Star Odyssey Chapter 435: Women disguised as men

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Lu Yin’s heart sank. He saw the disdain and ridicule in the maid’s eyes, and immediately said loudly, “I want to obtain the qualification for strength.”

The beautiful woman just opened her mouth and composed a bunch of very enjoyable insulting words. She found these words very exciting. Just as she was about to spit them out, she was interrupted by Lu Yin Shengsheng, who looked at Lu Yin in surprise, “What are your qualifications? Are you in the Caiji Realm and want to be as good as the Cruise Realm? Or are you drunk?”

Lu Yin raised his eyebrows, this woman’s words were too unpleasant, “I’m confident, hurry up.”

The beautiful woman narrowed her eyes and stared at Lu Yin, “Okay, wait.”

At this time, a Neptune Soldier walked up behind the beautiful woman and whispered something. The woman looked surprised and looked at Lu Yin again, “Are you Lu Yin, who is known as the invincible?”

Everyone looked at Lu Yin in surprise. Not everyone could bear the words “Invincible”. The appearance of Ling Que caused quite a stir. Now, Lu Yin actually appeared too. Wasn’t it rumored that he was dead? ?

Lu Yin nodded and breathed a sigh of relief, it was easy to say that he knew him.

The beautiful woman looked at Lu Yin, her tone was much softer, but her eyes were unhappy. This was delaying her performance, “Okay, you are qualified.” After saying that, she threw a token to Lu Yin, “With this token, you can board the ship at any time within five days.”

“Thank you.” Lu Yin took the token and didn’t board the ship immediately like the super handsome guy. Instead, he returned to the crowd and glared at Lulu fiercely.

Lulu stuck out her tongue, secretly thinking it was a pity.

Michelle also felt it was a pity.

Cannon also felt it was a pity.

In the distance, Hui Baiye and others also felt pity.

Even Feng Mo felt inexplicably sorry.

After Lu Yin, several more people appeared and were scolded back without mercy. Everyone found that the woman’s words were even sharper.

In the crowd, Coco looked at Charlotte with wide eyes, “Brother Xia, aren’t you going?”.

Charlotte nodded with a smile, stepped out of the crowd.

Everyone was gloating over the misfortune and prepared to hear more exciting curses. Not to mention, what the woman said sounded interesting, very, and happy to the onlookers.

But everyone was disappointed this time. The woman looked at Charlotte, especially Charlotte’s warm smile, and her heart softened. She raised her hand and gave a token with a very gentle tone, “With this token, five You can board the ship at any time during the day.”

Charlotte nodded and smiled lightly, “Thank you”, and then returned to the crowd.

Countless people looked at him with reverence. Is this guy that handsome? Or is there some other operation?

I adore Coco to death.

Lu Yin and others felt unhappy and a little unbalanced, especially Hui Baiye and Cannon, who looked at Charlotte with unkind eyes.

“Hui Baiye failed. Four of us cannot board the ship. Feng Mo is still watching from behind. This is not okay,” Lu Yin said in a deep voice.

Cannon lowered his head, blaming him for being ugly.

“Where are the others?” Lulu said.

Lu Yin is helpless, others? Small cannon? Heixu? Meng Yue? Zhao Yilong? These people are not as handsome as they are gray, and they at least have a cool, non-mainstream hair color.

“Let me try.” Lulu’s eyes were excited, staring at the beautiful woman on the boat in the distance.

Lu Yin was startled and said, “Don’t mess around.”

Lulu held her head high, snorted and left.

Lu Yin was worried, Michelle said calmly, “Let her try, maybe she can succeed.”

“She’s a woman,” Lu Yin said angrily.

Michelle said calmly, “How do you know that the daughter of Neptune doesn’t like women?”.

Lu Yin was stunned and unable to refute.

Forget it, let Lulu try if she wants to. Anyway, there is no danger to her life. Moreover, the talent of the Mavis family is very magical and may have miraculous effects.

“Looking like this, you can be regarded as opening up a new direction for human growth, the direction of Fauvism.”

“Are you sure you are twenty-five, not fifty-two? Saying you are fifty-two is a disgrace to people of this age group.”

Suddenly, the beautiful woman fell silent. Below, a woman with red lips and white teeth and an indescribably handsome appearance appeared. She was none other than Lulu dressed in men’s clothing.

Everyone stared blankly at Lulu walking out, she must be a woman! Even women?

The appearance of Lulu stunned the beautiful woman. Just as she was about to speak, Lulu’s eyes flashed with emerald green light, and she said with a smile, “Sister, love has no boundaries, right?”.

The beautiful woman nodded blankly, “Yes, love has no boundaries.” After saying that, she raised her hand and gave Lulu a token.

Lulu smiled playfully, “Thank you, sister” and ran away after saying that.

From beginning to end, everyone is stupid, is this okay?

The beautiful woman’s body was shaken and she recovered. Her face felt feverish and flushed. Why did she give the token to a woman? It’s over, it’s over, the reputation is ruined.

“That’s it for today, we’ll continue tomorrow.” After saying that, the beautiful woman went back to the boat.

Under the boat, everyone was still stunned, and then there was a raucous discussion about the fact that the daughter of the Sea King actually likes women, and that the daughter of the Sea King kills both men and women, etc. Various rumors spread.

Behind the crowd, Feng Mo stared blankly. Of course, he also inquired about the boarding restrictions. Three people in this group got tokens, which meant that they could board the ship. His trip was in vain. , who dares to touch Neptune’s ship?

