Star Odyssey Chapter 472: Strange Planet

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The expression of the strong man in the cruise realm changed at that time, and he became more respectful and humble.

Then, Hai Qiqi’s fishing dream ended completely.

Fishing in the galaxy is not something ordinary people can do. With Lu Yin’s strength, Old Goode and the others thought that Lu Yin would be dragged down the galaxy and die. The fishing mortality rate is very high even if he has not reached the cruising realm. Holding on for less than ten hours, this is the danger of Xinghe.

Now that we know that Hai Qiqi is an important figure in Neptune, how could the flow realm envoy on this giant boat dare to let Hai Qiqi fish? What he caught was not the fish, but his life, so Hai Qiqi was completely lost. The hope of fishing, not only that, she will be monitored all the way on the giant boat, ready to protect her at any time.

This is why Lu Yin simply let her go. The envoy of the Galaxy Realm was more nervous about this girl’s safety than anyone else.

Lu Yin has been paying attention to the situation in the Canglan Territory, and Huo Qingshan reports almost every day. During this period, the Second Grade Hall actually stopped sending experts to the Canglan Territory, and even withdrew the previous experts. .

This anomaly is puzzling.

In the outer universe, at the junction of Beigong Territory and Canglan Territory, dozens of huge alien beasts are flying in the starry sky. These alien beasts are all in the Exploration Realm, and each alien beast has a second-grade master standing on it. Farther away, a fortress-like warship was suspended in the starry sky, and the spaceship was filled with people from the Second Grade Hall.

This time, the Second Grade Hall sent many strong men to fight for Yan, and the one targeting the Canglan territory was a strong man from the hunting realm named Anfield. This kind of strong man is called the Commander-in-Chief in the Second Grade Hall. .

Anfield stared at the starry sky map with a gloomy expression. He did not expect that the small Canglan Territory could actually block their attack. Especially when he looked at the history of the Canglan Territory, he discovered that Daewoo now controls most of the Canglan Territory. The empire actually once blocked the attack of the Ross Empire. This Daewoo Empire is quite extraordinary.

And he also fought with a strange-looking Hunting Realm strongman and was suppressed. This situation made him immediately stop the war on the Canglan Territory because he felt that the Hunting Realm strongman had not yet exerted his full strength.

Although Erpintang is an inner-cosmic force, it is only at the bottom of the beast control world and cannot waste its vitality in the Canglan territory.

And just yesterday, he was informed that Lu Yin, the regent of the Dayu Empire, was likely to become the son-in-law of the Sea King. This news shocked him, and he did not dare to take action against the Canglan territory.

However, as long as Lu Yin does not really become the son-in-law of the Neptune, they will not give up the Canglan territory. Not only them, but also other forces. It is not that easy to become the son-in-law of the Neptune.

But they are not suitable to come forward at the moment, so they chose the method often used by many forces in the inner universe, recruiting a group of loose cultivators to attack the Canglan territory. Now, countless loose cultivators all over the inner and outer universe are heading to the Canglan territory.

At this moment, the chaos in the Beigong territory has become very serious. All the major forces in the Beigong territory have disappeared and replaced by the major forces in the inner universe. Fighting continues, masters appear frequently, and the strong ones in the hunting realm have already No less than ten people were dispatched, plunging the entire Beigong territory into the quagmire of war.

Beyond the Beigong territory is the unknown star field. The so-called unknown star field is the starry sky that does not cover any network and does not have any space wormholes to jump to. It is full of dangers and strange beasts, even if a catastrophic celestial phenomenon occurs. , and cannot be avoided in advance. This is the real universe, a universe that may die at any time.

Because there is no space wormhole that can be jumped, moving in the unknown star field may take several times, or even dozens of times, the time to move in the human star field for the same distance.

At least the speed of the Yaoguang-class Aurora spacecraft is required to barely be able to explore the unknown star field, otherwise all time will be wasted on the road.

There are nearly ten hunting realm warriors from various major forces fighting in the Beigong territory, and in the Unknown Star Territory, there are even more. There are three hunting realm strongmen from the Lingmeng clan alone.

Most of these strong men are not fighting other forces, but are actually exploring. Exploring unknown star areas is extremely dangerous. Every year, no less than ten strong men in the hunting realm die alone. This is a terrifying number, because the outer universe There may not be that many hunting realm experts in the entire territory.

Of course, the benefits are also considerable. With the expansion of the exploration scope of the unknown star field, it also means the expansion of the outer universe. Maybe after some time, a new territory will be born in the north of the Beigong territory. The seventy-two territories of the universe will become seventy-three territories.

The technology to explore Yan is becoming more and more mature. Now, all major forces have discovered a large amount of Yan on a huge planet in the unknown star field. This planet is dark red and has a somewhat gloomy color. From time to time, there are huge rocks on the surface of the planet. Explosions were heard, and they most likely originated from Yan.

Outside the planet, warships are surrounded from all directions, such as fortresses eyeing the planet, White Night Clan, Lingmeng Clan, Sword Sect, etc. All the major forces in the inner universe have appeared, but they have not entered the planet.

In the distance of the starry sky, there are strong fluctuations sweeping from time to time. This is the battle of the strong men in the hunting realm, and it soon subsides.

At this time, a personal spacecraft rushed from the planet into the starry sky, heading towards a war spacecraft. However, it was intercepted halfway, and the personal spacecraft exploded, revealing a frightened man inside.

