Star Odyssey Chapter 4784: Welcome my teacher


You Che’s voice was soft, “The highest being in human civilization today. He is extremely talented and has countless means to spy on the universe. It is not unusual to know you. What you care about should not be how he knows you, but whether he has the ability.” , defeat, or even kill you.”

Su Xinzong smiled, and the shock at the emergence of human civilization was replaced by a smile, “Kill me?”

“Since you know me, you still think you can kill me?”

“Yes, if he says it’s okay, it’s okay.” You Che said.

Su Xinzong shook his head, “It’s just a matter of sitting in a well and looking at the sky. I admit that the Nine Bases of Humanity were once very powerful. They were so powerful that they could compete with any side of the main path. I can’t match them. But now that you humans have long since declined, you think that you can do it with just a mere Zhuobao.” You can control the universe without overestimating your own abilities.”

“Are you overestimating your abilities? But he knows your Su Xin Sect.” You Che retorted.

Su Xinzong is silent, which is also its biggest fear of Xiangcheng.

Being known by others but unknown to others will be unsettling, especially when faced with a civilization that is obviously not weak. This civilization is still a special existence like human beings.

“I can help you.”

Su Xinzong was not surprised. Otherwise, how could the owner of this voice talk to it like this, “How to help? Why help?”

You Che said calmly, “I can open Xiangcheng and let you go in and kill yourself. I can also tell you the situation inside so that you can be prepared. The condition is that you help me resurrect.”

Su Xinzong was surprised, “Are you dead?”

“You can understand that the physical body is dead, but the conscious cognition is still there.”

“How to be resurrected?”

“You don’t have to worry about this, just protect me for ten thousand years.”

Su Xinzong agreed, “Yes, it will only take ten thousand years.”

You Che said, “Ten thousand years later, I want to join the Qi Luck Master.”

Su Xinzong said, “I can’t be the master of this. I can’t interfere with the way to join the Qi Luck Alliance. If you can join, you can be anywhere. But if you can’t join, even if I put the tips in your arms, You still can’t save it.”

“Then join any leader for me. Isn’t that how you arrange other sequences?”

Su Xin Zongdao “I can help you understand the power of the years, send you the tributaries of the long river of years, and become the master of the years. This is not a problem. Now, open the Xiangcheng.”

It is not worried about whether You Che is sincerely helping it, everything is based on strength.

If this human civilization relies on such little tricks to calculate it, it only shows that they have insufficient understanding of themselves, and it also shows that they are completely unsure of how to deal with themselves, so Su Xin Sect will feel more at ease.

Luck often gives it great confidence.

You Che said, “You don’t want to know what’s going on inside?”

“No need.”

You Che was silent for a moment, “Okay, I will open Xiangcheng now, but you’d better not underestimate human civilization.” After saying that, he saw in Xiangcheng, the illusory Xiangcheng city and human civilization overlapped in the blur.


Since taking advantage of the small distance before Xiangcheng left, the original city in Xiangcheng has been enlarged countless times, covering the three universes, but the people in the city are fake and cannot see the three universes. But people in the three universes can see the city as big as the sky.

Now, that city is blurring.

Because the mind is blurring.

Qinglian Shangyu and others were shocked, “What’s going on?”

“It’s You Che.” Master Qingcao blurted out.

The only human being who can influence Xiangcheng is You Che. Not even Lu Yin can influence Xiangcheng more than You Che.

“You Che, what are you going to do?” Yu Li shouted at the startling door.

You Che did not answer.

Outside Xiangcheng, Su Xinzong raised his six eyes. Under his feet, layers of ripples spread out, like strings, spreading towards Xiangcheng and towards human civilization.

Jingmen Shangyu was the first to take action, and the three cultivators exploded, stabbing the spreading ripples with a spear.

Xiangcheng has become useless. This ripple is not caused by the aftermath of the attack. There must be something wrong.

