Star Odyssey Chapter 3825: Erase completely



Yingmei vomited blood, her eyes turned to Lu Yin, and the world she saw was hazy and blood red: “The winner, the king, the Spring and Autumn Jane will be ended by you, and you too, one day, there will be retribution.”


Lu Yin looked at her and said, “I do things with the highest priority. Even if I’m wrong, I don’t regret it.”


Yingmei smiled miserably: “Cause, cause and effect.” Suddenly, her eyes widened, staring at Lu Yin: “Cause and effect, you, you?”


Lu Yin directly pressed Yingmei into the hell, he knew that Yingmei had guessed it.


Qianshu’s physique has no solution, but Lu Yin can crack it. Why? Just because of cause and effect, he created cause and effect, making Qianshu feel that he should be in this space and time at this moment, intending to parallel the time and space, which is equivalent to the complete opposite, and naturally he can catch Qianshu.


Yingmei guessed it, she guessed that Lu Yin came out of the sea by his own business, obviously he is from the outer universe, why is he still safe and acquainted with the Seven Fairies.


She guessed it, because Lu Yin understood cause and effect, and is the second person in human history to understand cause and effect.


Looking at the three universes plus the Jiuxiao universe, except for Qinglian Shangyu, no one understands cause and effect. For Qinglian Shangyu, origin is not important, Lu Yin is a human being, and that is enough.


Yingmei sees it clearly, and she regrets it in an instant. If she understood it earlier, she would never die with this person. It is hard to imagine the power of cause and effect. Even if Chunqiu Jian can win, how can she be under the pressure of Yehai? kill this man? This person will never die in their hands.


At the moment of understanding, Yingmei knew that Chunqiu Jian died in vain, and this was a mortal battle.


Yingmei was pressed into the **** of the Dianjiangtai, and under her body was the blood-stained bamboo, which was the Spring and Autumn Jane Turbid Treasure.


Lu Yin picked up the bamboo piece and wiped it with his hand, the blood dissipated, he was relieved, it was not damaged, and it was still usable.


He turned his head and looked to the other side, where there was the landscape on the bamboo slices of the Spring and Autumn Slips, and that was the power of the Spring and Autumn Slips.


With a wave of Lu Yin’s hand, the mountain range was cut off, revealing the Chunqiu Jian disciples inside, as well as Mr. Yibai and the nine Beginning Realm practitioners hidden inside.


Lu Yin shattered countless Chunqiu Jian disciples, some of them were the main body, and some were spiritual seeds, and they were all there.


Everyone looked at Lu Yin with fear.


Lu Yin’s figure appeared in front of those people, pressing all Chunqiu Jian disciples into the hell, increasing the karma of heaven.


Qingyun stepped forward: “Every life is worthy of respect. If you don’t have the heart to kill, please let them go.”


Lu Yin and Qingyun looked at each other: “If I disregard your face, will you be angry?”


Qingyun shook his head: “No.”


Lu Yin smiled and let go of those Chunqiu Jian disciples: “It doesn’t matter to them, but some people must die.”


The released Chunqiu Jian disciple saved his life and stood numb and sluggish.


The fallen old man shouted: “If you don’t thank you for not killing, you will never take revenge.”


Those Chunqiujian disciples are bitter and vengeful? It also requires ability. Now that the Spring and Autumn Jane Turbid Treasures are gone, it means that their cultivation is in vain, and quite a few of them have been broken, and they cannot cultivate even if they want to cultivate.


All Chunqiu Jian disciples knelt down, thanked Lu Yin, and vowed never to take revenge.


Lu Yin glanced at the Luojia old man. This old guy was trying his best to please him, both because of Luo Huo and because of the fate of Chunqiu Jian.


Tianmen Luojia sounds powerful, but he is actually a gatekeeper. He is about the same strength as Chunqiu Jian, or maybe even worse. Otherwise, Qian Shu would not be so bold, and he would almost hurt him if he took action under Tianmen Luojia’s eyes. He was dead, and he was not able to leave him in the family.


Since the transformation of the karma heaven, the rate of karma increased by those who clicked the stage to let in the hell, and the karma of the nine practitioners of the beginning realm has also increased and ended.


Lu Yin threw the nine people out, and it was useless to keep them in the hell, they had lost their cultivation base and combat power.


The nine people were originally strong people in the Spring and Autumn Period, and they were treated with courtesy wherever they went.


The head of the Linshan Road family looked at one of them. That person had been to the Linshan Road family, and he was a master. Now he fell to the ground like a dead dog.


These people did not endure the suffering of cause and effect at the point of the hell, but released their own cause and effect, which greatly expanded Lu Yin’s cause and effect.


Although the spirit species are destroyed, the cause and effect has nothing to do with the spirit species, but in themselves.


Looking at the blood-stained mausoleum and the shattered earth, as well as the Spring and Autumn Jane in Lu Yin’s hand, the nine people were completely paralyzed.


Lu Yin kills at will, kindness, just like hatred, he can pick it up at any time, or put it down at any time.


When the eyes are no longer limited, the mind changes.


Afterwards, Lu Yin threw out another person, Mr. Yi Bai.


Among the three powerhouses who besieged him, Mr. Mo and the pavilion master of the book pavilion are the main body, but this person is the only one who came out of the spirit seed.


Lu Yin was about to kill him casually.


Ming Xiaolong hurriedly said, “Be merciful.”


Lu Yin looked at Ming Xiaolong.


Ming Xiaolong said: “This gentleman is a good man.”


Lu Yin raised an eyebrow.


Qingyun said, “Mr. Yibai is upright and respectable.”


