Star Odyssey Chapter 413: Bait

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“Seventh brother, you are so powerful, you have no clues,” Gui Hou shouted in admiration.

Lu Yin put away the Skin of the Supreme Ancestor and coughed. The branch was not so easy to defend against, and he was also shocked. Thinking about it, he took off the man’s Ningkong Ring, cut his finger, and dripped blood. , opened the Ning Kong Ring, and poured out a lot of things.

This Ning Kong Ring is not as big as the one Beimen Lie gave to Lu Yin, but it is not too small. There are many things in it. There are ten bottles of special medicines from Clover Company alone, as well as some unknown potions. , weapons, star energy crystals, especially star energy crystal marrow.

Lu Yin was surprised. This person’s wealth is not small. His elder brother’s strength is not simple, and this person is the same. These two are elites in the cruise realm and should have some background, but this is not important. Now these It’s all his.

After checking, the most attractive thing to Lu Yin is the star energy crystal and star energy crystal marrow. The star energy crystal has 220,000 cubic meters, which is not much. The star energy crystal marrow has ten cubic meters, which is equivalent to one million cubic stars. Energy crystal, not bad, good enough.

After drinking a bottle of Clover Company’s special medicine, Lu Yin suddenly felt much better.

Three Mavis Bank crystal cards, one chip, and a lot of incomprehensible things.

For these people who venture into the universe, the most important things are resources, medicine, and martial arts and combat skills. This group of people is headed by this person’s eldest brother, and the most important things must also be in his eldest brother. Unfortunately, .

But it’s nice to get these.

The wealth of a powerful cruiser allowed Lu Yin to temporarily escape the troubles of poverty. Although he was not rich, he could at least buy another Yaoguang-class spaceship.

Lu Yin was also very depressed when talking about why the spaceships he bought did not end well every time.

“Seventh brother, how should we deal with this guy?” Guihou asked, gritting his teeth. If he wasn’t this person, they wouldn’t be in this situation. They don’t know if they can get out.

Lu Yin squatted down, pressed one hand on the man’s abdomen, and hit him mercilessly with 30 heavy blows. With a bang, the white beach shook. The man was thrown to the bottom of the beach, spitting out a mouthful of blood. He opened his eyes, and he Being beaten awake.

After opening his eyes, the man only felt unbearable pain in his abdomen, and his internal organs seemed to have been destroyed. The injuries were much worse than before.

Lu Yin stood on the beach, looking down from a high position with cold eyes.

The man looked at Lu Yin fearfully, “I, I didn’t mean it, I just wanted to test your vigilance. After all, we have to cooperate, and I can’t cooperate with someone who is not vigilant.”

Lu Yin said disdainfully, “Have you tried it?”.

The man gasped and exhaled, “We tried it, we, we have a happy cooperation.”

Lu Yin laughed, “Of course it’s a pleasure to cooperate. At least, I will be very happy.” After saying that, in the man’s panic eyes, the stars on his fingertips turned into threads, entangled the man, and threw him directly into the gold like fishing. in the sea.

The man was horrified, “No, let me go, please, I will give you resources, I will give you combat skills, I will give you weapons, please let me go.” With a pop, the man’s words were drowned in the sea water.

“Seventh brother, this guy is so shameless” Guihou mocked.

Lu Yin’s fingertips were shaking, and in the sea, the man’s whole body was trembling with fear. Although the sea water was normal, he didn’t know if there was anything else here. People are afraid of the unknown. Lu Yin felt like he was on a swing. It was tossed back and forth in the sea, and it took a while before it was pulled up to the beach.


The man vomited blood again and lay soaked on the beach.

Seeing that he was intact, Lu Yin muttered, “It seems that the area close to the beach is safe. I wonder if it is safe deeper and whether there will be any scary creatures.”

After hearing this, the man turned pale and became even more frightened. In addition to being seriously injured, he rolled his eyes and fainted again.

“Seventh Brother, are you using him as bait to test the sea?” Guihou said.

Lu Yin said with grace, “This space is too weird, I don’t dare to take risks myself.”

“You are too cruel” Guihou muttered.

Lu Yin was unhappy, “If I don’t need him, I will use you. You choose one.”

“Brother Qi, actually I think you are too smart. Why didn’t I think of using this guy as bait? I should study hard with Brother Qi and make progress every day.” Guihou immediately flattered him.

Lu Yin casually fed a bottle of special medicine to the man in the Cruise Realm, fearing that he would die, which would cause trouble. It was not easy to find another bait with the strength of the Cruise Realm.

This person has a grudge against him, so he can use his methods without any scruples. If it were anyone else, he might not be able to do it, even though he considers himself not a good person.

After resting for a while, Lu Yin woke up the man again, then threw him into the sea again and began the great cause of fishing.

Lu Yin admitted that this was not his first time fishing. For example, he had fished on a giant boat in the galaxy, but he was always frightened for fear of catching a monster, and it was the same this time.

This sea and that mountain are indescribably terrifying to him. The number of runes is equivalent to the impact of the thing itself on the universe. The energy condensed by this sea and that mountain There were so many runes that it made his scalp numb, and he did not dare to approach the mountain at all.

