Star Odyssey Chapter 414: Disappear

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Lu Yin felt that Xing Neng could be broken free and hurriedly took action, but it was too late. He underestimated the recovery power of the powerful cruiser. Although he would leave injuries on the man every once in a while, the man still recovered enough. To break away from the power of his star energy, he just held back until he was sure to escape at this moment, because he was not far away from the mountain.

Lu Yin watched helplessly as the man slipped away like a fish, and sighed, forget it, if the bait is gone, then it’s gone. He raised his head and looked at the mountains ahead, where he should go.

Practice comes with adventure, which is inevitable.

Lu Yin glanced at his right arm, there was another bait here.

“Brother Qi, I suddenly realized that you are so handsome,” Guihou suddenly said, his tone full of flattery.

Lu Yin curled his lips, the dead monkey was too smart.

Unable to stay, Lu Yin walked towards the mountain.

In the distance, a man from the Cruise Realm was hiding in the sea, watching Lu Yin heading towards the mountains. He breathed a sigh of relief, knowing that his bet was right. There was no way this man was chasing him in the unfathomable sea.

The only way out of this space may be that high mountain. You must follow it and use yourself as bait. This time it is the other way around. I want to use you as bait.

The closer to the mountain, the more he can feel the restrained aura. Lu Yin doesn’t know how to describe it. It is domineering, fierce, and unrivaled. He can think of many words that come out unconsciously. This aura He obviously had no contact with it.

The mountains are cylindrical in shape and plunge directly into the seabed.

Lu Yin came to the mountain and looked up. He couldn’t see the top at a glance. He raised his hand and touched the mountain wall. It was very hard. He tried hard but couldn’t break the mountain wall.

With his strength, he cannot break the mountain wall. You can imagine the hardness of the mountain.

The condensation of endless runes turned into a mountain. What exactly does this mountain contain? Lu Yin’s eyes were burning and he started to climb. Flying was not allowed here.

“Seventh Brother, do you think this mountain is safe?” Guihou asked anxiously.

Lu Yin shook his head, “I don’t know, whether it’s safe or not, we have to climb. This is the only way.”

As Lu Yin climbed up, the man gradually emerged from the bottom of the sea. He always kept a certain distance from Lu Yin, thinking that this distance was safe.

“Seventh brother, that guy is approaching the mountain” Guihou said.

Lu Yin said favorably, “When he starts crawling, take action and then catch him as bait.”

“Okay” Guihou was excited, but also a little scared. He was almost used as bait by Brother Seven. This **** must be caught. The bait can only be him.

Seeing Lu Yin getting higher and higher, the man’s eyes flashed, he grabbed the stone wall with both hands and started to climb.

Suddenly, the man’s pupils shrank, and there was endless fear in his eyes. His body was disappearing.

“Qi, Qi, Qi brother, look below” Guihou shouted.

Lu Yin lowered his head and his eyes changed drastically, “What’s going on? What did he do?”.

“I didn’t do anything, I just hit a high mountain.” Guihou shouted in fear, he was furious.

Lu Yin’s scalp was numb and he stared down.

At the bottom, the man in the cruise realm disappeared, completely disappearing into this space. His entire body disappeared bit by bit, as if he had never existed.

This scene is extremely horrifying. Watching your body disappear would make anyone despair.

The man in the cruise realm did not expect that he would die in this way. Although his death was painless, the despair and fear in his heart exceeded everything else.

Not only the man, but Lu Yin was also frightened. The mountain wall that his palm touched gave him a feeling close to hell. He understood that the man’s existence was denied. This is the way of fighting with rune technology. , directly denying the enemy’s sense of existence in the universe and completely annihilating the opponent.

This is a very strange and terrifying attack method.

A big living person, who was still a strong person in the cruise realm, just disappeared. He disappeared without a sound. He just touched the mountain wall. This is a mountain. No one would think that a mountain has offensive power and is so weird. , subverting ordinary people’s cognition.

“Brother Qi, I think it’s better to leave.” Guihou panicked. It almost touched the mountain wall with its shadow just now. Now it’s scary to think about it, and it’s almost finished.

Lu Yin nodded. The cold mountain wall was like his cold heart. He wished he could get rid of it immediately. It was like holding a bomb that could explode at any time. He felt like he was walking on the edge of a cliff. He believed that he would never forget this feeling. Don’t fall off.

Letting go of the mountain wall with both hands, Lu Yin planned to jump directly into the sea, but the next moment, his face turned pale and his clothes were disappearing.

He subconsciously grasped the mountain wall with both hands again, and the process of disappearing stopped.

“Seventh brother, what’s going on?” Gui Hou was shocked.

Lu Yin didn’t know either, “I can’t leave. Once I leave, I will disappear.”

“No way, it’s the other way around? That guy hit the mountain wall and disappeared. You can’t escape from the mountain wall. What the hell, try again, you can’t die here,” Guihou screamed.

Lu Yin frowned and let go of the mountain wall with one hand. It was okay. He gradually let go of the other hand and his clothes began to disappear again. He quickly grabbed the mountain wall with both hands and smiled bitterly, “You can’t leave with both hands at the same time. Monkey, it seems we must climb up or die.”

