Star Odyssey Chapter 474: The cruel side

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Lu Yin has a headache. It has been confirmed that a large number of casual cultivators are employed by certain forces and plan to attack the Dayu Empire.

He could not determine the number of these casual cultivators. The ones here were just one of them.

Open the starry sky map. Perhaps, some casual cultivators have already entered the Daewoo Empire.

On the giant boat, when he learned that some casual cultivators were going to attack the Dayu Empire, he had already informed Huo Qingshan and asked the Dayu Empire to take strict precautions. However, after all, there were too many and they might not be able to defend them.

In this case, don’t blame me for being cruel. Lu Yin’s eyes were determined and he immediately contacted Huo Qingshan and said something to Huo Qingshan.

Huo Qingshan was shocked after hearing this, “I got it.”

Hang up the communication, Lu Yin looked at the dark starry sky. The universe can be cruel sometimes, both to others and to himself.

He asked Huo Qingshan to send a group of people pretending to be casual cultivators to attack Wuli territory, Haoyuan territory and Lars territory. These three territories are close to Canglan territory. He revealed the news to the outside world that the major forces were preparing to clean up a line from The purpose of the road from the inner universe to the unknown star field is to find Yan.

He not only revealed the existence of Yan, but also revealed that Erpintang hired casual cultivators to attack the surrounding areas, dragging all the surrounding areas into trouble.

As a result, these rogue cultivators will be targeted by several surrounding territories. Even if their target is only the Canglan territory, it is useless, because there are indeed rogue cultivators attacking the surrounding territories, and it can be said that there is no excuse.

Only by muddying the water can we fish in troubled waters.

Someone wanted to hide in the dark and let Erpintang fight to the death with the Daewoo Empire, so he dragged everyone into the water, and no one could escape. Those casual cultivators could not even approach the Canglan territory due to the attacks from the surrounding territories.

Even if the game went wrong in the end, and the Canglan territory was targeted by everyone, he still had a trump card, which was Poseidon. Even if Poseidon didn’t admit it, he would report the Rennes War Group to the White Night Clan if it didn’t work. Everyone is afraid of the Rennes War Group, and the major forces will not fight against such people for the sake of a Daewoo Empire.

The name of the Pirate King not only represents his strength, but also represents his methods of doing things. He is a representative of the dark side.

Now, what Lu Yin has to do is to deal with the casual cultivators on this spaceship. He doesn’t need to know who hired them. The information he gets may not be true, so there is no need to know.

The two Cruisers are in the lounge on the top floor of the spacecraft, where only two Cruisers are allowed to enter.

Lu Yin put on the cosmic armor that had been upgraded five times, held the gun he bought at the auction house, and slowly walked to the top floor.

Every casual cultivator encountered along the way was easily dealt with. Casual cultivators are not shameful. Everyone has the qualifications to practice, but accepting employment and launching wars are not pure casual cultivators, but closer to mercenaries. It was definitely not the first time these people had done this, otherwise they would not have been able to assemble so quickly.

The hands of these casual cultivators are all stained with blood. Lu Yin will show no mercy in dealing with them.

On the top floor of the spacecraft, in the captain’s room, more than a dozen operators looked at the light curtain in horror. Inside the light curtain, Lu Yin was pressing an exploration-level casual cultivator against the wall. He exerted force with one palm, and the concussive force penetrated the body surface and pushed the exploration The powerful person’s internal organs were shattered, and the metal wall behind him cracked.

“Quick, report immediately, an enemy has come in.” The next moment, the spacecraft sounded a piercing alarm.

The spaceships have different levels. Lu Yin watched as the exploration-level man in front of him slowly lost his life. This man was the last exploration-level man on the ship. After getting rid of him, he is now a strong man who can still walk in the starry sky on the spaceship. , only the two cruising realms are left.

The piercing siren alarmed everyone. On the top floor, a strong man in the cruising realm came to the captain’s room. He looked at the light screen and frowned, “Cosmic Armor, this person is not a strong man who walks in the stars. He is so big.” The courage.” After saying that, he directly tore through the void and headed towards Lu Yin.

Lu Yin had not taken a few steps when a strong man in the cruise realm appeared in front of him, his eyes gleaming with cold murderous intent, “I don’t know who you want to cause trouble for, but since you have appeared, then go to hell.” After saying that, The strong man from the Cruise Realm slapped Lu Yin with his palm. In his impression, even if Lu Yin could leapfrog and kill the Exploration Realm, he would not be able to fight against the Cruise Realm. Those kind of people are monsters who are famous in the universe. There is no need to fight with them. make life difficult for.

However, he forgot one thing, Lu Yin was from the Dayu Empire.

The powerful man in the cruise realm slapped the cosmic armor with his palm, and it was unscathed. His eyes were shocked. He had never seen a cosmic armor that could withstand an attack with a combat power of more than 50,000 people.

The cosmic armor was originally prepared for cultivators who were not in the exploration realm to survive in the starry sky. Many of them were also used to explore some hidden places. The strong did not want to take risks, so they put the cosmic armor on slaves and low-level cultivators. The battle armor allows them to take risks. Generally speaking, the cosmic battle armor does not have much defensive power, but can only ensure that practitioners can survive in the starry sky.

However, Lu Yin’s cosmic battle armor is said to be fused with metal from the cosmic sea. It is very strong and can resist the attacks of strong hunters in the hunting realm. He has also improved it five times by using three points on the dice. He doesn’t even know that it can resist it. How much combat strength is there in an attack? Damn it, an attack like the one in the cruise realm that doesn’t even have a combat strength of 100,000 can destroy it.

