

Hai Qiqi stared at this scene with wide eyes, and then looked at Lu Yin.

Lu Yin nodded, “Go to the imperial palace.”

Huo Qingshan and others got out of the way, Lu Yin grabbed Hai Qiqi, disappeared in the air, and a huge space crack spread.

Ikaruga was surprised. Such strength was too exaggerated. It was only at the extreme level, but it gave him a feeling of being unmatched. He was at the cruising level.

Not only Ikaruga, but also the other powerful people in the Exploration Realm were horrified. The Regent was terrifyingly powerful. Looking at the Daewoo Empire, perhaps only a few people could match him.

Huo Qingshan felt it the most, especially when he felt a vague threat from Lu Yin. This was his intuition after years of fighting. Could the Regent threaten him? How is it possible? It must be an illusion.


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