The Ghost Lord wailed, “I have been in the Behemoth Star Territory for so many years. I have been to countless strange places, read various celebrity biographies, and even experienced it in the Star Envoy Tomb. I still came out alive. I have never heard of it. Crossing a mountain can make people disappear, I never thought it would lead to a place like this, my sister Fengjiu, my Tianlu Bingfeng harem group, seventh brother, it’s all your fault, it’s all your fault.”

Lu Yin said helplessly, “Okay, instead of talking nonsense, why not find a way to help me climb. Maybe the exit is at the top.”

“I hope, Brother Qi, whether you can survive or not depends on your fate,” Guihou said listlessly.

Lu Yin took a deep breath and his eyes were firm. Since he wanted to climb, he would try his best. He didn’t believe that he would really die here.

Lu Yin didn’t know how high this mountain was. He only knew that he couldn’t see the top and could only climb. There was no way out.

Gradually, the sea surface was no longer visible, and he could only look upward.

One hour, two hours… one day, two days.

Lu Yin climbed for five days. When he got tired, he stopped to take a rest, said some nonsense to Gui Hou, and then continued climbing.

The scenery in this space is always so monotonous. The higher he goes up, the more he can see into the distance, the forest, the white sandy beach, and occasionally black spots, either people or war spirits.

No one in the forest could see Lu Yin, nor did they expect that there was a person climbing up the mountain.

While Lu Yin was working hard to climb up, the Dayu Empire’s battle to regain the Canglan territory was coming to an end.

The captains of the Thirteenth Team of the Imperial Court of the Dayu Empire are all in the cruise realm. Looking at the Canglan Territory, there are very few who can match it. Moreover, when Immortal Yushan was in power, he had already formulated a strategic plan to unify the Canglan Territory, just like annihilating the Lianyan Star. , everything goes as planned.

As long as there are no constraints from other forces, it will be too easy for the Daewoo Empire to unify the Canglan territory.

Unification relies on force and governance, but it relies on stability and economy. The economy of the Daewoo Empire is in depression. Although it is supported by inner cosmic forces such as Shuiyue Villa, the threat is too great, and all surrounding territories have a tacit understanding of the conflict. The economic blockade imposed on the Canglan Territory has caused the economy of the Canglan Territory to be unable to recover. Even if the entire territory is unified, it will decline due to economic collapse.

Huo Qingshan and others have been trying to contact Lu Yin for the past few days, hoping that Lu Yin would make the decision, but they were unable to contact him.

Wendy Yushan even went into seclusion to practice the secret of Yuzi.

With no choice but to slow down the process of regaining the Canglan territory, the Daewoo Empire could only develop many planets and find ways to maintain its economy.

The chaos flow realm, one of the eight flow realms in the inner universe, represents the dark side of the inner universe.

In the world of chaos, order means no order, and the words “the strong is respected” are vividly reflected here.

There is a planet in the Chaos Flow Realm called Chigu Star. It is ruled by Chigutang and is the headquarters of Chigutang. Chigutang is one of the forces in the Chaos Flow Realm. It only rules one area. Compared with the Chaos Flow Realm, Shishan is like an ant, the kind that may perish at any time, but Chigutang has its own way of survival.

In the huge city of Chigu Star, there is a constant flow of various aircraft, especially at night, when the roads around the city are completely closed and used as a race track.

Everyone knows that the owner of this city, Wu Yuan, likes exciting aircraft competitions. He competes with others every day, restricts his cultivation level, and wins or loses purely with modified aircraft. Today is no exception.

Dozens of aircraft shuttled around, causing the air to twist and disappear on the track in an instant.

Wu Yuan’s eyes were excited, and he flew the aircraft one by one, laughing wildly. The other aircraft refused to give way to each other, but none of them could compare to Wu Yuan’s.

Wu Yuan, in particular, has a very brutal flying style and likes to hit, making other aircraft afraid to approach.

Gradually, Wu Yuan took the lead.

Just when Wu Yuan thought that tonight’s game was over, an aircraft suddenly overtook him and slammed into Wu Yuan.

Wu Yuan was surprised that someone from Chigu Star actually dared to bump into him. He has a high status in Chigutang. He rules a city and is a strong man in the Exploration Realm with nearly 50,000 combat power. He is only one step away from breaking through to the Cruising Realm. , looking at Chi Gutang, he is enough to be ranked in the top ten. Others dare not bump into him when competing with him. Unexpectedly, a stunned young man came today.

Wu Yuanciao licked his lips, “Interesting”, after saying that, he drove the aircraft and hit it hard.



Two aircraft collided wildly on the track, sending out sparks.

Many of the aircraft following behind were stunned. Someone actually dared to hit Wu Yu head-on. Is he seeking death?

There was a mountain road ahead. The two aircraft collided together again, sending out dazzling sparks and passing by the mountain road.

At the moment when the two aircraft turned a corner on the mountain road, inside the aircraft that crashed into Wu Yuan’s aircraft, the cannon raised its head, its eyes flashing with cold murderous intent. It was completely different from when it was in the academy. It was like a different person. He raised his hand. , the star energy transformed into the “Fire God Spear”, with a low shout, the cannon shot out, and the star energy bullet, accompanied by the second line of fighting spirit, directly hit Wu Yu.

Wu Yuan did not expect that someone would dare to assassinate him, so he subconsciously raised his hand to resist. The bullet pierced Wu Yuan’s palm, and then penetrated his entire right arm, tearing the void and dividing the entire mountain road into two.

Behind, many aircraft competitors hurriedly stopped and stared blankly at the mountains being blown apart.


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