Star Odyssey Chapter 4783: Confrontation

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The next moment, Jingmen Shang Yu San’s cultivation spirit burst out, and the powerful power was like a spear piercing the starry sky.

Then came Jiu Wen, whose fighting power also conformed to the laws of the two universes. Then, Mr. Mu, Chu Songyun, Master Qingcao, Gui Xing, etc., each of the eternal beings released their aura, intimidating Su Xin Sect.

It is no longer possible to hide at this time. When Lu Yin returns, he will leave immediately, but the prerequisite is to survive this disaster.

No matter how many immortal realms human civilization has, if there is no existence that conforms to the laws of the three universes, facing the Su Xin Sect is a disaster.

If the Su Xin Sect was just guessing before, it has now been confirmed that this civilization secretly controls the other shrines and the Lindao shrine, and perhaps the Zuling shrine is also controlled. With the strength of this civilization, it may not be possible.

I am approaching. This civilization threatens with so much eternal life breath. There are also two peak masters comparable to the sequence, but they have not taken the initiative. Obviously, they recognized themselves, or in other words, confirmed their cultivation. .

They have intelligence capabilities for the outside world.

“What kind of civilization are you from?” Su Xinzong asked, his voice reaching Xiangcheng.

In Xiangcheng, Qinglian Shangyu and others looked at each other. Master Qingcao and the others nodded. Qinglian Shangyu’s voice came out: “It has nothing to do with you. If you are not hostile, please retreat.”

Su Xinzong’s eyes were cold and all six eyes were fixed on Xiangcheng: “You don’t even want to show your face? Are you looking down on me, Su Xinzong?”

Xiangcheng did not answer.

Su Xinzong’s voice became colder and colder: “Don’t want to answer?”

“Your Excellency, please retreat. Our civilization does not want to have contact with the outside world.” Qinglian Shangyu spoke again.

Su Xinzong said coldly: “You don’t want to have contact with the outside world? Or you don’t want to have contact with my Su Xinzong?”

Qinglian Shangyu frowned.

Master Qingcao said: “We show so much aura of immortality but don’t show up. It seems cowardly to it, so it presses us step by step. If this continues, it is likely to take action directly.”

After speaking, he looked at the energetic woman next to him: “Shock the door, scare it.”

Jingmen Shangyu was stunned for a moment. She was very domineering, but depending on who she was targeting, what she saw in front of her was someone who complied with the three laws of the universe. A master-sequence expert was considered to be at the top level of the entire universe.

Master Qingcao smiled and said, “Just think of him as your son-in-law.”

Jingmen Shangyu’s eyes moved, but before he spoke, Changtian suddenly shouted: “Get out of here–“

The sound startled everyone, and everyone looked at him strangely.

Jingmen Shangyu glared at him angrily.

Chang Tian sneered, “Sorry, I couldn’t help it.”

Everyone was speechless.

Although it was unexpected, the effect was very good. Su Xinzong did not expect that this civilization would suddenly be so manic. He instinctively got angry, but he suppressed it and stared at Xiangcheng: “What do you mean?”

Master Qingcao smiled: “Take a softer attitude. It can’t be sure of us, so let’s scare it.” After saying that, he quickly looked at Changtian: “Invite it in.”

“Don’t scare it anymore?”

“The more we scare, the more timid we become. If we invite it now, it won’t dare to come in.” After a pause, Master Qingcao reminded: “It’s still the same attitude as before.”

Changtian moved, faced Su Xinzong, and spoke word by word in a voice that was extremely suppressed of emotions: “Su Xinzong, right? Come in and talk.”

Outside, Su Xinzong’s eyes flashed, go in?

You asked yourself to leave before, and now you invite yourself in. What does that mean?

It is indeed unsure, not because it is stupid, but because it is in awe of the civilization of the universe and wary of the unknown. It has been able to cultivate to this point and has experienced too much. It is not that it has not been scared by others, but the way to deal with it is Very simple, direct attack.

Master Qingcao is just stalling for time in a very ordinary way.

Su Xinzong is ready to take action, and it is impossible to get in.

At this time, Master Qingcao said: “You really think we don’t know about your placement in our Lord’s Time?”

Su Xinzong’s eyes widened suddenly and he looked at Xiangcheng in disbelief, what? Lord years together? Master Qingcao’s eyes were indifferent. This was his real method of frightening Su Xin Zong. What he did before was just to disrupt Su Xin Zong’s thoughts: “Su Xin Zong, as the main sequence of luck, also once left his name in a black book in a camp. The strong man who shook the universe,

Why bother doing these things. ”

“Go back, don’t be dead, we can pretend this never happened.”

“Who are you?” Su Xinzong shouted.

Master Qingcao said: “You don’t need to know who we are, or do you want to tell this matter to the ears of the Lord of Time?”

Su Xinzong stared at Xiangcheng, what is the origin of this civilization? Sure enough, they knew themselves, but they did not know them.

And how do they know about themselves and other people? Did it come through the giant city? Or did you already know it?

They should have known for a long time that this civilization has controlled the other temples and Lindao temple for a long time, not just one day, they have been watching.

Master Qingcao stopped talking.

“Will it retreat?” asked the ancient god.

Mr. Mu said: “No.”

Master Qingcao also said: “It is true that he will not, and he will take action against us, but the time can definitely be delayed a little longer.”

“I hope Xiao Qi can make it in time.” Jiu Wen took a sip of wine and said, “As a main-sequence powerhouse who spans the universe, we won’t really back down just because of a few words. After all, no matter what happens to us later, It is impossible to involve the Lord of Time. At most, he only has the ability to report this matter, right

For it, instead of being caught, it would be better to make a desperate move to destroy us. If it succeeds, it will avoid future troubles forever. If it fails, it can at least know who is behind us. ”

“It is impossible for such a strong man to face an unknown enemy.”