Surrounding the white beach, Lu Yin used the man from the cruise realm as fishing bait and walked away to see if there was an exit.

Two days later, Lu Yin casually threw the man from the cruise realm into the sea again. The man from the cruise realm has become numb from the fear at the beginning. He now hopes that he will die, at least he will not have to suffer.

“It seems that either the offshore sea is safe, or the sea itself is safe. You are very lucky.” Lu Yin said lightly. Not far away from him was the man from the cruising realm. Just now, he was slapped again by Lu Yin .

The man coughed up blood and glared at Lu Yin fiercely, “Kill me, kill me if you can.”

The corners of Lu Yin’s mouth curled up, “Don’t provoke me, you actually don’t want to die, otherwise you can kill yourself, I won’t stop you.”

The man in the cruise realm clenched his fists and his body was shaking. He didn’t know whether it was anger or fear.

“Okay, let’s continue fishing” Lu Yin shouted and threw the man into the sea again.

Another day later, Lu Yin looked back at the path he had taken. Sure enough, the direction was wrong.

From the moment he used a man to test the ocean, he walked on the beach in a straight line for three days. His direction deviated towards the forest and was a little further from the ocean. This point means an arc, which means that if He guessed correctly, this enclosed space was most likely circular, whether it was a golden ocean or a forest.

Of course, this is just a guess. Maybe the ocean is slanted, but he believes more in his guess. After excluding the angle of departure from the three-day journey, he calculated that it is very likely that it is a circle.

If it were a circle, Lu Yin calculated again and found that it would take at least half a year to make a circle at his current speed, which was too long.

He turned to look at the mountains in the ocean, only there might be variables there.

He didn’t want to be trapped in this confined space forever. Although it was dangerous to approach the mountains, it was better than being trapped here for the rest of his life.

“Monkey, have the words been translated?” Lu Yin suddenly remembered this incident again and asked.

Guihou said bitterly, “I recalled all the autobiographies I had seen, written records, compared the translations, and only translated one word – hate.”

“Hate? Who do you hate?” Lu Yin was curious.

“I’ve said it all, but only one word was translated. There are eleven words in this sentence, and the word ‘hate’ takes up four of them,” Guihou said.

“Being torn into pieces by five spears, I really hate it,” Lu Yin murmured, “Okay, you continue to translate.” After saying that, he looked at the **** cruise man with ill intentions.

At this moment, the man was still numb and soaked, and the resentment towards Lu Yin in his eyes was getting deeper and deeper.

When he noticed Lu Yin’s gaze, the man’s heart sank, and he subconsciously wanted to jump into the sea.

Lu Yin gently pulled the star energy rope, “Don’t rush to jump into the sea, brother, we have worked hard to explore the offshore sea in the past few days, and now we have to take a long-term goal.”

The man’s scalp was numb, and the malice in his eyes disappeared and turned into fear, “You, what do you want to do?”.

Lu Yin grinned and threw the man into the sea. The star energy rope at his fingertips continued to extend. The man was thrown into the depths of the sea with great force. His face turned pale. The depths of the sea were a new territory for him. , full of unknown and fear, he remembered the fear of being thrown into the ocean for the first time, and couldn’t help shouting for help, but it was no use, Lu Yin had already made up his mind to explore the mountains.

He thought maybe he could get out by climbing up the mountain.


The man was thrown into the sea more than ten kilometers away. This distance was absolutely invisible to ordinary people. Only cultivators could see it, and Lu Yin could see further.

With the man’s current injuries, Lu Yin wanted to ensure that he could be restrained by the star energy. The intensity of the star energy could not be weakened. This distance had reached the limit. No matter how far it was, the man could break free from the constraints of his star energy and escape.

Lu Yin stood on the beach and waited anxiously. An hour later, he pulled Xing Neng violently. The man was dragged back and hit **** the beach, breathing heavily.

“It seems there is nothing in this sea,” Lu Yin said thoughtfully.

The man stared at Lu Yin fiercely, looking towards the mountain, not knowing what he was thinking.

After the man explored the ocean for several days, Lu Yin finally decided to go deep into the ocean where he felt safe.

“Brother Qi, be careful. This place is very strange. Let’s explore for a while longer,” Gui Hou dissuaded.

Lu Yin shook his head, “The maximum range I can control this person to explore is only a dozen kilometers. If it’s further away, he’ll run away. If he wants to explore, he can only go deep into the sea.”

Gui Hou knew that Lu Yin was right, and he didn’t want to be trapped here forever.

Walking on the golden sea, Lu Yin did not intend to go around in circles and went straight to explore the mountains.

From the beach to the mountains, he calculated that it was not too far away. Every time he walked a certain distance, he would use a man as a bait and explore for a long time. Only after making sure it was absolutely safe would he continue deeper.

After repeating this process for hundreds of kilometers, the mountain was already very close. It was estimated that a few more explorations would be enough.


The man was thrown into the sea. He didn’t know how many times he had gone into the sea. He had already determined that there was nothing in the sea and it was safe. His fear gradually disappeared and his thoughts became clear. Through the sea water, he saw Lu Yin’s cautious face in the distance. Scan around.

He suddenly used his talent and used force to break free of the star energy rope and rush to the other side.


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