Star Odyssey Chapter 473: Conspiracy

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The personal terminal listened silently until Hai Qiqi stopped talking before speaking, “Qiqi, don’t be willful. Haiwang allows you to follow that person, which means that person is not bad. Speak well and he will be good to you. “.

Hai Qiqi glared at Lu Yin, snorted, whispered to his personal terminal, and ran out while muttering.

Lu Yin is funny. Although this girl has a venomous tongue, she is not bad, and she does not use her status as the daughter of the King of the Sea to oppress others. Unlike those descendants of powerful forces, who all have their eyes high above their heads. After getting along with each other, this girl is quite cute. , but who is she talking to? She is quite sensible, just the opposite of this girl, very gentle.

Lu Yin originally thought he could be quiet for a while, but he didn’t expect Hai Qiqi to come back soon, with a mysterious look on his face as he looked at Lu Yin proudly.

Lu Yin raised his eyebrows, “Even if you give me money, I won’t sell my body.”

Hai Qiqi was not angry this time. She knew that Lu Yin liked to use words to deal with her and make her angry. But this time, she took the initiative, “I remember that your hometown is in the Canglan territory, called Dayu Empire. ,right”.

Lu Yin nodded, “Yes, this is also your destination.”

Hai Qiqi raised her head and said, “Promise me a condition. I will tell you something about your hometown.”

“No, just go out and play,” Lu Yin said casually.

The corner of Hai Qiqi’s mouth raised, “I just heard a group of people talking about your hometown. They are hired by others to prepare to launch a war against the Daewoo Empire.”

Lu Yin’s eyes changed and he looked at Hai Qiqi, “This is not a joke.”

Hai Qiqi folded her arms and leaned against the door, “Whether it’s a joke or not, you decide for yourself.”

Lu Yin looked at Hai Qiqi for a while, and at the same time, the field was completely released, covering this track, getting farther and farther, farther and farther, and heard many people talking, among them, a ship a thousand meters away from him Conversation on the ship caught his attention.

“The remuneration is okay, there are so many of us, can we afford it?”

“Of course there is no problem. The employer comes from a powerful force in the inner universe and is not short of money.”

“Who is the employer?”.

“Hush, I can’t say this, but since the casual cultivators who are hiring us must come from the east of the inner universe, the distance will not be close.”

“That position is the world of literary style, the world of beast control, the first level…”.

“Okay, don’t guess, it doesn’t have to be the eight major realms. In short, keep yourself safe and you can get the money while you are alive.”

“Got it”.

“Hey, how about it, promise me a condition and I’ll tell you,” Hai Qiqi said proudly.

Lu Yin looked at Hai Qiqi strangely. Those people were talking in the spaceship. The spaceship was soundproofed. How could this girl hear it? Either those people are too careless and communicate about this kind of thing outside the spaceship, or this girl also understands the field. Lu Yin is more inclined to the second option. After all, she is the daughter of the King of the Sea.

In other words, Lu Yin has never paid much attention to Hai Qiqi’s cultivation. Now he feels that he may have underestimated this girl. This girl may not be as good as him and others, but she is definitely not weak. She can understand the field and may reach He has reached the level of the Domain Lord of the Star Wars Academy, or even the World Lord.

“Why are you staring at me?” Hai Qiqi stared at Lu Yin warily, and couldn’t help but pull up her clothes, “I’m warning you, I’m very powerful, don’t mess around.”

Lu Yin withdrew his gaze and said, “If the protection of my hometown goes well this time, I will take you out to play.”

“Really?” Hai Qiqi’s eyes lit up.

Lu Yin nodded, “The premise is that you must be obedient and don’t cause trouble.”

Hai Qiqi snorted, “Just like my brother, I will tell you that if it were not for the purpose of getting out of the Sea of ​​Falling Stars, I would not agree to recruit a son-in-law. I originally wanted to find a handsome brother to accompany me on my travels for some eye candy, but he turned out to be People like you look anxious and have an even more anxious mentality.” After that, he continued, “Let me tell you, on that silver spaceship a thousand meters away, those people are discussing how to deal with your hometown.”

“Do you want to play something exciting?” Lu Yin smiled.

Hai Qiqi was happy as soon as she heard this, “What’s so exciting?”

Lu Yin smiled, very cunningly.

In the unknown star field, inside the huge planet, on the dark red earth, the dry soil exudes a pungent smell. A team of more than ten extreme practitioners are moving forward holding detectors. This detector can help find Yan.

These practitioners come from the Lingxi Rogue Realm, the same race as Abroli, who once defeated Lu Yin.

At this time, a spaceship crashed down from the sky, not far from these people.

More than a dozen Hooligan tribesmen raised their heads and stared warily at the huge pothole in the distance. There, a spacecraft rubbed against the atmosphere and emitted high-temperature white smoke. Then it slowly disappeared. The hatch opened and a pair of beautiful hands appeared. woman.

The Haunted clan members are excited. As long as they are not the descendants of powerful clans, they can catch them for fun. They have been in this ghost place for more than ten days, and it is too boring.

The gangsters have a bad character and do things regardless of the consequences, just like their clan name.

As the cabin door was fully opened, a beautiful woman walked out against the dark red earth.

