Star Odyssey Chapter 4667: Invisible group


Lindao didn’t expect Lu Yin to be so decisive. The only thing this creature believed in was himself. It was too late to say anything now. It all depends on how much impact it will have on him whether the master of the years sequence will come together.

In the next time, Lu Yin will spend time with Lin Dao. He must clearly see the process of Lin Dao becoming a sequence of years.

He has seen several scenes of this process, but he cannot see them all. Any omission may bring disaster to human civilization.

At the same time, he also controlled the three major palaces.

Only he knows that the Lin Dao sequence and the Si Ling sequence are missing. He only needs to enter the shrine and disguise these two sequences. No one will think that the sequences are fake.

Especially now that the powerful men of these two shrines are withering away. The combined number of divine envoys is not as good as that of other shrines, and there is no time to care about anything else.

Lu Yin easily took control of the two shrines.

The three major shrines are under his control, and their scope is extremely huge, and the time and treasures of those two shrines naturally belong to him. ??

He now has almost three thousand tributaries of the Long River of Time, which is an extremely exaggerated number.

With so many tributaries of the long river, it is natural to practice.

But Lindao also needs to solve it.

After all the differences between Lindao and Leganku, he will not leave such a sequence of years in Xiangcheng for too long. Who knows what power the Lord has to find them. He is not afraid of ten thousand, but afraid of the worst.

Decades later, Lu Yin looked at Lin Dao, “I saw clearly the entire process of how you became the Time Sequence, destroying civilization, harvesting time, comprehending the battle skills of time, etc. It took a long time to gather hundreds of tributaries of the Time River to communicate. Master the long river of time.”

Lindao’s pupils flashed, but he remained silent.

“To be precise, it is one hundred and nine tributaries of the long river.” Lu Yin said.

Lindao suddenly raised his head, and he really saw clearly that apart from himself and the Lord of Time, no other creature knew the specific number, one hundred and nine, and his causal calculation was so powerful.

“What else do you want to hide?” Lu Yin said calmly.

Lindao stared at Lu Yin, “You can see clearly, but cause and effect are not omnipotent. You don’t know what I heard at that time, what conversations I had, what promises were made, you don’t know any of this.”

“What you most want to know is whether the Lord’s years have come. You can’t see this from my causal past.”

Lu Yin admitted, “I can’t hear it, so, can you tell me?”

Lindao narrowed his eyes and said, “Give me a way to survive.”

With a whoosh, the void opened above the sea of ​​karma.

Lindao’s body was split into two, followed by terrifying power that completely annihilated the void and dissipated its body into smoke.

Until it dies, it will never be able to say another sentence.

Lu Yin took back his hand and looked at Ye Hai rolling around, “It would be a pity to kill you, but I have to kill you, since I don’t want to say it

Needless to say. ”

Behind him, Chu Songyun asked, “Master, have you got the answer?”

Lu Yin shook his head, “It’s very smart and won’t tell me. Unless I can ensure its life, I will never know the answer. Even if I can guess the answer, I can’t confirm it with it.”

Chu Songyun was puzzled, “Since we haven’t gotten the answer yet, why did we kill it? After all, it is a sequence of years and has value.”

Lu Yin exhaled, “Keeping it will cause even greater harm. We cannot keep it in the main sequence. The more confident it is in self-protection, the greater the crisis our human civilization will encounter.”

“Disciple understands.”

Lu Yin watched Ye Hai regain his composure. It was a pity for him, but he had to kill him, and he couldn’t kill him on the battlefield.

He also wanted to use Lin Dao’s death to free Qinglian Shangyu and the others from the shackles of cause and effect, but it was Lin Dao and the sequence of years. Once killed on the battlefield, God knows what would happen.

Can’t take risks.

Everything puts the safety of human civilization first.

Fortunately, I also used it to increase cause and effect during this period, which was somewhat useful.

After solving Lin Dao, Lu Yin began to concentrate on practicing with the tributaries of the Long River of Time.

He wants to use the avatar of Nirvana to practice the Divine Bow of Time, majoring in the time and the energy of life. With the help of the characteristics of the growth power of the Immortal Master, he will grasp the return and continue to give him the energy of life, so as to explore the power of growth and the energy of life. The secret of the breath of life.

He also wants to use Chen as his avatar to practice the Silent Arrow.

God is divine power.

Silent, naturally the power of death.

Qianji Guiyan hoped that Lu Yin could combine these two forces and beat Wang Wen in the bet. At first, Lu Yin was unable to do it and had no clue. He was still embarrassed by these two forces from time to time.

But in the abyss of the Dead Sea, he encountered the Sword Testing Stone, touched the sword mark left by the Divine Sword Master on the Sword Testing Stone, and felt the power of the Divine Sword Master’s sword. In an instant, the divine power and the power of death were entangled. , although it is not a fusion, the entanglement of the moment is terrifyingly powerful.

Because the entanglement is too short-lived, the only way to exert this power is through archery.

In the dead universe and the unknowable war, he saw the decaying art of archery. The momentum is the bow, the years are the strings, the time is the arrow, and there is no reversal in the front. Because time is irreversible, the arrow will not miss.

This arrow really shocked him.

What he wants to try now is this archery.

