Star Odyssey Chapter 3720: Absorption and anti-absorption



Lu Yin naturally also cares about Yitianque, and Jiuxiao Universe cares so much. It is very likely that there is a memory of an immortal powerhouse, but he is only one person, his energy is limited, and it is impossible to control everything.


The meteorite was smashed at a very fast speed, and Lu Yin was even faster, catching up in a flash.


The meteorite slammed into him, and Lu Yin slammed it out with a palm, sending the meteorite flying again.


This meteorite has no concept of fear. No matter whether it becomes stronger or weaker, it will collide recklessly and will not be injured anyway.


Lu Yin’s palm was very powerful, and the meteorite was sent flying again. This time, it did not hit Lu Yin, but flew in the opposite direction.


No one understands the purpose of the meteorite, just like the ancestors didn’t know why the meteorite suddenly appeared in the realm of concern.


Lu Yin chased after the meteorite, constantly releasing the causal spiral, and at the same time, he was also vigilant about his surroundings to prevent him from being attacked by Yu Sangtian or Eternal.


The universe of consciousness is very large, Lu Yin chased the meteorite from behind, the meteorite flew in one direction, passing through the remnant world along the way, Lu Yin bypassed the remnant world, and some remnant worlds did not even look at the conscious universe Qing, he didn’t want to be entangled.


In this way, several days passed, Lu Yin continued to play the causal spiral, during which he also saw the worm nest civilization twice, and what he saw was similar to the first time.


In addition to the hive civilization, he also saw other civilizations, and he didn’t know which universe they belonged to.


This result made Lu Yin feel heavy. Sure enough, the universe is far more than the universe he knew. There are also other universes, maybe there are quite a few. The meteorites came from a square inch away, and they passed through more than one foreign universe. The strength of these outer universes.


In the meteorite, that eye was mad and manic. It was chased and beaten by Lu Yin for a few days. The madness became more and more obvious. After half a day, it suddenly stopped and its eyes were fixed on Lu Yin, and its bloodshot pupils were dark The red gem is strange and creepy, and it makes people feel cold.


Lu Yin stared at that eye: “Where are you from?”


My eyes were still fixed on Lu Yin, and my pupils didn’t move.


“You can definitely understand what I’m saying, reaching your level, language is not an obstacle, say, where are you from?” Lu Yin asked again.


He couldn’t do anything about Meteorite at all, he chased after him, and Meteorite didn’t hurt at all.


He has the feeling of facing Master Green Grass.


Master Qingcao can’t be hit no matter what, don’t get close to it, and this meteorite can be hit no matter how you want, and it won’t hurt.


Lu Yin suspected that it was an immortal meteorite.


In Eternal Life, no creature should be able to withstand his absolute power attack, even Yu Sangtian, if he doesn’t fight, it will be unbearable.


“We are not necessarily enemies, what is your purpose? Why are you here?”


“You’ve seen those bugs.”


“Can you talk?”


“This is the universe of consciousness…”


No matter what Lu Yin said, that eye only stared at him, as if warning.


After watching for a while, the meteorite flew away.


Lu Yin squinted his eyes, raised his feet and stepped out to block in front of the meteorite.


Seeing Lu Yin again, that eye suddenly widened, as if provoked, manic to the limit. It was the first sound made by the meteorite, which made Lu Yin’s brain dizzy. This sound had no influence on the external void, but it was affecting his consciousness and thinking.


Behind Lu Yin, his consciousness opened for nine days, his majestic consciousness surged out, and his voice was directly suppressed.


The meteorite hit and was restrained by Lu Yin’s palm: “I don’t believe I can’t break you.”


Speaking, arms dry and backs up.


The meteorite strikes again.


Lu Yin didn’t fight back, and just suffered the impact of the meteorite again and again. Sometimes the meteorite could not push him back, and there was no threat, but sometimes the meteorite could knock him out. At that moment, the power contained in the meteorite surprised Lu Yin. .


After each impact, the extremes of things will be reversed again and again, and the dry body surface will continue to recover and dry up again. Lu Yin is suppressing his strength.


In the battle of the source of the river, Lu Yin played the strongest power in his life. Since then, he has never lost that power. That power was not played by himself, but suppressed Wuhuang’s use of the foundation of Fengtian. Power, combined with his own power, completely exploded, and only then did he have the power to sway the universe.


Lu Yin wants to get this power again.


The impact of the meteorite is equivalent to giving him strength again and again, being absorbed by the extremes, suppressed, and waiting for the moment of eruption.


The sound of the crash reverberated through the stars.


After hitting dozens of times, the meteorite turned and flew away.


Lu Yin quickly stopped it, and the meteorite continued to strike again. It was completely irritated by Lu Yin, and its pupils were almost completely scarlet, making Lu Yin think that he saw the Eternal Clan Corpse King.


Finally, Lu Yin’s body recovered, and the suppressed power reached its limit.


He stared at the impacted meteorite: “I’ll give you one last chance, friend or foe?”


The meteorite hit hard.


Behind Lu Yin, the transformation of the Nine Heavens is as majestic as an abyss, constantly increasing the combat power by multiples, surrounded by the battle energy in the palm, the starry sky at the heart is released, the infinite power flows, and a punch is thrown.


Consciousness universe vibrates, swaying the starry sky.


It can be detected no matter how far it is.


Yusangtian, Eternal, Lao Shou, and the others, looked at them one by one, and were shocked by this power.