Lulu specially raised her head and smiled as she passed by Feng Mo, “Poor guy”.

Feng Mo clenched his fists. If this was not the entrance to the Falling Star Sea, if this dead girl was not from the Mavis clan, he would definitely kill her.

The atmosphere in the bar was a bit strange. Lulu had changed back into women’s clothing and was drinking juice happily.

Hui Baiye glanced at her from time to time, feeling very uncomfortable that he actually lost to a woman.

Dapao is very generous and occasionally praises Lulu.

“It’s time to go to Neptune Sky in five days. We can stay here for at most two days, and we must board the ship after two days. So, what should we do with the ship?” Meng Yue asked.

Lulu waved her hand and threw this away first.

Lu Yin has a headache. He also paid for this spaceship, but he can’t take it with him. The big ship can be put down, but will he be willing?

Thinking of this, Lu Yin turned to look at Lulu. Xia Luo seemed to have thought of something and looked at Lulu.

Lulu blinked, her eyes alert, “What are you going to do?”.

“Please, tell that woman to let us take the spaceship with us,” Lu Yin said.

Lulu frowned, “I won’t go, I’m very tired.”

“If we don’t bring the spaceship and don’t send it back to Neptune, Feng Mo may block us in the Sea of ​​Falling Stars,” Lu Yin said.

Lulu was right when she thought about it. With the speed of the Yaoguang-class spacecraft, it would not be easy to catch up. As long as they kept a distance, otherwise without the protection of Neptune, Feng Motie would definitely be able to catch up with them. They didn’t expect it. Guozhen’s participation in Neptune’s search for a son-in-law was just to find a protective umbrella for entering the Sea of ​​Falling Stars.

“Okay, I’ll try, but I may not be successful,” Lulu said listlessly. The talents of the Mavis family are not that easy to use.

“Try your best, otherwise we will really have to have someone stay as our son-in-law,” Charlotte joked.

Lulu rolled her eyes.

Lu Yin doesn’t care either. Although he is very confident in his own strength, he is not arrogant enough to defeat the masters ranked at the top of the top 100 battle list. There must be masters ranked within the 80th and below who will participate in the recruitment of Neptune’s son-in-law this time. He may not be able to win against such a strong person, as long as he doesn’t use the quicksand of fate.

However, if he uses the quicksand of fate, he is confident that he can defend himself against the attacks of the masters at the top of the top 100 battle list. After all, he has blocked even Feng Mo’s attack, but blocking does not mean that he will win. He does not expect a piece of soil. Can defeat those strong ones.

Half a day later, Lulu came back, but unfortunately she failed. The maid became wary of Lulu.

Everyone’s actions were not hidden from Feng Mo, and they couldn’t hide it even if they wanted to. Although the hunting realm powerhouses do not have a field, their star energy covers a wide area. As long as they are willing, they can sweep across a planet in an instant. It is just normal. It won’t be used under certain circumstances.

With Feng Mo’s ability, Lu Yin and others couldn’t hide the conversation at all.

He walked out of the bar, opened his personal terminal, and contacted the two men.

For a strong hunter with a combat strength of 150,000, it is really painful to catch a group of people in front of him but not be able to catch them. In just a moment, he can subdue all these people, but he just doesn’t dare.

The word handsome cannot be accurately defined. Personal aesthetics are different, but no matter how different they are, Lu Yin and the others always feel that the aesthetics of the maid of Neptune’s Daughter are absolutely high.

Men will want beauties if they have power and money. If there are beauties, even if the genes are poor, the next generation will not be too ugly. The next generation will look better. As long as it does not decline, the appearance will only get better and better. Okay, so among the descendants of the major forces who are qualified to come to the Sea of ​​Falling Stars, there are no young heroes who are not good-looking.

But in the mouth of the maid, the word “ugly” was renovated and expressed in various elegant sentence patterns, expressing it vividly, as if there was no handsome person in her eyes.

Watching this scene from the boat is a unique experience.

Lu Yin leaned on the side of the ship and watched the beautiful maid criticizing her mercilessly. He felt a little happy for some reason.

The hull is very high, and you can see far away from the deck. The cannon comes to Lu Yin’s side and looks into the distance. “It seems that Feng Mo will not give up.”

Lu Yin nodded. They all saw Feng Mo. Feng Mo did not cover up his whereabouts and stared at them coldly. He would not think that these people could become the son-in-law of Neptune. As long as he waited for Neptune to recruit a son-in-law, he would Able to arrest those who deserve to be arrested.

Lu Yin was very surprised, “Why does Feng Mo, who is in the hunting realm with a fighting strength of 150,000, work for Chi Gutang with all his heart? Can Chi Gutang afford this price?”

“It’s very strange” Cannon frowned.

The sharp ridicule stopped. The beautiful maid was thirsty and asked someone to get some water. A super handsome man came to the maid with a drink and handed it to her politely.

The beautiful maid’s eyes were filled with brilliance, and she happily took a sip and said, “Thank you.”

The handsome man smiled, glanced proudly at the crowd below, and smiled again. I have to say that this man looked really handsome, attracting a group of women to scream.

“I really want to kick him down.” Cannon gritted his teeth and was very unconvinced. He always thought it was because of his personal aesthetic differences. He was quite confident in his appearance.

Lu Yin laughed and said, “Don’t worry about him.”


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