Star Odyssey Chapter 438: Neptune Mountain

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Thinking of the Seven-Word King Ting Su Lao, Lu Yin remembered something. It seemed that there was a stronghold of the New Human Alliance in the Sea of ​​Falling Stars.

At that time, he asked the beautiful maid for a map of fallen stars and starfish to study.

“Brother Lu, come and see, it’s so spectacular” Coco’s exclamation came from the deck.

Lu Yin walked out of the cabin and looked into the distance. The starry sky was no longer dark. In the distance, there was a sky-blue light. Under the sky-blue light, there was a towering mountain, surrounded by layers of white clouds, like ribbons. Occasionally a faint seven-color light flashed.

The mountains are cone-shaped, getting narrower as you go up. The sunlight from nowhere shines on the mountains, making them warm and genial, dotted with large expanses of green, and full of vitality.

As the big ship approached quickly, everyone gradually saw the mountains clearly.

A white horse surges from top to bottom. It is a river, and the mist rises like a fairyland.

Every time the river passes a certain distance, it will branch into two branches and flow horizontally, distributing water into the mountain stream.

At the very back of the mountain, the void is rippled, spreading outward layer by layer, like someone shaking a drum in the void.

The mountains are very big, very wide, and very wide. It took them half an hour from the moment they saw the mountains to the sun, and this place was still some distance away from the mountains.

“Everyone, congratulations on coming to Neptune,” the beautiful maid said proudly, her expression full of pride. Not only her, but the soldiers on the ship, Neptune, were looking at them with pride. This is where Neptune, the Lord of the Falling Star Sea, is. , although there is only one mountain, it suppresses the entire Falling Star Sea.

Everyone stood on the deck and looked at the mountain. This was not an ordinary mountain, it was clearly a sacred mountain.

Lu Yin tried to slowly fill his eyes with star power, wanting to see Neptune, but it only lasted for a moment, and his eyes stung. He didn’t dare to look anymore. Neptune’s influence on the starry sky in the universe was too great. Just like the high mountain where Mr. Mu was, he was unable to look carefully.

The closer they get, the more everyone can feel the majestic power sweeping away. It is very gentle, but full of supreme majesty, really like a god.

In fact, Neptune is a **** to them. Not only them, but also the powerful ones in the Enlightenment Realm face Neptune as if they were facing a god.

Many spaceships are still following behind the Neptune Sky ship, and they are all coming to Neptune Sky.

Neptune Heaven does not prohibit outsiders from entering. Of course, they can only enter to a limited height.

Feng Mo sat in the spaceship and looked at Neptune in shock. He had been here once when he was young, and that feeling was still unforgettable. He thought that with his current strength of 150,000, facing Neptune would be different again. , but at this moment, he knew that he was wrong, and it was still the same. Whether it was when he was young or now, or perhaps even hundreds or thousands of years in the future, he would still be full of piety and fear as always when facing Neptune.

The power of Neptune shakes the universe. He is the most powerful person in the universe, a powerful person that they can’t understand.

The sea water in Haiwangtian is different from other places, with a layer of light golden sunlight.

Only when they came to the foot of the mountain, everyone could truly feel the hugeness of this mountain. Looking around, there was no end in sight. It didn’t look like a mountain at all, but more like a vertical continent.

High on the mountain, the waterfall falls vertically, making a roaring sound.

The beautiful maid stood on a high place, looking down at everyone, “The king of Neptune has ordered that a son-in-law will be formally recruited in three days. During these three days, you can play in Neptune. With the token, all expenses will be reimbursed by Neptune.”

Lu Yin suddenly raised his head, his eyes glowing with heat, reimbursement? He heard it.

Others didn’t care much about reimbursement. They were all here to recruit a son-in-law. Anyone who had the nerve to let Neptune pay for them was holding back their energy and prepared to perform well. At least they had to show grandeur and class.

But Lu Yin was different. His eyes when he looked at Hai Wangtian changed immediately. Fortunately, he came, otherwise he would have suffered a big loss.

Lu Yin’s reaction startled the beautiful maid, she gave him a fierce look, and then left the ship with those who had obtained the token due to their handsomeness. They could go directly to the upper level of Neptune.

This treatment makes Lu Yin unbalanced. There must be more good things at the top, but there is no way to change it.

There are many ports at the foot of Neptune Tianshan Mountain, where spaceships or ships in the Sea of ​​Falling Stars can berth. Stepping into the port, the bustling scene surprised everyone.

There are not many planets in the Starfall Sea, which means that trade is not prosperous, but what is displayed in front of everyone now is an extremely prosperous port. In the distance, there is an eye-catching building, which is a branch of the Clover Company, and more There are many well-known groups in the universe in the distance, all of which have branches in Neptune.

“Most of the people here come to explore the Falling Star Sea. There are too many legends in the Falling Star Sea. Many people want to get these legends. In fact, the number of people in Neptune is not that large. The real number is the vast continent, where countless universes gather. Strong men and mercenaries from all over the world…” someone introduced not far away.

Lu Yin was walking alone in the port. He looked up and planned to go up. Behind him, Lulu chased after him.

Lu Yin was surprised, “You didn’t go up with that maid?”.

“Does she dare to take me there?” Lulu asked.

Lu Yin thought about it. Everyone’s purpose was to come to Neptune’s Heaven, and they were not really meant to be a son-in-law. No matter how courageous Lulu was, she would not dare to challenge Neptune’s majesty, let alone the maid.