Changtian followed closely behind.


A clear and loud sound exploded in the ears of countless people, like a string that was about to be broken, stretched to the limit.

In fact, Jingmen Shangyu’s shot did pull up a ripple and wanted to disconnect it, but it stopped halfway and could no longer save it.

Changtian’s two spears shot up into the clouds, one for pupil power and the other for weapon, stabbing down at the same time.

Su Xinzong raised his hand like a dead branch and clicked it casually. The ripples knocked them back.

Jingmen Shangyu turned around and stabbed out again. Suddenly, the cauldron was blocked in front of him. There was a soft buzzing sound, and the strings lingered and hit the cauldron, knocking the cauldron, Jingmen Shangyu and Changtian away. .

Jingmen Shangyu and Changtian vomited blood at the same time and looked at the outside of Xiangcheng in shock. Is this a fighting force that conforms to the laws of the three universes?

It’s not that they haven’t experienced it before, but this Su Xin Sect is terrifyingly strong.

Su Xinzong was looking at the cauldron at this moment. He could actually withstand the power of a song. It was also a turbid treasure, and it was a very strong turbid treasure.

Although it has heard of Xiangcheng and knows that it is the Nine Bases Suppressing Treasure, it does not understand all the Nine Suppressing Treasures, and it cannot believe that the human civilization that has been crippled has a second Suppressing Treasure. .

Unknowable is only responsible for the Lord and one master, and it is impossible to tell them.

Mr. Mu came to the back of the cauldron and looked outside seriously. Beside him, Chu Songyun and Master Qingcao stood “a tough battle.”

“The strength of Sanxiu Ling Jingmen is no worse than that of a being who conforms to the two laws of the universe. He can even fight with the strongest person who conforms to the laws of the two universes, but he was defeated all at once.”

“There will still be a long day, and the power of the pupils will be directly scattered.”

“Be careful.”

Jiu Wen passed the three of them, and joined forces with Qinglian Shangyu to rush towards Su Xinzong at the same time, “The moon is in the wine, and the sky is in the pot.”

“Lotus Treasure Mirror.”

A bright moon hangs in the starry sky.

Cause and effect converged, and thousands of heavenly pointing wheels formed a ring, blasting towards Su Xin Sect.

Su Xinzong raised his paw again, flicked the air, and sounded the sound of the piano, “Please listen to the Nine Songs of Hanlou.”

The ripples in the void make strings, and the nine-melody cold tower is famous in every corner.

Jiu Wen vomited blood and retreated step by step, and the sky in the pot was directly shattered.

The Royal Lotus Treasure Mirror on the Green Lotus fell down, and the nine tunes were pressed continuously. Su Xinzong was surprised. The sound of the piano became higher and higher. The Lotus Treasure Mirror on the Green Lotus kept rotating and consuming, and finally made a loud noise. The Lotus Treasure Mirror was the center, twisting the ripples, and finally broke three of them, breaking the nine curves.

But Qinglian Shangyu himself was also shaken back, his face turned pale, and the Lotus Treasure Mirror turned into cause and effect and dispersed.

This blow consumed him greatly.

Su Xinzong praised, “You can break my Nine Songs. Even the main one has few sequences that can do it. You are very good, but it’s a pity.” After saying that, the broken ripples slowly connected and spread again, directly to Under Xiangcheng, the entire human civilization is included.

The scope covers the entire Xiangcheng.

“You must be the descendants of Nine Bases and surrender to me. I will not destroy you for the time being.” Su Xinzong said, and at the same time, a purple light appeared on the surface of the body, which was the same as the destiny of the sky.

In Xiangcheng, Qinglian Shangyu and the others looked ugly. They knew that the other party was an existence that conformed to the laws of the three universes, but they did not expect it to be so terrifying. They told Lu Yin that they could fight, but they had almost no power to fight back. .

