Star Odyssey Chapter 460: Lu Yin’s answer

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Lu Yin jumped up and came to the star-collecting girl. The two were less than two meters apart, “Everyone would think so, is this what you calculated?”

“You are repelling me,” the star-collecting girl said with a smile.

Lu Yin’s eyes flashed. He had always been opposed to the so-called divination and had always disbelieved it. He showed it unconsciously, “No, just asking.”

The Caixing Girl stared at Lu Yin and said, “I’m here because I have a question to ask you.”

” what is the problem?”.

Just when the star-collecting girl was about to speak, Lu Yin suddenly said, “Wait a minute, where’s the invitation?”

The smile in the star-collecting girl’s eyes grew stronger, “Although you reject divination, it’s not unacceptable. I’m very happy.” After saying that, she took out a very ordinary invitation letter and handed it to Lu Yin, with the word “Juanxiu” engraved on it. The handwriting is exactly the three words “Caixingnu”. It is very beautiful. It is obviously written by a woman, but it has a vast and simple atmosphere and an indescribable courage.

Lu Yin carefully looked at the invitation letter. This was the invitation letter from the famous star collector girl. It is said that only young heroes who have reached a certain level can get it. I heard that when I looked at the Starry Sky Battle Academy, I got an invitation letter from the star collector girl. There are only a few people, and even the chiefs of each academy may not be able to get it.

After looking at it for a while, Lu Yin handed the invitation letter back to Caixing Girl.

The Caixing Girl said, “Keep it, it may be useful in the future. With this, you can get help from the Caixing Sect within a certain range.”

Lu Yin did not refuse. As long as the free thing was harmless, he would usually not refuse it. It did not take up space anyway. As for Caixing Sect’s help, he did not trust it.

“You can ask now,” Lu Yin said.

The star-collecting girl looked at Lu Yin with deep eyes, as if a starry sky was trying to absorb his gaze, “How can I become stronger?”.

Lu Yin was startled, thinking he heard wrongly, “What did you say?”.

The star-collecting girl looked serious and said again, “How can I become stronger?”

Lu Yin blinked, “You ask me this? It seems that you are better than me.”

She is not included in the top 100 rankings of her peers in the Ten Jue competitions. This is not to say that her fighting ability is not up to par, but that no one knows what the real combat power of the Star Picking Girl is. There is no way to arrange it, but many people Said that her strength is no less than the top ten in the top 100 battle list, Lu Yin thinks that she can’t compare.

“You just need to answer me, how can I become stronger?” the star-collecting girl said solemnly, looking very serious.

Lu Yin pondered, and the voice of Guihou appeared in his mind, “Seventh brother, don’t talk nonsense, this woman is trying to find out the direction and spirit of your cultivation, and use it to predict your future achievements. People who can predict are very special. It’s scary, just a few words can be used by them.”

Lu Yin frowned. What Gui Hou said made him feel a little embarrassed. It wasn’t that magical. It was just a word. And it’s not like he couldn’t lie. Also, he really didn’t believe in divination.

Of course, even if he didn’t believe it, he wouldn’t tell the star-collecting girl his true feelings. Only a fool would tell the truth.

Glancing at the Caixing Girl, Lu Yin thought for a while, and just as he was about to speak, the Caixing Girl suddenly said, “Brother Lu, think about it carefully. This question is not for me to ask, but for my Caixing Sect Sect Master. Depending on your answer, our attitude toward you will be different.”

Lu Yin raised his eyebrows, “What, could it be that if I didn’t answer well, the Caixing Sect could still hunt me down?”.

The Caixing Girl looked solemn, “Of course not, but you know Shijue Scholar Wen Sansi, and his answer satisfied the sect leader, so the Caixing Sect is open to him, and he can use the divination power of the Caixing Sect, You are a smart person and you should know what it means for the Caixing Gate to be open to a person.”

Lu Yin’s face turned serious. Caixing Sect is a mysterious sect. No one knows how strong this sect is. This sect has existed since ancient times, and everyone seems to trust this sect’s predictions. With such power, many people say that even the Top 100 Battle Ranking is formulated by the Starry Sky Battle Academy. In fact, there are rumors that the maker behind it is the Star Cai Sect. Only the Star Cai Sect has the ability to predict the entire universe and include the top 100. .

A sect that everyone trusts and can predict the future is not coveted by the huge forces of the White Night Clan and the Sword Sect. This fact alone can prove its terror.

If we can really get help from the Caixing Sect, our influence will be much greater than becoming the son-in-law of Neptune. Although Neptune is powerful and the lord of the Falling Star Sea, the universe inside and outside does not dare to provoke him, but he is just afraid of it. However, the Caixing Sect has the power to influence the entire universe. Ability.

Whether Lu Yin believes it or not, as long as others believe it, the so-called divination will be true.

I have to say that Cai Xingnu’s words moved Lu Yin’s heart. He looked at Cai Xingnu seriously and thought about the problem seriously.

“Seventh brother, if you can get help from the Caixing Sect, you will be great. The Caixing Sect is as famous as the Behemoth Star Domain to patch the sky. This kind of existence is the most helpless. However, your answer is possible Become one of the bargaining chips used by Caixing Sect to predict your future. Think clearly,” Gui Hou said.