The woman has a beautiful appearance, with long dark blue hair reaching her waist. She is like a goddess who does not eat fireworks from the world. This kind of woman is enough to drive any man crazy. However, the dozen or so gangsters saw the sudden change in the woman’s expression and immediately fled. .

The woman raised her head, jumped up, and rushed towards the dozen or so gangsters at high speed. She opened her mouth in mid-air and sang a sweet song. This was a psychedelic spiritual song. The woman was Xiyue from the Lingmeng tribe. .

Since ancient times, the Lingmeng tribe and the Omen tribe have had a blood feud. The Lingmeng tribe is proud of killing the Omega tribe, while the Ogmen tribe is proud of taking away the women of the Lingmeng tribe. Both sides have never given up.

In this fight for Yan, Xiyue happened to be in the outer universe, close to the Beigong territory, so she came here first. The disciples of the other major forces had not yet arrived. At this time, she was invincible.

The reason for choosing this place to land was to massacre all the Hungry clan members.

More than a dozen extreme cultivators from the Hungarian tribe have no ability to resist at all. They are just the most ordinary soldiers. They received a spoon-fed education and finally reached the extreme level. They have basically reached the top. Compared with Xiyue, there is a huge gap.

Xiyue stood on the dark red ground, stepped on the detector, raised her head, and felt the energy in the air. “As expected, there is no star energy, so we can only recover it with star energy crystals.” After saying that, she rose into the sky, Heading towards the area explored by the Reimu clan.

The major forces surround the planet and divide many areas. Only the strong dare to set foot in other areas. It would be good for the weak to complete the exploration of their own area. At this moment, for all the extreme cultivators who enter the planet Generally speaking, Xiyue is almost invincible.

But how long this advantage can be maintained depends on when the successors from other forces arrive.

At this time, in the starry sky, a spaceship was heading towards the Canglan territory. It was the spaceship where casual cultivators gathered. There were hundreds of casual cultivators in the spaceship, among which five had reached the exploration level, and two others The famous cruise territory.

It has been several days since the Galaxy Ship arrived in the outer universe. On the Galaxy Ship, Lu Yin and Hai Qiqi dealt with two casual cultivators and used their identities to enter the spacecraft to get information.

Rogue cultivators have no discipline, so no one has noticed anything unusual for the time being.

In the passage, two figures, a man and a woman, met thiefly, “Hey, it’s really exciting. Do you know, I was almost discovered by that cruising realm cultivator just now?”

The man was startled and said, “Don’t mess around. I want to find out more about my employer and how they attack Canglan territory.”

“That’s stupid. I caught them all and interrogated them all. Those two cruisers must know” the woman said with disdain.

The man was helpless and said, “How do you know if they will lie? In short, just eavesdrop on the scene and find out useful information.”

The woman was surprised, “How do you know I have a field?”.

“I’m not stupid.”

“Humph, that’s not smart either. Instead of waiting slowly, wouldn’t you pretend to be your employer? Anyway, you also know that their purpose is to attack the Daewoo Empire.”

The man’s eyes lit up. Yes, through the field, he also knew the personal terminal numbers of these people. Even if they were discovered, no one would know that they were on this spaceship. And even if they messed up in the end, the worst they could do was to take action. This group of people, he looked at the woman in amazement, “I can’t tell you are quite smart.”

“You are stupid. You are anxious to return to your hometown and want to wait slowly. With the speed of this spaceship, it will take at least two months to reach your hometown,” the woman said.

The man curled his lips and said, “You do it so that you can play early.”

“Don’t worry about me, I’m going to play. You can do it yourself.” After saying that, the woman ran away.

The man was Lu Yin. He returned to his room and directly contacted one of the cruising realm experts using his personal terminal and sent a message, ‘The number of people is insufficient, continue to increase’.

Soon, the cruising realm expert replied with a message, ‘Who are you? ’.

‘You don’t need to know, continue to increase manpower’.

The Cruising Realm expert pondered for a moment, ‘The task you gave us is to take advantage of the Second Grade Hall to recruit casual cultivators to attack the Dayu Empire, destroy the three inhabited planets of the Dayu Empire, and let the Dayu Empire and the Second Grade Hall go into full-scale war. , the current number of people is enough, if more people are added, it will be easily exposed.”

Lu Yin’s eyes were cold, and he actually wanted to destroy the planet. There were at least billions of people living on the planet, but he was so cruel and ruthless. It seemed that he planned to blame Erpintang. It seemed that these people were indeed employed by The Second Grade Hall wanted to attack the Daewoo Empire, but some of them were hired by other forces for a second time to fish in troubled waters, and this force must also covet the Canglan territory.

As expected, the geographical location of the Canglan territory attracted more than just the Second Grade Hall, but other forces were not exposed.

At present, it seems that two forces have taken action, one overt and the other covert. Who is this dark force?

Lu Yin looked at his personal terminal and was unable to make a move. These cultivators who were wandering around the universe were very smart and could not tell him the identity of his mysterious employer. Based on his own experience, he may not be able to see through these people’s lies, and they may not necessarily Really know.

Once you are pushed into a hurry, you are likely to lie, and the gain outweighs the loss.

Furthermore, he is not sure how much of the information the other party is sending him is true or false, maybe it is all false.

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