Star Odyssey Chapter 422: Lingque

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Lu Yin was surprised, “You were once one of the five masters of Lingkong Academy. It is reasonable to say that you are the top young generation in the Behemoth Star Territory. How can you not get rid of the quicksand of fate?”.

“Brother Qi, you also defeated Tianju. He is the strongest in Lingkong Academy. You can’t get the quicksand of fate. This is something that not everyone can come up with, even if the Ten Academy Competition The rewards are not as precious as the quicksand of fate.” Guihou curled his lips.

“I heard this thing can drag people to death” Lu Yin asked again.

Gui Hou thought for a while, “I’ve heard of it, but I’m not sure about the details. Okay, Seventh Brother, don’t ask. You may not be able to get this thing in your lifetime. Let’s think about the actual situation first and figure out our location.”

Lu Yin raised his head. He had just thought that all planets located in the inner and outer universe must be under the supervision of powerful civilizations, which means that there will definitely be traces of powerful civilizations. As long as he finds the place with the most legends on this planet That’s it.

Soon, Lu Yin tore through the void and left.

Not long after he left, the military found the roof of the building, but Lu Yin had already disappeared.

Personal terminals can directly invade the planet’s network. Lu Yin quickly found out that the most dangerous place on the planet is called the Haidaogou. It is located at the intersection of several pieces of land. It is shaped like a hexagon and is bottomless. From ancient times to the present, Countless ships have disappeared here, including aircraft and other technological products. All those close to the channel have disappeared without exception.

The most powerful country on the planet has been exploring, but cannot find any information. Once, a country bombed the channel trench with the most powerful weapons, triggering a tsunami and causing the death of countless people on the land and coast. This also caused that country to be completely destroyed by the planet. The people on the planet blamed and eventually split.

Countless photos on the Internet capture strange spaceships, all located near the Haidaogou.

Lu Yin quickly traveled through the void, and soon arrived outside the sea channel. His eyes were filled with star energy and he looked intently.

The number of runes condensed in Haidaogou is very large. In terms of quantity alone, it exceeds the extreme realm and reaches the level of exploration realm. In other words, there is exploration realm power inside. It may not be a person, but it may be some kind of energy. Of course, it is People have the greatest possibility.

No matter what, this place does not pose a threat to Lu Yin.

He jumped down and rushed into the sea.

A huge vortex instantly rolled up in the sea, possessing extremely strong suction. The strength of this suction was no worse than that of the Fusion Realm, and it was comparable to the power of the strongest weapon on the planet. Unfortunately, it was not even remotely threatening in Lu Yin’s eyes.

The bottom of the sea was dark, except for the flickering light at the bottom of the strait. Lu Yin appeared at the bottom of the strait with an air flash. At a glance, it turned out that it was a small warship with launch capabilities comparable to exploration. A weapon with the power of the realm, it is this spaceship that condenses the number of runes in the exploration realm.

This planet is indeed under the surveillance of a powerful civilization and is very sad.

He easily entered the spacecraft, the field spread, and saw more than ten people busy in the spacecraft. Most of these people were in the Fusion Realm, and some were in the Extreme Realm, but there were no strong ones in the Exploration Realm.

He grabbed someone at random, and intimidated the other person in his frightened eyes, “Tell me, where is this planet in the universe?”

The man looked at Lu Yin in fear, not expecting someone to appear on the spaceship, and said in a trembling voice, “Zhengyang Liujie.”

Lu Yin was startled, “Zhengyang Liujie? Where is it?”.

The man was surprised, but still replied, “The Zhengyang Flow Realm is located at the intersection of the Baiye Flow Realm, Lingxi Flow Realm and Chaos Flow Realm, in the west of the inner universe.”

Lu Yin was shocked. Mr. Mu carried himself to the west with a pole. He thought he was in the storm world. This was too exaggerated. He felt that distance did not exist for Mr. Mu. If he was willing , and maybe even throw yourself directly to the earth.

But this place is just convenient for me to go to the Chaos Realm.

After asking some more questions, Lu Yin knocked the man unconscious, hid him, and went to the captain’s room to control the ship first, otherwise he would not be able to leave the planet.

As soon as he approached the captain’s cabin, he actually heard his name.

“Did you hear about the night party some time ago? The famous Lu Yin didn’t go.”

“Everyone said he was dead.”

“It’s a pity. There are four strongest extreme masters from the Baiye clan among the younger generation in the universe, Ye Xingchen, Murong, Lingque and Lu Yin. If Lu Yin is here, he can just fight with Lingque to see who is stronger. Who is weak?”

“You are too naive. My friend’s brother’s ex-girlfriend’s brother-in-law is in the Starry Sky Battle Academy. He said that Lu Yin has a grudge against the Bai Ye Clan. The Bai Ye Clan deliberately placed him alongside the Lingque people. This provoked him to fight with the Lingque people and wanted to use the hands of those people to suppress Lu Yin.”

“But Lu Yin is tied with several people, and even has a better reputation. How can the Baiye clan be sure that those people can suppress Lu Yin?”

“The reason why Lu Yin is tied with a few people is because it is rumored that he has tied the record of the Ten Jue God’s Hand, but in fact another Ten Jue has said that the record of the God’s Hand is not true, and Lu Yin is still worse. But the other three are different. Regardless of Ye Xingchen’s journey into the cosmic sea, Murong is from the Ten Jue Council and is recognized as the strongest extreme realm by the Ten Jue. And Ling Que is also from the Linngling Clan. You are not immune to the terror of the Lingling Clan. I know that Lu Yin is indeed inferior to these three people.”