Lu Yin’s eyes flickered and he turned to look at the waterfall.

The star-collecting girl is not in a hurry. Except for a few people, everyone else will seriously think about his problem. Some even think about it for a long time. After all, the star-collecting gate is too heavy, and many people have a fantasy, that is, to get she.

Whoever gets the Star Girl will get the future. I don’t know who spread this sentence. Many people believe it, so many people try their best to say some bold words in an attempt to capture the heart of the Star Girl.

The sound of water flowing from the waterfall was loud, accompanied by the falling of gravel, splashing water and dripping on Lu Yin’s face, which was a bit cold.

He raised his head and looked up at the sky. The word “strong” covers the entire starry sky. Everyone wants to become stronger, but how to become stronger? Some people are blessed with endless resources when they are born, some people obviously have no resources but have endless opportunities, some people practice hard, and countless people in the universe are pursuing strength.

He thought of the exploration scene on the galaxy ship where he knelt down to Gur. He went to the inner universe just to become stronger, even at the expense of his dignity.

He thought of the powerful explorers who died in Centipede’s belly, all taking risks in order to become stronger.

He thought of the two seniors, Big Pao and Xiao Pao. They wanted revenge, so they became stronger in the Star Battle Academy.

He thought of many, many people. Along the way, although he had not practiced for a long time, he encountered a lot. In summary, everyone was sacrificing something in order to become stronger, and he himself was the same.

Before practicing cultivation, he didn’t pay much attention to money, but now, he tries every means to make money.

These are all sacrifices, so how to become stronger? Sacrifice? He himself was confused.

The Ghost Marquis said that the star-picking girl might predict a person’s courage and future through this answer, but a person’s courage is not destined. Since ancient times, dynasties have changed, and the person who finally becomes the emperor may not be a descendant of a family, but may also be a beggar. It is impossible to judge a person’s future based on one answer.

But thinking about it on the other hand, if Caixing Girl can really predict his future based on just one answer, he is really looking forward to it, because the answer he gave is quite different.

After thinking for a long time, Lu Yin turned to look at Caixing Girl, “Can you tell me how the others answered?”

“Who do you want to know?” Caixing Girl did not refuse. The answer could be the same or different. If the man in front of him really imitated someone else’s answer, then his future would always live under that person.

“Wen Sansi” Lu Yin said calmly.

The star-collecting girl smiled lightly and said, “Read more and you will become stronger.”

Lu Yin was not surprised, this was Wen Sansi’s answer.

“Where is Zhenwu Night King?” Lu Yin asked.

The star-catching girl’s eyes flashed, “He doesn’t need to become stronger, because everyone is destined to be weaker than him.”

Lu Yin narrowed his eyes, “Are these his exact words?”.

The star-collecting girl nodded.

Lu Yin frowned, he was so brave, should he be said to be worthy of the Ten Jue Zhenwu?

“Where’s Lance?” Lu Yin asked again.

The star-picking girl replied, “One step at a time.”

The most formal answer is nothing surprising, but it also reflects his inner strength, because he does not need to think about how to become stronger, he only needs to move forward step by step, and he will naturally be the strongest.

Lu Yin asked about all the Ten Jue, and he only knew the names of these three Ten Jue. In the end, he looked at the star collector seriously and said, “I want to know your answer.”

The star-collecting girl smiled slightly, her deep eyes bottomless, “I don’t need to answer, because I have no intention of becoming stronger.”

Lu Yin withdrew his gaze, raised his head, looked at the high sky of Neptune Sky, and finally looked seriously at Caixing Girl, “Listen up, my answer is”. After saying this, not far away, Master Hai appeared, Staring at Lu Yin, and in the void that Lu Yin didn’t know, Neptune also looked at him. This question has been asked by Caixing Girl to too many people. I have to say that the answer can indeed reflect a person’s courage, and courage determines the future. Decide the pattern.

“My answer is, if you make more money, you can become stronger.” Lu Yin answered seriously and sincerely, but his answer obviously stunned the star-collecting girl. Does strength and money have anything to do with it? One is cultivation, the highest ideal of life, and the other is vulgar money.

Practice consumes resources, but no one admits that they practice for resources. Such people are called vulgar.

Master Hai casually waved his hand, “Common man,” and after saying that, he left with an ugly expression.

Neptune retracted his gaze and did not express his position.

The Caixing Girl smiled and said, “Brother Lu’s answer is really unexpected. Are you serious?”

“Very serious” Lu Yin replied. He had never been so serious as at this moment. He fully demonstrated his persistence in money in front of the star-collecting girl, because this is a fact. The more money he gets, the stronger he becomes. For him, this was true. If he was given all the money of the Mavis family, Lu Yin dared to say that with the ability of the third point of the dice, he could improve something to the point where even Neptune would doubt his life, and that would be strength.

With money, he can improve his body shaping skills. With money, he can improve all kinds of natural and earthly treasures. With money, he is wondering if he can throw himself up to improve himself. In short, as long as he has money, , he has unlimited possibilities, this is serious, this is his answer.


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