Mr. Yibai shook his head bitterly: “Thank you for your intercession, now that Chunqiu Jian has been destroyed, this old man has lost his cultivation, and his life is nothing but more pain.” After speaking, he looked at Lu Yin and slowly saluted, “Your Excellency is destroyed. Spring and Autumn Jane is both hatred and position, this old man fought against Your Excellency because of his position.”


“Hatred can be erased, but the stance is different. Please fulfill yourselves.”


“Sir?” Some of Chun Qiu Jian’s disciples couldn’t bear it.


Among the onlookers, many people looked at Mr. Yibai differently from those who looked at other Spring and Autumn Janes.


Lu Yin doesn’t care: “Let’s go by yourself.”


Mr. Yibai looked at Lu Yin and said, “I also ask your Excellency to do your best and let this old man accompany Chunqiu Jian on the road.”


Lu Yin frowned: “If you want to die, you will die, I don’t need to fulfill you.”


“Brother” Ming Xiaolong suddenly exclaimed.


Lu Yin followed her gaze and saw a man in the distance with a thin face, staring blankly around, with a blank expression on his face.


On hearing Ming Xiaolong shouting, the man responded: “Xiaolong? Here, what happened?”


Ming Xiaolong was happy: “The Spring and Autumn Annals were destroyed.”


The man opened his mouth wide and stared blankly at Ming Xiaolong, who pulled him aside and explained to him.


The Spring and Autumn Annals were destroyed, and Ming Xiaochou was naturally free.


Lying Siyu, Ming Xiaolong didn’t expect that Lu Yin’s method of fulfilling the conditions was so straightforward that he directly destroyed the Spring and Autumn Jane, and could not lead to Vientiane Valley at all, it was too cruel.


Finally, Lu Yin released Yingmei.


Yingmei has the greatest increase in cause and effect. She has lived a long time and has experienced a lot.


Above the mausoleum, everyone saw Yingmei’s tragic state, and her face turned pale again.


The top of the head is still covered in blood, and the mausoleum has changed.


Yingmei fell to the ground, her pupils twinkling, and she experienced incredible things. She saw all kinds of things in the past, and saw the souls of those who died under the Spring and Autumn Jane. Those people were obviously dead, and they came to haunt her, How dare they? They have to die again, and Chunqiu Jian will kill them again.


“Kill, kill them, dare to come, kill them…”


Everyone is silent.


Lingyuan echoed Yingmei’s mad cries of killing.


Mr. Yibai cried out in grief: “Daguan.”


Yingmei’s body was shocked, she turned her head slowly, and saw Mr. Yibai, her eyes were blank.


Mr. Yibai stared at Yingmei: “Aren’t you awake yet?”


Yingmei’s pupils flashed and gradually became clear, her forehead and hair were dyed red, she slowly turned around, saw the people around her, and finally saw Lu Yin, raised her hand and pointed to Lu Yin: “You lead.”



With a light sound, Yingmei disappeared completely. In place, the void was just twisted, and then there was nothing left. The traces of Yingmei’s existence in the world were completely erased.


Mr. Yibai is sad.


Lu Yin retracted his gaze, killed Yingmei, and this trip to Lingyuan was over.


Now, there is only one qianshu left in the hell.


Qianshu is a very useful person, and it would be a waste to die.


Everyone was silent and looked at Lu Yin, wondering what Yingmei was going to say, but was silenced by this person. The strength of this person refreshed their understanding. Perhaps, the God of Imperial Protection may not be an opponent, it is unfathomable. .


Those who wanted to lean on Chunqiu Jian left with their heads lowered.


Lang Ruyu took Si Jiushi and ran away, this is a ruthless man, although he threw the pot to the door of the five palms.


Ask for justice? It doesn’t exist, just don’t see you forever.


Shui Su stood on the spot, staring blankly at Lu Yin in the distance. He actually killed Chunqiu Jian. Who is he? It’s horrible.


With the departure of everyone, the news of Lu Yin’s extermination of Chunqiu Jian quickly spread to the entire Jiuxiao universe, along with his appearance and name.


No offense, no matter where the person is from the spiritual universe, no matter what he does, no offense, absolutely not.


This person, who came out of the sea, intervened in the battle of the four prosperous swords, and destroyed the Spring and Autumn Jane, everything is not understandable to ordinary people, and Qingyun’s attitude is also the most important thing to spread out, yes, also The attitude of having the Seven Fairies is also extremely important.


The name Lu Yin spread to the entire Jiuxiao universe, far greater than the impact of the Four Lins Swords Battle.


Lu Yin didn’t intend to conceal his identity. Unless the God of Shang Yu made a move, he would be invincible in this Jiuxiao universe.


To destroy the Spring and Autumn Jane, he didn’t even use the immortal material.


Yueya, if you are in the universe of Jiuxiao, you must find it and wait for you.


Lingyuan returned to calm.


Lu Yin played with the Spring and Autumn Jane, turning it around at will, which was interesting.


Lu Siyu ran over and looked at the bamboo piece with splendid eyes: “This is the Spring and Autumn Jane, touch me?”


Lu Yin squinted: “Why?”


Lu Siyu pleases: “Can you touch me, how can we say we are all friends.”


“Not a thief?”


“Of course not, how could you be a little thief.” Lu Siyu hurriedly denied it, shouting in his heart: “You are a big thief.”


Lu Yin threw it to her, looking like she didn’t care.


Lu Siyu happily took it: “Fourth sister, come and see, Spring and Autumn Jane, it is Spring and Autumn Jane.”


Many people looked at the bamboo pieces in Lu Siyu’s hands with fiery eyes. It was the Spring and Autumn Annals. Really.


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