Star Odyssey Chapter 3967: Lord?



Lu Yin exhaled, his figure disappeared, reappeared, and returned to Yan’s house.


Zhang Hongyun hurried forward when he saw Lu Yin appeared.


Lu Yin glanced at the more than 100,000 practitioners of the Yan family: “The Yan family will be deprived of their qualifications for cultivation, and all spirit species will be handed over to the front line.”


Zhang Hongyun saluted respectfully: “Yes.”


A group of cultivators from the Yan family heard Lu Yin’s decision, their heads roared, some paled, some fainted, and some yelled, “Lu Yin, what are you? Why are you depriving us of our cultivation qualifications? You are Tian Yuan. Of the universe, you do not belong to Jiuxiao.”


“Lu Yin, you are helping Tianyuan Universe harm Jiuxiao Universe.”


“Why do you do this?”


Zhang Hongyun’s eyes were sharp and his aura swept over, suppressing all the Yan family: “Shut up.”


Lu Yin looked at the Yan family and said, “Ask your master, who asked him to condemn me. It’s a shame.”


Many speakers are confused.


Zhang Hongyun was shocked, reckless?


“It doesn’t matter if you don’t understand, I don’t need to explain to you. In short, either hand over the spirit seed or go to the front line yourself, this is the price you have to pay.” After speaking, Lu Yin looked at Yan Zhong: “As for you, do you know what to do?”


Yan Zhong closed his eyes and knelt down slowly: “It’s not a pity for the villain to die, but everyone in the Yan family doesn’t know how to behave, and I beg your husband to give them a chance to let them go to the front line, if they can survive.”


“If you can survive, just live.” After Lu Yin finished speaking, he left immediately.


He doesn’t care how the speakers criticize him, the outcome of the war speaks for itself, and the decisive figures in the Nine Heavens universe know the situation.


It’s not that he is kind, but that he doesn’t need it.


People like Yanjia follow the wind to denounce him, and they are not guilty of death.




Lu Yin climbed the Jingque Platform and looked back at the Southern Region. He felt a little more compassion for himself?


Beyond hatred, mercy will come, who is mercy? Not a man of words, but a man.


Above the Jingque Platform, Jingmen Shangyu has appeared.




“I found a small fish, but unfortunately I couldn’t find a bigger fish.”


Stopped the door and said: “If the gangster is so easy to deal with, we old guys won’t be able to find it.”


Lu Yin was not disappointed, he was shy, he couldn’t even find a few immortal realms, and he couldn’t easily find them out: “After waiting for several years, on the one hand, I waited for Qinglian Shangyu and the others to return, and on the other hand, I waited for them to come back. It seems like a failure.”


Stunned the door and said: “It’s not a failure, there are not many small fish, and one is solved. Now the problem is that the sea of ​​​​worms is getting bigger and bigger, which is a big exaggeration.”


Lu Yin’s face froze: “Insects multiply faster than I thought. If it’s a few more years, maybe you won’t be able to sit still, senior.”


Jingmen Shangyu did not deny it.


“In this case, add some variables and force them to take the initiative to fight.”


“What do you want to do?”


Murderous intent flashed in Lu Yin’s eyes: “Kill a bug master.”


Since Lu Yin decided to kill the insect master, whether it was an illusion or not, he felt that Jingmen Shangyu seemed relieved.


Although he is a powerhouse in the immortality realm, he can decide everything with one word in Jiuxiao Universe, but he also has pressure.


It’s not that I don’t trust Lu Yin, but it’s just that the war cannot be decided by people’s will. Once there is a deviation, the relationship between Lu Yin and Jiuxiao Universe, the war between Jiuxiao Universe and the worm nest civilization will all go in an unpredictable direction.


No one controls the battlefield, not even Eternal Life.


If you can kill a bug master, the pressure on Jiuxiao universe will be much less.


But which one to kill? They all understand the four major insect masters.


Infinity Times was personally tested by Lu Yin. It has to be said that it is very tricky, and there must be hidden abilities.


Chang was killed alone, and the masters of Dead Hill were bombarded wildly. Although the third Xiaozhu was lost, it was clearly fake now, and Master Qingcao felt it was difficult.


Not to mention Luo Chan, I couldn’t find it at all.


Only Shan Xiao is the only one who was born in the third barrier, holds the Lost Clan card, and has combat skills. No matter how you look at it, she is similar to a cultivator. She should be the easiest one to kill.


The one who fought Shan Xiao before was the eighth Xiaozhu, and the head of Xiaoxiao was the eldest disciple of the Royal Emperor on the Blood Tower, the Blood Tower, known as the blood floating in the world. It should be tested that Shan Xiao is mostly false.


Lu Yin’s eyes flickered, Shan Xiao was the most suitable target.


A few days later, someone boarded the Jingque Platform, and it was the goddess of the dagger. She came for no other reason than Lu Yin’s invitation to participate in the action of killing the insect master.


To kill an insect master, you must be fully prepared.


The power of the insect master is extremely strong, and none of them are easy to kill. Even if Lu Yin makes a shot, he is not completely sure, especially when there is still no time, such a strange life form Luo Chan, plus it may have immortality itself. , and even the energy of life, Lu Yin thought that it would not be easy for Thunder to kill one.


So he decided to invite several people to participate.


Don’t ask them to kill the insect master, at least give him an undisturbed battlefield, even if Luo Chan is isolated from the outside.