Now they can only try their best to delay time.

The starry sky is silent.

Human civilization did not say anything, and Su Xin Sect retreated, but everyone knew that it did not really retreat, especially after destroying the invisible civilization, it was very likely that it would attack invisibly.

Xiangcheng is under complete lockdown and is ready to respond at any time.

Time passed day by day. On this day, Xiangcheng was shaken. The expressions of Qinglian Shangyu and others changed drastically: “It took action.”

In one direction of Xiangcheng, Su Xinzong was indeed invisible. When he came to Xiangcheng, his seemingly slender and fragile arms shot out, causing the whole Xiangcheng to shake.

“Su Xin Zong, we know it’s you. If you take action again, this matter will be reported to the Lord.” Qinglian Shangyu threatened.

Su Xinzong didn’t care at all and attacked again.

It struck from all directions, with no intention of letting Qinglian Shangyu and the others notice.

But human civilization has detection methods.

Opened immediately after Su Xinzong made his first move.


“This time it’s the north.”

“The West.”

Su Xinzong took action again and again. Xiangcheng’s defense was really strong. Even if no one was controlling it, it still blocked Su Xinzong’s bombardment.

As the strongest defensive weapon in the Nine Bases, if it could be broken easily, You Che would not be so obsessed with it and would spend countless years trying to find a way to find it.

Su Xin Zong did not expect that even if there was no strong person in this civilization to hinder it, he would not be able to immediately break this city lying across the starry sky. What kind of city is this? Is the defense that strong?


It stopped and looked at Xiangcheng in astonishment, then stepped back and looked at the entire Xiangcheng in the distance.

Could it be the legendary defensive treasure?

But that belongs to human civilization, and it should be within that chaotic square inch.

By the way, the unknown is out, then.

Its six eyes kept flashing, staring at Xiangcheng. There were guesses, but they were not consistent with common sense, because how could a civilization that came out of that chaotic square inch away recognize it? It is even less possible to know about other sequences.

It’s eyes were downcast. The more it couldn’t figure it out, the more it wanted to see clearly. It didn’t believe it anymore.

If it were really that civilization, it would be great fun.

The attack of Su Xin Sect is getting stronger and stronger. In Xiangcheng, Qinglian Shangyu and others have been using technological means to detect the location of Su Xin Sect. They wanted to assist Xiangcheng in defense, but they did not expect that they would not take action for the time being. Can block it.

Although Xiangcheng is the strongest defensive weapon, Zhuobao, he is not facing an ordinary master, but an extremely strong one, which is a bit exaggerated.

But if you think of the Nine Bases War, you can understand it. Back then, Xiangcheng protected the entire Nine Bases, facing many fishing civilizations and powerful masters who took action in secret.

“Are we just going to watch like this?” the emperor asked at the startling door.

Master Qingcao said: “Going out will only become a weakness. No one can guarantee that Su Xin Sect can retreat safely when facing it directly, so just wait.”

Qinglian Shangyu did not refute. He was very strong, but Su Xin Sect was even stronger. Lu Yin specifically reminded him that not all the main sequences were qualified to leave their names in the black book of the camp. Looking at the main sequences, The Su Xin Sect are all extremely powerful.

As long as Xiangcheng can hold it, let him hold it.

Su Xin Zong took action again and again to shake Xiangcheng. Everyone in Xiangcheng was panicked. The practitioners were uneasy. Ordinary people didn’t know what was happening, but this kind of earth-shaking was too abnormal.

“Let’s see whether you have high defense or I am lucky.” Su Xinzong waved his hand, “The destiny of heaven comes when it moves, and it disappears when it comes.”

Purple meaning spread out from the dark starry sky, replacing the starry sky, heading towards Xiangcheng.

It’s like adding a purple sky.

Qinglian Shangyu took action, and the great celestial phenomenon of cause and effect moved towards the destiny of heaven. It was not a confrontation, but a test to see how terrifying this destiny of heaven was.

As the great celestial phenomenon of cause and effect touches the destiny of the sky, it collapses at the first touch.

Causation is directly pushed by purple luck.

Qinglian Shangyu shrank his eyes, this is the power of the main sequence.

His karma is still not enough, far from enough. If Lu Yin were here and combined with the law of karma and heaven, it would not be impossible to give it a try.

Now he can’t do it on his own.

Su Xinzong waved his hand, and the fate of heaven pressed **** Xiangcheng.

Xiangcheng roared, the city walls shook, the heaven and earth inside were cracking, endless thunder fell from the void, and the cracks crushed pieces of parallel time and space. Although Xiangcheng could still withstand the bombardment, the inside was turned upside down.

“It’s useless, you can’t open it.” A voice came into Su Xinzong’s head, and its six eyes stared at Xiangcheng.

This voice came from You Che, who found the location of Su Xin Sect and spoke to it.

Su Xinzong’s eyes were cold: “Who?”

“You can understand me as this Xiangcheng’s spirit.” You Che said.

Su Xinzong’s pupils shrank: “It is indeed Xiangcheng.”

You Che said: “Yes, the nine-base civilization of mankind, one of the most powerful treasures, the strongest defense, Xiangcheng.”

Su Xinzong guessed it right, but it couldn’t figure out that since it was human civilization and controlled Xiangcheng, it must come from the chaotic square inch distance. If so, how could it know itself. “How do you know me?”


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