Star Odyssey Chapter 462: Beigong Territory

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So far, humans have divided the universe very simply: the human star domain, the behemoth star domain, the remaining technological star domain, and the unknown star domain.

No one knows how big the unknown star field is, and whether there is a civilization beyond human beings. Of course, whether it is humans, starry sky beasts, or intelligent life in the leftover technological star field, they are all exploring the unknown star field.

The unknown star field is like a black fog covering the entire universe. All intelligent life wants to lift this layer of black fog, but they don’t know how wide the black fog is and how dangerous it is. It is even possible that the three major The total number of star fields is only one percent, one thousandth or even one millionth of the size of the unknown star field.

The universe has the law of the jungle, and all intelligent civilizations are hunters, hunting other civilizations in this dark jungle.

In the unknown star field, human beings are full of confusion. What they can explore is only part of the range. And only in this part of the range, countless shocking things have been discovered, such as an extremely compressed substance called Yan. , one gram can release the destructive power of nearly 10,000 combatants. Once the assembled Yen is detonated, the destructive power caused is immeasurable. This is a strategic material, and it is also a must-have for all forces who know this material.

It is a pity that the output of Yan is extremely low. Although humans have detection methods, what they can search is still limited. However, no force will give up. They are sure that somewhere in the unknown star field, there must be Yan with extremely high output. , and this position was set by them in a certain range of the unknown star field. This range is close to the Beigong territory of the outer universe.

The Beigong Territory is not well-known in the human star field, but a lot is known about it, because it is one of the seventy-two territories in the outer universe closest to the unknown star field, and its south is the Canglan Territory.

In the dark starry sky, two huge alien beasts were moving around, one shaped like a mantis and the other shaped like a giant python. There was a person standing above each beast, wearing a service that did not belong to Canglan territory, staring proudly ahead. A figure running away in panic.

“There is no need to struggle. Your entire dynasty has been destroyed. What’s the use of leaving you alone? The commander of Anfield allows you to join our second-grade hall for the sake of your 60,000 combat strength. I’m still not grateful.” Mantis Yi The man above the beast shouted loudly, and the sound spread across the starry sky.

In front of you, the figure running away in embarrassment looked with hatred in his eyes, “Second Grade Hall, your revenge for destroying my dynasty will be avenged by me, Ding Xing, one day.”

“It’s a joke, don’t talk about a small Beigong Territory Cruise Area. Even if you and the entire Beigong Territory unite, you can’t deal with my Second Grade Hall. If you don’t know how to praise me, then go to hell.” After saying that, The man exerted force on one foot, making strange waves. On the sole of his foot, the mantis-like beast raised its scythe and slashed forward, cutting the wind and tearing the starry sky. The attack with more than 50,000 combat power even cut off a planet, and a bright explosion erupted. Light and huge air waves.

The impact of the planet explosion was still huge. Ding Xing used the thrust of the planet explosion to rush forward and spit out a mouthful of blood.

The mantis-like alien beast swung its sickle, tearing away all the aftermath of the planet’s explosion. It rushed towards Ding Star at high speed, raised the sickle, and chopped it down high.

Ding Xing’s pupils shrank. Only then did he realize that this second-grade master had been playing with him. With the speed of the mantis beast, he could not avoid it. “I am not willing to give in. My Great Sword Dynasty should not be destroyed like this.” .

The man from Erpintang sneered, “Just an ant.”

The sickle fell and was about to cut off Ding Xing’s head. At some point, grains of sand appeared in the starry sky and scattered in front of Ding Xing’s eyes. Ding Xing’s face was ashen. Was he already dead? I saw a hallucination. Is there sand in hell?


The huge impact knocked back the mantis beast, and also knocked back the Ding star. Between the two, fine grains of sand were suspended.

Ding Xing survived the desperate situation and was still a little dazed. Opposite him, the Second Grade Master’s face darkened and he looked to the right. There, a figure was floating quietly, raising one hand. These grains of sand came from that person. It’s that person’s talent.

“Who are you? Dare to interfere in the affairs of the Second Grade Hall?” The master of the Second Grade Hall said coldly above the mantis beast. The next moment, the giant python-like beast also appeared. A man also stood above his head, coldly. Leng stared to the right.

The grains of sand fluttered, gradually shrank, and merged into the body of the figure. The figure raised its face and said, “Daewoo Empire, captain of the eighth team of the Royal Court Thirteenth Team, Shamu.”

Ding Xing’s eyes were filled with ecstasy. The Royal Court Team 13 appeared. By the way, this is the Canglan territory.

The two second-grade hall masters looked at each other with arrogance in their eyes, “People from Canglan territory? I advise you to retreat immediately. We are from the second-grade hall of the beast control realm in the inner universe. You are not qualified to take care of our affairs.” .

Shamu’s face was gloomy, “This place belongs to the Daewoo Empire, not the realm of beast control.”

The man with the giant python head sneered, “How dare you talk back? It seems that the inner universe has not taken action against the outer universe for a long time. These fringe natives really dare to bite their noses in the face. Well, I will kill you and take your head to the so-called Daewoo Empire, show your leader if he has the courage to avenge you.” As he spoke, he drove the python-like beast to roar towards Shamu.

Shamu rotated with one hand, and the grains of sand split into two, and then into four, eventually turning into a huge sandstorm that filled the starry sky and swept towards the master of the Second Grade Hall.