The practitioners on the warships around Wujiang were pale, and their strength could sway the starry sky, reminding them of the battle at the source of the undulating river. That Lu Sangtian had extremely terrifying combat power and had no bottom line.


Far away, cracks appeared on the surface of meteorites for the first time, and they continued to expand.


Lu Yin stared at the crack. He didn’t believe that this thing was really a meteorite. There must be creatures hiding in it: “Get out of here.”


The power is surging, and the consciousness comes at the same time, pressing the past.


As long as there is thinking, there is consciousness, and when there is consciousness, one can be oppressed.


In the meteorite, the bloodshot eyes of the pupils continued to decline, and they looked at Lu Yin in astonishment. He didn’t seem to have expected Lu Yin to have such a huge power, but when Lu Yin’s consciousness was pressed, that eye seemed excited and excited.


Lu Yin felt that something was wrong. The next moment, his consciousness was being absorbed.


Absorb? No, it’s devouring, this meteorite can devour its own consciousness?


What a joke.


In the past, only Lu Yin had absorbed other consciousnesses, and it was the first time he had absorbed his own consciousness by other creatures.


What the **** is this meteorite?


In the meteorite, that eye was excited to the limit, and the madness and mania in its eyes gradually diminished as it absorbed Lu Yin’s consciousness, and it needed a majestic consciousness.


Lu Yin’s eyes were cold, and he punched the meteorite again. The meteorite was knocked away, but his consciousness seemed to be connected by an invisible bridge. Even if he was knocked away, he could absorb Lu Yin’s consciousness.


Lu Yin doesn’t believe it, let’s see who has the better ability to absorb consciousness.


At the heart of the starry sky, the planet of consciousness rotates, and the transformation of the nine days solidifies, absorb it for me.


This time, the eye inside the meteorite was shocked again and was absorbed.



At that time, that eye became mad and manic again, full of unease and hideousness, staring at Lu Yin and slammed hard, Lu Yin raised his hand, supported the meteorite, and was close to that eye.


“I don’t care what you are, I demolished you today.” Lu Yin growled, his consciousness continued to absorb.


At the top of the Nine Heavens Transformation, the Sword of Heaven slashed out and slashed towards the meteorite. Suddenly, a cold light appeared in the cracked gap on the surface of the meteorite, rubbing the Sword of Heaven and smashed directly into Lu Yin’s face.


Lu Yin’s pupils shrank sharply. He saw a wisp of sword edge, which kept approaching. Because the distance was too close, Lu Yin couldn’t dodge it, so he could only turn his head as far as possible.


Hanmang rubbed his cheeks, with a trace of blood, and then penetrated the nine-day change and disappeared into nothingness.


Blood was flowing on Lu Yin’s face, and his consciousness of the Nine Heavens Change was injured. Meteorite took this opportunity to absorb it frantically.


In front of Lu Yin’s eyes, the streamer shuttled and reversed for a second.




Liuguang can’t reverse the coldness of the sword.


The attack ignored the time reversal.


Fortunately, the injury was not serious, just tore his face open, but even with Yu Sangtian, Eternal Fight, he has never suffered such a dangerous injury.


Although the injury was not serious, it was like a light on my back at that moment.


The blood dripped on his arm, and Lu Yin pushed the meteorite away with a palm, lest there would be another cold glow.


The absorption of consciousness is to scramble for the consciousness of the other party.


Lu Yin’s consciousness planet rotates faster and faster, like a vortex, pulling the meteorite’s consciousness continuously. Although the Nine Heavens Change has been penetrated, it is still solid. The consciousness absorbed by the meteorite at first is only free from Nine days of change.


When Lu Yin reacted, the meteorite could not absorb a little consciousness.


In the meteorite, the eye became more and more manic, beating constantly, and the meaning conveyed by the eyes was full of killing and maliciousness, constantly releasing signals of threat.


Lu Yin snorted coldly: “Look how long you can last. Since it starts, it’s up to you to decide the end.”


That eye stared at Lu Yin, and as the consciousness was absorbed by Lu Yin, the bloodshot subsided a little, and in the pupil, the humanization appeared confused, then flickered, and let go completely.


Lu Yin absorbed consciousness faster, Meteor gave up, but gave up consciousness instead.


Lu Yin is puzzled, if the meteorite’s consciousness is absorbed by himself, it will become an idiot.


The more abnormal it is, the more impossible it is to do.


Lu Yin stopped absorbing consciousness. In front of him, Meteorite had bright pupils, stared deeply at Lu Yin, turned around and flew away.


Want to leave? which is so easy.


As soon as Lu Yin was about to chase after him, suddenly, there was a buzzing sound in his head, as if a thread stretched his brain open, making a plucking sound that made him almost spit it out.


The bloodshot eyes spread, full of madness and mania.


Lu Yin’s pupils are flickering, his sweat drops, it’s not good, the madness in the meteorite’s eye comes from consciousness, so he came to the conscious universe and wanted to absorb more consciousness to suppress the madness, but in another way, use his own consciousness It is also a way to relieve madness and mania.


Either absorb or release.


I just happened to be able to help him do it.


Trouble, Lu Yin looked up into the distance, the meteorite was gone.




Fortunately, he stopped in time and didn’t fully absorb it, otherwise he wouldn’t know what would happen to him.


This feeling is the same as when I shot with divine power, full of madness and killing, and it becomes not like myself.


Lu Yin exhaled, suppressed the crazy feeling, found the boundless direction, and returned.


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