Star Odyssey Chapter 461: Hypocrisy

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“Brother Qi, I see your great ideal of using money to buy the universe. Work hard. One day, go to the Star Collection Gate and buy this Star Collection Girl back as a maid.” The ghost prince smiled strangely. He was not sarcastic, because He felt that Lu Yin was indeed serious.

Everyone has their own pursuits. The star-collecting girl has seen all kinds of answers, but Lu Yin’s answer made her a little confused. The people who are qualified to be asked questions by her are the most evil ones, those big plutocrats, The son of a businessman was not qualified to meet her, so he could not express such a refreshing and refined ideal as making money. Lu Yin was the first one.

She is a little confused now. She always feels that this man’s answer is the least ambitious, but it can also be the greatest.

“Is my answer strange?” Lu Yin asked, his eyes searching.

The star-collecting girl looked at Lu Yin and could only say, “Everyone has different pursuits.”

Lu Yin snorted, “How does my answer compare with Wen Sansi?”

The Caixing Girl was surprised. She didn’t expect Lu Yin to dare to ask this. Is there any comparison? One was studying and the other was making money. Even a fool could tell by comparing them. She didn’t know where Lu Yin got the confidence to compare with Wen Sansi.

Caixing Nu didn’t answer, but said, “Brother Lu, I have something else to do, so I’ll take my leave first.”

Lu Yin nodded, “Okay.”

The Caixing Girl turned around and was about to leave. Suddenly, Lu Yin remembered something and shouted, “By the way, I saw your Ninth Grandpa.”

The Cai Xing girl paused, turned around, and said with a bad expression, “Brother Lu, please be careful when speaking.”

Lu Yin said, “Xuan Jiu, isn’t it your Ninth Grandpa? He is carrying a big banner with the words Caixingnu’s Ninth Grandpa on it.”

The star-collecting girl frowned. She rarely had this attitude towards others and always had a mysterious smile. “This person has nothing to do with me. Please don’t mention it again, Brother Lu.” After saying that, he tore it open. The void leaves.

Lu Yin stood there and pondered. He was not deliberately flattering the star girl, but was trying to test Xuan Jiu’s truth, because Xuan Jiu once told him that he looked at the dead. He didn’t understand it before, but this time , he met the Death Clan, and used the six points of the dice to merge into the body of a Death Clan. Does the Death Clan represent the dead? If he has death energy, then what Xuan Jiu told him was not the past, but the future. In that case, it was divination.

He wanted to know whether Xuan Jiu had the power of divination. Judging from Cai Xingnu’s attitude, it turned out that Xuan Jiu was not simple. Cai Xingnu obviously didn’t want to talk to this person, but she had no intention of pursuing the matter.

By the way, I seemed to have seen Mr. Hai just now. He should have heard his answer, hoping to be disappointed in himself, and then asked Mr. Hai to let him go.

“Brother Qi, I have a question that I’ve been keeping in my mind,” Guihou said.

“You want to ask me why I want to make money so much?” Lu Yin said.

Guihou said, “No, I want to ask where the money you earned went.”

Lu Yin pursed his lips, it was difficult to answer this question, “This is private, don’t ask.”

Guihou was speechless, “Speaking of which, Brother Qi, did you spend money when you blocked me? You need to block me. Did you go to that kind of place?”

Lu Yin was startled, “Where?”.

“I heard that humans are keen on that kind of place. Many people have a fanatical yearning for that kind of place. Brother Qi, you should be the same, but can you spend so much money on that kind of place?” Gui Hou was suspicious.

Lu Yin frowned, “What kind of place are you talking about?”.

“It’s the place where humans release their most primitive instincts, where they are enthusiastic, excited and exciting,” Guihou said.

Lu Yin knew what the dead monkey was talking about, “I didn’t go, so don’t make random guesses.”

“You didn’t go? It’s impossible. Otherwise, where would your money go? It must have been used for gaming equipment.” Gui Hou was very certain.

Lu Yin was stunned for a moment, “Game – equipment?”.

“Of course, you humans have developed countless combat skills games, and many young people are addicted to the Internet and can’t help themselves. Brother Qi, you must have spent all your money to buy combat skills,” Guihou said.

Lu Yin didn’t want to talk anymore.

“Brother Qi, I advise you not to be addicted to games. Those combat skills are all fake. You can’t even think of applying them to reality,” Guihou advised.

Lu Yin blocked his right arm again, which was annoying.

As time goes by, the news that Lu Yin is about to become Neptune’s son-in-law spreads faster and faster. It has spread to the nearest Chaos Realm and White Night Realm. This is the benefit of network connectivity.

When King Yan Qingye knew the news, she was shocked. She was eagerly waiting for the clan members to ignore Lu Yin’s affairs, and then suppressed him to their heart’s content. Unexpectedly, in the blink of an eye, this person had a bigger backer. , that is the King of the Sea, a terrifying and powerful person that neither the White Night Clan is willing to offend easily.

With a bang, King Yan Qingye punched the ground. Dealing with Lu Yin has become her obsession. She has never been so defeated since she was a child. Not only was she defeated by Lu Yin in public, but she even relied on the strength of her clan. She couldn’t deal with this person. Even if she fought Long Bai Ye, she could use the Night King’s influence to lock this person up, but it would have no effect on Lu Yin.

Knowing this person’s weakness, she just couldn’t deal with it. This feeling of frustration drove her crazy.

Several times, every time she wanted to take action, she was inexplicably blocked. Lu Yin had become her inner demon.

At this moment, the personal terminal rang, and King Yan Qingye connected. Inside the light screen was a face that made her hate her. “Yan Qing, break through the exploration realm as soon as possible. The clan will send you to explore the unknown star field.” a substance”.