It just so happened that he had also cultivated the power of time, and the tributaries of the long river were enough for him to try.

In Nirvana, it is called the Divine Bow of Time, and in Chen, it is called the Divine Silence Arrow.

In the blink of an eye, two hundred years later

Time passed.

With his level of cultivation, only two hundred years would pass by in a blink of an eye.

After two hundred years of cultivation, only one tributary of the Long River of Time has been consumed. Although these tributaries of the Long River of Time are not as good as those in the three universes, the power of time contained in each one is also quite majestic.

They were all tested by Lu Yin.

It doesn’t matter, he still has many more.

On this day, he walked out of the void, found his direction, and teleported away.

Today is the day when Lindao talks to the civilization with the invisible seed. Since Lindao traded with the other party, every once in a while, that civilization will give Lindao a list and let it exchange for the items on the list. In fact, it is some materials.

The scope of the shrine is huge, and although many materials are precious, you can still find them if you want to, just in one sentence.

That civilization is located on the edge of Lindao Shrine.

Lu Yin teleported and looked into the distance. The starry sky there was deeper than the surrounding ones. That was it.

He approached slowly, and soon came to the deep star dome, waiting quietly.

Soon after, there was a voice saying “Who are you?”

Lu Yin glanced at the detector he was carrying. It could detect the direction. There is no invincible force in the universe. There are always those who can restrain each other. This invisible seed can even hide the immortal realm, but it uses the simplest technological means. It can be detected by detection.

In the starry sky where cultivation is the main focus, most people would never think of it.

“From now on, I will trade with you.” Lu Yin said.

“Where is Lindao?”

“Don’t worry about it.”

“Then let’s go.”

Lu Yin suddenly looked in one direction, where the invisible creature was.

The majestic momentum suddenly suppressed, swaying the stars.

The invisible creature was shocked. This momentum was not inferior to Lin Dao at all. No, the sense of crisis it brought to it was even greater than Lin Dao.

That Lin Dao was very strong, and everyone in the clan knew it, so they traded with him, but they didn’t expect that a more ruthless one would suddenly appear.

Could it be that Lindao was killed by this creature?

“You replaced Lin Dao?”

Lu Yin said calmly, “You don’t need to know, take me to your clan.”


“Huh?” Lu Yin’s murderous intent was overwhelming, as if he wanted to completely destroy the universe. The harshness and violence he brought out were unbearable even in ordinary immortality.

This invisible creature is an ordinary immortal state. Facing Lu Yin’s murderous intention, his instinct trembled, but he still insisted, “Kill me, I will not take you to the clan, and you will never get those seeds again.” ”

“Do you think your clan can stop me? Let me tell you, Lindao is nothing in my eyes.” Lu Yinleng

Voice channel.

The invisible creature sneered, “But we can completely destroy those invisible seeds before you destroy us.”

As soon as these words came out, Lu Yin’s murderous intention faded away like a tide, and he quickly returned to calm.

The invisible creature gasped and looked at Lu Yin in fear.

It really thought it was going to die.

This creature is quite terrifying.

Lu Yin looked deeply at the starry sky and softened his tone, “I appreciate creatures with backbone. You can go back, but I won’t kill you.”

The invisible creature asked “What do you want to do?”

Lu Yindao “Keep the deal between Lindao and you unchanged. I will not interfere with you, and you should not challenge my patience. This is respect for me.”

The invisible creature hesitated.

Lu Yin’s tone became colder, “You can’t live up to your destiny with your backbone. Your backbone was exchanged for the continuation of the deal. I don’t want you to bring disaster to your clan with your stupidity.”

“Okay.” The invisible creature agreed, “We will continue to trade with you.”

Lu Yin smiled, “Don’t worry, I’m much more efficient than Lin Dao.”

His words did not reassure the invisible creature, but made him more vigilant.

What the invisible creature group wants is not efficiency, but safety.

Compared to Lin Dao, Lu Yin is full of uncertainties and greater threats.

But now it has no choice but to continue trading and wait for a decision within the clan.

Lu Yin saw the materials that this invisible creature group needed him to find, and almost didn’t recognize them. He also got a batch of invisible seeds. This is the rule. Every time there is a transaction, this invisible group will first give a batch of invisible seeds. Treat it as a deposit and the rest will be given after the transaction is completed.

Lu Yin values ​​​​the invisibility seed very much. This ability makes it impossible to see clearly even in the immortal realm. It is very suitable for humans to hide.

Next, it is impossible for him to do everything alone. Qinglian Shangyu and others will definitely take action, and they may not be able to destroy the enemy every time. With this kind of invisibility seed, no matter what the outcome of the battle, at least The enemy does not know their appearance and form, and can better hide human civilization.

If the seeds were not too important, he would not be threatened.

Teleport disappears.

The invisible creature looked at the starry sky fearfully and slowly returned to the clan.

I don’t know how the clan will make the final decision, but starting a war with this creature is definitely not a good choice.

The invisible creature didn’t know what Lu Yin meant by efficiency at first, but it would soon know.

In the past, it was Lindao Shrine that traded with them, but now it is the three major shrines, and the efficiency is naturally different.

After completing the transaction in nearly twice the time it took Lin Dao to search for materials, the invisible creature finally understood and was shocked by Lu Yin’s methods.


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