More than ten figures suddenly appeared in the starry sky, all of them were strong men in the hunting realm.

“Everyone, this is our disciple. Please do it for your convenience and don’t hurt him.” An old man stood in front of the man and spoke bitterly. The old man was also in the hunting realm, but he was just an elder of an ordinary force in the inner universe. , and around him, the Baiye Clan, the Jian Sect, and the Wen Family were not something he dared to resist.

The powerful man from the hunting realm of the Baiye clan stepped forward with cold eyes, “Don’t be afraid, we just want to know the specific situation of that planet.”

The old man breathed a sigh of relief and winked at the man.

The man said fearfully, “Disciple, after entering the planet, the star energy is completely suppressed, and there is no free star energy on the planet at all.”

“We know these things, tell us something we don’t know.” The strong man from the White Night clan was impatient and his tone was cold.

The man became even more frightened, “My disciple was lucky. When he landed on this planet, he happened to land not far from the Yan Mine, so he didn’t go deep. He got the Yan Mine and left.” After that, he left from Ningkong He took out a fist-sized pot from the ring and handed it to the old man.

The surrounding hunting realm experts were disappointed, no wonder they came out so quickly.

“However, the disciple saw a strong man in the exploration realm self-destructing not long after landing on the planet,” the man whispered.

The eyes of the surrounding hunting realm experts suddenly widened, “What did you say? Self-destruct?”.

“Yes” the man lowered his head and responded in a low voice.

Not long after, all the major forces received the news, and all cultivators who entered the planet and reached the level of exploration or above exploded without exception.

When this planet was discovered, some powerful hunters from all the major forces entered. However, they discovered that the moment they entered the planet’s atmosphere, a violent explosion occurred on the planet. The planet was filled with a large number of weapons. The power caused a backlash, so the powerful hunting realm players from the major forces could not enter, for fear of detonating the entire planet, and everyone would be doomed.

But I didn’t expect that something would happen in the exploration realm.

After several days of research, the major forces figured out that there is a large amount of 焢 floating in the air of this planet, which not only repels star energy, but also integrates into breathing organisms. There is no problem below the exploration level, but there is no problem in the exploration level. The physical bodies of the powerful ones above are in harmony with the universe. When Yan enters the body, it begins to circulate, just like the energy of stars circulates through the body.

Things like Yan are extremely unstable. Once the quantity is reached, it will explode directly. One gram can cause destructive power of tens of thousands of combat forces. However, as long as the exploration realm stays on the planet for a while, more than one gram will be inhaled into the body. Or Exploding from the inside out, not to mention the exploration realm and the cruising realm can’t stand it.

In other words, if you want to explore this planet, you can only be safe by cultivators below the exploration level. The best choice is the extreme level.

This can be proved by the spaceships that enter and leave the planet from time to time. Those extreme practitioners who have stayed in the planet for a few days and come out have all had their bodies checked. Although they have absorbed a lot of chlorine, their body functions have changed. Being expelled from the body, it will not fuse at all.

“It has been determined that we can only send extreme practitioners to explore. Contact the clan immediately and send a large number of extreme juniors over.”

“Inform the sect and send a junior from the extreme realm.”

The exploration of the unknown star field has nothing to do with Jiji, but at this moment, because of this strange planet, Jiji has become the main force of exploration.

Outside the planet, personal spaceships rushed into the planet one after another. These were just the soldiers of the major forces driving the spaceships. Although they were all in the extreme realm, a considerable number of them were guerrillas. They were not descendants or disciples at all, but because of These people explore first and become more familiar with the environment.

Hai Qiqi was very depressed these days, being followed wherever she went. She found that going out with Lu Yin was not as fun as she imagined.

Hard-fighting was not enough, and she could not beat Lu Yin. Helpless, Hai Qiqi decided to change her attitude.

“Brother Lu, I don’t know why, but today I suddenly realized that you are so handsome.” Hai Qiqi looked at Lu Yin with a smile, a look of joy and admiration on his face.

Lu Yin’s eyes suddenly became alert, “I have no money.”

Hai Qiqi got angry and said, “You said you had a lot of money before. No, I didn’t ask you for money, and I am richer than you.”

Lu Yin breathed a sigh of relief, “That’s good, let’s go out and play. Don’t you want to fish?”.

Hai Qiqi got angry when he mentioned this, “It’s such a shabby place, there isn’t even a fishing rod. I said I would do it myself, but those guys actually said they wanted to protect the ecological environment and no fishing was allowed. They even put up a sign saying, “Protect the environment.” , everyone is responsible, I’m so angry.”

Lu Yin was speechless. This messenger from the galaxy realm was much more humorous than Old Gude.

Hai Qiqi rolled his eyes, “Hey, Lu Yin, do you want to go fishing?”.

“Don’t want to”.

After saying “boring, annoying, annoying”, Hai Qiqi opened his personal terminal at seven o’clock and didn’t know who to contact.

Soon, a voice came from the personal terminal, “Qiqi, have you left the Falling Star Sea?”.

Lu Yin looked at Hai Qiqi, the voice sounded very nice.

Hai Qiqi said with a bitter face, “Baby, let me tell you, there is a bad guy here who looks random, has a bad personality, has a poisonous mouth, and has a dark heart…”.

Lu Yin was speechless, she couldn’t think of so many bad words.


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