Putting on this set of cosmic armor, he even dared to spar with a strong man in the hunting realm.

Lu Yin raised his gun and pointed it at the strong man in the cruising realm. “Poverty limits your imagination.” After saying that, he fired a gun. A very ancient physical bullet hit the chest of the strong man in the cruising realm. In an instant, a terrifying The power twisted the void and exploded on the surface of the strong man in the cruise realm, piercing his body and then directly smashing half of his body to pieces.

Lu Yin looked at this scene in surprise. Although he knew that this gun was enough to fire bullets with a combat power of 80,000, he still couldn’t believe that he could actually kill a strong man in the cruising realm instantly. When did the cruising realm So fragile.

With the cosmic armor and the gun, Lu Yin almost dared to challenge the powerful cruisers on the top 100 battle list. These were piled up with money. In an instant, he felt a heartfelt fear of those wealthy forces. , those forces may also have this method. Different from cultivation, this is a pure killing method.

As the richest force in the Mavis family, Lu Yin could not imagine how many methods they had.

With a bang, one side of the spacecraft exploded, and the last strong man in the cruising realm fled towards the starry sky. When he saw this scene, he thought he was no match for Lu Yin, so he ran away directly, but what about the cruising realm? A casual cultivator with limited combat skills. When Lu Yin felt that he was escaping, the quicksand in his heart immediately unsealed, his body exploded, he flashed to the limit, and the void was torn into a huge hole that spread out of the spaceship. crack.

He himself appeared in front of the escaping cruiser, standing in the starry sky and staring coldly.

With the air dodge that he can now display with his physical strength, that kind of speed is simply not comparable to that of ordinary cruising realm.

“You, who are you?” the powerful cruiser asked in a trembling voice.

Lu Yin said coldly, “Didn’t you guess it?”

The pupils of the strong man in the cruising realm shrank, “If you don’t reach the exploration realm, you can easily kill the cruising realm. You are Lu Yin.”

“I was the first one who thought of me. It seems that your goal is indeed the Daewoo Empire,” Lu Yin said calmly.

The strong man in the cruise realm begged with his eyes open, “Please, let me go, I promise never to accept employment.”

“Okay, tell me, who hired you behind the scenes?” Lu Yin asked.

The strong man in the cruise realm said without hesitation, “The second-grade hall is the second-grade hall in the realm of beast control.”

“Really, your mission?” Lu Yin continued to ask.

“Attack the Daewoo Empire, destroy the ecological planet, and let a full-scale war break out between the Daewoo Empire and Erpintang” blurted out the strong man in the cruise realm.

Lu Yin’s eyes flashed, “That’s all?”.

“That’s all,” Mou Ding, a strong man in the cruise realm, said. After speaking, he continued to look at Lu Yin pleadingly, “Lu, classmate Lu, in fact, I am also a person from the outer universe. You can’t imagine how difficult it is for us people to enter the inner universe to practice. We are also forced to do so, and I beg you to let me go. I promise that in the future, if I hear that there are loose cultivators who want to harm the Daewoo Empire, I will definitely be the first to take action.”

Lu Yin sneered and sighed, “Although I know you won’t be honest, I still ask with hope. It seems that you are indeed dishonest. Then, go to hell.” After saying that, he raised his gun and cruised The pupils of the realm expert shrank sharply and he rushed towards the other side. At the same time, a long knife appeared in his hand and slashed behind him. Lu Yin’s figure disappeared again and appeared. He had already passed countless slashes. The gun was pressed against the back of the cruise realm expert. boom.

Looking at half of the body of the strong man in the cruising realm slowly disappearing in front of his eyes, Lu Yin put away his gun. He had previously used his personal terminal to contact the first strong man in the cruising realm to kill and learned that there was a mystery behind them. His employer, this person did not say anything, and it would be useless to press him, because the identity of the mysterious employer should not be revealed, otherwise this person would definitely tell him in a desperate situation.

No matter who the mysterious employer is, Lu Yin doesn’t care anymore, because there are enemies everywhere in the universe.

Back on the spaceship, more than a hundred casual cultivators were horrified. Blood had been spilled on the top floor. They all found the body of the powerful cruiser, and they didn’t know what was waiting for them.

Lu Yin found Hai Qiqi. The girl looked pale and didn’t say a word, staring at him blankly.

He asked tentatively, “Have you never seen anyone kill someone?”

Hai Qiqi pursed her lips and gritted her teeth and said, “No.”

Lu Yin sighed, Neptune was too protective of her and did not even let her see such a thing. So, Neptune was willing to let her come out with him this time just because he wanted to show her the cruel side of the universe. Bar!

Thinking about it, Lu Yin took out the folding spaceship from the Ningkong Ring, took Hai Qiqi on it, appeared in the starry sky, facing the spaceship, “Sooner or later, you have to get used to this scene, I will help Neptune Educate your daughter.” After saying that, Lu Yin walked out of the starry sky wearing a space battle armor, came to the outside of the mechanical cabin of the spacecraft, raised his hand, held down the spacecraft, ‘Thirty times – fifty times – Wave Palm’.


Soon, the spacecraft exploded and disappeared from the starry sky. No one inside survived. They were all casual cultivators, including the pilots. Their purpose was to go to the Daewoo Empire to launch a war and cause huge damage to the Daewoo Empire. A The war brings not only the death of soldiers, but also civilians. He doesn’t know how many people here have accepted the commission of the mysterious employer to destroy the planet, and he will not take risks.


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