These are not ordinary sandstorms, but contain the star energy of sand wood. Every grain of sand is enough to penetrate the exploration realm strongman. This is what Immortal Yushan taught him back then, and it is also his trump card.

The face of the man on top of the giant python changed. He realized the horror of the sandstorm and quickly retreated. The mantis-like beast stepped forward and slashed out the sickle in an attempt to cut off the sandstorm. However, the sickle struck the sandstorm and only brought up sparks. It tore apart the void, but failed to cut off the sandstorm.

This result shocked the two of them. When did the Outer Universe Cruise Realm become so powerful that they could fight one against two.

No one can understand the power of the Royal Court Thirteenth Team. They embody Immortal Yushan’s ambition to dominate the Canglan territory, and even the surrounding territories. They don’t have much combat power, but the strength of each captain is personally selected by Immortal Yushan. Immortal Yushan is a person who has traveled through the inner universe and entered the top 30 on the top 100 battle list. His vision is unparalleled in the outer universe, and he has also taught the Yu family the combat skills.

It can be said that the captain of the Thirteenth Team of the Royal Court is a strong man who transcends the general recognition of the outer universe and is comparable to the elites of the inner universe. If it hadn’t been for the New Human Alliance’s intervention, the captain of the third team, Diou, the fourth team, and the seven Team Captain Batson and Team 10 Captain Felt will not die either.

The blind monk alone suppressed the strong men in the hunting realm of the Ross Empire. From this, we can see how terrifying the captain is.

The second-grade hall is only the lowest level force in the realm of beast mastering. There are first-grade halls and the strongest divine grade hall above it. The cruising realm of the second-grade hall can only represent the general level of the inner universe and cannot reach the elite level.

The two second-grade masters looked at each other, spread out, and attacked Shamu from two directions. Shamu looked indifferent and turned one hand over. The sandstorm split into two, wrapping him and Ding Xing. At the same time, they swept in all directions, the scope became wider and wider, and soon, they began to fight with mantis-like alien beasts and giant python-like alien beasts.

The two strange beasts howled at the same time, retreated, and looked at Shamu in fear.

“This is the territory of the Canglan Territory and the Daewoo Empire. Retreat immediately.” Shamu’s tone was cold, his eyes filled with murderous intent, and the huge sandstorm formed a pattern like a ghost face, which was extremely terrifying.

At this moment, Shamu is frightened in the starry sky and can make the surrounding planets tremble.

The two second-grade masters looked at each other unwillingly, and then looked at Shamu, “Daewoo Empire, our second-grade hall has remembered it.” After saying that, they both retreated at the same time.

Ding Xing breathed a sigh of relief, with blood flowing from the corner of his mouth. Regardless of his injuries, he quickly came to Shamu and saluted respectfully, “Ding Xing of the Great Sword Dynasty, please see His Majesty the Immortal Yushan of the Dayu Empire.”

Shamu frowned, “His Majesty the Immortal Yushan has passed away long ago, and now the fifth princess Wendy Yushan and the regent Lu Yin are assuming the imperial power.”

Ding Xing was surprised, “His Majesty Immortal Yushan passed away?”.

Shamu nodded.

Ding Xing was shocked. He remembered that domineering emperor, whom he had met once by chance. Those eyes were definitely not looking at the Canglan territory, but even their Beigong territory. Because of this, the Beigong territory The forces in the country have never established diplomatic relations with the Canglan Territory. They are afraid of the immortal Yushan. Unexpectedly, now that he is asking for help, he has died.

Because the Beigong Territory is close to the unknown star field, the development focus is on the north, building a prosperous galaxy leading to the unknown star field, gradually ignoring the situation in the surrounding territories, and even not paying attention to what is happening in the universe. To a certain extent, there are some They were so closed that they didn’t even know about the death of Immortal Yushan in the neighboring territory. If it hadn’t been for an accident this time, they would have closed the door.

“I would like to see the Fifth Princess Wendy Yushan,” Ding Xing said.

Shamu replied, “His Royal Highness is in East Saint Dios in the Jiamei territory. I can try to help you contact him.” After speaking, he clicked on his personal terminal.

Lu Yin, who was far away in the Falling Star Sea, did not know what happened in the Dayu Empire. He had contacted Huo Qingshan and others after coming out of the golden ocean space, and also told them not to contact him unless there was something important.

For Huo Qingshan and others, what happened in the Beigong territory was not important, at least not as important as the Dayu Empire’s unification of the Canglan territory.

However, no one knows that today’s Beigong territory has completely changed. On the surface, it is still those forces. The Great Sword Dynasty on the starry sky map still exists, but in fact it has disappeared. Everything originated from – Yan.

A few days passed, but Michelle and others still couldn’t leave. There was a time interval between shipping and merchant ships going back and forth from the entrance to Falling Star Sea to Neptune. This was stipulated by Neptune and had nothing to do with money, so Lulu wanted to use money in advance. Leaving was not possible either.

Fortunately, they did not leave. A battle broke out in Neptune that shook the starry sky, between Murong and Lingque.

Fighting is prohibited in Neptune Heaven, but not all places cannot fight. The space in some places is reinforced by Neptune. Even strong men in the hunting realm cannot tear apart the void and cause too much damage. This kind of place can fight.

Murong and Lingque stood at the foot of a cliff, facing each other. Countless people from Haiwangtian surrounded them in the distance. Their eyes were excited, and many people even started taking pictures.


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