This Su Xin Sect is far from comparable to Ni Bieluo and the gods and kings of the civilization of the gods. These two can achieve the level of conformity to the laws of the three universes with the help of means, and this Su Xin Sect is truly in line with the laws of the three universes. Laws exist, and they must be absolutely strong at the same level.

This is no longer a question of whether we can fight.

Changtian held Jingmen Shangyu’s hand bitterly, and Jingmen Shangyu looked at him.

“Sorry, I can’t protect you.”

Jingmen Shangyu felt soft in his heart, “We are sorry for you.”

Not far away, Ba Rong huddled up in a ball, it was over, it was over again, how could this human being always provoke terrifying existences? He was finally going to be killed.

If you had known how to escape, you would have escaped as far away as possible.

Meng Luo looked outside Xiangcheng, not expecting to face such a strong person. If we don’t join this human civilization, nothing will happen, but who can think of the future.

Gui Xing’s whole face was distorted, “It’s time to leave. It’s all your fault. Why are you delaying? You can’t leave now.”

Besides, Ku Zu exhaled “

We are lucky to be able to coexist and die with civilization. ”

Gui Xing cursed angrily, “Don’t count me in.”

After saying that, he rolled his eyes and said, “Why don’t you surrender.”

Ku Zu glanced at it and said, “A turtle with a shrunken head.”

Gui Xing opened his mouth wide, unable to refute.

“We surrender.” Master Qingcao spoke.


Return home…

Outside Xiangcheng, Su Xinzong looked at Master Qingcao and the others, “Okay, come to me.”

Master Qingcao said, “You can surrender, but you must agree on good conditions. Otherwise, if you trick us and kill us one by one, there will be nothing we can do.”

Su Xinzong looked disdainfully, “If you don’t come out, I can still slaughter all of you. With the help of luck, I can release the constraints of cause and effect and kill you without any burden.”

“But it is more beneficial to you to get our help. Losing a single sequence is a big loss, but you can get our entire human civilization.” Master Qingcao retorted.

Su Xinzong pondered.

You Che’s voice came out, “There’s no need to delay, it’s impossible for humans to surrender. They are the descendants of Ninth Base.”

One sentence made the Su Xin Sect’s murderous desire skyrocket.

Ninth base has a special meaning in the main league.

The six eyes of Su Xinzong opened suddenly and scanned Xiangcheng, “Come out immediately, otherwise, we will be destroyed.”

Master Qingcao had no choice but to say, “Someone who understands us is really disgusting. Xiaoqi should have killed him earlier.”

Jiu Wen took a sip of wine, and the blood stains on the corners of his mouth were obvious, “That’s all, let’s fight if we have to.”

Nine songs in Hanlou, one song can break the soul.

The starry sky exploded, and countless voids were torn open, like thunder falling.

Qinglian Shangyu and others all attacked, but they were repelled by Su Xinzong. The ripples were curved and rippling. Except for Qinglian Shangyu, no one could attack Su Xinzong, but even Qinglian Shang Yu was helpless in the face of the absolute oppression of Su Xin Sect.

If Su Xinzong is willing, he can kill everyone.

But it didn’t. Its hands like dead branches poked at the void, knocking back each and every human master and seriously injuring them.

Master Qingcao, Jingmen Shangyu, Ancient God, Chu Songyun, etc.

No one can withstand its attack.

Suddenly, Xiangcheng shook, and a statue broke into the void and stood above the starry sky. It was Lu Yin’s statue.

The next moment, those people in the original Xiangcheng knelt down to worship the statue and murmured something in prayer, while countless people in the real Xiangcheng also looked at the Lu Yin statue. The invisible force pulled everyone’s eyes, moods, and even wishes.

Tuolin’s voice resounded in everyone’s ears, “The human race is in trouble. Only my master, Lu Yin, can turn things upside down, reverse the years, and suppress the destiny of our human race.”

“Everyone, pray with me and welcome my master, the invincible universe.”


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