Luo Chan can move instantaneously and transfer the sea of ​​​​insects, relying on breath, if you can cast an absolute dark starry sky and block all breath, it should be able to block Luo Chan’s support.


This is the meaning of Dan’s actions.


“Are you sure?” Dan Ai walked over to Lu Yin and asked.


She knew that the four insect masters were very strong, otherwise, Jiuxiao Universe would not have been so passive.


Lu Yin said: “As long as you give me a chance to fight alone, I should be able to kill one.”




“Shan Xiao.”


Dan thought for a while: “Maybe she is the most suitable, human beings are really underestimated.”


Lu Yin looked at her in surprise.


Dan said: “We want to choose a bug master, and we all choose a human who is not a human, isn’t he?”


Lu Yin retracted his gaze, yes, the four worm masters, he must choose the one that is easiest to kill, and the first one thought of Shan Xiao, why? Because she is closest to humans, humans, weakest?


For a while, Lu Yin was confused, should he choose Shan Xiao?


Shan Xiao may be the weakest at first glance, but she is the closest to humans, what are humans best at? hide.


It looks weak, but it is extremely strong, which is very likely to be human.


So understand human beings, why choose human beings?


Lu Yin was silent.


Shortly after, someone came again, full of alcohol and sober.


“I didn’t expect you to come.” Lu Yin said, he invited Qingxing, just to try it out, if it wasn’t for Qingxing’s participation in the war to suppress the thorn tumor, he wouldn’t even invite this person, no matter how he looks, he looks like is already irrelevant.


Qingxing took a sip of wine: “Master’s greatest wish during his lifetime was the safety of human beings, and these insects make me disgusting.”


Lu Yin nodded and said nothing more.


Qing Xing didn’t ask anything else, he wasn’t interested in which insect master to kill, as long as he shot.


Danya also stood there calmly and waited.


Lu Yin invited a total of three people, two arrived, and the last one, he didn’t know whether he would come or not. He invited this person more out of curiosity, because two people were actually enough.


But it would be best if that person came. Just as I was thinking, someone boarded the Jingque Terrace.


Lu Yin looked at it for the first time, his eyes were surprised, this is, Lord?


The third person he invited was the Lord of the Dead Hill – the Lord.


He has always been curious about the Lord. This person controls Death Hill and is second only to the God of Upper Imperial in the Nine Heavens Universe. Even the God of Lower Imperial does not dare to be presumptuous in the face of the Lord, which is extremely special.


And the lord’s actions are even more special. The dead mound specially accommodates those who bear a **** feud, which makes people have to wonder what kind of person the lord is.


Especially Lu Yin had a conversation with the Lord in Yaoshan, which made him feel that the Lord was a calm and wise man, but when Li Guo contacted the Lord, the Lord’s performance seemed very detached.


This made Lu Yin curious about the Lord.


Now I really see it, that curiosity is satisfied, followed by surprise.


Is this the Lord?


Appearing in front of me is a fisherman-like woman wearing a tulle interior but wearing a sackcloth. Although her face is delicate, it gives people a very honest, even a little dull feeling, showing her white waist and With long legs, he walked towards Lu Yin step by step, carrying the oars behind him.


Lu Yin stared blankly, is this the lord? Are you sure it’s not a fisherman? No, the fisherman didn’t dress like that either, like, like, he couldn’t describe it.


Qingxing and Danma are not surprised, they have both met the Lord.


After all, one is a disciple of Mijin Shangyu, and the other is the God of Xiayu.


The first time Lu Yin saw him, he was really surprised.


This is too far from the master he imagined.


“Who to hit?” The lord came and asked directly, looking at Lu Yin with some dullness, his voice was quite clear, completely different from Wise’s changed voice.


Lu Yin coughed: “Master?”








“A bit.”


“Don’t judge people by their appearance, so I don’t like to show up. You people like to judge people by their appearance.” The Lord raised his eyebrows and stared at Lu Yin coldly.


Lu Yin is speechless, even if you don’t judge people by their appearance, you can’t do it. The image contrast is too great.


“It’s not the first time we’ve met.” The Lord said.


Lu Yin nodded: “I contacted him when I was in Yaoshan.”


“I’ve seen it in Yehai.” The Lord said.


Lu Yin was stunned for a moment, then blurted out: “Are you one of the seven fairies?”


The eldest hummed: “I am the eldest sister.”


This time, not only Lu Yin, but also Qing Xing and Dan Wei were surprised.


“You are one of the seven fairies? But you’ve been around for a long time, why are you with the seven fairies?” Qing Xing was stunned.


Dan Yu was also surprised, staring at the Lord.


The lord rolled his eyes: “That’s why I’m the eldest sister.”


A few people are speechless, is that what it means?


The lord is impatient: “Okay, it’s all big and small. I haven’t seen anything, so I’m surprised.”


Lu Yin: “…”


The lord looked at Lu Yin: “Who?”


Lu Yin said: “I haven’t thought about it yet.”


The Lord said: “The time is endless.”


“Why?” Lu Yin was puzzled, no matter how he looked at it, the time of infinity was not suitable, even if Chang was more suitable than the time of infinity, because it was too weird to control time together, and Lu Yin would have to escape. Not sure to stay, he didn’t even think about the time of infinity.


The lord is confident: “In terms of time, this time is not necessarily much better than me, you seem to be not low in time, let’s work together to solve him first, otherwise it will be a scourge, whoever touches who Bad luck.”


“If you want to fight, fight hard.”


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