“Poseidon prohibits fighting. We are safe,” Lulu said.

Lu Yin looked back and didn’t see Feng Mo, but he didn’t think Feng Mo let them go and just hid them.

In three days, Lu Yin thought about it. He decided to roll the dice first and use the star energy crystal marrow to elevate himself to the peak of the extreme realm. But should he go shopping first? This is a problem.

In the end, Lu Yin decided to go on a shopping spree first to prevent accidents. After all, he only had three days.

“Lulu, what do you want to buy?” Lu Yin asked, his eyes scanning wildly, looking very expectant.

Lulu thought for a while and said, “Neptune will reimburse her. If it doesn’t go to waste, let’s go to the auction house.”

Lu Yin’s eyes lit up and he looked at Lulu with a look of approval in his eyes. The auction house is a great place.

The two people quickly inquired about it, and then teleported to the largest auction house on the mountainside.

“You choose one,” Lu Yin and the others came to the mountainside and looked at the huge auction houses on the east and west sides and said calmly.

Lulu chose the west, while Lu Yin went to the east. We can’t kill each other.

The scenery of Neptune Sky is beautiful, and the people living here are also very simple, at least that’s what Lu Yin saw. He picked up a lot of things on the way to the mountainside. As long as he showed his token, everyone was very enthusiastic. , so he felt that the residents of Neptune Heaven were very simple.

But the most troublesome thing now is that the Ningkong Ring is not big enough. Even if his Ningkong Ring was obtained by Beimen Lie from the Falling Star Sea, it is still not big enough.

Bibbling on Neptune Sky’s specialty fruit, Lu Yin flashed his token and easily entered the auction house.

Due to the recruitment of a son-in-law by Neptune, Neptune has gathered a lot of powerful disciples. If any of them are rich, the auctioneer does not need to arouse his emotions. Any auction item on the stage will cause competition.

It is not easy to open an auction house on the mountainside of Neptune Tianshan, and the auction items are naturally not bad.

Lu Yin saw something good as soon as he came in.

“A harmless mid-level original treasure of the Palm. The auctioneer personally tested it. It is absolutely harmless. The auction begins now. The base price is three hundred cubic meters of star energy crystal marrow.” The auctioneer shouted loudly.

Soon, many people were bidding below, showing off their brands one by one. Each time the brand was displayed, the price increased by ten cubic star energy crystal marrow.

Lu Yin entered the VIP room of the auction house with the Neptune Token. This place was much more advanced than the hall below. There was no need to show the sign. There was a button on the seat. Pressing it would increase the price.

There were no less than ten kinds of fruit drinks in front of him, accompanied by beautiful women, but they were rejected by Lu Yin. Although he didn’t care about the recruitment of a son-in-law by Neptune, what do you think of a man who participated in the recruitment of a son-in-law and went to someone else’s house to hook up with other women? It all seemed like a provocation, and he didn’t dare to provoke Neptune.

Clicking the button, Lu Yin participated in the bidding.

Soon, the price climbed to 500 cubic star energy crystal marrow.

The value of the intermediate-level original treasures of the Master is not fixed. Some can be sold for sky-high prices, and some prices are very low. It depends on whether there is anyone on site who wants them. There is no clear price for this thing.

Lu Yin didn’t even look at the price. He kept clicking buttons, calling all the auction house employees, and said respectfully, “Sir, there are no more bidders here, you don’t need to click anymore.”

Lu Yin said oh, it doesn’t matter, he doesn’t need to pay anyway. As for how much it was auctioned for, do you need to know? Just tell Neptune.

Immediately afterwards, the next auction item is the cosmic battle armor. It is not an ordinary cosmic battle armor. It is fused with metal that is said to come from the cosmic sea. It is extremely strong and can defend against attacks by strong men in the hunting realm.

Lu Yin doesn’t believe this. Just like the black hole-class Aurora spaceship, it can indeed block attacks with a hundred thousand combat power in terms of strength, but strong men in the hunting realm are not idiots. They are talented in combat skills, and they can’t stop it with a spaceship. It was like the one with crippled arms that attacked him in the hunting realm, but it was not bad to be able to withstand an attack with a combat strength of 100,000, so Lu Yin casually bid for it.

Next, Lu Yin bid for several more items. Although they were of little use, who made Neptune rich?

However, his frequent bidding has been noticed by the auction house, who sent someone to confirm his assets, but were sent away with the Neptune Token.

This incident reminded Lu Yin, what if Neptune learns about the situation and refuses to admit it, wouldn’t he have to pay for it? Not buying.

The auction house returned to normal.

On the other side, Lulu was different. She was much more unrestrained than Lu Yinhao. She didn’t press the button at all, she just shouted directly. She usually won the bid at double the price of others, which scared the auction house and immediately sent someone to inquire. Just one sentence, ‘You think Mabius has no money? ’.

In a word, the auction house is speechless. Mavis is synonymous with money. Knowing that Lulu is from the Mabis family, the auction house is even more enthusiastic. She is almost like a grandma. This is a good opportunity to make a fortune.

Lulu is proud, she doesn’t know how to pay, doesn’t she have the Neptune Token? Neptune should be quite rich.

Neptune himself didn’t even know that at the moment when he was looking for a son-in-law, someone actually wanted to spend money, and they spent it very happily.


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