The person inside the light curtain was none other than King Yuan Jingye. Every time, this old guy hindered her from dealing with Lu Yin, which made King Yan Qingye gnash his teeth in hatred, but there was nothing he could do.

“I understand, elder” King Yan Qingye responded in a low voice.

King Yuan Jingye stared at King Yan Qingye seriously, “I’m warning you again, don’t deal with Lu Yin. This person is not something you can touch. The clan has its own arrangements.”

A cold light flashed in the eyes of King Yan Qing. He hung up the communication, raised his head, and clenched his fists. She would wait. As long as her brother became the helmsman of the Night King, she would be inferior to one person and superior to tens of thousands of people. One day, not far away.

After contacting King Yan Qingye, King Yuan Jingye directly contacted Lu Yin. He is now eager to talk to Lu Yin. The background of Neptune is not weak. Once this person really becomes Neptune’s son-in-law, the White Night Clan needs to take advantage of him. This person breaks into the Sea of ​​Fallen Stars to explore the place that countless people yearn for.

Soon, the communication connection was successful, and Lu Yin appeared in the light curtain.

At this moment, Lu Yin was reciting the full text of Shibi. He really had nothing to do, and he did not expect that King Yuan Jingye would contact him.

“Hello, Grandpa Yuan Jing,” Lu Yin greeted with a smile, very enthusiastic, as if he had forgotten the intrigue with King Yuan Jingye on the spaceship.

The wrinkles on the face of King Yuan Jingye also turned into a smile, and he was very kind. “Xiaoyin, grandpa feels relieved when he sees that you are okay. I heard that you are participating in the search for a son-in-law in Neptune. There are many powerful enemies. Do not force”.

Lu Yin quickly expressed his gratitude with a sincere expression, “Thank you, Grandpa Yuan Jing, for your concern. Xiao Yin is fine.”

King Yuan Jingye comforted him, “That’s good, that’s good. By the way, grandpa translated the words you printed for grandpa before. Do you want to know?”.

Lu Yin was shocked and looked at Yuan Jingye King in surprise. The old guy was actually willing to share. It seemed that the deterrent power of the Sea King was far greater than he imagined. In this way, there was no need to worry about the security of the Canglan territory. Look I should still maintain my identity as the prospective son-in-law of Neptune, at least until I have the ability to protect myself.

But it shouldn’t be too important since King Yuan Jingye was willing to tell him the meaning of the words.

“Grandpa Yuan Jing, this is a secret of the Baiye clan. It’s not convenient for Xiao Yin to know.” Lu Yin didn’t understand, even though he wanted to know very much.

Yuan Jingye King smiled and said, “You call me grandpa, the Night King clan is your home, of course your family can know it.”

Lu Yin felt sick to his stomach. The old guy was quite hypocritical. Of course, he was not bad either. He had a grateful face and said, “Thank you, grandpa.”

King Yuan Jingye said graciously, very satisfied with Lu Yin’s attitude, and said, “The translated meaning of that sentence is – I wish I could protect the Lord until the rain stops! Hate! Hate! Hate.”

Lu Yin was confused, what do you mean? It sounds very resentful!

Wang Yuan Jingye said, “This sentence should involve the grudges and grudges of some powerful people in ancient times. I, the Baiye Clan, don’t know the details. Xiaoyin, if you have a chance one day, you can know about it.”

Lu Yin smiled bitterly, “Even the Baiye clan doesn’t know, so Xiao Yin has no hope. I would like to thank Grandpa Yuan Jing for not treating Xiao Yin as an outsider.”

“Hahahaha, how could you be an outsider? By the way, you are in Neptune Heaven now?” King Yuan Jingye asked, this was the focus of his concern.

Lu Yin nodded and said helplessly, “The King of the Sea has grounded me and said that I must break through the exploration realm before he can let me go, which is troublesome.”

King Yuan Jingye said solemnly, “This is the cultivation that the King of the Sea has given you, Xiaoyin, you must remember to be grateful.”

Lu Yin’s expression changed, “Xiao Yin knows, Grandpa Yuan Jing, don’t worry.”

The original King Jingye said kindly, “You can rest assured in the Canglan territory. As long as I, the Baiye clan, are here, no one can interfere.”

“Thank you, Grandpa Yuan Jing,” Lu Yin said gratefully.

Not long after, Lu Yin hung up the call and looked thoughtfully. The influence of Neptune was enough to make him worry-free. This was something he had never expected before. Even the elders of the royal family came over to flatter him with licking their faces. Neptune’s prospective son-in-law could have this status. .

Also, the White Night Tribe actually translated the text so quickly. The White Night Tribe was able to translate the words that turned the walls into dust after so many years. The heritage of this race is very terrifying, definitely beyond my imagination. Do I want to Spending your whole life with old guy Yuan Jing in vain?

In fact, as long as he really becomes the son-in-law of Neptune, everything will not be a problem. However, let alone Hai Qiqi’s character that he cannot accept, what should Ming Yan do? Lu Yin, who has been practicing so far, is just to not be restrained. If he gives up the love in his heart just because he wants to get the backer of Neptune, what is the point of practicing?

A real man has things to do and things not to do. He can endure humiliation and bear the burden, but he will not give up his persistence, even if it means death.

Of course, even if he wants to become Neptune’s son-in-law, it’s not that easy. Neptune seems to have recognized him, but he doesn’t know what he thinks specifically. He is not narcissistic enough to be forced into marriage by Neptune. Everything is unknown. , everything is in the hands of Neptune, this feeling is very bad.

The biggest headache now is how to leave. Breaking through to the exploration realm is still far away.


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