“You mean, flattery?”.

“That should be the case, but the Baiye clan’s plan didn’t work. Lu Yin didn’t go at all and died directly, haha.”

“That’s true, but this night banquet has improved Lingque’s reputation too much. Who in the universe doesn’t know Lingque’s name now. It is said that he went to the Falling Star Sea to challenge a top 100 battle list master. Once he succeeds, he will be the only extreme powerhouse in the top 100 battle list, which is terrible.”

“Yes, these monsters and ghosts are really incredible. For ordinary people, let alone challenging the top 100 battle list, it is quite good to be able to withstand the attacks of the exploration realm strongmen in the extreme realm. Those who can leapfrog and challenge the exploration realm are monsters. , This person can actually challenge the top 100 battle list. Although the people who enter the top 100 battle list are all younger generations, who is not a monster? He is definitely at the forefront of the exploration realm, and the older generation of exploration realm experts dare not provoke them.” .

“By the way, I heard that since the White Night Clan eliminated the four masters, it has caused dissatisfaction among many young powerhouses in the universe. Lingque went to the Falling Star Sea, and many young powerhouses also went there. He wanted to be with Lingque. Fighting over strengths and weaknesses.”

“Yes, our young master went too.”

“Forget it, young master. I can’t even challenge the exploration realm beyond the next level. I just went to watch the fun.”

“Yeah, it’s a pity that we can’t see it. The Falling Star Sea should be very lively, but it’s a pity.”

Lu Yin stood outside the captain’s room and listened. While listening, he checked the specific information about the night banquet. There were many pictures on the Internet. There were many young elites at the night banquet, and the most eye-catching one was naturally Ling Que, a handle. The giant sword shocked the whole audience, and King Yan Qingye was just a foil. Many masters challenged him at the night banquet, but no one was his opponent.

Lu Yin specifically clicked on the video to take a look, with a solemn expression on his face. This person was indeed very strong, and that giant sword had strange power.

This person is from the Lingling Clan. He has never heard of this Lingling Clan. Curious, he searched the Internet and soon found some records about the Lingling Clan.

The more Lu Yin looked, the more shocked he became. This Lingling tribe was a bit scary.

The Lingling Tribe is a super rare human race. Each Lingling Tribe can absorb the talents of others for their own use. They can absorb up to ten talents and eventually solidify them into an eternal talent. This talent is integrated with other talents. The advantages are quite terrifying, which means that every Lingling clan member is a super talented person.

Although the universe is huge and there are many rare races, and some races have extraordinary talents beyond imagination, Lu Yin still did not expect that there would be such a speechless race as the Lingling tribe. Is there still a choice of talents? Can it be combined? This really makes people not even think about scolding.

Fortunately, the Lingling tribe is very rare, otherwise even the Baiye tribe would not be able to compare with them.

However, no matter how rare the clan members are, the Lingling clan is still the truly powerful clan at the helm of the Lingxi world, and any Lingling clan member who appears is an absolute master.

And Lingque is a master among masters, and the Giant Que Sword is his eternal talent that has been solidified by gathering various talents.

These can all be viewed on the Internet. Lu Yin then used his glory point authority to explore the deeper records of the Lingling Tribe and saw a lot of information that ordinary people could not see, including the inherited skills of the Lingling Tribe that shocked the universe. ——Split spirit.

After countless years of development in the universe, border wars have never stopped. No force can completely hide the power of its inheritance. This is the case for the Baiye Clan. Back then, Zhan Long Baiye’s White Night Woundless Technique was recognized, and the Lingling Clan It is no exception. The clone spirit is the most powerful inherited skill of the Lingling clan. To put it bluntly, it is a clone. However, this clone has the strength of the original body, which is really incomprehensible.

Lu Yin looked away, and it was speechless that there was such a race.

“Hey, Seventh Brother, are you reading the records of the Lingling Tribe?” Guihou was surprised.

Lu Yin said, “Do you know?”.

“Of course, the Lingling Tribe is a troublesome powerful tribe in the Behemoth Star Territory. Their talents are all kinds of strange, and coupled with the terrifying spirit distribution, any strong person will be helpless when encountering the enemies of the Lingling Tribe. Fortunately, their number is too small. In the border wars in recent years, we have not encountered any powerful people from the Lingling tribe,” Gui Hou said.

“Who is it?” A loud voice shouted, and not far away, several people stared at Lu Yin in surprise.

Lu Yin casually pushed open the door to the captain’s room. Inside, the two people who had just spoken stared at Lu Yin blankly. They had been on this planet for a while and had never met outsiders, so they couldn’t react for a moment.

“Start the spaceship, target, Chaos Flow Realm Chigu Star” Lu Yin walked to the screen and spoke calmly.

At this time, the people outside the captain’s room rushed in, holding star energy guns and pointing them at Lu Yin. The two people finally reacted and glared at Lu Yin, “Who are you?”

Lu Yin turned back with a sharp look. A whirlwind swept through the soles of his feet. This was the oppression of star energy. In an instant, everyone was crushed to the ground. The star energy gun exploded directly. “Excuse me, start the spaceship, target , Chigu Star in the Chaos Realm”.

Everyone looked at Lu Yin in horror. This power frightened them and they did not dare to resist, so they quickly agreed.


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